JD’s Haircut

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By the looks of the parking lot, every chair in the place must have a butt in it. With out hast, JD causally walked across the parking lot. About 30 percent of the customer that went to the nail salon where males, so JD didn’t stand out like a sore thumb. When JD began to walk across the street to the church barber shop, he noticed a potential problem.

When he got closer to the shop, he looked very close at it’s foundation. Earlier in the week, JD read an article in local paper about the barbershop. This article was about how the building was being vibrated to death.

Recently, the road in front of the shop was resurfaced. The road used to be just two lanes. Apparently, the rhythmic pounding and roaring of heavy equipment did $45,000.00 to $68,000.00 to the building. New Vine Ministries, the owner of the building, claimed that huge cracks developed in the basement walls due to the redevelopment of the road.

Other interesting claims where that wood work and stairs pulled away from the walls. There were also claims that the ceilings where now sagging, and many new cracks developed in their plaster walls. JD did see minor foundation cracks, but wasn’t scared to go in. As he reached for the door to go into the shop, he found it odd that they only talked about the barbershop in the article.

As JD was crossing the road, a guy in a older truck tonked at him.The truck was an older Chevy. JD took a brief stare at it, and the driver of the truck. JD did not think he knew the driver of the truck. JD feared that he was going to have an issue with this person, when he saw the driver pull into the much smaller barbershop parking lot.  Once the truck was parked, the driver quickly got out of the truck.

In an effort to avoid conflict, JD began waying in a different direction. When the driver of the 70s truck said “what do you think of her”. When JD heard that, he turned in the direction of the man’s voice. He quickly realized the man speaking to him was Vollies foster dad. With out hast, JD said did reconogize you with that shaved head.

When, Richard, vollies step dad started walking towards JD, he said “a few days ago, I was across the bridge taking care of some business”. When JD heard that, he said no good can come going across the bridge on business”. With out hast, both men laughted.Once Richard was done laughting,he said I’m walking out of my accountant office when I see a beautiful woman lighting a cigarette. She is about to sit down on a bench”.

Before Richard can tell JD any more of the story, JD said “what kind of cigarette was it”. Richard gave JD a confused look, and then JD said “was it king, 100, or 120”. In a kind of upset tone of voice, Richard said “it must have been atleast a 100, because I had time to get to my truck, check her out with my binoculars, and move the truck to a closer parking spot”.

When JD heard that he said “you give new meaning to the words, dirty old man”. Richard gave JD a friendly punch in shoulder, and then said “I could see her name tag said Vollie”. At this point, JD wanted to leave. However, he wanted to show Richard respect. Rather than walk away, JD said “Vollie is an uncommon name in America”.

Before JD could say anything esle, Richard said “I knew that was my in”. In an effort to end the conversation, JD said “haven’t you been married to April for like 40 years”. In stern tone of voice, Richard said “you got a lot of nerve calling the kettle black. Before JD could say anything, Richard out hast, JD said “I had his wonderful conversation all planned out in my head. I was going to let her know the meaning and origin of her name”. When Richard took more than brief pause, JD assumed that didnt happen. In an effort to break the silence, JD said “how much did get out before she shut you down”.

Richard laughted, and then said “she didnt shut me down”. Richard took a brief pause and then said “I said Vollie. When I was going to make eye to eye contact with her, I looked though the shop window”. Richard took another brief pause, and then said “I saw the biggest breasts I had ever seen inside the shop. I got distracted, and in my moment of distraction, she said our you my 2:00 shave. Off course, I said yes. Then she asked me to have a seat inside”. Richard took yet another brief pause, and then said “I tried not to stare at her perfect bob haircut as I made my way pass her to enter the shop”. With out hast, JD said “I bet she was real impressed with you. I bet she put that cigarette out and ran right in behind you into that shop”.

Richard hit his hand against the fender of the old truck, and then said “she went back to glazing at her phone. Then she put that cigarette to lips, and deeply inhaled”. At this point, JD was wondering how much of this he had to listen too. In an effort to change the subject, JD said “why dont you tell me about your truck”.

JD took a brief pause, and then said “you didnt have it the last time I saw you”. When Richard heard that he said “the plumbing still works. In theory, the story could have ended with me fucking the both of them in the break room if that barber shop”. There where a few moments of silence, and then Richard said “the cab corners, floors, and wheel well are all good”. As JD began to check out the body of the truck, he said “what did you have to give for it”. Richard laughted, and then said “I trade my lot at Haven for it”. When JD heard that, he said “the lot that is next to mine”.

When JD heard that, he became up set. The new owner may not get along JD and his family, was JD fear in the matter. In an effort to get under Robert’s skin, JD said “my 2,500 offer would have been”. JD took a brief pause, and then said “this is a nice truck for what it is, but it is a $1,000 truck”. At this point, Richard felt like he need to educate JD on how nice this truck truly was.  In an effort to educate JD, he said “square bodies aren’t a dime a dozen, anymore. They are very rare”.

With out hast, Richard said “open the hood”. After Richard said that, he quickly opened the drivers side door. Then he pulled the hood release handle. When JD opened the hood, he saw why  Richard thought this truck was worth something. As Richard walked up to JD, JD said ” I know you think this modern fuel injection engine adds value, but it doesn’t”.

Before Richard could say anything, JD said “My cousin got stopped by a trooper for not having his seat belt on properly. When the Trooper came back, he pulled my cousin out of the truck”. JD took a brief pause, and then said “his truck came from the factory with steel wheels. A previous owner put alinium wheels on it. The truck no longer matched the tag, so they took his truck”. JD took another brief pause, and then said “he got 27 months up state for alumiun wheels on his truck. I can only image how much time your going to get for having a non carbed motor in this thing”.

JD quickly walked away from Richard and his square body Chevy, he wondered if someone altered his truck before he got it. The only altering JD knew that was done to the truck with the rims. His 1993 Ranger had 1989 thru 1992 rims on it. The truck came with aliumun rims from the factory, and the rims that where on it where alimiun. As he reached for the door to the barbershop, he began to wonder if law enforvement had his truck.

As JD held the door for them,  Emily said “I’m sure I wouldn’t have that issue anymore in a few minutes”. Before Emily could say anything esle, officer Robinson said “this is your last chance. If i catch you sleeping under that bridge again, your going to jail”. After she that, she took another hit of her cigarette. Once she exhaled the hit of her cigarette, she tossed the burning cigarette in the street.

When officer Robinson caught emily staring a the still burning cigarette, she said “sorry, did you want the rest of that”. There where a few moments of silence, and then officer Robinson said “I’m done coming in my days off to talk to other officers in your behave”. Emily understood where officer Robinson was coming from. Officer Robinson had kept her butt out of jail more than a few times.

Once officer Robinson said that, Emily began walking into the door of the church’s barbershop. She wanted to turn and run, but she knew she need to focus on long term plan. Her boyfriend,  Jason, had recently got taken in on warranties. That was a sign in her mind, that she needed to end that chapter of her life.

Emily walked in nervously, as she didn’t knew what to expect. When Emily got into the barbershop, she remembered the smell of the place. This was not Emily first time in the shop. Neither of the barberettes where working on clients when we she walked in. Sue was reading a book, and Taylor was smoking a cigarette in her barber chair.

Sue looked up from her book, but didn’t say anything to Emily. When nTaylor realized that sue was not going to cut Emily’s hair, she put out her cigarette in the ash tray in arm of her barber chair. Once she did that, she said “I’ll take you down here, Emily”. With out hast, Emily began walking towards Taylor. Before Emily sat down in Taylor’s chair, they shared a hug.

As they shared a wonderful hug, Taylor could tell that Emily’s hair was very unkempt. When the hug ended, Emily quickly sat down in Taylor’s barber chair. Once Emily was sitting in the chair, Taylor said “I’ll take you after Emily, or Sue can do your hair for me. She turned the chair, so that Emily was facing the full length mirror and her vanity. When Emily was looking at herself in the mirror, JD said “I would like to use your car. I’ll pick you up at the end of your shift.As Emily was caped, Taylor said “I wish you would stay. I’m not sure how busy we will be at closing time. I know I’ll have time right after I’m done with Emily. Taylor took a brief pause, and then said “Kim isnt getting till 3:45”. When Becky heard that, she said “I’ll be leaving 3:30. Just in case she comes early”.

