Is it ever too short?

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“Sorry babe, I’m running late, be there in 20 minutes” I said as I pulled out of the salon headed for a dinner date with Jack. As the call went to his voicemail, I wondered what the hell just happened. I had gone shorter and shorter with my cuts over the past few months, I so wanted to please my guy of 6 months. It took me a few glasses of wine, but I finally went super short and I so wanted Jack to be pleased. I watched in the mirror as my identity, my shorter bob of so many years fell to my lap. Some sadness, nerves, a new beginning after years of a conservative cut. And for the first time in my life, hair clippers taking me so damn short… I was a fucking wreck for sure. Just the sound around my ears and seeing tufts of hair fall in my lap had me ready to cry. Should a lady even have her hair cut in a barbershop for gods sake? After what seemed to be forever in the chair, she slowly rotated the chair around and I had my first glance at my new look. My god what just happened? Regardless, it is over now. Driving, I could not help but rub my nape, my neck now smooth bald, my balded fade hairline starting mid ear. My new “pixie fade” would surely make him happy.

“Hey girl, go ahead and get us a few seats at the bar, I ran back home to grab my charger” Jack said as I answered the phone now walking inside to the bar area. I sat wondering if the stares were intended for me, it seemed as if the entire eatery had me in their cross-hairs. No matter how many times I felt my new cut, my smooth bald neckline reminded me of just that – a smooth bald nape.

A half hour later I feel his strong arms from behind slowly grasping me from behind, his smell made me melt.

“Wow, somebody got a haircut” he said whispering in my ear, discreetly moving his hand toward my inner thigh’

“Somebody did get a haircut, and I hope a certain somebody likes it” as he gently tilted my head forward, slowly rubbing his palm back and forth on my neckline. I desperately wanted it to look just like the image he had texted me earlier that day, and I hoped I had explianed it to the barber well.

He gently rubbed, discreetly, whispering that he thought I looked hot over and over again, making me literally wet thinking of what might be in store later at my apartment.

“I have one word for your haircut babe, you’re SHORN! Jack said over and over again whispering in my ear that he fucking loved my new look. Stepping away from the bar area he returned from the bathroom again from behind with a gentle, but firm hug softly kissing behind the ear, I was in a fucking trance.

“Damn babe, he really took you short, your smooth fucking bald back here… It really makes these “fuck me” earrings stand out more – it does remind me that though your damn near bald, but there is still a feminine side to your madness.

“It’s the triple 000 baby, just like you told me, it’s not TOO short is it, did he take too much off, I wanted it just like the picture you texted me” I said now dropping my neck for his unobstructed full view. The more he caressed my nape, the more I literally melted, soaking wet below, I sooo needed him inside me.

“What exactly did you tell them, I mean I freaking love it, but boy, he really took you mega short”

“Just what you said for me to say babe, a mid skin fade, bald below the ear. He surely acted like he knew what that was because he wasted no time with those clippers, I was literally in that chair for 45 minutes. I knew it was going to be darn short, but you do like it, right?

“Like it no – love it yes! But, with a cut that short you’ll probably need a weekly clean up, you know your hair does grow like weeds” he said now rubbing my neckline, the bartender glancing over.

That’s totally up to you big guy! You can clean me up everyday if you want… Wait, what? Was my guy now saying I needed to have my hair cut shorter- and by him?”

“How do you feel sitting here at the bar, all these younger gals mingling and yapping, having a good time, all with long locks trying to look all hot and all. You sitting among these younger hotties, all probably starring at you fromĀ  behind wondering why in the fuck you would go so short? Wondering as we chat how in the hell I would ever approve of my gal being shorn like a sheep? Hope you’re not to embarrased to sit here among all these folks, you can certainly pull it off, but all the ladies in here sure have the whole long hair look, don’t you think?”

“They don’t know what I know baby, this is short for sure, but never too short for my man”

We had a great dinner and the night was AMAZING! Later in the week a package arrived from Amazon while Jack was at the house.

“Go ahead, open it baby – it’s something I think you’ll need in the future.

Jack opened the box and was like a fucking kid at Xmas… A shiny new set of Oster 76 clippers, all the blades, A # 3 all the way down to the 5″00000. I found the set on Amazon after watching several YouTube videos of the perfect home haircutting set. (7 total) neck strips, capes, trimmers etc, everything he would need to keep my hair neat. He asked me to come over, gave me a gentle kiss and promptly had my head between his legs – a mouthful of cock. How he was able to unbox the clippers, attach the 5’00000 blade, power it up and shave me bald that evening was crazy!

It really drove him up the wall when I found several YT videos online of women being cut short, clippered and even buzzed bald. That evening I turned the TV on and had a video playing as he walked in the door, which sent him over the edge! Me on all fours, on the bed, with the video of an older women in a barbershop, getting a Flattop of all things. The barber using the same loud clippers I had purchased for my own home cuts. I still remember watching along facing the TV, Jack entering me from behind with the desire of a madman… I could barley walk afterwards. Each time the barber in the video pushed the clippers up the nape, I felt him thrust harder, almost in harmony in and out as the clippers went up and down my nape. It’s as if now when I hear the clippers come to life, I immediately get super wet, whether in a barbershop or in our kitchen.

I’m slightly longer now of course, he says he would rather me be buzzed, with slight skin showing – his fav for sure… And by the way, he has a field day with our new Instagram account… You all want to see?

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