Jan finds her true self

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It was 1985 and Jan had just arrived at UMass, Amherst to start her freshman year.  Jan was 5′ 8″, slim, and quite plain.  She had pretty blue eyes but they were hidden behind large framed, thick lensed glasses.  Jan wore a loose fitting sweat shirt and Levi blue jeans.  Her hair was straight, fine, brown, and reached the middle of her back.

Jan was raised by her mother since her father’s death 10 years ago.  Her father died in a commercial airplane crash so the family received a big settlement that allowed them to live comfortably.  Her mother, Susan was an overly protective woman and forbid Jan from wearing makeup or dating.   Susan, like her daughter, was very plain with lifeless hair down to her shoulder blades.  She had been a bit of a partier in her youth smoking, drinking, and sleeping around before she settled down and got married.  Because of this, Jan was sent to an all girls high school and constantly reminded of the evils of drinking, smoking, and boys.

Jan would be living in a high rise dorm in Southwest.  This was the newest of UMass’ dormitory areas and the place most freshman were housed.  It was known for the best parties on campus.  UMass itself was one of the best party schools in the country.  Jan had arrived first and was unpacking her things when her new roommate showed up.

“HI, I’m Tiffany” she said to Jan and Susan.  Tiffany was 5′ 10″ with piercing blue eyes and a muscular but feminine physique obviously sculpted by many hours a week in the gym.  She wore a tank top and shorts that showed off her long, beautifully toned legs.  Jan could not help but stare at her closely cropped dark hair that was tightly permed on top and tapered on the sides and back.  In the 80’s, this style was popular and known as a wedge.

Tiffany’s mom was right behind her carrying her clothes and other room items.

“Hi, I’m Eli, nice to meet you.”, she said to them.

Eli had a very similar body to her daughter and also had a perm but it was more of a spiraled bob that gave width to her slightly narrow face.  Essentially, mother and daughter were stunning.

Both sets of women made multiple trips to their cars to get all the things the girls needed.  It took about an hour before they were done.   Eli kissed Tiffany goodbye handing her a bag.

“Tiffany, I put your birth control pills, condoms, and a carton of Marlboro Lights in here for you.  Have fun but be safe.  I love you.”  With that Eli took out a Virginia Slim, lit it and took a deep drag.  “Nice to meet you two” she said to Susan and Jan as she left.

“Jan honey, can you walk out to the car with me?” asked Susan.  Jan knew what was coming.

“I don’t like you rooming with her.  She sleeps around and smokes with her mother’s approval.  I should have never let you come here!” Susan screamed.

Jan did the best she could to calm her mother down and promised not to do any of the things that her roommate was partaking in.  She reminded her mom that UMass had one of the best polymer science programs in the country and she would be in the library most of the time anyway.

“I will be fine Mom, trust me.”

Despite the apparent differences the two roommates got along very well.  Tiffany was considerate of her roommate and did not hook up with guys in their dorm room unless Jan was at the library for extended periods of time.  Tiffany was not a heavy drinker and was very dedicated to her nutrition.  Jan found herself staring at Tiffany’s body wishing she could look like her.  About a month into the semester she asked Tiffany to help her get in shape.  This was the start of a much closer relationship.

The two roommates went to the gym 5 days a week.  The workouts were intense.  Jan started eating more protein and vegetables and less desserts.  She walked everywhere on the huge UMass campus instead of taking the bus.  Her body started to change and she went from a skinny fat girl to a more toned shapely woman.

One day in November, Tiffany said she was going to get her hair done in town and wondered if Jan would like to tag along.

“My hair grows so quickly that I need it done every 2-3 months.  Maybe you can get something done to your boring hair too.”, said Tiffany, “You would look super cute in something shorter.”

Suddenly a million things rushed through Jan’s mind because she so wanted to have hair like her roommate’s, but was not sure.

The salon was on the main drag of Amherst and was called Short Cuts.  Tiffany told the receptionist she had a 3 pm appointment for a cut and perm.

“Amber will be with you shortly.  She is just finishing up with her last client.”

