Jennifer’s Surprise Salon Cut

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Jennifer – a girlfriend of mine during my mid 20s had an amazing head of hair.  Beautiful face – but it was the head of hair that reeled me in.

She would routinely turn heads, get stopped while we were out by other women and men’s necks would nearly snap to get a glimpse.

A light brunette that had an amazing natural shine and the most beautiful natural curl.  The perfect amount of curl.  Not too much but just enough to be the envy of other girls who had to use all sorts of tools to achieve such a look – yet hers was authentic.  A slight curl from root to end throughout.  Always used an Aveda curl enhancer that smelled amazing and was such a turn on.

Since we met – I began taking her with me to my salon.  As a fetishist – it was my way to slowly gain control of her head of hair.

The routine for me was always to go first in the chair with my female stylist.  I could then drive the conversation to my girlfriends cut and blowout and strongly ‘suggest’ how I’d like it to be cut and styled.

At first it was simply blowing the hair straight after a trim – which she was not accustom to -but oh my – what a finish and change to the curly look.  She liked it so much straight – this became her everyday look and the curly look was just for special occasions.  Which was fine by me – because I was honestly tired of fighting off the men – who would stop and awkwardly stare at her head full of silky curls.

Next it was adding some highlights.  My thing as a fetishist – is not a particular look – although I’m a sucker for sleek bobs – but rather change.  I love change.

Hate getting associated with the same hair fetish folks that want to shave heads bald – take women to barbershops – how is this attractive to a hetero male?!?!

I love a girl with a beautiful head of hair – in the salon – getting pampered by a beautiful female stylist- and getting a change.  A lot, a little, but a change.

So now she was used to going with highlights – nothing wild – but lightening up in the summer – some warmer subtle lowlights in the winter.

Soon though – I wanted her hair shorter.  It would drive me wild to see this girl who always had hair below the bra strap – get a few inches cut off – and to see her mind going through stress as she stared in the mirror – thinking ‘oh my god – what is she doing?  That’s too much’.
I love the surprise cut.  Love when the stylist indulges and the panicked client is seemingly strapped in under the cape – not willing to speak out – but clearly concerned.

I’m a sucker for a below the shoulder length bob – so getting anywhere close drives me wild.
The problem is Jennifer didn’t want to take more than an inch off with each sitting.
Seeing that I had short hair and she loved coming with me to the salon – I would schedule my appointments closer to together – from 6 weeks to 4 weeks to every 3 weeks – to try and sneak a shorter look – by having more cut than could grow back.

It was of little help though.  She still had long hair.  It was shorter than when we first met – but still below the shoulder.

She became comfortable with my stylist – a little too comfortable.  I no longer had control.  My stylist knew exactly what Jennifer wanted each time she sat down.  Jennifer would repeat the same line over and over ‘Just a trim – just get rid of the dead ends’.
I became bored and my love of hair and change was taking a beating.
So I decided to switch up salons. I needed to get control back.  I had a plan!
Called a salon that I always wanted to bring my girlfriend to.  A high end, modern, progressive salon.

When I booked the appointment – I asked specifically for a stylist who specialized and loved cutting short hair.  I was referred to Lisa. “She loves clients who want to go and the clients always love the result’.  Wow – this was my girl.

“Do you want me to book Jennifer with Lisa and you with a different stylist – so you’re not waiting around for your girlfriend to finish?”  Haha- that would make sense – but not if you loved watching your girlfriend get cut and not if you wanted to tell the stylist a little about your girlfriend first.  “No… book us with back to back appointments with Lisa and I’ll go first”.  “Great – you’re all booked for this Wednesday – your Lisa’s last two appointments of the day”.

So Jennifer as always – loves to be pampered and was a little surprised that I wanted to try a new salon – but excited to see a new salon and see different products they offered.  She also loved showing off her hair to anyone who hasn’t seen it before.  Stylists loved styling her hair.  She has the head of hair that would make even a hack stylist look great.

So Wednesday comes – we enter the salon – we both take a seat and then I’m called to get cut first.

After my shampoo, I sit down with Lisa – we make small talk over my cut and she gets started.
After a few minutes -I mention ‘You’re cutting my girlfriends hair next’.  She says ‘Oh yeah – who’s your girlfriend?’.  So I motion to the girl with the amazing head of long hair standing up at the shelves of product – reading labels and perusing the salons retail styling products.

“Oh wow… that’s your girlfriend?”
“It is”
“She’s got some head of hair… gorgeous”.
So I said ‘Funny thing…this is our third salon in the last three months….’
Lisa says ‘Oh really? Why?’

