It Finally Happened

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I have been dating my girlfriend for about a year. She had sorta mousy-brown hair that she kept in a bob about just above her shoulders. Kelly was tall and slender and very athletic.  I always told her that I loved really short hair and one day, when she was really brave, I wanted to shave her head!

But Kelly always laughed at this and said that she did not like short hair and was happy with the length it was. I had to agree since it was her hair and I wanted to keep peace in the valley.  But I always said to her one day when you are ready, I would love to shave it for you.

I have always had trouble with my hair and told Kelly that I was going to be mad enough at my hair and was just going to shave it bald. And I mentioned to Kelly, when I get to that point, I am going let you do this for me! Kelly seemed all in when I would say this to her. She then would run her hands through my hair and say that I would look good as a bald guy! And, she would always get mad at me when I would then run my hands through her hair and tell her she would look phenomenal as a bald girl.

It was early September and the summer had been blistering hot and today was hot and humid. I was totally fed up with my hair being always being oil the way and always making me hot. So I decided my hair had to go! I stopped at the local Target store and purchased a clipper set and a skull shaver! I mean I was serious this time. I returned home with these packages and proceeded to plug them in to charge each one so I could use them after my shower.

I called Kelly and asked her if she wanted to come over that evening to watch TV and do away with a bottle of wine? She accepted and see you at 7pm

I had hopped in the shower and later was cruising around the house getting ready for Kelly to arrive. She arrived at 7 and we kissed and hugged and sat down on the couch. I poured he a glass of wine and told her I had a surprise for her. She asked me what it was and I told her. I asked he if she remembered me telling her I wanted to shave my head, she nodded, I said, tonight I want you to shave it for me! I think I saw her eyes get wide a smile of agreement. Ok she said, let’s do this.

I had taken a chair into the bathroom where my clippers and shaver were. She said have a seat. Before I sat down I removed my shirt so not to get any hair on it. She said I may as well keep going so I slid my shorts off and sat down. Kelly picked up the clippers and asked me if I really wanted to do this? I nodded and she flipped on the clippers. Ok, Kelly gently tilted my head forward and ran the clippers up the back of my head. All of my brown hair falling all over the place. She was done with the back and then she ran the clippers right down the middle of my head. Two minutes later I was buzzed to stubble. She was intrigued by the skull shaver. She picked this up and turned them on, and just before she started to use it, she leaned over and said in my ear, I am next!

Kelly used the skull shaver on my head and in about 2 minutes I was totally hairless. She ran her hands over my newly shaved head to feel for any missed areas! None, she applied some scalp balm and massaged my head. I was done.

I stood up and while I was brushing the hair off me, Kelly took her shirt and shorts off before sitting down. She also removed her bra freeing her beautiful firm breasts and rock hard nipples. Not sure if the were hard because of the coolness of the air conditioning or she was just excited. Well, I could not hide my excitement seeing a large bulge in my boxers. She said may as well take them off because you aren’t hiding anything. So I slid my boxers down and stepped out of them. Kelly stood up and slid her panties off also. I noticed that she had shaved her pussy. She asked me if that was ok, and since she was going to be bald on top, may as well be bald on the bottom. This was going to be fun!

Since the clippers were new and the blade was still sharp, I had no problem pushing the clippers down the middle of her head. I heard her quietly moan and felt her quiver a little. I continued to cut the top and moved to the sides and back. A couple minutes later I was finished with the clippers. Picked up the skull shaver and began to work this machine around her head, This shaver left no hair behind. And after several minutes, she was also completely hairless! I also rubbed her head to be sure there was no rough patches left behind. I was finished, she stood up and I noticed a little puddle of her juices on the chair!

We hugged, kissed and rubbed each other’s head as we clumsily walked down the hallway to my bedroom. Once on the bed, we made love in every way we could think of until Kelly was totally exhausted. I erupted inside her and it felt like a volcano had just exploded! We fell asleep beside each other and it was morning when we woke up. She looked absolutely stunning bald! Kelly said if I knew this would happen, I would have let you shave me a long time ago!

Soon after that we got married. Kelly has let me keep her hair cut short but we never shaved it again. She will let me shave her head to a #1, and she looks fantastic with a bald fade and a #0 shave. Whatever she does to her hair, she is gorgeous


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