It all started with a buzzcut.

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!! This story has sexual content (M4M), if you’re not into that, you’re welcome to leave whenever you want.


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Nath and Mariam were childhood best friends.

They did everything together for as long as they can remember, really enjoying each other’s company

Now they lived together in a small apartment, and enjoyed life like every other person on his early 20’s would

But today was a lazy day, and they didn’t really have anything to do, which led to them being bored while they watched series on their living room.


– Do you think i should cut my hair? It’s kinda damaged on the ends.. – Mariam said, looking at his dyed gray hair, which was around shoulder lenght.

Mariam rocked a side shave besides from his long mane, a hairstyle that he had for a long time already, being kind of like a staple of his.

Both of the boys shared a more alternative style, Mariam being a little more on the grunge side as he always looked pretty messy

On the other hand, Nath was more stylish, still lingering into the dark aesthetics, and even experimented a lot with his gender expression, even if he was sure he was a cisgender male.


Nath chuckled as he listened to his friend, letting out a small sigh as this wasn’t the first time the man asked him that


– You always ask that question, but you never actually cut it. – He teased him, his eyes examining the damage on the other’s hair. – And it is, indeed, pretty damaged.


Mariam felt called out by the words of his friend, feeling the situation like a challenge now, for some reason, locking an idea on his mind.


– That’s because i like how it looks anyways.. But that’s it, today’s the day, I want a change. Can you help me with it? – He said, looking at Nath


The man smirked, looking at his friend with curiosity.


– Oh? You actually want to do it this time? – He chuckled and then nodded, curious about what his friend may do – Sure, of course I can help you. What kind of change do you want?


– Uh.. I don’t know – He looked kind of embarrassed again, not wanting to look like if he was backing off now – But i do want something shorter. Any ideas?


Nath hummed as he thought for a few seconds, his eyes roaming over his friend’s hair as his smirk turned into a playful grin.


– Well.. I have a few ideas. But, I don’t know if you’re going to like them. They are a bit.. drastic. – He said, teasing to see how far the man would actually go, not really taking it seriously.


– Drastic?.. How drastic are we talking about? – Mariam asked, curious of what the other may have in mind


Nath’s smirk widened, his eyes glinting with mischief.


– Well, let’s say.. Very drastic. I’m talking buzz-cut worthy. Or maybe just shaving it all. – He chuckled again, just joking and playing along to see how far the situation could go, interested.


– Actually a buzzcut may work – He said while pulling his cellphone put and looking at himself with it’s camera, quite convinced by his friend’s idea, much to Nath’s surprise.


Nath blinked, not expecting his friend to seriously consider the idea he said as a joke. A surprise expression appeared on his face, soon being replaced by a smirk.


– No way, really? You’re serious about that?


– Yeah, it’s been a while since i went that short, but i think i’ll look hot. Don’t you think? – He teased while looking back at Nath, also smirking.


Nath chuckled, raising an eyebrow at his friend


– Oh, you think you’ll look hot, huh? – He smirked, his eyes roaming over his friend’s body for a few seconds before going back to his face. – I’m not going to deny that, you definitely will.


– Huh, what are you cheking me out for? Gayass – He said jokingly, letting out a laugh before getting up from the couch and going to his bathroom, looking for a pair of clippers he knew he had somewhere.


Nath gasped as he pretended to be offended, following behind the taller man.

– And what if I was checking you out, huh? What’s wrong with that? – He said jokingly too, grinning as he sat on the edge of the bathtub, crossing his legs and waiting for the other to find the clippers.


– Gay. – The gray haired man said in a jokingly tone, knowing damn well that his best friend was, in fact, gay. Mariam just liked teasing him for it, even if he didn’t really mind if he was or not.


– Hurry up, dude. You’re gonna loose your courage and chicken out again. – Nath commented after a while of Mariam not finding the clippers, earning an angry look from the man


Finally he found them, smiling at them while taking them, looking back at Nath.


– I’m not backing up this time, bitch. – He said while holding the clippers, giving Nath a daring look.


– Oh, really now? – Nath smirked, a mischievous look in his eyes as he got up. – Then prove it, princess.


He took the clippers from his friend’s hand, walking behind him.


– Who are *you* calling a princess now? – He said, remiding Nath of his femenine tendencies and sassy personality


Nath just rolled his eyes back while letting out a sigh, plugging the clippers.

