Jail Or A Visit To The Barbershop!

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I was standing on the corner when the undercover cop approached me. Thinking that he was just a regular john, I made my usual pitch, pouting my lips and tossing my waist length freshly highlighted brown hair back. After I finished incriminating myself, he flashed his badge and told me that I was under arrest. When I was in his car, handcuffed and crying my eyes out, he made his own pitch.

“That’s some pretty hair,” he said, tugging on it, “I bet that it’s a real turn-on for all your johns.”

Through my tears, I managed to say that, yes, all the men love it, which they did, that’s why I always made sure that it was well-cared for, even at my lowest.

“I’ll make you a deal – if you take a trip to my buddy’s barbershop with me, then I won’t book you.”

I nodded. I never thought that what would happen to me would be so extreme. At most, I thought, he would take my ponytail. Besides, it’s hair, which always grows back. And, with that, we went to a small barbershop on Main Street. A bald guy was waiting for us. Despite being so bald that he didn’t have eyebrows, he was really handsome. I was still cuffed, but, you know, I still tried to be cute.

“Look at you,” he said, cupping my breast through my pink Spandex top, “You’ve brought me a pretty one this time.”

The cop smirked. “She won’t be so pretty when we’re done.”

With that, I started to panic, which made both men laugh. The cop picked me up and carried me to the waiting chair as the barber locked the door and shut the blinds. Then he picked up his clippers. As the cop gripped me tight, the barber plunged them down the center of my forehead. The tears started running down my face again.

“She’s trembling!” exclaimed the cop.

The barber laughed. “All of them do! Because they know that, once the hair comes off, they’re nothing. They are humbled, and it’s beautiful. I love it. Thank you for bringing me these whores to play with, buddy.”

Ignoring my tears, the barber kept at his work, stripping away my pretty hair. Within ten minutes, it was all on the floor. I dared a look at the mirror. It wasn’t pretty. My ears were rather large. And my head was, well, revealed to be rather large as well. The barber took a minute to rub my head. Then he buzzed off my eyebrows.

“What do you think?” asked the barber teasingly, “Do you like it?”

I started to cry harder. “I look so ugly! Why would you do this?”

The barber laughed as he spread hot on my scalp and where my eyebrows used to be. Then he slowly unfolded a menacingly sharp straight razor. That’s when my tears dried up quickly. I didn’t want to get cut. The cop didn’t even have to hold me as the barber shaved me smooth. He soon revealed that, in addition to being big, my head was also bumpy. They both laughed as I tried to touch my smooth head, still cuffed, and started to cry again.

“Come here, baldie,” said the cop, “let me uncuff you, so you can feel that chromedome.”

I let him uncuff me. Then I started to feel my newly shaved head, which, to my surprise, felt rather nice. I could feel my pussy start to stir.

The barber noticed the change in my expression. “Let me massage that skull properly, bitch,” he said. Putting his hands on my head, he started to work.

“Oh, that’s nice,” I purred.

The cop smiled at the barber. Then he knelt and, with a wink, pulled down my jean skirt. I deftly skipped away from it. I wasn’t wearing panties. As the barber continued to massage my head, he started to work my now aching pussy with his tongue. Together, they brought me to an Earth shaking climax that was also worth being shaved for.

So what happened afterwards? The cop handed me my skirt back. I had to sweep up my hair and toss it. Everything went in the bin. And, with that, I was free. For about three weeks, I avoided the area. I bought a cheap wig and an expensive eyebrow pencil and did my work.

But I couldn’t forget the barber. I had to go back. So, I did, and, much to my humiliation, I asked him to shave me again, which he did happily. And he’s been doing it happily ever since. We’ve been married for ten years. I really do love being his humble bald slave wife.

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