Jealous Sister

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I looked around, my mother was walking right beside me, my older sister was behind us looking nervous it was hot being the middle of the summer in Southern California.

I saw a barber shop in front of us. What were we doing at a barbershop my dad only came here.

We walked in side. The AC felt so nice on my face. “Hi we need a haircut” my mother said to a man

“I don’t do women” he responded

“I think you can do want we want”

”alright sit down, Alex, Tristan we got customers” Two boys came from the back both wearing aprons

We sat down, my sister looked like she was on the verge of tears.

”so what would you like” the older barber asked

“The heat is to much we would like buzz cuts”

”mom….” My sister started to protest

“alright coming right up you heard em boys”

Wait what were we doing, a buzz cut I loved my hair so did my sister and my mother

I felt my hair gathered in a ponytail then heard a snipping noise and my head felt immediately lighter.

I couldn’t see my self my I could feel the hair tickling my neck then I heard a pop and a whir as cold metal touched my forehead and pulled down to the back of my head this motion was repeated till I was spun around my mouth dropped in shock I was bald…….



I bolted up in bed and my hands flew to my head I took a sigh of relief my long hair was still tied safe in a bun on top of my head.

It was a dream thank god but it felt so real.

All the girls in my family had long hair my moms being the longest. I wasn’t much of a looker thanks to getting my fathers large forehead but my sister and mother were both gorgeous my sister being the “popular” girl at our school and my mom being an ex model. They both had sandy blond hair my sisters reaching her behind and my mother’s reaching her calves, they both had sky blue eyes and flawless skin and a skinny body. While I had strawberry blond hair reaching my bra strap, hazel eyes pimply skin and a chubby body.

But thanks to our mom we prided ourselves on our long hair often getting compliments on it sadly my sister more then me.

Maybe I should go check if it was just a dream I hopped out of my bed and went to my moms room to see if her hair was still their.

I quietly opened the door and saw my mom with her face turned toward me I went to the floor before I realized she was asleep her hair  flowing down her like a blanket I went to the other side of the bed and looked at it.

Wow it was beautiful I picked up a lock and twirled it around my hand feeling how soft it was I smelled it, lavender. I rubbed it on my face.

I walked over to her bathroom, she never let us come in to it but I was never sure why. I stepped in and closed the door behind me and turned on the light. The first thing that caught my eye was the first sink, inside of it was at least 2 inch strands of long dark blond hair and beside it was a pair of silver scissors

So that’s how she kept her hair trimmed, she never cut her hair when we went to the salon. On the counter we’re an assortment of hair care products like brushes, detangling spray, a bowl of rice water, a curling iron.

I looked under the sink in the cabinet the one on the right had skin care products. The one to the left had box dyes I knew she was going gray but why use box dyes instead of going to the salon and dyeing it.

I looked in the shower and just like the bathroom me and my sister shared the walls were covered in hair my sister shed a lot and apparently so did my mom.

I turned back around and the glint of the scissors caught my eye, an idea popped into my head. No I couldn’t she would kill me. But would she notice if I took one lock. I picked them up, turned off the light then opened and closed the door.

I walked back to my previous spot and picked her hair up and put the scissors in between the lock towards her scalp. Then a loud thunder clap banged outside the window I jumped also closing the scissors.

My eyes widened seeing the lock detached from her head now sliding towards the floor I picked it up. I looked where it had been cut and it was super obvious a large tuft of brown hair spouting from the crown of her head I covered it with more hair and that did the trick it would be hard to notice but knowing my mom she would find it.

I knew the dream had been fake but just to check I pocketed the scissors and my moms hair and left.

I entered my sister room which was substantially larger then mine being the favorite child by my mother. This thought immediately angered me I walked over to her bed were she was sleeping peacefully how could she look good in her sleep as well it wasn’t fair her hair was down spread down like a blanket just like my mothers.

Seeing her I thought about the times when I had been caught gazing longingly at her as she brushed her hair as she laughed at me telling me that if I took care of my own hair better it would look like this.

Or when I was eating a slice of chocolate cake and her saying that’s why I was so chubby she meant good fun by it but it hurt a lot.

I took a piece of hair not hesitating and sliced it off at her scalp.

I remembered when the other popular girls, her friends, were pushing me around and my sister walked past with her boyfriend and she looked at me and all she did was bite her lip and keep walking.

I cut two more off feeling better

It wasn’t fair, she was perfect. Moms favorite, had a beautiful singing voice, flawless features, had a boyfriend that was captain of the swim team, and most importantly had gorgeous hair that everyone loved and admired and complimented and asked to touch, it wasn’t fair.

I started hacking away any piece of hair the blades touched I cut. I cut and I cut then their was only fluff.

”good luck keeping that boyfriend for any longer bitch” I whispered under my breath I took a few locks of hair for myself and left.

I hid the hair and as I settled in my bed. I realized something I would have to cut my own hair too. They would blame it on me if I was the only one with uncut hair.

I knew my hair wasn’t much but I did like it. But I lead my self to this, I took a large chuck from the right side of my head and cut till the whole right side was fluff.

Shoot I need to put back the scissors I sat back up and went back to my moms room. I walked back in and saw some pictures of when she modeled her hair trailing all the way to the floor. She looked almost exactly like my sister but a lot prettier. She blamed me for having to cut her hair to her mid back when she was 27 because apparently having me hadn’t left a lot of room for her hair and the ends started to die. That was the last time she went to a salon apparently. I went back over and uncovered the spot I had cut and cut another strand I pocketed it and covered it back up  and put the scissors back and went to sleep.

I jolted back awake as a loud scream pierced through the house coming from my sisters room.

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