Jealous friends

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Lexie, a vibrant young woman in her late twenties, lived a life adorned with the richness of her beautiful, waist-length, brown hair. So thick, you couldn’t wrap your whole hand around the base of her ponytail. Her days were entwined with the loving ritual of brushing out the thick silky waves that cascaded down her back. Her golden brown mane was incredibly thick, all the way down to the blunt cut ends that draped over her derrière and then curled up a few inches. The love she held for her long tresses was profound. It was her best feature and crowning glory. She often received compliments from everyone she passed.

Lexie’s friends, Rachel, Lily, and Mia, had always admired her luscious locks, secretly harboring an escalating twinge of envy. Their own hair nowhere near as long or as thick or as healthy. They often playfully teased her about her long locks, suggesting she should consider a short haircut to transform her look. They tell her that her long hair is outdated and that she would look so cute with something shorter. They secretly thought her hair was much too long and has been for a while. They were jealous of it and couldn’t stand seeing Lexie’s long hair being brushed out, spilling down her back every time they hung out. However, for Lexie, the mere thought of parting with her cherished hair sent shivers down her spine. She always awkwardly laughed off their consistent suggestions.

One Friday night as the sun dipped below the horizon, Lexie found herself invited to Rachel’s house for a girls’ night sleepover. All the girls would be there. Little did she know, her friends had hatched a plan, fueled by their longstanding desire to see Lexie with a different, shorter hairstyle. They made a plan all together, weeks in preparation. The plan was to get Lexie a bit tipsy and play a game of truth or dare. Little did Lexie know what was in store for her.

Amid the laughter and warmth of the girls’ night, the air was charged with a subtle anticipation. As Lexie sipped her wine, Rachel, with a sly smile, proposed the game of truth or dare. The game started, and typical and basic dares were said, and surface-level truths were told. As Lexie drew her card, she cautiously read out “dare.” Rachel’s mischievous gaze locked onto her long, beautiful hair. “I dare you to let us give you a haircut, Lexie,” Rachel declared, her tone dripping with playful intent. Lexie’s eyes widened in terror at the audacity of the dare. “Just a small trim,” said Rachel. The room fell silent for a moment, her friends waiting for her reaction. Swallowing nervously, Lexie hesitated, then said she wants to switch to truth. Rachel remains firm that she has to choose dare, and that she was going to get a haircut whether she liked it or not. “Your ends look a bit thin and dead anyways,” said Rachel, knowing full well the end of Lexie’s hair were thicker and healthier than all of her own. Lexie, stumbled to get up from the couch when she was suddenly swarmed by her friends. They grabbed her long hair and started to drag her by her hair across the room. As they led Lexie to a chair in the middle of the room, she pleaded, “No, please, don’t give me a haircut. I’ve been growing my hair for years! Guys cmon! This is too far! I love my hair the way it is.” The girls, however, insisted she needed a good chop and have been dreaming of this day for so long. With a mix of terror and fear, Lexie could only watch as Rachel and the girls began to tie her down to the chair. Lexie struggled but it was no use. There were too many of them. Before long she was immobilized in the chair, bound tightly and with a cape thrown over her. Rachel walked around to the front of the chair and began to snip the scissors in the air menacingly. Lexie’s thick caramel mane contrasting against the bright sheet. It almost touched the ground when she was sitting in the chair. Despite Lexie’s protests, the friends playfully teased, “You’re going to look adorable, Lexie! Trust us!” All of them laughing to each other. The girls started to brush out Lexie’s long mane which only made them more jealous of it and excited to finally see it be chopped off. Again and again, Rachel ran the brush from Lexie’s forehead all the way down the crown and down the back through the thick ends of Lexie’s hair. Her hair shone so magnificently it was driving the girls mad with excitement and joy. Lexie started to cry realizing there was no way out for her. Her precious locks she’s loved and cared for for years about to be sheared off by her jealous, scissor-happy friends. Rachel walked behind Lexie, clicking the scissors and admiring Lexie’s mane one last time. This was truly an incredible moment she has been waiting for. The girls brushed Lexie’s thick hair over the front of her face and over her eyes. The ends reaching into Lexie’s lap. She is unable to see due to how thick her hair is. Rachel announced to the girls around her, “it’s time to shear this mane of hers!” Finally, she took the scissors and snipped through Lexie’s thick hair veil of hair in front of her face creating very short bangs, each strand falling to the floor like a small piece of her identity. As the cutting continued, the once long, flowing waves were replaced by short, thick bangs, cut to an inch above her eyebrows. Snip, snip, snip, hair continued to rain down over Lexie’s eyes and into her lap providing her with more and more visibility with each snip. Soon a pile of hair had gathered on her lap. Lexie, overwhelmed with emotion, felt the weight of the transformation as the girls played with the freshly cut locks. The room exploded with excitement, and the girls, inspired by their plan taking effect, encircled her, roughly gathering her luscious chestnut-brown locks into a voluminous ponytail. The strands, thick as a bundle of silky autumn vines, resisted the initial attempts to be tamed by the hair tie. After a couple of tries, they successfully got the elastic around the base of her massive mane, creating a substantial bundle that cascaded down her back and almost to the floor. As the moment of the main (mane) event approached, a hush fell over the group of girls. The scissors glinted in the light, held with both anticipation and a hunger for more. Lexie could feel the weight of her hair hanging heavily, a tangible connection to her years of maintaining her luscious locks. “I want her whole ponytail.” Said Rachel. With a deep breath, the first cut was initiated. The blades started to snip through the dense mass, sending a cascade of liberated strands falling around Lexie’s chin. Each cut brought a rush of emotions – the loss of her head-turning crowning glory. this was Lexie’s worst nightmare coming true. Rachel and the girls couldn’t be more happy finally shearing Lexie of her beloved mane. Time seemed to slow as the scissors traversed through the thickness, the audible snips resonating with the significance of the moment. The girls exchanged glances, sharing unspoken happiness for Lexie’s haircut. Finally, after a few minutes hacking at the base of the ponytail, Rachel finished sawing through the incredible hair. With the last snip of the ponytail, Lexie’s head shot forward from the release of tension, and the now severed ponytail rested in Rachel’s hand, which she held up as a trophy as she screamed in excitement. The cut mane must have been 3 feet long and 4 inches thick in diameter all the way down to the ends. This may have been the most impressive ponytail to ever be sheared off.