“She’s anxious for a change Lisa …but every time she gets in the chair after shampoo and the stylist says ‘So what are we doing today’… she reluctantly says ‘Just give me a trim – take off the dead ends’…. But she really is hoping for a stylist to just take control and give her a new look’.

“So why doesn’t she ask for that” Lisa says.

I reply ‘She’s dying for a new look – but at the same time she’s nervous of being hacked short’.
So I continue with ‘One time we were on vacation in Florida several years ago – we sat down in a new salon for a cut and she says ‘Give me a trim – just get rid of the dead ends’ and the stylist replies with ‘Honey – you didn’t come in on your vacation to a salon you’ve never been to – for a trim… do you trust me?’ and Jennifer said ‘Sure I guess’… and this stylist proceeded to turn her around the chair away from the mirror – tilt her had forward and cut about 10 inches of hair right off at the bottom of the neck. He finished with a super sleek – just under the chin graduated bob’.  And then you think he was done … he grabbed some color prepared for another client in the salon – and proceeded to highlight her rich brunette a very classy warm blond – but just around her face.  He finished by blowing her out and giving her neckline a slight buzz and it was the first time she ever had clippers come anywhere near her’.
Well she was beside herself with this cut – didn’t know if she was going to cry tears of joy or sadness – but in the end – was just thrilled that someone ‘took control’.
Lisa – said ‘Wow – that’s amazing ….and she would probably love it if that stylist lived around here’.  I said ‘Yes, but unfortunately this was a once in a lifetime cut and moment while on vacation’.
I said ‘So Lisa – it’s my third salon in three months – when she sits down in the chair and says ‘Just give me a trim – just get rid of the dead ends’…. Take control…. She wants it.’
I said ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen …she doesn’t come back?  At least give it a whirl and hope you have a client for life’.
Lisa said ‘So what do you think?  I’d hate to simply chop ten inches off to a shoulder length bob when she asks for a trim’.
“I get it” I said – ‘but I promise you she’d love it…. Take control… don’t tell her what you’re doing.’
‘And again – what the worst thing that could happen?”
She said ‘Alright – sounds good – I’ve heard of a few clients bouncing from chair to chair and I hate when they do that to stylists – so I’ll channel my inner anger that she is a chair jumper – while also pushing one of my favorite cuts on her’.
I said ‘Sounds good and spin her around the chair so she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on…..and oh yeah ….did I tell you she likes bangs?’
Lisa finishes up my cut and in terms of a men’s cut – she did a really nice job – a very modern cut that had a bit of both a barbered look and longer – more modern look too’.  Jennifer was super impressed with my cut and as we passed in the salon and exchanged a kiss she said ‘ You look hot – best haircut you’ve had in forever – looking forward to mine’.
As I always do – instead of going back to the waiting area – I ask the stylist if I could sit in the chair next to her as my girlfriend is cut.  I’ve got a paper in my hand and pretend to be involved with reading while I’m bursting with excitement as to what could happen next.
After shampoo – Jennifer gets in the chair – Lisa introduces herself – compliments her head of hair and begins the comb out.  It takes a few minutes as Jennifer has a lot of hair.
Lisa finally says ‘So what are we doing today?’
And just like I suggested Jennifer replies with ‘Just trim it up – get rid of the dead ends’.
Lisa immediately looks at me and we lock eyes and she smiles and winks at me.
My story to Lisa – just gained a lot of credibility as Jennifer repeated those words I said she would verbatum.
Lisa then says ‘I’m going to take a little more off to really get your hair healthy’.
Jennifer pauses and I could see her thinking about what she just heard but almost without thinking she said ‘Sounds good’.

Oh baby …it’s on.

Lisa then turns Jennifer’s chair away from the mirror and I’m in a perfect position to leer at the cutting that will happen while Jennifer is both faced away from the mirror and away from me as well.

As if on cue – my girlfriend even had picked up a short hair magazine from the waiting area and had it on her lap and was browsing through it.  Lisa noticed this and probably thought to herself – the boyfriend is right – look at her – she’s dying to go short – but is just to afraid to ask for it directly.

Lisa spent the first ten minutes dutifully sectioning off Jennifer’s entire head. Front to back and on each side.  About 16 sections in total.  Not a single hair was not sectioned tight against her head.
She released one of the lower most sections and about 14 inches of hair dropped down.  Then came the first snip on the lowest section along the nape.   To my surprise – she only snipped off about three inches straight across.

