Jenny’s Unexpected Trip to Barbershop

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Jenny and her family had just moved to California recently before 3 months, so they still hadn’t get used to the temperature there, It was a Hot day in California Jenny just finished her homework and thought “might as well get some rest” while she was getting up from her desk she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror which was attached to her dressing table, She would always look in the mirror before crossing it and this time, she noticed that she was sweating a lot than usual and remembered about what her dad said to her mom in the Morning, she remembered, while she was still caressing her long jet-Black hair which flowed till her breast which was slightly wavy at the end

In The Morning:

Her mom was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone, and her dad was sitting in the dining table and reading the morning’s newspaper while waiting for his breakfast and her brother was playing with his breakfast, while he was playing he dropped the spoon on the floor, Jenny was annoyed with the way he was eating the his food and said “Stop playing with your food , you are already a 11 year old” her Dad heard jenny and noticed her brother Jaimie playing and said ” Listen to your sister and behave properly while eating” while he was saying that he noticed Jaimie’s hair which was brown in color which reached till his collar, and said to Jenny’s mother (Hannah) ” Hannah, when are you taking him to the barbershop for his summer haircut, the newspaper says the temperature is already 73° degrees hot” while he was saying this jenny’s mother brought her dad’s breakfast to him and said “Today, I will be taking him to the barbershop” unable to bear the temperature Hannah started putting her shoulder length wavy chocolate brown hair in a ponytail. Jenny’s Dad watched her Mom sweating and Said “Hannah ,why don’t you get a haircut as well ?, Its summer” Her Mom responded by saying ” Don’t be crazy, why would I get a haircut in a Barbershop ? ” ,Jenny’s Dad (David) said ” I didn’t tell you to get a Haircut in Barbershop, I just told you to get a haircut for summer, which would make the temperature bearable for you” thinking deeply she said “I will think about it” Jenny’s Dad looked towards jenny and said ” Jenny , If you don’t have any plans today ,Why don’t you tag along with your mother for shopping afterwards”. Thinking about shopping jenny said “Ok, Dad” with a smile on her face. Her mom then responded “Ok then ,Be ready I will call you when we are going”

At Present:

she stopped caressing her hair and thought about her mom Hannah, who was in her mid-thirties but looked much younger ,some could even mistake her for jenny’s Big sister and her hair is rich and thick. Still standing infront of the mirror she wondered whether her mom would be getting a haircut or not. after that thought she pondered” Should I get a haircut for summer as well” after thinking she flicked her jet-black her back said “why in world would I even do that” after that she remembered about her brother and thought” jaimie must have had his head sheared by now” and then she started getting dressed for shopping, She wore her white top and light blue skirt which reached just above her knees, Then she heard her mom calling and got to downstairs. and then All of three of them got into the Car. She noticed her brother Jaimie beside her mom in the front seat while her mom was driving the car and asked her mom “Mom, Why jaimie haven’t got his haircut yet” Jaimie looked towards his mother. Her mom responded by saying” We are going to the barbershop Now” Jenny thought in her mind “What, we are going to barbershop now, I thought he must have gotten his haircut in morning itself.” while she was thinking that, the car was already parked infront of the shop with a board bearing the Name ” Mary’s Barbershop” all three of them entered the shop. Usually Jenny’s dad would take Jaimie to the barbershop for his haircut as he was busy with his work this month it was Hannah’s duty. As jenny entered the shop, She observed the surroundings the floor was tiled and there was stray hairs on floor and there was no reception unlike salon but there was a Line of six waiting chairs and there was a women already sitting on one of the chairs reading a magazine and there was huge mirrors and Various hair-cutting tools like pair of scissors, Clippers and there was even a can of shaving cream lying in the shelf and there was four barber chairs while three of the chairs already had a customer in it. Jenny was surprised to find out that the third barber was female or some would say( Barberette). she was beautiful women with honey blonde hair and the most striking part of her was her hair which was cut into a very short pixie that the nape and sides of her hair portion was cut in way which showed her white skin in her scalp ,and then jenny observed that barber chairs had name on it the First one Stated the name “Joe” who was attending to a Man who appeared to be getting a businessman’s cut and Second had the name John ,who attending to a Young man who was having his hair cut short for the summer, while third Stated the name Mary (the girl with the short haircut),while the fourth barber chair had the name “Annie” but the chair was empty for some reason , Jenny sat in the waiting chair next to her mom and her brother on the other side of her mom. Mary was attending to Small boy in her Chair and Jenny watched Mary said to the women with light brunette hair who was reading a magazine in the waiting chair “Grace, Is this Short enough or do you me want take it more shorter”
She responded by saying ” It’s Summer Mary, give him a clean crew cut” And then she changed the guard in her black clippers to no.2 and said while smiling ” One Clean Crew cut coming right up” and then she just started running the clipper over his head until there was only bristles of her left all over his head and then she removed the cape and he got up from the chair and went to his mom, While the boy’s mother kept magazine down started inspecting his haircut by running her hands over his head while she was doing that, Mary said to the boy’s mother with a smile on her face “well Grace , are you up for a haircut ” while she was saying this another women entered the shop she was beautiful with her beautiful long platinum blonde hair which was tied back in ponytail with a red ribbon beautifully , she looked the same age as Jenny’s mom Hannah. Mary watched her coming said ” Annie ,your back early from your break” she smiled and responded ” well Mary, it’s summer we get lot more customers this time of year And thought why not give you guys a hand to reduce the effort and I can’t really stand the heat outside ,it’s really hot” and then she went to her barber chair said “So, who’s next” Hannah pushed Jaimie And he got up and walked to Annie’s barber chair and sat, while one of the male barbers was finished with his customers and started cleaning the stray hairs. Mary said to him ” Joe ,You can take your break now, But don’t take too long” he just nodded his Head and went outside. Annie took the black and white stripped cape and tossed it around jaimie asked to Hannah while pumping the chair up ” How do you want his hair ” Hannah responded “Just give him a haircut which is easy for him to handle during the summer” Annie suggested ” I could give him a crew cut”, Hannah observed the small boy near her who just had his head sheared and said “Yes, give him a crew cut” and then she took her clippers out and placed guard no.2 and flicked it on with a “SNAP” and then clipper started buzzing, she placed the clippers on his forehead and started running it over Jaimie’s head till his hair was reduced to one inch of hair everywhere, while she was doing this the boy’s mother got up from her the waiting chair and sat herself down in Mary’s barber chair Mary tossed the same cape which Mary used on her son and placed it around her neck and she then she asked Mary” what haircut am I getting ?,Mary” Mary just took her clippers placed guard no.2 and flipped it on with “SNAP” and Said with a smile on her face ” well its summer, grace” and placed the clipper on her forehead and pulled the clippers back tearing a path in the middle of her head leaving only a inch of hair and then started doing the same everywhere ,while the boy’s mother was smiling widely looking at her reflection in the mirror, Jenny and her mother watched with shock by seeing the peculiar scene of a women having her long hair cut so short, and both Hannah and jenny started to wonder “what would it be like to have their hair cut so short” Annie was already finished with giving Jaimie his crew cut and released him from the chair, and john was also finished with giving the young man his haircut and he paid and left the shop, and Its normal for some girls getting their haircut short for summer in California so he just announced “Next” looking towards Hannah,” