Jan’s Shortest Bob Haircut

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This is a true story.

Hello all, I am a Hairstylist & Barber from the UK with nigh on 35 years experience & whilst I no longer work in a barbershop or salon, I still cut & style hair at my home on a freelance basis & have close to 50 clients whom I crop on a regular basis…95% of my clients are females & have short hair as short cuts such as pixies & Bob’s are my favourite styles to see & cut on ladies!

I am not into headshaves & although I have participated in a few small & independent charity events over the years, the ladies who were fortunate to be seated in my chair were always treated to a very short one inch clippered crop or buzz cut as they are also called in the USA and then recropped by me using my texturising shears that give a soft as velvet feel to short hair which also allows a pixie to be ruffled especially when a bit of wax is applied!!….depending on the response of my initial stories which are all true I may add, I shall possibly add a few of these charity crops to my library of stories!

Anyhows, back to Jan!!…I first met Jan at an antiques centre here in Essex & we got chatting over our love of quirky objects & coffee. I noted she had recently had her hair cut quite short but told me she wasn’t happy with the style as she felt it was too long & a tad mumsy. I told her I was a barber & stylist & gave her my card & over the next 3 years I kept Jan a cropped lady until she met a local chap & decided to cultivate her locks a tad longer!

Over those 3 years I gave Jan some very short clippered nape & sides pixie crops whilst always leaving length at the crown for restyling options as although she was a few years older than me…in her 50s…she looked fantastic & like the versatility of the longer crown whilst indulging in her passion for being shorn short by a playfully dominant male barber/stylist…which would be yours truly!!

Being a stylist you get the feel of when a lady enjoys getting her hair cut often & as I have stated Jan was no exception & from early on I would email her with styles that I was going to cut on her during her next shearing session & she would respond almost immediately with comments about how she couldn’t wait to be pixie shorn by her playfully dominant stylist.

Depending on my mood on the day I would either crop Jan entirely with my trusty 8″ Japanese Mattakki barber shears or clipper her nape & sides before cropping the crown & tidying up with my shears!!…I also love using texturising shears too, which are very much like thinning shears but have shark like teeth that remove a lot of bulk but not length & when used in a scissor over comb cutting method, give the short hair a very soft almost velvet to the touch feel as I have noted before & all females love the effect it has on the cut!!

On the occasions I was using clippers…which Jan adored I should note!!…I would hand her the clippers to hold whilst we chatted over a coffee as I knew this made her feel even more excited about the prospect of being pixie shorn & when I led her to the chair, combed her locks & caped her up….asked her for the gorgeous Ferrari red colour Babyliss Volaire clippers that I use, which she eagerly gave me & then gently but firmly pressed her head into her chest whilst keeping my left hand on her crown keeping her in that very sensuous submissive cutting angle…began shearing her nape first & then working towards the sides whilst maintaining the flicking action that sends the cut hair onto her shoulders first before falling into her lap for her to see!!

As I have said, currently Jan has cultivated her pixie out as she has met a new chap & whilst she would love to go super short again she feels she is not quite ready too so for that reason I have been keeping her a bobbed lady for the past 2 years & she has experimented with undercut nape Bob’s, Bob’s that have been angled at the nape & stacked Bob’s, with a fringe & one length & she has loved them all!!

Last Saturday Jan was in my chair ready for her bobbing session & whilst I told her I was taking her grown out bob short…I didn’t tell her or show her this time how short I was taking her. I cut the line in at the nape of a Bob first & I cut on clean dry hair & for this I use the clippers to achieve my guide line by turning the blades back to front & cutting hair in an inverted manner which not only gives you a clean solid line as your guide, but it takes out a lot of hair in one go, is very quick & precise & you also use the inverted clippers in a stroking motion very lightly on the hair to give that bevelled look & feel to the cut!!

Jan has a high nape line & no nape whirls which is perfect for grow backs as you don’t have the hassle with a wispy nape so after our usual pleasantries & black coffee, Jan eagerly jumped in the chair, was caped & brushed out by me & then her head was pushed down & I proceeded to Bob Jan as mentioned above but surprised her by taking the nape to just below her earlobes…the clippers mercilessly shearing like a hot knife through butter, 5 inches of fine but lots of it naturally blonde/silver hue hair fell onto her caped shoulders before I gently blew the falling hair into her lap for her to see!!

After I cut the sides slightly longer than the nape line to give a bit of angle to the front & cut into her style at the ends for a bit of texture, I un-caped her, spritzed her down with a coconut oil & sea salt spray & gave her a 2 minute finger blow dry & then showed her the result by having her look in my full length mirror I have in my living room!!

Jan loved the look, feel & swing of the cut & whilst she stated it was a tad on the the short side, she had enjoyed the experience of having her shortest ever Bob cut in by me & was thrilled to see how much hair had actually been cut off!!…she told me once over a glass of wine that almost everytime following her shearing sessions with me, she had to put a new pair of fresh underwear on as being shorn made her very wet & I am certain that following this session…she did exactly that!

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  1. Thank you Sam for the positive response to my first story. I have for quite a while been thinking of writing up some of the cuts I have given over the years & now I have been given an ancient iPad I am now in the process of writing & editing more & will upload them when finished!

    Are you a fellow stylist?

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