Ugh I thought – what the heck…… but after snipping this three inch section – she grabbed the cut hair and kind of threw it on Jennifer’s lap and Jennifer noticed and said ‘Oh that’s not bad – I’m sure my hair needed that’ to which Lisa replied ‘Im going to take it shorter as you have a lot of dead ends …are you using any product when you blow dry?’
Jennifer says ‘No …I’ve been blow drying my hair straight for the past year every day and I know I should be using a heat protectant but haven’t been’.
Lisa says ‘No worries – we’ll get it healthy’.
She then looks at me and pulls that lowest nape section straight out at a 90 degree angle and cuts more than 8 additional inches off.
What proceeded was the greatest 30 minutes of my hair fetish life – watching her sheer this girl from bra strap to just skimming the shoulder wet.
I knew what this meant …. When dry it would clear the shoulders.
Every snip was pure joy…. And the hair just piled up evenly around the hair in a perfect semi circle.
All the while – Jennifer was buried in this short hair magazine – even thumbing a page down of a beautiful graduated bob with buzzed neckline.
As she finished the wet cut – I myself started to panic as to what Jennifer’s reaction would be.
She grabbed the blow drier – and I hear Jennifer laugh that her head felt so much lighter – half joking – having no idea that she just went from mid back – girl next door – to a very edgy above the shoulder, modern graduated bob.
At one point – I saw Jennifer look over and see a pile of brunette hair on the floor and she picked up her head – almost in thought as if ‘is that mine’.
Lisa proceeded with the round brush – executing a perfectly shaped graduated bob.
Now the dry finish.
With thinning sheers in hand, she pushed Jennifer’s head forward and undercut the base of the nape going scissor over comb.
Cleaning up the lines – it was time for the big reveal.
Lord help me – how is Jennifer going to react.  I braced for a freakout.

Spun her around in the chair just as Jennifer was folding over her magazing – her jaw literally dropped.

‘OH MY GOD – where is my hair – what did you do?’
Lisa I think expected the reaction to some degree and replied with ‘We needed to cut a lot off – so I ‘took control’ and gave you a dream look you’d never ask for but I could tell – especially how you looked through that magazine – this is what you’ve always wanted’
Jennifer still panicking said ‘I’m just looking…. LOOKING!…. I wanted a trim – maybe a few inches’.
Lisa now a little annoyed looked over at me and I said ‘It’s a hot cut honey – you look amazing’.
Jennifer says ‘I get it – it is a hot cut – just not what I wanted today’.
Lisa said ‘I’m not finished yet… ‘  then proceeded to plug in the micro clippers and literally push Jennifer’s head forward…. Almost in anger.
A straight comb in hand – she went back and forth up the base of the neck – completing the most perfect graduation.
At this point, Jennifer in shock is just mush in the chair.  Trying to come to terms with her surprising new look – not sure weather to call the police or hug Lisa for this amazing look.
Lisa then mutters almost to herself and barely audible ‘I heard you love bangs’ and while Jennifer is staring straight in the mirror …. She picked up a length of hair from eyebrow to eyebrow and snipped it down to just a few inches so it sat just above her eyebrows.
Wow …not just bangs but micro bangs….
Lisa was really going for broke.  This was a statement cut like none other.
I thought Jennifer just was transformed from the boring librarian with albeit gorgeous hair to a club loving movie star.
Off came the cape and Jennifer just sat there ….in disbelief….
I could barely stand I was so excited but proceed to walk over to the counter and checked Jennifer out.  $100 for the cut and I then I immediately handed Lisa another $100 and mouthed ‘Thank You!’.
Then headed to the bathroom in the salon to relieve myself.
Jennifer stared in the fold down mirror in the car and although uncomfortable as to what just happened – I was able to convince her – to go to dinner.
Three compliments from complete strangers including a super-hot hostess who said ‘I’d kill for that hair’…. She started to feel better.

Needless to say we had a great night the two of us. Somehow I got off Scott free as Jennifer was convinced that Lisa did this all on her own and that she herself was to blame for carrying the copy of the short hair magazine with her to the chair.

We never did go back to the salon and Jennifer grew her hair out.  Always afraid of getting chopped short against her will again – she always made sure the stylists knew a trim meant no more than a half an inch.

I grew bored and eventually left Jennifer.

We remain friends to this day – but she simply could not satisfy me any longer.

My next girlfriend was Tara.  Hair mid back and gorgeous.  A natural brunette who had icy blond highlights.  I was already planning our first salon visit in my head.

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  1. While I found this line to be wholly unnecessary:

    “Hate getting associated with the same hair fetish folks that want to shave heads bald – take women to barbershops – how is this attractive to a hetero male?!?!”

    I loved everything else about this story. From teh setup to the execution… just the kind of thing I love (though I was waiting for the second round of cutting to go beyond bangs and end up at a pixiecut). Great work, and I can’t wait to read what happened with Tara.

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