Jake postponing his haircut

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Jake is standing in front of the mirror, running his fingers through his fair blonde hair. His locks cover his ears and collar with ease. He sighted: “I promised my mom to get a haircut for my seventeenth birthday party a week ago but I simply don’t have time today”. Oh well, I still have a couple of days he thinks, running a comb through his hair before departing for school.

Next morning the same ritual was repeated. Jake was doing his hair and coming up with the same excuse not to get his hair cut that day. And again he departed for school. When Jake gets home from school his mother calls him: “Jake, did you get that haircut I asked you to get?” Jake: “no mom, I have a school project that I really need to finish before tomorrow. Otherwise I will get an F because I missed the deadline.” Not realising that he has a field trip tomorrow and that he would be running late. Mom: “it’s okay Jake, I understand that your homework is important but please make an appointment at any barbershop you like tomorrow morning.”

When Jake wakes up he gets on with his usual morning routine. He plays with his hair a bit to see how much he is willing to get cut off. He figured that an inch or a bit more would be enough to satisfy his mother. When he looks at his phone he sees a WhatsApp message in the group chat for his class. Only then he realizes that he can’t get a haircut. He hurries to the living room in the hope that his mother hasn’t left for work yet but she already did. Ow dear Jake thought. Best leave a note. Mom isn’t going to be happy when I return.

Returning from his field trip Jake knows that he will be in trouble the moment he sets foot in the house. “Jake! His mother yelled. I don’t ask much, I don’t mind how you wear your hair or what hairstyle you pick but I do require you to get regular trims.” Jake tries to sputter an excuse but ended but making another promise that he would get a haircut the next day. His mom says: “Tomorrow is Friday and I will be running late so when I get back I expect you to have gotten that haircut. I asked you almost two weeks ago. If you don’t do as I say you will be in big trouble.” Jake shivers. He hasn’t seen his mother this angry since she caught him smoking when he was fourteen. Knowing very well that she is angry with him for the same reason back then, not being fair with her. Now off to bed, you don’t want you oversleeping”, his mother said.

Friday morning Jake is even up before the alarm clock rings. He starts calling some barbershops but after he tried seven he gave up. “I should have known that they don’t have place on a Friday afternoon.” As always Jake heads off to school. When he gets home he realises that his mother is not home yet. Good he thinks, “perhaps I can still find a solution like styling my hair in a way that makes my hair look shorter”. “No, that’s not going to work and I will be in even more trouble if I try to trick her” he says to himself. Then Jake realises that is another solution, his mother keeps an old set of haircutting tools in her closet which she used to cut his hair when he was six. Jake grabs the kit containing the tools and settles himself in the bathroom.

When Jake opens the kit he sees a pair of shining clippers, some attachments, oil, a comb and some haircutting scissors that might be or might not be still sharp enough to cut hair properly. “Better oil them first” Jake mumbles to himself. After he is done he attaches a number two guard not fully realising how short a number two is. When doing so all kind of thoughts pop his mind. Am I really ready to go short? Is losing my hair really worth avoiding punishment?

Jake ties the hair at the top of his head in a bun and then he plugs in the clippers. The clippers come to life making a loud buzzing sound. He moves the clippers to the left side of his head and slowly starts buzzing his long fair blonde locks. He feels a slight thrill when the clippers first touch his skin only to be replaced by a feeling of horror when he realises how short a number two actually is. He knows that there is no way back. All he can do is slowly continuing the job he started. After a few minutes he moves to the right side of his head. More fair blonde hair comes of but Jake’s starts liking the feeling of the stubbles the clippers leaves and can’t help rubbing his head. When he is done with the right side of his head he tries buzzing the back of his head. After ten minutes he managed to reduce the back to even stubbles.

Jake looks at the immense pile of hair he already buzzed of. He unties the bun he made realising that the hair left was much too long for an undercut. He grabs the scissors and starts cutting the top trying to reduce the hair to an inch or four. But the scissors are blunt and Jake fails to cut his hair evenly leaving his hair in a mess. Jake then tries fixing the mess by cutting off another inch but his hair is still uneven.

Knowing what to do but not knowing what the result would be Jake puts on the highest number of guard he can find and turns on the clippers once more. He starts buzzing the top leaving about an inch of hair. After he is done Jake quickly cleans up the hair on the floor and takes a quick shower. While styling his hair with some wax – making it a bit messy and spikey – Jake hears his mother entering the home. “Jake, I’m home. Let me see your haircut” his mom said. Jake gets down from the bathroom. “O wow, your hair is so short. You didn’t have to go this short, a trim is all I asked for. But I do love your hair this way. Now give me a hug” His mom said. While hugging his mother Jake still wasn’t sure whatever he liked or hated his new hairstyle but at least he could take some comfort in the fact that he made his mother happy. If she only knew…

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