Jane & Sarah Go to the Barbershop

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Jane and her sister Sarah’s mother said it was time for their summer haircuts. With a look of mischief on her face, their mother said, you can each decide what haircut the other will get. She figured they would end up short as she was going to drop them off at the local barber shop.

Jane was going into the 9th grade with a short brunette bob cut, while Sarah had gorgeous blond hair to below her bra strap with curls, and going into the 11th grade. They were both very pretty, Jane was envious of her sister, as Jane had tiny double A cups, and Sarah with a nice developed rack with round D cups that all the boys would drool over.


Heads turned as these two pretty girls walked into Pete’s barber shop which was packed with boys from their school getting their summer haircuts. Jane took two numbers and handed one to her sister. They sat down in a row of chairs facing the four old leather steel and porcelain barber chairs. They couldn’t believe they were waiting to have their hair cut along with all of the boys in a barber shop.


They watched as one after the other boys were called and caped, then quickly buzzed to short crew cuts or flattops. After about 30 minutes, Jane’s number was called and she slowly walked to the waiting chair and stepped in. The barber tied a tissue tightly around her tiny neck and draped a stripedb cape over her securing it firmly in place. So what are we doing young lady?


Sarah looked up smiled and said give her a little boys short tapered haircut with the sides and back buzzed nice and tight. The barber said to Sarah, are you sure, she’ll look like a little boy. Sarah smiled and said yes she will, especially without any boobs.


The barber picked up his Oster 76 and proceeded to run them up her nape shearing off her bob. In a matter of minutes, Jane was looking like one of the boys.


Jane said, your next Sarah, I can’t wait. A few minutes later, another barber looked right at Sarah, called her number and said your next sweet cheeks. Smiling with a big grin, he said let’s go honey, I’m going to really enjoy this.


After taking his time to put the tissue and cape tightly around her petite neck, he said so cupcake, same as your sister. This time Jane sitting next to her still getting buzzed said, she’s getting a Paris Island Induction Cut. The two barbers smiled and looked at each other. Sarah’s barber looked at the gorgeous blond locks and said, do you know what that is? m golden locks of yours will be gone in less than a minute.


There’s no way I’m getting that, Sarah said. Jane responded, you got to decide mine, now I get to decide yours. Our mom said we each get to pick the others. Sorry sis, get ready to loose all of your long gorgeous blond locks. I’m really going to enjoy this.


Sarah watched as the barber placed the heavy duty Oster clippers next to her ear and began to mow them up and around her ear, relieving her of her glorious long blond locks. Sarah gasped in horror as he continued to buzz the side of her head.


How’s it feel sis. Her and the two barbers laughed as the barber continued to shear Sarah.


He had used a #3 attachment which left a couple of inches of hair. Now do you really want me to give her a Paris Island Induction cut. She won’t have any hair left when I’m done with her. Sarah said please no Jane. Jane smiled and said skin her all the way, I want her bald like a cue ball. This is for years of treating me like shit.


He then switched the attachment to the 00000 attachment. In about a minute these will completely skin your sister. The barber firmly held the back of her tiny head with one hand so Sarah couldn’t move. He then flicked the switch and once again plowed the clippers at Sarah’s forehead and ran them over the top of her head, leaving a wide path of skin.


There’s no going back now. He then continued to plow the massive Oster clippers over and over. In less than another minute she looked completely bald.


Sarah in tears, looked at herself in the mirror. The barber said now honey, that’s a nice cue ball. The boys were mostly laughing and all had their mouths wide open as they watched the beautiful girl have her long golden blond hair buzzed off with the hungry Oster clippers.


When they got home their mother was a bit surprised. Jane, yours is what I thought Sarah would do, but she felt sorry for Sarah with her bald head. You do look like a little cue ball.


Her mother understanding how mean Sarah could be to Jane, said to Jane, I understand why you told the barber to skin your sister, but I’m afraid you went too far.


Tomorrow, you’re both to go back to the barber shop and Sarah will tell the barber to give you her haircut. Then you’ll both be matching cue balls.


The next day the two girls couldn’t believe they were again walking into the barber shop. Jane was so upset and looked really scared, while Sarah was smiling thinking about what she was about to tell the barber to do to her sister.


One of the barbers said back so soon. Sarah spoke up and said our mother said you should buzz Jane’s head just like mine.


The barbers all laughed. He said no problem. We’re not busy, so step right up Jane and we’ll let Mike skin you, since we had all the fun yesterday.


Jane slowly walked up to Mike’s empty chair. Her hair was already really short of course, but this was too much for her. She realized she should never have ordered her sister to be be given a marine boot camp buzzing. The barber tied the tissue around her petite little neck, then the cape over her.


Jane started to squirm and tried to get up, but Mike was already holding her head tightly. The other two barbers stood on either side of the chair and held her down by her arms to the porcelain arm rests.


Mike said hold still pumpkin as he flicked on his heavy duty black Oster 76 clippers with the 00000 blade and Jane could see them approach her forehead and then felt the steel blade mow through her hair, and over the top of her head. Mike repeated this several times.


The two barbers were still holding her arms tightly in place. As Mike finished the two barbers released her arms, and she sat there whimpering with her head bald.


Mike said to Jane, I guess this will teach you to be kinder to your big sister. Sarah smiled and paid for her sisters haircut. Jane thought what a bitch.

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