Tiffany sat down and lit a cigarette.   After about five minutes Amber came over and introduced herself and took Tiffany back to the sink.  Jan looked around the salon and was shocked to see everyone there had short hair.  Some had highlights and others had perms but everyone had hair above the collar.  She sat there mesmerized with thoughts of how she might look in short hair.

Amber washed Tiffany’s hair before rolling her perm.  She had blue perm rods throughout the crown only.  Amber applied the perm solution to the rods and put a plastic bag over the curlers.  Tiffany took a seat in the next salon chair, lit another cigarette.  Amber motioned Jan over to her chair.

“So Tiffany said you need a short haircut today” said Amber.

“I don’t know if I am ready for such a commitment yet, my mom would kill me”, replied Jan.

“Okay”, said Amber, “How about we cut cut off a good 4 inches and give it some style this time and in a few months we take it short if you want?”  Tiffany nodded her head in agreement.

“I guess that would work, yeah, that would work really well.”, said Jan excitedly.

Amber took Jan to the sink and washed and conditioned her hair really well.  It felt extremely good to have her scalp massaged.  Back in the chair, Jan’s hair was sectioned and cutting commenced.

“If I do go shorter next time could we perm or color it too?” Jan blurted out thinking to herself, “Am I nuts?”

“Actually Jan”, said Amber, “your hair is virgin and in such good shape we could do both.”

Suddenly Jan got a butterfly in her stomach and felt her lower self get wet.

“Okay, I will consider it and maybe we can do it in a few months.” replied Jan all the time wishing she had the nerve to do it now.

Amber worked quickly and skillfully taking 4 inches of hair off Jan and giving her some layers.  She then blew it dry into a flipped back Farrah Fawcett look that was so popular in the 80’s.  Jan was impressed with Amber’s work and hoped she would have the guts to go all the way next time.  Jan went to pay for her haircut while Amber checked on Tiffany’s perm and brought her over to the sink to rinse and neutralize it.  Tiffany was quickly back in Amber’s chair so that Amber could cut the crown of curls and clipper the sides.  She started on the top to bring up Tiffany’s bangs to mid-eyelevel and bring the sides up over the ears.  Then using a #3 guard she worked up the back and sides of her head for about 2 minutes.   Removing the guard, Amber used a clipper over comb technique to blend in the sides and back to the top.  Finally she trimmed the neck hairs and created a sharp V at the nape.  She applied mousse and dried the hair with a diffuser.

“So what do you think Jan, do I look hot?”, Tiffany joked.  Jan was so wet through her panties that she was afraid it showed through her jeans. 

“Yes you do!”, she squealed.   Tiffany paid and they both thanked Amber and promised to get Jan back for a makeover next semester.

“Okay, Jan, you are going to party with me tonight but first we need to doll you up and get you in some clothes that show off that hot body you have been building.”

Back in their dorm room Tiffany went to work on Jan’s face.  As she worked on her eyeliner, Tiffany smoked a cigarette.

“How long have you been smoking Tiff?’

“About 3 years.” she replied.

“You look like you have smoked longer than that Tiff, you really do it so well.”

“Are you interested in trying smoking?” Tiffany inquired.

Jan got red in the face and told her that she was just curious and her mother would kill her for even thinking about it.

“That is fine roomie, just let me know if you change your mind.”  Tiffany knew right then and there that she would soon have a fellow smoker for a roommate.

After picking out some tight jeans and a half shirt for Jan they headed to Brandywine Apartments for some fun.  They brought their own alcohol in the form of vodka and tequila shots since beer was to many calories. They found a party right away.  Jan had never been out with Tiff at a party and was amazed at how men flocked around her to light her cigarettes.  She blew most of them off looking for the perfect guy for an evening of fun.  After they had been there for about half an hour a good looking blonde haired guy started talking to Jan.  He said his name was Randy and he complimented her on her toned body by asking if she worked out.  Jan introduced him to Tiffany as her roommate and stated that they worked out together 5 days a week at the Boydin gym.

Tiffany pulled out a cigarette and Randy quickly lit it for her.  Randy asked Jan if she smoked also to which Tiff quipped, “Not yet.”  Randy said he didn’t smoke either but thought it was gentlemanly to light a girl’s cigarette.