Taylor was about to clean her clippers, when Emily said “can you spare me a cigarette”. Taylor didnt think twice about giving Emily a cigarette. Taylor picked up her pack of cigarettes off the her vanity, and gave her Emily. When Emily had the cigarette between her teeth, Taylor lit it for her. After Emily exhaled the first hit of cigarette, she said “it has been so long since I had a cigarette”.

Before she took another hit, JD said “I don’t want to be in the same room with people that try to turn my friends against me”. With out hast, officer Robinson said “who here is trying to do that too you”. Once Emily said she took a hit of the cigarette, JD said “clearly, you all turned Brock and Little against me”. Emily was exhaling the hit from the cigarette, officer Robinson said “who are you referring to when you say you all”.

With out hast, Taylor said “he is upset, because his truck got stolen, earlier today”. Officer Robinson shook her head, and then said “do you think law enforcement stole your truck”. She took a brief pause, and then said “or our you implying that homeless people stole your truck”.

In a confused tone of voice, Emily said “I’m homeless by choice”. With out hast, Becky said “I’m sorry, did you just say you where homeless by choice”. Emily made eye to eye contact with Mia, and then said “yes, my boyfriend, Jason, and I where in the tent cities trying to educate the people”. As Emily ashed her cigarette into the ash tray in the arm of the barber chair, Becky said “what where you trying to teach them”. Emily gave Becky a dirt look, and then said “we where teaching them how to make medicine from plants and trees, how to properly filter water, how to safely store and collect water, and how to build long term shelters out of pallets and other discarded wood “.

Emily took another hit of the cigarette, as Becky said “that is very honorable of you to do that for these people”. With out hast, Emily said “thank you”. Before Emily could say anything esle, Becky said “do you own or lease the land that cities are built on”. Emily laughted, and then said “we can get a 14 day permit to camp in county owned woods for free”.  Before Emily could say anything esle, officer Robinson said “when they stay longer than 14 days in that spot, it becomes my job to move them out”.

Before Emily could say anything esle, Becky said “so that is how you know my daughter”. After Emily exhaled another hit, she said “yes, we were in same location for 86 days. When law enforcement showed up, I tried to speak to them on groups behave”. She took a brief pause, and the said “we over stayed our welcome a few more times, and then she introduced to JD”.

As Emily stubbed out her cigarette in the ash tray in the arm of the barber chair,officer Robinson said “Speaking of JD”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I want to hear more about why you think law enforcement took your truck”. With out hast, JD said “I have nothing to say with my lawyer present”. Officer Robinson laughted, and then said “I’m here talking to you as your sister in law of almost 16 years”.

After officer Robinson said that, Taylor said “it’s only 14 years”. Officer Robinson thought about it for a minute, and then said “that is right. Mom wouldn’t sign the concent form”. By this time, Emily already had her arm back under the Cape, when Taylor picked up the clippers, as Becky said “can you blame me”. The room went silent for a moment, and then the clippers came to life. As Taylor began to remove the rats nest that was Emily hair with trusted clippers, Becky said “he was on the run from law when we found she was pregnant”.

Taylor pushed down Emily head, and began running the clippers up Emily’s nape. As Taylor was clipping Emily’s nape, JD said “I didn’t even want to race the guy. It was your as daughter would pushed me to race him”. Emily’s hair wasn’t all that long. It reality, it looked like an overgrown pixie. After Taylor made a few passes on her nape, JD said “I fell like it was a law enforcement set up”. Emily knew nothing about that era of JD’s life, so she said “was it a set up”. With out hast, JD said “yep”. He took a brief pause, and then said “I did 16 months”. He took another brief pause, and then said “I’ll die before I go back”.

