It all started with a trim

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Hi I’m Soorya and I’m working in an MNC. I have limited friends and close one  is Ajith. Ajith got recently married to an village girl and he wanted me to introduce her. On a fine Saturday we met and his wife sathya was good looking women with long braided hair below her waist. After multiple meetings we became good friends.

One day, myself and ajith was watching TV and his wife returned from hair salon, she has had done a small trim, not more than half an inch and tied as a ponytail.
I told to ajith “if this is just a trim, why don’t you trim in in your home itself instead of paying lot just for a trim?”
he said “I’m not interested to do girly stuff at all”.
“I asked him already brother, he hesitated to cut it” sathya added.
” you should try next time, I used to cut my cousins, sisters, friends hair” I encouraged him.
“maybe next time you cut my wife’s hair then” he winked and left to make tea.

A month passed, I went to his house to pick him for a movie and shocked to see Satya is standing in front of him, turning backside with loose hair. He is combing her hair and sathya is holding the scissors.
“well, someone is trimming wife’s hair” i smirked, they both saw me and smiled. “I’m trying” ajith said and started to trim her hair, upto an inch. In few minutes he finished. He had trimmed it but not straight, ends were uneven. She scolded him on noticing this and I stopped them from arguing.
“Brother, can you cut my hair please” sathya asked me. I can’t breathe for a moment on hearing this. “sure” I told and went behind her and noticed that her split ends were about 3 inches and told her to get rid of that. She hesitated first and told okay. I placed the scissors 4 inch from below and began to chop it.
“have you had any stylish haircut earlier?” I asked his wife while cutting her hair. She told “yes, back in school, I had thick bangs” and smiled. On hearing this Ajith wanted to see her in bangs and asked for old photo. Since it was many years ago, she told she doesn’t took any photo. “why don’t you cut bangs now and show it to me?” he asked her. Both myself and she got shocked. Meanwhile I completed the trim. “No way” was her words. He started to convince her a lot and she started crying. “It’s just a hair, it’ll grow back, give it s try” I added. Even I wanted to see her in bangs.
‘okay’ she nodded. We made her to sit in a chair and began to cover her with a towel. She smiled in shyness. I started to comb her hair front side and begin to chop it above her nose. SNIP SNIP, her long hair slide down her lap, she can’t belive what she have done. Her husband and me enjoying on watching this. I finished side swept bangs in few minutes. She began to stand but Ajith made her to sit still and told, ” maybe long straight hair is little old fashioned and can you cut upto this” he pointed toward her mid back. She told no way, stood up and walked away.
Ajith was upset since his wife does not even considering this idea. We three then went to movie, shopping, restaurant and waited for a cab. Time is already 10, so we got into a Bus and left towards home. Ajith and sathya sat before my seat. She took her braid and threw it backside. Fortunately I was sitting backside. I was very happy to play with it secretly.
After 40 minutes, she fell asleep and ajith texted me in WhatsApp ‘Cut her braid’ and deleted immediately. I hesitated and replied back as NO. He turned towards me and starred me and whispered ‘Do it, otherwise our friendship is done’ he told.
I don’t want my years and years of friendship to end due to stupid hair. I texted him ‘no scissors!’.
He handed over a which has newly purchased kitchen scissors.
‘How much to cut’ was my next question.
He told ‘cut her braid idiot’.
I started to place the below her neck and ‘SCRRCHHH.. SCRRCHHH..’ such a thick hair came into my hands in few minutes. He asked me to throw the braid away, but i secretly kept within my bag. He asked me to change the seat and move to different seat and I changed seats.

After 20 minutes she woke up and screamed like hell.. She couldn’t stop crying. Her face was pale. We pretended and shouted with  conductor and coveted her head with scarf and came back home.
She opened her tiny braid and shocked to see that her hair was brutally chopped off unevenly and touching the shoulders. She was crying for almost an hour. Ajith whispered ‘why did you chop all her braid, I wanted to be at mid back’, “I asked you, and you wanted to chop the braid, so I Did’ I acted. ‘Okay miscommunication, let’s fix her hair’ he settled.

We asked her to sit in chair to fix the uneven hair, she sat on chair, froze, not even blinking. I took the scissors and placed it above the neck, stated to comb her hair and ‘SNIP, SNIP’. Chunk of hair fell all over the floor. Ajith shocked and asked me “are you cutting it short” I told that ‘this is the only way to fix it’ and continued to chop her hair off. I tilted her head sideways, placed the scissors straight to the jawline and began to cut it like A Line bob. It was raining hair all over her dress. I asked for trimmed and finished up the nape area.

My friend went infront of her and told ‘side swept bangs looks weired on this hairstyle, could you do something on this?’
yes, lets cut it straight. She is not speaking a word and we were deciding and chopping her hair brutally. I combed her hair front and placed scissors above her eyebrows and starred cutting. She looked like a doll. Now without asking him, I started to reduce the length of the bangs till mid of her forehead. She look like a school going kid.
I called ajith and told “this is how she looked during school days!!”

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