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This is a true story and happened 40 years ago and it is still one of the most memorable nights of my life.

Our family has really good friends with two daughters. One daughter has light brown hair and had a little longer than shoulder length bob. She was pretty, petite features like her mother. Then, there was Jenn. She was a spitfire and had all the credentials too prove it! She had long red hair done to the middle of her back, freckles and the bluest eyes anyone should have. She was well adorned, medium sized breasts and was just a gorgeous young lady. I had a very hard crush on Jenn. Not for her red hair, but just for her!

I called her to talk and she told me everyone was out for the evening and would I like to come over and watch a movie. I was on my way to her house before I hung up the phone. But little did we know that this evening was going to be more than just a movie and popcorn.

I arrived at Jenn’s house and she invited me in. I slipped off my shoes and went on in. I stopped at the kitchen and sat at the bar and asked what she wanted to watch. She chose some chick flick and I agreed. We made some popcorn in the microwave and I pulled two cans of soft drinks out of the fridge. We were all loaded up and headed toward the living room couch.

Jenn had pulled her hair up on top of her head and was wearing a head band to keep her hair up. We began the movie and were eating popcorn. I put my arm around her and she snuggled in to my side. I began to mess around with her top knot and was playing with it. She then just reached up and took it down and all that hair fell everywhere! Well, she said see what you made me do? She was messing with me and we then resumed watching the movie.

I asked her if her dad still had his clippers in the hallway closet? She looked at me and said yes. I asked Jenn if she would cut my hair after the movie was over. She turned off the TV and said, Movie is over!

We sat up and stood up and walked to the hallway closet and sure enough, on the top shelf was a box with the clippers and all the guards, scissors, comb and cape. Jenn pulled them down and said follow me. We went upstairs to their main bathroom. She went to her room and brought back with her a dressing table stool. Put it in the center of the bathroom and I sat down. ┬áJenn asked me how I wanted my hair cut and I told her I wanted a buzz, her choice of guards! She told me to take off my shirt so I dint get any hair on it. I did and she put the cape around me. She plugger the clippers in and asked me if I trusted her with these things? I said I am in your hands! She started by putting the 1/2″ guard on and fired them up. She meant business because the first pass was over the top of my head, after the second pass, she said nope, and took off the guard, and quickly followed over the top with no guard. This left me with an enormous erection and I was not able to do anything about it…..yet! She was finished and rubbed her hands over my freshly shorn head and said that she had wanted to do that for a long time!

She brushed the hair off my shoulders and took the cape off. I stood up and she noticed the rise in my jeans. I have a surprise for you, she said. Jenn sat down on the stool and said it was my turn to shave her ! She said she hated all of that hair and taking care of it was too hard and it had to go. So, I asked her to take her shirt off, and when she did, she had the most beautiful breast and pointy pink nipples that I have ever seen. She said for me to take my pants off and she took her shorts off. She had a very neatly trimmed red-fire bush that was already wet! She sat down on the stool and she did not want to cape. So, I flipped on the clippers and they popped alive with a low hum that was ready to devour 24 inches of red hair. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She had the softest, sweetest lips of any woman that I had ever kissed. She reached up and softly stroke on the flag pole that was at full attention. I rocked her head forward and slip the humming clippers up the nape of her neck. Twenty four inches of hair cascaded to the floor. Several more passes up the back and then cup around the ears. The mowing machine leaving a red stubble in its wake. After all of this was completed, I lifted her head and then proceeded to slide the clippers from her forehead to the back of her head. Yes, she had one very long orgasm and I could smell her aroma while finishing shaving the top of her head.

I was finished and brushed her long hair off her shoulders and rubbed her head with my hands. She leaned over and put me into her mouth and the electric sensation from that and the excitement of shaving Jenn’s long red hair, was more than I could hold back! I exploded into her mouth. Jenn stood up and spit the mouthful of cum into the toilet, wiped her lips on a towel and proceeded to give me one of the most soul-filled kisses I have ever had.

She led me from the bathroom to her bedroom where she told me to lay down. I did and at this point she straddled me and I licked her rock hard clit and fondled her erect nipples until she did the most wild thing that I have ever enjoyed….she squirted all over my face and after she had rolled off me, we both laughed and cuddled for a little while. We both had to take a shower and we did and we kissed, fondled and rubbed our heads until the water began to get cold.

We dressed and then cleaned up all the hair on the bathroom floor, put the clippers back in the box and returned them to the closet. I had to go and we kissed good night and I drove home thinking about what just happened.

A couple months later, Jenn knocked at my door one Saturday evening with a box in her hands and a smile on her face and asked me if the barber was open. Well, we all know the answer to that question and we all know what happened…all night.

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