It Was That Damn Unibrow!

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Hello everyone! I’ve been writing stories on this site for a bit. And since I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon I’ve decided to give you a description as to who I am and also why I have the same hair fetish that you all do!

My name is Samantha. Most people just call me Sam or Sammy.

I am a transgender woman who is fairly tall. (5’10)

I have dirty blonde hair that is slightly above my waist in length. I usually keep it in a pony tail because I think it looks better. I have light skin with a few moles on my stomach and chest that I plan on having removed in the future.

I don’t have any tattoos (yet) but I do have a nose ring that looks pretty cool on me! I wear a mixture of feminine and masculine clothing because I think both styles look cool.

Over all I am fairly happy with how my new female body is coming along and I am confident in it. Which I’m glad I can say because not many trans people can be as happy in their skin as me unfortunately.

However there was one part of my body I could not stand at all…

And that leads us to how I developed the fetish we all share on this site.

When I was around sixteen I noticed I had a unibrow. It wasn’t that big of a deal because at that point I hadn’t started my transition and I didn’t care too much about how I looked.

But when I started taking hormones, putting makeup on, wearing dresses and starting to like how I looked. The damn unibrow just wouldn’t stop bugging me!

Now that I look back on it, it was pretty silly. Most people probably didn’t notice because I had dirty blonde hair which made it harder to see it even up close.

But at that point I was focused on becoming the best version of me I could be. Which meant that unibrow had to go.

I had recently moved to a different state and I really wanted to make a good impression on the people around where I live.

After moving in all of my things and arranging all of my clothing and stuff. I started doing my makeup so I could look good for when I go out in the town for the first time.

Of course when I looked in the mirror I was reminded of that terrible unibrow! Since I was at a new place I wanted to look perfect.

So that’s when I decided I would finally handle this thing.

I took out my razor and my shaving cream. I put I tiny bit of cream in between my eyebrows. I carefully pulled the razor down the middle part where the cream was.

The spot was left smooth with no hair between my brows.

Yet for some reason it just didn’t look right…

Sure the uni brow was completely gone but it just made my two brows look… off…

My brows looked like they just didn’t belong there. I must have sat looking at myself in the mirror for at least a few minutes before I got an idea.

“I can always draw them on…” I said to myself.

I took the cream and spread it onto my left eyebrow carefully. After that was done. I took the razor and put it up to my eyebrow. I hesitated before I started shaving it.

The feeling of shaving my eyebrows felt incredibly satisfying. I was finally taking control of this thing that had bothered me for awhile.

After shaving the left brow I looked at myself in the mirror.

It looked better but it would look a lot better without the other one. I put the cream on the other brow and did the same with it.

After my eyebrows were completely gone I looked at myself.

Even though I looked better I looked kinda odd with no brows.

I walked over to my computer and went on YouTube. After watching a few tutorials I was able to make it look like my eyebrows never left. And better yet I didn’t have the unibrow!

I was really starting to like how I looked. I keep my eyebrows shaved even now. However the fist time I started to keep them shaved regularly I realized I was getting turned on by shaving them.

After I was done I went to my computer and typed “Women with no eyebrows” on Google. When I went to images I found a gold mine of material to help my needs ( if you know what I’m saying 😉)

But something I noticed about these images was that a lot of the women also had shaved heads. Now I wasn’t planning on shaving my head (and I’m still not) but they looked super sexy.

After I was done I went about my day as usual. However the next time I got horny I decided to go back to the bald women.

After that the thing that turned me on the most was bald people. (mostly women though)

Soon after the pictures just weren’t enough for me. I needed more. Soon after I found this website and started reading stories. I loved every second of it and decided to write my own stories as well.

So yeah! That’s where we are when it comes to how I am in real life.

I appreciate everyone for reading my real life story as to how I got here.

I hope you guys continue to read the other stories I have in my fictional universe!

Thank you!

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  1. This story doesn’t take place in the same universe that my other stories are connected and take place in because this one is real life. Just in case you were wondering.

  2. It’s awesome to see another trans woman here! Also rather interesting, getting into this specifically through eyebrow shaving, rather than being into head shaving and then having the eyebrows just get added on, for lack of a better way to put it.

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