As Taylor continued to work on Emily’s hair,  officer Robinson said “the kids had off school, today. Topically, we see alot more breaks in and auto theft on days that kids have off school. That why summer time months are highest for theft and assult”. Officer Robinson took a brief pause, and then said “If you want to imply that law enforcement unlawfully took your truck, I have a right to defend the badge”. With out even thinking about it, JD said “my boy that I grew up with called me. He said he had some automotive parts I could use. I rolled up on the spot. As I’m looking at the parts, a black guy jump in my truck. We helped him out of the truck, and then took him for medical care”. Before JD could say anything esle, Emily said “the forest is great place to find medicine”.

At this point, Taylor had no idea what to say. There where a few moments of silence after that was, and then JD said “that was my thought on the matter, too”. As Taylor moved to the left side of Emily’s head with the clippers, JD said “left his ass by a ton of cat tails growing in the water”.  By this time,  the clipper removing the bulk of Emily’s hair.

Emily laughted, and then said “they are good for cover open wounds”. Before Emily could say anything esle, officer Robinson said “JD, how comfortable did you being in that area”. Before JD could respond, she said “what are the chances that you just turned off the truck, and then left the keys in the ignition”. There where a few moments of silence, and then officer Robinson said “I think as you and your boys where hauling the first guy, another one of the guys in his crew took your truck”. Most of the people in barbershop though that sound reasonable. As Becky was about to say something, officer Robinson said “teens walk around in cows of 3 or 4, and try to find unlocked cars and trucks to steal stuff out of. Sometimes, they luck and find key or running vehicle”.

Once officer Robinson got all that out, she sat  down in waiting chair. Once she was seated, she lit a cigarette. After she exhaled the first hit of cigarette, she said “you should be ashamed and embarrassed that you suggested this was set up by law enforcement”. She took a brief pause, and then said “we don’t play games. If we thought you had something non conforming, we would just take”. Once she said that, she took another hit of her cigarette.

At this point, Taylor was almost done with the left side of Emily’s head. After officer Robinson exhaled the hit, Becky said “I believe your right, JD. I know cops lie”. Becky took a brief pause, and then said “come sit by me”. JD had been standing the whole time, that was in barbershop. Once JD sat down in Becky’s chair, officer Robinson said “I’m going to be a good sister in law, and look into this matter for you”. Right after she said that, she got up from the waiting room chair, and walked out of the barbershop.

Once officer Robinson was gone, Becky quickly threw a blue Cape over JD. As she did this, she said “you look like you could use a cigarette”. Right after she said, she picked up her pack. She put it to where JD could easily pull one out. Once he had it out, Becky flipped the pack closed. After she closed the pack, she tossed the pack on her vanity. Just before he the pack hit the vanity, he put the cigarette up to this lips. When Becky saw him do that, she said “just relax, honey”.

As she lit JD cigarette, she said “the mean cop is gone”. Becky was not in any hurry to get JD out of her chair. As she began to massage his neck, she said “JD knows flat tops are my specialty”. She took a brief pause, and then said “I love to do horse shoes on sexy young men”. JD knew what a horse shoe flat top. Apparently, Emily didn’t,  because she said “what is a horse shoe”. At this point, JD massage was over. Becky was currently oiling her clippers. She figured she would need them for whatever haircut she did on JD.  JD was going to explain to Emily what a horse shoe flat top was, when Becky said “it’s a style of flat top where the front and sides form a horse shoe”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “the lower sides and back are taken to the skin”. Taylor was in the process of finishing up Emily, when Becky said that to her.With out hast, emily said “Okay”.By the time, Taylor was pulling the cape off her. chair, she said “maybe, I could try that next time”. This visit to the barbershop, emily got a no guard clipper cut over her whole head. As Emily got out of Taylor’s barber chair, she said “if Rachel says it is alright,  I could give you that cut”.

