IT’S up to you!!!!!

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It’s up to you!!!!!

By JimB           ©opyright August 2018


“DAMN, Paul”, Trish said in anger.

“It going on seven, YES SEVEN, months since I agreed to shave my head and keep it shaved.

“Seven DAMN months.

“And, look my hair has gown four inches. It is almost pass my ass.

“Seven months ago it was just above my ass”.

“But”, Paul tried to say.

“NO FUCKEN BUTS ABOUT IT”, Trish told him.

“All I said was NO FUCKEN barber shop shaving”, she continued.

“I told you I wanted you to shave my head FIRST.


They sat, in the bed, looking at each other.

Paul trying to explain.

While, Trish not wanting to hear any explanation.

“When I told you YES”, she calmly began telling Paul. “I saw the look on your face which told me you did not believe me.

“So, I got up, got dress, and went to Mary’s Beauty Supply and paid ‘ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS’ for clippers. ‘ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLAR!

“You know what I could have brought with ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS?

“Instead I paid ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS for barber clippers, I was told would cut my hair SO SHORT it would look like my head was shaved.


“Then, I go to the drug store and I purchase one of those ‘FIVE’ blade safety razors for TWENTY ONE DOLLARS.


“And, I get three of those ten blades per pack at another FIFTEEN DOLLARS.


“I also buy five cans of SPECIAL SOFT SKIN shaving cream at EIGHT DOLLARS A CAN.


There was a pause as she got up and walked around the bedroom.

“THAT IS TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE DOLLARS”, Trish told Paul as she rain her fingers through her long waist length red hair.

“I did that so you could be the first one to shave my head. THE FIRST ONE TO SHAVE MY HEAD”.

She walked into the bathroom and came out with the five cans of shaving cream.

Holding one in her right hand and the others cradled in her left arm. She stared at Paul and turned back to the bathroom.

Then, quickly turned back to him and start tossing, in anger, one can after another, each can of shaving cream at him until she had tossed all five at him laying in bed, their bed.

His reactions were slow but in time to knock each can of shaving cream from hitting him.

“But, Trish”, he started to say. But, she quickly cut him off.

“TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE DOLLARS”, Trish again told Paul as she rain her fingers through her long waist length red hair.

“I come home, got to OUR BEDROOM.

“I put the clippers on the bed and take the razor and shaving cream to the bath room, OUR BATH ROOM.

“I put the razor, still in it’s package, and the five cans of shaving cream on the shelf next to the sink.

“I put them there so they would be there every morning I could shave my head FOR YOU”.

Paul reached to Trish to try and charm her down. She shoved him away.

“I agreed to shaving my head for you, because you have been agreeing to do things, any thing, I asked you to do for three months. No matter what I asked you, you did it without asking me ‘WHY”.

“For three months, our first three months together. Not questing WHY.

“So, after three months and no questing, I decided I would agree to do something YOU WANTED me to do.


“I did not question WHY. I just said YES.

“I went to OUR bed and tossed all those adult magazine from the book slot in the headboard of the bed.

“I take the clippers out the box, read the instructions, even oiled the teeth and turn the clippers on to make sure they worked.

“I even held it to my face to feel the humming. To feel the vibrating!

“Turned them off and placed the clippers on TOP of the box sitting where your adult magazines use to be.

“I got undressed and took a shower and washed my haif FOR THE LAST TIME.

“Hand dried it and combed it out from a center part and pulling it forward.

“Laid in OUR BED and called you. My left hand brushing softly over the clippers.


“You get undress and stick it in me. You were so hard; I thought the idea of you running the clippers over my head was causing it.

“If you got that hard, I could only imagine how hard you would be shaving my head. That in it’s self got me hotter than ever and wanting you to shave my head, even if I did not want my head to be shaved.

“So, what do you do?

“You jump on me and stick it in me. Then, bang, bang, bang.

‘You roll off me as if you were tired out.

“And, the clippers ……

“They were still sitting where I put them for you.

“Four months later I tell Cindy, you know Cindy. My co-worker, who has been trying to get into my pants before we met.

“She said shaving my head sounded crazy, but would be willing to whatever to help me.

“So, she comes over that Friday night. I answer her knock and when she comes it ……

“For the first time in my life, my tongue and hers’ did some great playing with each other. I mean it was extremely sexual. I was starting to think maybe I should have taken her up on her idea years ago.

“We went to OUR BEDROOM.

“You laid on my left side and she on my right side. She was playing with me, driving me crazy, for her and the clippers.

“She slowly works her way down and began licking my. My ass arched upward.

“You laid there just brushing your FUCKEN fingers through my hair.

“Where were the clippers?

“Still where I put them when I brought them home.

We tried ten time. But, it ended the same way each time.

So, Cindy said, “No more. He might stick it in me by mistake. And, I do not want that to happen”.

“Then, there was Ron. Your friend Ron, who has made more passes at me in one night then a quarterback in a football game.

“We invite him over and surprise him, when I take his hand and we walk into OUR BEDROOM.

“I even did a “sandwich” with both of you.

“I went down on you first and you got really hard.

“Ron took a little more time but he got hard, not as hard as you.

“I got on top of him and he smiled when I slide his pole inside.

“I spread my legs wide so you could stick your pole “where the sun does not shine”. Like you have done many, many times, I no longer need KY jell. You just slide it in like you do my pussy.

“After the two of you got “rhythm” going I grabbed the clippers, turned them on and handed them to you, and told you, “cut all my hair off”.

“BANG, bang, bang, bang.

“You rolled off and he laid there scared.

“I was waiving the clippers at you, saying “cut it all off”.

“Rod jumped up, grabbed his clothing, and ran out the apartment. I hope he got dressed before he left the apartment.


“The clippers still sitting where I put them when I brought them home. The same for the razor and shaving cream”!

Trish stood up and shook her head, causing her long red hair to shiver.

She grabbed the clippers and tossed them at Paul. She turned and walked to the bedroom door.

“You can continue sticking me in the ass, the pussy, even my mouth.


She stopped, shook her long red hair again.

Turning back to him, she said, “I know what I want.



By JimB           ©opyright August 2018


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