Randy and Jan talked for hours until the party was over around 1 am.  Randy was a sophomore business major from a wealthy family.  He liked many of the same things Jan liked and was a good student.  As much as Randy seemed interested in Jan he kept looking over at Tiffany especially when she was smoking.

Tiffany took off with some hot guy back to his apartment and told Jan she would see her in the morning.  Randy offered to ride the bus back to campus to make sure Jan arrived safely which she took him up on.  When they arrived outside her dorm, Randy asked her to meet up for coffee the next week and Jan gave him her number.  He moved in to kiss her which she let him do.  He was a good kisser and it had been a long time since any guy had kissed Jan.

The two saw each other several times a week until the end of the semester.  Randy was very witty and interesting but also a total gentleman, maybe too much of a gentleman.  He had yet to make a serious move on Jan even though she displayed openness toward his advancements.  He also kept looking at Tiffany whenever she was around but made no moves toward hitting on her.  This puzzled her so much she asked for Tiffany’s advice.  She said to take the direct approach and ask him straight up but Jan was too shy to do that.

During finals, Tiffany ran into Randy at the campus center and asked him why he kept staring at her when he was with Jan.  Tiffany pretended to not know that Jan had brought it up and told Randy whatever he told her stayed confidential.  Randy first denied staring but then confessed that although he really liked Jan and that she was someone he really wanted to get serious with, he found himself attracted to girls with short hair especially if they smoked.  He found that it aroused him to look at but maybe not date an edgy girl. He wanted a smart girl who was dedicated to one man.  While Tiff could have taken this as an insult, he was totally not her type and she knew how much Jan liked him.

Tiffany explained to Randy that Jan was likely going to cut her hair short even before she met him and had expressed an interest in trying smoking.  She would work on her to make that happen but it was to be their secret.  Randy was instructed to keep dating her as if the conversation never happened and maybe sometime next semester he might get exactly what he was hoping for.

The finals ended that week and Tiff and Jan had a drink the night before going home for Christmas. Tiff said, “You know Jan, maybe Randy likes my hair or something?  Some guys like short hair.  I seem to get a lot of attention.  You know what a lot of guys like too?  A sexy girl who smokes because they find her powerful and dangerous.”   

“Do you really think that Tiff?” “You do seem to get a lot of attention.” 

Tiffany made Jan promise to think about what she was saying and they made plans to get together for a few days prior to the start of next semester at Tiff’s house.

Jan got straight A’s the first semester and this pleased her mom.  Additionally, her mom had started dating a new guy who treated her very well so she was in a good mood.  Jan stayed in touch with Randy by phone about three times a week over the 5 week break.  Everything seemed great except Jan could not stop thinking about getting her hair cut short with a perm and highlights while seductively smoking a Marlboro Light.  As the days approached for her to go to Tiffany’s house her desires grew strong until one day she called Tiff and told her to book a hair appointment with Amber and teach her how to smoke.  Tiffany had worked her magic.

Jan arrived at Tiffany’s house 7 days before the dorms opened for the spring semester.  She had been working out and eating right and her body was starting to look very hot.   Her perky boobs really sprung up with the new muscle now supporting them.  She had gotten contacts so the need for glasses was just for late night studying.  Her beautiful blue eyes were no longer hidden behind nerdy glasses.  Tiffany was impressed.

The first thing they did was book a 4 hour appointment for her hair with Amber; cut, perm, color, makeup, everything.   The only thing left was to make Jan a seductive casual smoker if possible.  Tiffany explained that while she smoked a pack and a half a day, the goal for Jan was about 10-15 cigarettes a day.  She should only smoke when she really felt she needs one.  Times of stress like finals or when she was drinking may create a need for more nicotine but her goal was to limit her to around 10.  Randy was turned on by smoking but Tiff doubted he wanted to marry a chain smoker.

They went shopping right away and picked out a lot of tighter jeans and tops to show off Jan’s new body.  They also picked up some negligees for a possible night of romance.  Last stop was the drug store to get a carton of Marlboro Light 100’s and lighters.