Before JD could add his two cents on the matter, Becky said “Emily, you realize everything but the shoe part is gone”. Emily slowly nodded in Becky’s direction. With out hast, Becky said “okay”. When Emily made her way to the door, she said “atleast, I would be leaving with a shoe”.  Everyone in barbershop knew that Emily was officer Robinson girl on the side. Rachel was married to man. However, she liked to have fun with ladies, as well. They though Rachel treated Emily very good, but clearly that must not have been the case. Taylor was much different than her sister.

JD was going to agree to get a horse shoe flat top instead of a regular flat top to keep the piece. At this point, JD was willing to sacrifice his hair to keep Becky happy. As Becky turned on the clippers, she said “are you ready to loss this mop”. Feeling like he had no other option, he nodded. Before the clippers made contact with his hair, Taylor said “if you want a regular flat top, mom will do that. If she is not intersted in doing that, I take care of you over here”. JD though about it for a second, and then said “it’s fine. Sit down and rest up for your next client”. with out hast, Becky placed the clippers at the top of JD’s head. JD was not facing the mirror, so he couldn’t see anything other that was going on. JD was concerned about how it was going to look, as Becky continued to make passes from front to back. However, it made him happy to see sitting down in her chair smoking a cigarette.

Taylor was clearly enjoying seeing JD hair get reduced to almost nothing. The only thing that would make this experience better for Vollie was if she had a glass of vine. When Becky stopped running the clippers for the first time, the sides were just white scalp.

At this point, JD basically only had 3″ of hair remaining, and it was only in the area referred to as the shoe. When Becky hung the clippers up, she said “what do you think so, Tales”. When Taylor didn’t immediately respond, Becky said “it’s going to look so much better, once it blended”. When Taylor heard that, she decided to reserve her thought on this until the end of the haircut. As Taylor decided to reserve her comments for the end, Becky began putting gel in JD’s remaining hair.

Once the gel was in JD’s hair, Becky began brushing it with black brush. She needed all his remaining hairs to be standing up stand, in order to finish the haircut. Once all the hairs where standing straight up, she said “alright”.she took a brief pause, and then said “How did your out of town race go”. With out hast, JD said “The car we took didn’t do very well”.

This caught Becky completely off guard, as JD’s cars normally won races. Before Becky could comment, Taylor said “The car only ran 198.7 scale miles per hour”. By this point, Becky was using a different clippers on JD’s head. The brush she had been using on JD’s head was put back on the counter. She was now using a black comb. As Becky continued to work on the top of JD’s head, she said “That seems real low for any of your cars”.

At this point, JD felt like he needed to say something. Before Becky could say anything more about the topic, he said “They were racing the cars on wood track. The one the church has is aluminum track”. Becky had no idea that made such as a huge difference, so she said “you learn something new everyday, at this job”.

When JD heard Becky say this, he though he would offer a few pieces from information on “Pallet Wood Racing” event. In an effort to educate her about the event, he said “the numbers shown on the screen where the numbers they recorded”. With out hast, JD said “They claimed the woman doing the recording made some mistakes”. When Becky heard that, she though why don’t they just re – run the event.

Before Becky could say anything about her current though, JD said “When they were pressed”. He took a brief pause, and then said “They said the numbers were wrong, but they gave out a speed trophy, anyway”. As Becky moved onto blending the sides, she said “They should just do the event over”. When JD heard this, he said “They claimed they would, but there track got stolen”.

As Becky continued to work on blending the sides in, she wondered who would steal a wood track. With out even thinking about it, Becky said “how much is a wood track with timers worth”. By this time, JD’s hair was only one inch tall at it’s long point. Becky was almost done with JD’s hair, at this point in time. As she began to blend the other side of this head, Taylor said “Their whole set up was worth maybe $400”.

Becky continued to use the clippers, as she said “Are they going to build a new one”. She took a brief pause, and then said “It cost like a $150 to build one of those tracks, right”. She remember her ex – husband who was apart of their faith, build one for testing his cars. JD was feeling like he needed to say something, so he said “The timers are what costs money”.

By the time JD got that out, the haircut was done. It took Becky very little time to blend in JD’s remaining hair. As Becky turned the chair, she said “Just be glad you didn’t come in dead last”.

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