Mariam felt a nervous urge all of the sudden, mostly because of the realization setting in

But even so, he wasn’t going to back up.


– Ya better put a guard on that thing. I don’t wanna be completely bald, dude. – He said while looking around the bathroom for a stool or any place to sit


– Relax, I wouldn’t dare leave you bald unless you asked me, darling. – He said while grabbing his friend’s shoulders and guiding him to sit on the bathtub. Nath then positioned himself between the man’s legs, hovering the clippers over his head. – You ready, tough guy?


– Go for it, princess. – Mariam chuckled, sending back the nickname and the attitude


Nath rolled his eyes again, letting out a small laugh


– You’re insufferable, you know that? – He said, before placing the clippers on the top of his head, starting to make the first cut. He slowly went over his friend’s scalp, letting the long locks of hair fall on the ground and in the tub.


– You know you love me, bitch – He said playfully, letting Nath do the work while he looked down at the hair that was already raining down, thinking about how much hair was on his head before.


– Whatever makes you sleep at night, I guess. – He said jokingly while he made more passes on the top of his friend’s head, focusing on the top for now


Mariam felt funny by having the top shaved first, thinking he might look funny with only the top of his head buzzed, hoping the man would do the rest quickly.

Nath turned off the clippers for a moment, wanting to do something before proceeding with the cut


– So far you’re not looking bad! – Nath said, rubbing the new fuzzy short hair on his friend’s scalp


The grey haired man felt a small shiver down his spine, he wasn’t really used to any kind of touch, and the fuzz on his head felt different from his long locks.


– Just finish off the rest quickly.. I don’t want to look like a grandpa for much longer, please and thank you. – He looked up at Nath with a slightly annoyed look


Nath kept the smirk on his face, noticing the shiver that went through his friend’s body. He found the reactions rather amusing, and quite cute.


– Hey, don’t rush me! This is a masterpiece in the making, you know. – He playfully rubbed his fingers against his scalp again. After a moment of this, he resumed with the clippers, continuing to shave the back of his head and sides.


He kept carresing the newly exposed fuzzy patches over Mariam’s head as soon as he made them, also using it to clean up whatever loose hair there may be

Mariam was feeling a bit confused, but not really minding the sudden petting, letting Nath do his thing.


– All done, princess. – He said with a playful tone, turning off the clippers before ruffling the newly buzzed hair on his friend’s head once again. He leaned forward to examine the finished haircut, satisfied with his work.


– Stop fucking calling me princess, dude! – He said, pulling Nath’s hands away from his head. He got on his feet quickly, cleaning himself up a little bit from his own hair that fell on his clothes, walking up to the big mirror of the bathroom.


Nath chuckled as he watched Mariam’s reaction, clearly finding amusement in teasing him. He followed the other to the mirror, standing behind him.


– Relax, I’m just teasing you. You look good, honestly. – He said, looking at both of their reflections


– Yeah, i think so too. It does make me look more masculine, i’on mind it. – He said while rubbing his own head, feeling himself quite a bit


This new haircut combined a lot more with his personality and aesthetic, ending up liking it a lot.


Nath laughed softly at his friend’s comment, nodding in agreement as he watched him rubbing his own head.


– Definitely more edgy and masculine, yeah. Your tattoos definitely add to the vibe, too. – He agreed, his eyes roaming over the other’s muscular body for a moment before he quickly shifted his gaze back towards his head, not wanting to stare too much and make things awkward.


Mariam, on the other hand, definitely noticed Nath checking him up again, just raising him an eyebrow.


– Gayass. – He said before laughing, not really minding if the man was staring, but wanting to mess with him anyways.


Nath blushed slightly, knowing he had been caught in the act, again. He rolled his eyes at the other’s comment with annoyance, but he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle too.


– Shut up, dickhead. – He punched his shoulder lightly, but there was no actual anger behind it. – You’re insufferable.


– Oh, come on, you love it. – He said while looking back at him, crossing his arms while looking down as Nath was slightly smaller than him, even if it was just for a couple inches.


– Are you staring at me because i look more masculine now? Do you like men that much? – Mariam kept teasing, his face getting closer to the other’s.


