Jenn’s 2 cuts in 2 days!

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This is an absolutely true account from today about a compliment I received on my haircut from 4 days ago. The compliment inspired me to share it in this story. I will keep the story brief, but it will show how just one person complimenting your haircut makes a difference.

Holly made a compliment on my haircut today. For a long time she cut my hair, up until 3 years ago, when she decided to make a job change. She has not cut it in 3 years. She left her rental booth at the salon to take a job at the local school system. During my last haircut before her leaving the salon, she asked me if she could trust her to cut my usual bobbed haircut into something just a bit shorter. I always wanted her to cut my hair shorter, I liked her a lot, we became friends, but I never got the nerve to ask her for a shorter cut. So, knowing she would not be cutting my hair again, I agreed and said yes.

For the first time in my life I had clippers used on my neck to cut my hair. Holly had buzzed up my nape only about an inch or so, but it felt incredible. I wished she was not going to another job, as I now trusted her to cut my hair with clippers, and the thought of having my neck clipper cut again turned me on. But she left the salon. Sherry, the actual owner of the salon that Holly rented a booth at started cutting my hair, but I always got nothing but trims from her, as I did not trust her to ask her to cut my hair short.

Anyway, about a year after Holly left to work at the school system, she applied for a job at the office where I work. She got a job as an administrative professional, at the front desk. She was always a very stylish woman, and I learned where the best place was to get my nails done, and I learned a lot about clothing fashion from her!

I had asked her if she still cut hair at all. She said that she has not since she left the salon 3 years ago. I wanted her to cut my hair again, like she had that final time she cut my hair and used clippers! But I kept going to Sherry. I didn’t dare ask Holly if she would make an exception and cut my hair.

So back to today’s compliment from her. Last week Holly only worked Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, I texted Sherry and asked if she could cut my hair. She said, ‘sure, come in at 830.” I know that you will not believe this to be a true story, but it is. I asked Sherry to cut my hair a bit shorter, showing her a picture of a cut where my nape was clipper cut up about an inch, about like Holly had cut it 3 years ago during my only haircut with clippers.

She cut it just as the picture showed. I was very pleased. She used the clippers for the second time in my life to get a haircut with clippers. It felt nice! I kept feeling my neck.

Thursday morning last week, after I’d had my haircut at 830, I went to work and nobody commented on my haircut at all! I began to think, on no, nobody likes it. Do they even notice it? I thought to myself. I was very disappointed that nobody gave me a compliment. I began to think that it was not so evident that I’d even had it cut, as only the back had been cut somewhat shorter, and I usually wear collars on my blouse up, covering my nape.

Thursday night I started looking at even shorter haircuts online. I thought that I might convince Holly that she could cut my hair sometime in the future, even though she said she was not cutting anyone’s hair anymore. I found one picture of a cut that was clipper cut much higher in the back, and the sides were somewhat shorter, covering very little of my ears. I thought to myself that now is the time to be daring. I’m gonna do this. I wished Holly could cut my hair, but she did not cut hair anymore. So, I messaged Sherry and said, ‘thanks for the cut today, I’m thinking of something shorter, Can you fit me in tomorrow?

She messaged right back and said the only opening she had was the next day at 830. This would have been last Friday. I had some haircut courage for the first time in years. I messaged back and said that I would be there!

When I woke up last Friday at 7, my heart started pounding. Oh crap, my haircut courage was not there as it was last night. I decided that I would still try. I got up and was at the salon at exactly 830. Sherry was not there yet! I had to wait what seemed like an hour, even though it was only about 5-10 minutes for her to arrive. We entered the salon together.

She said, ‘so we want it shorter than yesterday then huh?”

I stammered, “yes, I think I’d like it cut up another inch or so at the neck.”

I can do that,” she said. She caped me and for the second day in a row I was getting a haircut! I felt the clippers cutting up the back of my head a bit more. I knew she would not do anything drastic.

She cut it a little shorter on my sides by the ears, exposing ears now and cut off a bit more from the top, before saying, “there, what do you think?”

I felt the back of my neck, and the clippers damage, which was not bad, only another inch up higher in the back. I was happy! I felt this was a great cut. It was shorter than I have had in many years, and I felt the cut was noticeable to others. I wondered if I would get compliments.

I got to work early. I saw several people, but again, nobody said anything about my haircut! I again, was thinking nobody liked it all.

When I went to leave work for lunch at noon, I walked past Holly at the front desk. I realized she had not seen me this morning when I arrived, as I came in quite early.

As I was walking toward the exit to go to lunch, I caught her eye. She was smiling at me, and I said, “Hey, how was your few days off?”

It was great,” she said. I kept walking to the stairway to leave for lunch, and I realized she was still looking at me. She said, “where you going for lunch?” I replied that I was just going to go to the local sandwich shop for a sandwich. She said, “Do you mind if I tag along?” About once every week or two we’d go to lunch together.

yes, of course,” I beamed. I was always happy to have my friend go to lunch with me.

As we went to the stairs, I motioned for her to go first. She refused, and said, “after you, please.””

She followed me down the stairs, and then at the landing at the bottom she said, “Your haircut looks amazing Jenn!”

I had forgotten about the haircut, actually! Especially being with Holly, as we so often interacted that I was not out to impress her!

I said, “Oh my God, I cant believe you complimented me on it!” “Nobody has said a thing about it since I had it cut last Friday!”

She reached out and ran her fingers up over my nape. “Who cut it?” she asked. I told her that Shelly had. I knew that she was still friends with Shelly, even though she no longer rented a hair salon booth from her. They often went out for drinks together.

I think it looks amazing, Jennifer,” she said. “She did an awesome job.”

Are you serious Holly?” I went on to say that nobody has said anything about my haircut since I got it cut last week. I went on to explain I went in on Thursday, but then went in again Friday morning to have it cut even shorter!

I love it,” she said.

We went to lunch. Holly said, “I remember cutting your hair fairly short when I was at the salon.

Oh, yes,” I replied. I thought it looked great when you did that.

She said, “you know, Jenny, I think it looks so amazing that we should try to cut it even a bit shorter.” “Sherry did a fantastic job, but if you ever think about cutting it shorter, you could come to my house sometime, I still cut my dad’s hair, and I still have my clippers.”

Thanks! That’d be great,” I said. And I meant it! I actually hope that might happen!

I can’t believe what a difference a single compliment on a haircut can make. I was so happy the rest of the day. And, before the end of the day, another of my co-workers complimented me on my cut!

I know this seems all too fantastical to seem true, but it is! And, now I have a dream about having Holly cut my hair even shorter! I’m having a good day! A single compliment about my haircut made my day! True story.

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