Back at Tiff’s house no one was home so they went to the living room and opened up the pack.  Tiffany took one and lit it taking a deep drag.  Jan nervously held the cigarette unlit in her hand.  Tiff showed her how to hold it at the end of the 2nd and 3rd finger tips while making a tight fist with the rest of her hand.  Her wrist was to be cocked up at all times.  She made her hold and move the cigarette from one hand to the other and to her lips before she would light it.  Satisfied that Jan was getting the idea of holding it she had her bring the cigarette to her lips while still holding it between her two fingers as she flicked the lighter on.  Jan was instructed to lightly inhale the smoke into her mouth only and then after holding it for a couple of seconds to tip her head up, purse her lips and blow a thin stream of smoke straight up.  Jan did this again and again until the cigarette was done.  She had smoked her first cigarette.

Tiffany had Jan smoke 4-5 cigarettes the first day and increased it by one each day.  With each cigarette Jan was to inhale a little more each time until she could comfortably take a full drag.  Jan actually said that the smoke was sweeter than expected and that she loved the act of smoking.  She was also able to avoid much of the unpleasant coughing fits of inhaling too deeply too soon.  By the end of the week Jan looked like someone who had been smoking at least a year or more.

The two roommates arrived on campus and checked into the dorms.  They headed out for Jan’s long awaited hair makeover.  It was a one mile walk to the salon so they each smoked a cigarette on the way.  When they got to Short Cuts they checked in with the receptionist and sat down.  Each girl lit another cigarette and waited for Amber to arrive; Jan was her first client.

“Hello girls”, said Amber, “Look who started smoking.  Good for you.  You do it very well for a beginner.”

Jan blushed.

Amber led Jan to her chair and pulled up a hair design book.  Amber lit a cigarette herself and the three ladies looked at their options.  All three agreed on a wedged perm that was slightly longer than Tiff’s with a slightly looser but still tight curl.  The back and sides would be shaved up but not as much as Tiff’s hair.  The crown would be frosted light blonde to contrast the darker base.

Amber pulled Jan’s hair back and secured it with a band.  Picking up shears she asked Jan if she was ready and with Jan’s nod Amber started cutting.  Schnick, schnick and it was over.  Amber handed her a 10 inch ponytail. Jan’s head felt lighter.   She quickly started to layer Jan’s hair leaving it sitting just below the ear. Bangs were cut to just below the eyes.  The back was brought up well off the collar.

“Okay honey, this is just a rough cut.  I will clean and shape your nape after the perm is done.”

Jan looked in the mirror and thought, “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

Amber went to the back of the salon and return with a trolley of perm rods.

“Your curls will not be as tight as Tiffany’s curls.  We used blue on her but will be using gray and white on you.”

Amber started at the crown and worked way down to occipital bone.  Starting with a gray rod, then alternating to a white rod, each rolled precisely and tightly.  The sides were worked down to about two inches above each ear and the bangs were rolled completely.  It only took her about 20 minute to roll Jan’s entire head.  Amber placed cotton around the rods and went to preheat the dryer.   She emptied the whole bottle of perm solution and then covered the perm rods with a plastic shower cap.

“Time to cook for a while”, laughed Amber.  

Jan was led to the dryer and placed under it.  

“Jan, if you want to smoke I will get you an ashtray.   Just keep your head under the dryer when you exhale okay?”, Jan explained.

Tiffany gave Jan one of her cigarettes and a lighter.  Jan lit up and inhaled deeply and carefully tilted her head back slightly to blow the smoke out.

“I can’t believe I am doing this Tiff”, Jan whispered.

“Well, we are just getting started roomie.  You still have color, nails, and makeup.  You are going to look so hot though.”, laughed Tiffany.

“I hope so,” groaned Jan, “because this being hot shit is a lot of work.”

Both girls laughed.

Amber checked on Jan’s hair after 20 minutes of processing and declared the hair was coming along well but needed another 10-20 minutes.

“Let’s do your nails now since we have to wait on the perm solution to work”, said Amber, “Heather will come over and work on them while you are under the dryer.”

While Jan sat and processed, Heather trimmed and filed Jan’s nails.  After Heather was happy with her how the surface of the nails looked she applied long acrylic nails and shaped them into a nice round point.  Then she put three coats of hot red polish on them.

