Janelle cuffs me to the chair

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Janelle is the best hairdresser I’ve ever had. I’ve been going to her for at least ten years now. We’ve gotten very close over that time period. Her husband and mine are friends too, and they often go to sporting events together. During my last haircut, Janelle and I got very close.

Not on my last haircut, but on the one before Janelle and I were talking about our sex lives with our husbands, our likes, dislikes, comparisons, etc. Janelle never left any detail out, that’s how close we had become. I was a bit more reserved in talking about Jeff and myself. I did tell her though that he sometimes commented on her tight jeans and nice hair. I told her that one time Jeff raved about her hair when she had a radical haircut from mid-back length to clipper cut in the back and on the sides. “He said that?” she asked.

Janelle’s hair was almost back to mid-back length again now, so that was sometime ago. “Oh yes he did,” I said. “He even tried to convince me to get my haircut short like yours was!”

That’s ironic,” Janelle said. Mike loved my hair short too!” How many men, if you were to pick two, would say they loved short hair!”

Not many,” I concurred.

I just don’t think I could cut my hair that short Janelle,” I told her. “You’d have to strap me down in the chair before I could get that done!”

Well, we could do that,” she winked at me. “In fact, Mike straps me down all the time!”

Oh, no,” I thought. Here we go, talking more about their sex life.

Cheryl, Mike handcuffs me to the bed almost all the time. It seems to be his fetish. We have a safe word though, if I yell ‘green!” then he unlocks the handcuffs. It seems to work. I can get as much pleasure or pain as I want that way.”

How about next time you come in for a haircut, I handcuff you to the chair, and you can decide how much pleasure or pain you want?”

Yeah, right!” I shrugged it off.

Janelle said, ‘no really, if you want I will bring them in, we can play a game of handcuffed client sits in barber chair. I’ve always wanted to be the one ‘using’ the handcuffs!”

Again, I shrugged it off and we both laughed. Before leaving I made an appointment for my next trim in 4 weeks. On the appointment card Janelle had drawn in a set of handcuffs for laughs.

As it turned out, I did not see Janelle over the next 4 weeks, even though our husbands had gone out to the sports bar a few times together.

On the 31st of the month I checked my planner to see when my next haircut was. It was not in my calendar. I checked my purse for the appointment card. Oh my God, it was in an hour this morning! I laughed as I saw the handcuffs Janelle had drawn on the card. I need to get going!

Hi Cheryl, right on time,” Janelle said as I walked in. “Last client of my short Saturday!” She said “Have a seat, I’ll be right with you.” She went and turned the open sign on the door to closed. “I was her last client, indeed,” I thought.

Janelle caped me and said, “What’s your favorite color?”

Huh?” I said.

What’s your favorite color,” she repeated.


OK, she said, that’s your safe word, you need to yell ‘Blue’ to get out.

What?” I said. Then, I saw her reach in her bag and pull out 4 handcuffs. “Oh my God,” I thought, as I remembered the sketch of the handcuffs on the appointment card. She took my right wrist from under the cape and handcuffed it to the arm of the chair, then did the same with the left, before I could even say a word.

OK, remember, all you have to do is say ‘blue’ and they come off,” she said.

Then, she bent down and took my left ankle and handcuffed it to the bottom of the chair, before doing the right ankle. I didn’t know what to think. She could tell I was out of it. “Cheryl, you’re ok. Just remember, anytime you say ‘Blue’ things stop and the cuffs come off. Got it?” I nodded my head yes. I was about to say ‘Blue’ right then and there. I didn’t know what was going on, or what she was going to do.

You said that Jeff liked my hair when it was super short. And, you said you’d have a difficult time getting it cut short, unless you were strapped to the chair. Well, now you are! You don’t have to get a short haircut, all you have to do is say ‘Blue’ at anytime”

Secretly, I’d always wanted to get a short cut, to please Jeff. But I never had the courage. Maybe this was what I needed. I wasn’t sure. I watched as Janelle used a comb clip to put my hair up in the back and section it off. All I had to do was say “Blue.” But it would not come out of my mouth! I’m not sure why. It must have been because I really wanted this to be done to me.

With my hair all sectioned off, I watched as Janelle fiddled with finding the right comb in her drawer, and then she picked up the clippers and then rummaged for the right clipper guard in the drawer. “Blue!” But it was only a thought, it didn’t really come out of my mouth, but I knew the time to say it was getting short.

When the clippers were turned on, I really knew it. Janelle went to the back of the chair with the clippers humming loudly. We looked at each other in the mirror for what seemed like an eternity. She whispered, “Okay?” I hesitated for ten seconds. She whispered it again, “Okay?” I nodded my head.

With that she quickly pushed my head down and within a few seconds the clippers were humming up the back of my head. Hair fell and slid down my cape onto my lap. I still could yell “Blue” and she could fix it up some, I’m sure. But I didn’t.

She finished up rough clippering in the back and went to my left side. She placed the clippers on the left side of my cheek where my sideburns would be and left them sitting there for at least 15 seconds. She was giving me the chance to yell ‘Blue.’

I didn’t say anything. Moments later hair was once again spilling onto my lap. She did the right side and turned the clippers off. She was reaching for scissors, for what I felt was to cut the top of my head. I started to reach to feel my bristles of the buzz cut in the back, but my hand only went about three inches before the handcuffs kept it in place. I looked at Janelle and she just smiled. Another 10 minutes, it will be over.

She lifted the hair from the top of my head, which was about six inches long. She took about two inches in her hand and was going to cut it off. She looked at me before she did, giving me time to say ‘Blue’ But I never did.

After that, she took another two inches in her hand, and looked at me again. My silence was just the same as it was before. I now had two inches of hair on the top of my head! I was getting nervous. This time she didn’t give me an option. She cut another inch from the top. My hair was an inch long at the top. She put down the scissors on the counter to let me know that saying ‘Blue’ now was really silly, as this was as short as it was going to go.

Another five minutes of trimming up my neckline and sideburns and touching it up all over and I checked myself out in the mirror. Short!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. It looked just like Janelle’s did a year or more ago, the cut that Jeff loved.

I did it!” I said to Janelle.

Yes you did and I’m proud of you Cheryl.” She then pushed my head down and started rubbing the back of my head and my neck. She put some lotion on my neck and massaged it. It felt so nice. “Now then, Cheryl, you’ve been a good little girl. Do you want me to unlock you?”

At this point I wasn’t sure I wanted her to! I said, “Not unless you tell me you will do this to me again next time.” The biggest smile I’ve ever seen Janelle smile came across her face.

I’d love to, Cheryl. And maybe you can cuff me next time, too!”

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  1. My goodness that was yet another exciting story! While reading your story I clearly envision Cheryl being handcuffed to the chair experiencing the clippers and scissors. I loved how enthusiastic Janelle was in cutting Cheryl’s hair, and reading about Cheryl’s thoughts during her shearing.

    Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful story Jenny! As always I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your stories!

  2. Another great story Jenny and congrats on becoming g a trending author on this wonderful site. Your stories are so descriptive that you can picture yourself right in the middle of the action. I love that your stories do not stick to one formula and the circumstances change with each story.

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