Nath felt his cheeks heat up even more, cursing himself for blushing so easily. He tried to maintain a smug expression and playfully rolled his eyes, attempting to cover his flustered state.


– Oh, shut up, you ass. You’re not that attractive, you know. – He lied, his voice slightly shaky. He tried to ignore the heat rising in his cheeks and maintain eye contact


– Oh, so now i’m not attractive to you? Why are you checking me up for then? You’re getting flustered, princess. – He smiled and got closer, both of their faces just being a couple inches away at that point, both being able to feel the other’s breath on his face.


Nath felt his body tense up as the distance between their faces lessened, his eyes flickering between his friend’s eyes and his lips. He was just about to close the gap completely before the other pulled away and breaked in laughter.


– Oh man you looked so into it! I’m sorry dude, y’know i don’t do boys. – Mariam said, still laughing at his friend’s reaction.


Nath stood there, frozen, his eyes wide and his cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. He could barely hear his friend’s words over the sound of his own racing heart, but once he registered what he had said, he quickly snapped out of it and grunted.


– Bastard.. – He muttered, crossing his arms and trying to maintain a smug attitude, even after what happened.


Mariam kept laughing, even wiping off a small tear off his face, before noticing Nath’s demeanor slightly change


– Duude, you’re like, really damn red right now, you okay? – He got a bit worried, maybe he teased a bit too much this time.


Nath grumbled, still feeling flustered, annoyed at himself for getting so visibly affected. He looked away from his friend, trying to regain his composure.


–… I’m fine. Shut up. – He muttered, his voice shaky as he tried to sound annoyed, more embarrassed than anything else.


The buzzed boy stayed quiet for a little bit, thinking about what happened

He knew he was just joking, but his friend seemed to take it seriously for a while

They always have had this weird tension between them, never actually doing anything to release it because Mariam was (supposedly) straight.


– Hey man, i’m sorry if it was too much – He let out a slight embarrased laugh, getting closer to him again to put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.


Nath bit his lip, a mixture of embarrassment and frustration swirling inside him. He knew he had to pull himself together, but was having a hard time doing it for some reason. He sighed.


– .. Again, it’s fine, dude. Don’t worry about it. – He tried to sound nonchalant, but his tone wavered a bit.

When his friend put a hand on his shoulder, he subconsciously leaned into the touch, looking down.


Mariam looked at Nath for a little while, feeling slightly confused too. He looked down at Nath, and he almost looked.. Adorable?


Nath was an objectively very attractive man, but it never seemed to bother him before, so why was it just *now* affecting him?


The buzzed boy ruffled up his best friend’s hair a bit, getting a bit uncomfortable by how strong his heart was pounding on his own chest.

His hand ended up on Nath’s face by accident, brushing some of his silky black hair off his face


Mariam looked at Nath’s face for a couple of seconds, feeling a weird urge he didn’t had before

He shook of his head and suddenly jolted back, feeling confused and scared of his own thoughts, going to places they probably shouldn’t have gone.


Nath felt his breath hitch by the sudden skin to skin contact, the simple touch thickening and rapidly increasing the tension between them


When his friend suddenly backed away again, Nath looked up at him in surprise, his eyes wide and his heart pounding in his ears. He couldn’t deny the disappointment he felt, at this point, an subconscious desire becoming more difficult to control.


Mariam was breathing slightly harder than before, just covering his face with one of his hands, not being able to look back at his friend.

They were both pretty flustered now, neither of them knowing what was really happening there


– I- I think it’s better if i just leave for now?.. You can go back to my room if you want, i’ll sleep on the sofa for the night. – He said quickly while trying to leave the bathroom


Nath felt a rush of anger waver over him, making him act on impulses, grabbing his friend’s wrist before he could leave


– Wait. – He didn’t know what exactly he was doing, but he couldn’t let him leave like this, not with this tension hanging in the air

He grabbed Mariam onto the bathroom again and pinned him against the wall, his body pressed against his, their faces only inches apart. The tension between them was palpable, and Nath could practically feel the heat radiating from his friend’s body. He swallowed hard, his throat suddenly dry, as he looked into his friend’s eyes.


Mariam stood still, very much flustered and confused. Was the teasing too much? Did he just cross into dangerous territory?

Why wasn’t he minding anything Nath was doing at the moment?