Lexie is now crying her eyes out as the girls take turns passing around the ponytail, stroking it and running their fingers through it in amazement. Some of the girls hold it up to their own heads, imagining what they’d look like with hair that long, thick, and healthy. One of the girls suggests making extensions out of Lexie’s hair! The girls laughed and agreed, saying there was definitely enough hair for many of them to get their dream locks! They waved the cut tail in Lexie’s face, brushing the freshly cut base of the ponytail against Lexie’s face, wiping up the tears that are now flooding out of her eyes. “How could you guys?!” Lexie manages to yell through her crying. “Oh, we’re not done yet, just you wait.” Rachel says in return. Another girl devilishly says, “Yeah! Not only will you not have long hair again for a very long time, Lexie, but we’re going to make sure you won’t be able to put it in any kind of ponytail for a while too.” With that, a girl returns with a set of clippers. Lexie’s eyes widened, and her mouth hit the floor when she saw them. Suddenly Lexie’s head was forced down, and Rachel brought the clippers to life!

Before Lexie could process what was happening next, she could feel the mowing of the clippers as they were run up her nape all the way to her crown. Thick swaths of 10-inch long hair started raining down the cape, creating a pile of warm brown locks on the floor around Lexie’s feet. Lexie screamed as the shearing continued, with Rachel and the girls savoring every second of this forced haircut. They all had big smiles across their faces as the hair continued to be buzzed all around the back of Lexie’s head. A huge pile of hair was now in a pile at the base of the chair. Lexie couldn’t believe how much hair it was. When the clippers turned off, Lexie was left with a ragged pixie cut, shorn on the sides and back. Only a few inches of hair were left on top of Lexie’s head. “She looks like a boy!” One of the girls yelled while laughing. The other girls burst out laughing too, picking up the cut hair on the ground and playing with it in front of Lexie. Lexie couldn’t believe what had just happened. Her once-in-a-lifetime mane that reached her butt just earlier this evening had now been stripped from her. She knew she looked hideous. Her best feature was taken from her by her best friends. “We’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Said Rachel. “We couldn’t stand seeing that hair of yours swish against your ass one more time!! It was too long and it had to go.” Another girl piped in. They all took turns ruffling their hands through Lexie’s now extremely short hair as she sat tied to the chair defeated. “This will be a night we will never forget.” Said one of the smirking girls that had been holding a video camera this entire time. “We’ll be able to relive this moment for years to come.” She said again with a proud smile.

The girls eventually untied Lexie and kicked her out of the house, keeping Lexie’s long, soft ponytail as a trophy. Lexie sped home dazed and in complete shock, hoping this was just a bad dream that she would eventually wake up from.

Lexie continued to live her life, now as a short hair girl. Every morning she cried as she woke up knowing it would take many years for her hair to be as glorious as it once was. She was no longer the girl with the incredible Rapunzel mane. She now looked like a boy with her short pixie and bangs.

A month passed, and Lexie was running her normal Saturday errands when she passed a group of girls walking in her direction on the opposite side of the street. She didn’t think she recognized them, but they looked wildly familiar. That’s when she realized the group of girls was her old friends, the ones who left her looking like this. Something was different about them all, though. All their hair was now down to their butts in the same golden shade of brown that was once Lexie’s long, luscious hair.

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