“So what do you think?”, chirped Heather.

“I can’t believe how good they look.”, replied Jan.

Amber recheck Jan’s perm rods and declared that she was done.  She took her over to the sink and rinsed the perm rods for 5 minutes before sitting Jan up to dry them.  To Tiffany and Jan’s surprise Amber led Jan back to the styling chair without taking the rods out.

“This is a little trick I like to use with permed wedges”, Amber stated, “I am going to clipper your back and sides with the perm rods in your hair because with the hair in curlers it is out of the way.  The perm will actually start neutralizing in the air now that the processing solution is off but don’t worry, we will neutralize it after I clipper you”

Amber pulled out the clippers and put a number three guard on them.  She then ran them up and down Jan’s neck and up each side of her head.  The feeling was unbelievable and Jan started to get wet.  After 3 minutes of shearing Amber took smaller clippers with no guard and carefully cut around each of Jan’s ears to form side burns with a sharp point.  She moved to the back to shape a long feminine V nape.

Satisfied with her work Amber took Jan back to the sink to put neutralizer on the rods.  Five minutes later the rods were removed and the hair rinsed and towel dried.  Amber then put Jan back under the dryer for another 10 minutes to dry the hair completely.

“The perm took so well.”, declared Amber, “but you don’t get to see it until we finish the highlights.”

Jan was taken from the dryer back to Amber’s chair that was turned away from the mirror.  She brushed Jan’s hair lightly backwards off her face and placed a highlighting cap over Jan’s head tying it under her chin.  She then turned Jen toward the mirror.  The cap completely covered her head so no hair was showing.  Taking a frosting hook Amber pulled around 100 tufts of hair through the cap.

“Time for the bleach.”, Amber said.

Jan stared at herself in the mirror and Tiff ribbed her about how she looked.  Within 5 minutes Amber was back with a bowl of blue bleach and a brush.  She covered all of her hair tufts and then put the clear shower cap back on her head. ”

“We are in the home stretch”, said Amber, “Let’s have Heather do your makeup since I am not putting you under the dryer this time.”

“I could really use a cigarette.”, Jan pleaded.

“Okay”, said Amber, “but just take a few hits so we can get the makeup done before we need to rinse you.”

Tiffany handed Jan her lit cigarette and Jan took three good drags off it.  “I guess my roomie might be getting hooked.”, Tiff laughed.

Heather started her makeup; 15 minutes later she declared it done.  Amber checked the bleaching process and ushered Jan to the sink.  Amber carefully rinsed Jan’s hair and applied a toner to the exposed strands.  After 5 minutes the toner was rinsed off and the cap removed.

Amber took Jan back to her chair that was again facing away from the mirror.  She used scissors to even out the curls and applied mousse to her curls.  Next came the diffuser to dry Jan’s hair.  Finally, Amber used a pick to separate the curls and hit the head with hairspray.

Before turning Jan toward the mirror, Jan asked Tiff what she thought.  All Tiff could do was say “Wow” with her mouth wide open.

“Ready to look at the new you?”, asked Amber, “I have to warn you that the girl in the mirror is going to look really hot.”  With that she whirls the chair around toward the mirror.

“Holy shit!”, screamed Jan.  The girl looking back at her was unfamiliar but looked smoking hot.  She now had bangs and a full crown of cascading blonde curls just touching her ears.  Her dark hair on the sides was buzzed short and offset the blonde curls perfectly.  Jan’s lashes were full and her eye shadow perfect.  Her lips were the same red as her nails.  As Amber held a mirror behind her, Jan saw the dark tapered buzzed V nape.

“Oh my god it feels awesome” she said as she ran her hand up and down the back of her neck getting wetter in her crotch with each stroke.

Tiffany chimed in, “Roomie, if I liked girls I would fuck you right now!  You look beyond sexy.”

“Now make sure you schedule appointments every month.  You will need a haircut in 4 weeks and then schedule a perm 5 weeks after that and then a highlight 5 weeks after that.  We can’t perm and bleach on the same day again without damaging the hair.”, ordered Amber.