A lot of questions ran through Mariam’s mind, only to be brought back to earth with the other’s voice


– You don’t get to go away after teasing me like that. – The black haired boy said, suddenly looking hungry.


– W-What do you mean with that?.. I already said i was sorry, dude- I-


Nath leaned in even closer, his chest touching his friend’s body now, their faces practically breathing the same air.


– Shut up. – He said, his voice low and slightly breathless, as his eyes flicked down to his friend’s lips for a split second before looking back into his eyes again. – You don’t get to be messing with me like that and then just walk away like nothing happened.


Mariam then felt Nath tug on the collar of his shirt, pulling him in for a kiss.

The kiss was rough and seemed deseperate, Mariam trying to keep up with Nath’s pace for a while before letting himself go completely, corresponding the kiss.

The kiss was passionate, almost animalistic. Nath held his friend close, his hand gripping tighter onto his collar as he deepened the kiss, his body pressed up against his, leaving no space between them. He had been wanting this for for longer than he cared to admit, and now that he had it, he was reluctant to let go.


After a couple of minutes they finally pulled away to breathe, both of them looking all flustered and messy, Nath still having a annoyed look on his face.

Mariam was dumbfounded, the kiss leaving him with his mind on blank

He stood there while he stabilized his breath, while Nath looked at him like if he was waiting for something else


– Y’know what.. Fuck it. – The man said while grabbing Nath’s face and pulled him in for a kiss again, this time spinning him over so he was the one pinned against the wall, not going to let Nath have *all* the control.


The black haired man was taken by surprise as his friend suddenly spun him over, a gasp escaping him as his back hit the wall. He didn’t expect him to take control so quickly, and he couldn’t deny the hint of excitement that he felt at the unexpected change of demeanor.

He looked up at his friend with a mix of annoyance and arousal, his breath coming out in ragged gasps as he tried to regain his composure. He tilted his head back, exposing his pale neck to his friend.


– You’re already giving yourself up to me?.. How easy you are.. – He teased before lowering himself, leaving a couple of kisses and slight nibbles on his friend’s neck, not restraining himself on not leaving marks.


He could barely even respond to the tease, his body already reacting to the other’s touch, a shiver running down his spine at the feeling of his lips on his neck.


– F-fuck.. – He gasped, his heart pounding in his chest as his friend left marks on his pale skin. He could feel his body getting hotter, his breath growing more ragged as he leaned his head back even further, exposing more of his neck to his friend’s mouth.


Mariam grabbed Nath by the hip with one hand, keeping him in place while he left marks around his neck and collarbone, after a while stopping to breathe for a little bit, looking at his masterpiece.


Nath was a mess already, his body shivering under the other’s touch. He could feel the marks on his skin burning, and he knew they would be visible for days. The thought of walking around with marks left by his best friend made his head spin, and he involuntarily let out a small whine as he looked up at his friend with hazy eyes.


– Damn, a couple kisses already left you like this? Didn’t think you were this weak.. – He laughed while both of his hands roamed around Nath’s body, playing a little bit


– S-Shut up.. – He stuttered, trying to maintain some kind of composure, feeling nervous when he felt how the other man was lifting up his shirt, exposing his bare chest


– Hold this for me, princess. – Mariam said while holding up Nath’s shirt, making him open his mouth to bite the hem of his own shirt, keeping it up that way.


Nath obliged, opening his mouth and biting onto his shirt, holding it up. He was blushing furiously, feeling completely exposed and at the mercy of his friend. He stood there, his breathing ragged and his body trembling slightly, his eyes fixed on his friend as he waited for whatever came next.


– Damn, you look adorable.. – He chuckled a little bit, both of his hands roaming around Nath’s now exposed chest and waist, lowering himself to get a couple of marks here and there too.


Nath couldn’t help but whimper a little, his eyes closing tightly as he felt the other’s mouth on his skin, leaving marks all over his chest.

He couldn’t deny that he was enjoying this, the feeling of being so exposed and vulnerable making him shiver with a mix of excitement and embarrassment.


Nath could also see himself on the big mirror that was on the bathroom, as it reflected both of them on the moment.

It was a lustful site, and honestly, it turned Nath on even more.


They kept on making out for a little while, before Mariam pulled Nath away by grasping his hair, also forcing him to get down on his knees, the buzzed boy having a smirk on his face when he noticed the black haired man was not resisting, enjoying how submissive he was being.


Nath was now down to his knees, mouth hanging open while Mariam played with his fingers on Nath’s mouth, teasing him.


– Such and obedient boy.. Or should i say, princess? – He laughed, running his hand through Nath’s hair.


When the other called him ‘princess’ again, Nath couldn’t hold back a whine, his body shuddering with embarrassment and arousal, finding himself having physical reactions to the nickname.


– Shut up.. – He whispered, his voice shaky and unsteady, desperately trying to keep some semblance of composure.


– Oh you want me to shut up?.. When you look like that? C’mon, you like it. You even look like a princess, with your long hair and pretty eyes.. Makes me want to ruin you even more. – He said, still ruffling up Nath’s hair while laughing a bit.


Nath was blushing furiously, his body shivering at the other’s words. He couldn’t deny that he was enjoying it, and the pet name only made him feel even more weak.


He hated how affected he was by it, how his body couldn’t help but react so eagerly to the other’s touch and words. He wanted to object, to deny it, but all that came out was another stifled whine as he tried to keep his composure.


– I-I’m not a princess, stop.. – He protested weakly, not being able to do much more on his position.


Mariam put down his foot on Nath’s sensitive area between his legs, pressing down a little bit from time to time.

He wanted to try something, trying to prove if his friend could be down to fulfill a little fantasy of his.

He enjoyed the idea striping away the feminity of someone, could be a girl or just a femenine-presenting person, anyone could work.

The drastic change of appearance aroused him a lot, and his twinkish best friend was a good candidate for finally acting upon his fantasy.


– If you want me to stop.. Let me make you a man then. Let me ruin the pretty princess of a boy you are. – He teased, grabbing the hair on the top of Nath’s head, making him to look up.


Nath did look up at his friend, his eyes wide and full of desire and uncertainty. He was torn between wanting to give in and wanting to resist, the feeling of being so vulnerable making his head spin.


– P-please.. – He whispered, sounding more desperate than he would have liked.


– Oh, you’re actually into this?.. Well.. Guess it’s my lucky day then. – He chuckled and looked for his clippers while holding Nath’s head by the hair on his nape, forcing him to watch what he was doing. – Don’t worry dude, you’re going to look hot after this too. – Mariam finished, smiling.


Nath was barely aware of what his friend was saying, his mind hazy and his body trembling with anticipation. When he felt his head being pulled back by his hair, he gasped involuntarily, a shiver running down his spine.


When he heard the words “don’t worry” he suddenly had an inkling of what was coming, the realization making him whine softly.


– W-wait–! – He said, his eyes widening in realization as he tried to resist.


– What, backing off, princess? – He teased while he put the longest guard he had for the clippers, which left the hair a couple inches long.


The nickname made Nath’s face burn, his body still trembling. He could feel the helplessness and the humiliation, and he hated that he liked it so much, even if he tried to pretend otherwise.

He shook his head, wanting to protest again, but he couldn’t find the words.


His black long hair was his pride, it was silky and well taken care of, but the thought of losing it in such a way was making his head spin with both fear and arousal.


– D-don’t.. – He could only manage a weak protest.


Mariam kneeled down for a moment, looking at Nath


– Look.. If you really don’t want to then, it’s okay, I’ll leave ya alone with your hair and we go on with another stuff, but.. And correct me if i’m wrong.. But you don’t seem *that* against it, pretty boy. – He carefully cupped Nath’s cheek, not really wanting to do something his best friend didn’t want to do just for a silly fantasy of his.


Nath was grateful that his friend gave him the choice, and for a moment he seriously considered backing off and keeping his hair. But as his friend touched his cheek, gently caressing it, the touch seemed to break his resolve, a shiver running down his spine as he leaned into it.

He looked up at his friend, a maelstrom of conflicting emotions swirling in his eyes, fear, excitement, want, humiliation, helplessness.


– I-I want it.. – He mumbled, his voice quiet but determined.


– I promise i’ll make ya look and feel good. – The grey haired man said, kissing the other boy on his lips for a couple seconds, feeling lucky of his trust on him. – And if you end up not liking it for any reason.. I’ll let you get back at me, alright? – He said after the kiss, letting out a soft laugh.