Jan was floating on air as she paid for her hair.  She left a big tip for Amber and scheduled her 3 future  appointments.  As she walked out the door of the salon, Jan felt the cold winter wind hit the back of her neck.  She rubbed her nape again.  It felt so good.

“Let’s grab lunch at the dining hall and make plans for surprising Randy today.”, said Tiffany as she lit a cigarette.

“Okay, let’s do it.”, replied Jan as she too lit a cigarette as they walked back to campus.

The plan was to invite Randy over.  Tiffany would answer the door and and invite him in and then walk out the door.  Jan would be sitting in a chair facing away from the door smoking a cigarette.  She would have a robe on covering her negligee that she would be wearing.  From there it is up to Jan.

Jan called up Randy and invited him over to her room.  He said he was just getting out of the shower and would be there in 10 minutes.  The girls got Jan dressed and the room in order.  Condoms were left by her bed as they would likely be needed.  Everything was set.

There was a knock on the door.  Tiffany answered it. “Hi Randy, how are you?”

“I was invited over by Jan but I see you have company.  I must have gotten Jan’s message wrong.  Do you know where she is?’

“Oh no, Randy, you got the message right”, said Tiffany as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

Randy was still confused but did not to be rude to the girl sitting in the room, the girl with the super sexy short blonde hair with a perfect V shaped nape.  A long Marlboro Light was held seductively between her finger tips.  “Uhh, I am sorry to bother you but do you know where Jan went”, asked Randy.

Jan slowly rose from the chair and took a long drag on her cigarette and blew smoke straight up in a sexy stream.  She had opened her robe revealing her sexy, toned body with an open crotched negligee.  Her smoothly shaved pussy was beaconing Randy.

“Hi Randy, do you like what you see?”, Jan asked seductively.  She took one last drag of her cigarette and put it out in the ashtray.

“Oh my god, Jan I can’t believe it!  Your hair!  Your body! Your makeup! I had no idea you smoked?  You look so sexy.”, stammered Randy.

By this time Jan had already unzipped his pants and placed his ready to explode cock in her mouth.  She sucked on it for only 30 seconds before she felt him start to swell.

“Oh no you don’t dare quit on me now”, she said as she grabbed an open condom and placed it over his engorged dick.  She pushed him down on the bed and careful mounted him.  She remained motionless for 10 seconds to let him calm down before she started riding him hard.  Jan’s body shuttered as she orgasmed multiple times.  After 5 minutes he could no longer hold out and exploded into the condom.

“Did you do all this for me?”, asked Randy.

“No my love, I did this for me.”, she stated bluntly, “but I am glad you like it.  Now be a good boy and get me a cigarette so you can light it for me.”

“Jan I love you.”, he sighed.

“I know you do my love.”, Jan replied.


Jan’s mom Susan came to visit in February.  Jan was nervous to see her Mom and reveal her new look.  She was also concerned that her mother would be very angry about her smoking.  Jan met her mother outside her dorm as they were going to lunch first.

“Oh my god Jan, look at your hair.  I love it.”

“You really do?”, said Jan, “I was so worried you would think it was too extreme. Your hair looks great too”

Susan had spiral permed her long hair and was also wearing makeup.  She looked very pretty if not sexy.

When they got to the diner for lunch they found the only seats available were in the smoking section.  Susan surprisingly said no problem and both sat down in the booth.

“I am surprised that you would sit in the smoking section, Mom. You are so anti-smoking.”

“I am glad you brought that up Jan.”, Susan replied, “You know I used to smoke.  Well, my new boyfriend John sort of, well…”

“What are trying to say Mom?”

“Honey, your roommate Tiffany smokes, yes?  You are okay living with a smoker, right?”, stuttered Susan.

Jan got a shiver up her spine as she feared her mom had figured out she was smoking.  She braced herself for the impending verbal beat down from her mother.

Susan reached in her purse and took out a Marlboro Light and lit it. “John likes women who smoke so I just started up again.  I am so sorry Jan.  I hope I did not disappoint you.”, apologized Susan in a trembling voice.

Jan just started to laugh loudly and reached into her purse.  She pulled out a cigarette and lit it.  After blowing a huge cloud of smoke in front her bewildered mother she said, “Mom do I have an interesting story for you….”










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