The kiss helped Nath with his worries, it was a small moment of sweetness and reassurance, to make sure everything was alright.

The black haired boy smiled weakly at the other assurances, appreciating the thoughtfulness. After a moment of silence, he finally nodded. He trusted his friend, he wanted this.


– A-Alright.. – He replied softly, his voice laced with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.


– Okay then.. – Mariam left another kiss on his friend’s lips, standing up again and going back to his original demeanor – So, where were we, pretty boy? – He said while taking the clippers again and turning them on this time, smirking.


Nath was starting to get used to the pet name now, and secretly he was kind of enjoying it, even if it embarrassed him greatly, his face flushed red at the sound of it.

He tried to stay calm but the feeling of helplessness and submission was taking over him. The sound of the clippers turning on only heightened his anticipation, excitement bubbling up in his stomach.

He looked up at his friend, his breathing unsteady, his heart pounding.


– You were about to destroy my hair.. – He replied, his voice shaky.


– That’s right. – The taller one let out a little sadistic laugh, looking at the clippers to make sure the guard was well attached before placing it on Nath’s forehead, threatening to go on his hair.


His other hand was placed on his nape again, but this time in a less rough way, just holding it firmly enough to have stability through the cut.


– You ready, princess?.. – He asked, the clippers vibrating and ready for action


Nath let out a breathless gasp, feeling the clippers against his forehead, knowing that once the first cut was made there would be no turning back. He was trembling, his mind flooded with conflicting emotions. The realization that he couldn’t stop what was about to happen both scared and aroused him. He looked up at his friend, his eyes wide, his heart racing.

The nickname “princess” somehow made the whole thing even more embarrassing and exciting, but he nodded in response to the question.


– Y-yes.. I’m ready.. – He whispered, closing his eyes.


Mariam let out an approving noise before running the clippers through the middle of Nath’s hair, leaving a path of shorter hair behind.


– Goood boy.. – He said slowly while the hand that was on his nape started petting


the other’s hair, both in a teasing and rewarding way.


As the clippers moved through his hair, Nath felt a strange mixture of anxiety and pleasure. He closed his eyes tightly, both from the feeling of the cold blades on his skin and the sensation of his friend’s hand in his hair.

As the first clumps of hair started falling, Nath couldn’t help but shiver, his breath catching in his throat. The combination of the buzzing of the clippers, the feeling of powerlessness and the praising nicknames, were all making him go weak in the knees.


– A-ah.. – He gasped softly, his body arching involuntarily.


Mariam kept petting the other boy while making more passes on top of his head, the top now all buzzed.

It was still long and able to be styled, but definitely a lot shorter than what his friend had before.


Nath’s hands started to wander around Mariam’s thighs, pawing on his pants as if he wanted to take them off.

Mariam stopped buzzing for a moment, letting him unbuckle his pants and take his cock out, it being hard already.

Nath messily started to stroke it, having a sudden urge to please Mariam even more.


– Enjoying yourself, pretty boy? – Mariam said, his hand holding Nath’s chin, making him look up while his mouth hung open.


As the hair at top of his head became shorter, Nath found himself trembling. He had always taken pride in his hair, and now it was being mercilessly cut away by the buzzing clippers. But strangely, instead of feeling panic, all he could feel was a strange thrill, an intense rush of


excitement that left him breathless.

When his friend held his chin, forcing him to look up, their eyes locked, Nath’s own wide and dilated with excitement. He couldn’t look away, he was completely mesmerized by the other’s gaze. He could only nod in response, unable to find his voice


– Heh.. I didn’t think you were the type to enjoy this kind of things, but i’m glad.. ‘cus i do too. – He laughed a little bit while he saw Nath go down on his cock, taking it all in on his mouth with ease. – You seem to be experienced in this, whore. But i bet this is your first time giving head while getting sheared, right? – Matiam kept petting the hair on his nape as a reward, also using the leftover hair as a handle to move Nath’s head on his cock at the pace that he wanted, looking how the boy seemed to enjoy being used like that.


– Such an obedient boy.. Fuck, you look so pretty like this.. – He kept praising while buzzing the sides of the man’s head, letting Nath go at his own pace again while finishing off the job, petting the hair on his nape one last time before passing the clippers through those locks, those being the last long strands on Nath’s head

With each pass of the clippers through his hair, Nath felt himself slipping deeper and deeper into a state of hazy submission

Both the teasing and the praise were only making it worse, the pet names making his cheeks burn red once again.


– Now you’re all sheared, boy. – Mariam said while pulling Nath’s head away from his cock, leaving him with his mouth hanging open, a couple strings of spit and precum connecting them.


– Th-thank you.. – Nath mumbled, sounding weak and breathless.


Mariam looked down at Nath for a couple moments, admiring the view of his once long haired friend, all messy and ruined.

He still looked pretty though. So, so pretty.


The taller one petted what was left of Nath’s hair, still being able to ruffle it a little bit after the butchering

He lowered himself and and sat on the ground beside Nath, cupping his cheek softly


– You’re still a very pretty boy.. I should thank *you* for trusting me with this, honestly. – He laughed, getting closer to Nath to hug him, or more specifically, let Nath flop onto him while he rubbed his back.


As Mariam pulled him against his chest, Nath melted into his embrace, clinging onto him. The feeling of the other’s arms around him and the soft touches had his body trembling, and he hid his face against the other’s shirt, trying to get himself under control. He felt vulnerable, but in a way that left him feeling strangely safe and cared for.


He could barely bring himself to speak, overwhelmed by the emotions swirling inside him, so he just clung onto him in silence, pressing his body closer in a wordless gesture of gratitude.


Mariam kept rubbing the boy’s back softly, his other hand petting the boy’s shortened hair.


– I think this need a little bit of a shape up, but i wanna let ya breathe for a couple minutes before that – He chuckled, letting his friend relax and calm down a bit.


Nath slowly began to stabilize once more, though he could feel his heart still racing in his chest. He kept his face buried into the other’s shirt, the steady rhythm of his back rub helping him settle as the adrenaline rush finally began to wear away.


After a few more breaths, he pulled his head back and looked at his friend.


– Okay.. – He mumbled, his voice soft and a little hoarse from his earlier excitement.


Mariam looked at Nath with a soft expression, going in for a soft kiss before helping him to stand up, cleaning some of the loose hairs that were, at this point, everywhere.

Both his and Nath’s hair were scattered all around the floor, but that was something they could deal with later.


The kiss helped Nath, grounding him back into reality. It also was a sweet, soothing reminder of the fact that despite everything, his friend still cared for him, and that this experience wasn’t just an act of dominance, but also an act of care and trust.


– You alright, Nath? – The boy asked qhile he kept rubbing his back, trying to make sure his best friend was okay.


The mentioned took in another deep breathe, nodding at the other’s concerned question.


– Yeah.. I’m okay. – He said, his voice a little shaky, but sincere. – It just was a little.. Intense.


– Yeah, it was a lot.. I’ll make it up to ya, i promise – He smiled, taking a nearby stool to let Nath sit down

He put the stool in front of the mirror, waiting for the boy to sit down, still rubbing his back for comfort.


Nath settled onto the stool, his body still trembling with the aftermath of the whole thing. He looked at himself in the mirror, taking in the sight of his now much shorter hair. Strangely, he found himself enjoying the unfamiliar look, feeling a twinge of excitement and nervousness.


– It doesn’t look bad but it’s just kind of shapeless, as you can see.. I know how to fix this, though – He rubbed the other’s head and took the clippers again, looking back at Nath for approval.


As his friend picked up the clippers again, he let out a shaky breathe, looking up at him with a nod of approval.


After this Mariam turned on the clippers again, smiling at the amount of trust the boy had on him.

He put a shorter guard on and shortened the sides a little bit, making the top have more volume and elonging the shape of the cut, thing that ended up suiting Nath’s face even more than what Mariam had expected.


– Oh! And just one last thing – He got a styling foam from his drawer and put some on his hands, styling the top to look messier but in a good way, giving him an more edgy look.

His smudged makeup added to the look too, making the boy smile to his new appearance.


– Wow.. – He mumbled, clearly impressed by the unknown haircutting skills his friend had.


– Looks good right? Told ya. – Mariam said with a cocky smile on his face, putting both of his hands on the boy’s shoulders, giving him a small reassuring squeeze.


They both ended up getting a new haircut in the end, but neither of them really regretted it, even if it meant losing their long locks.


“ ☆ “


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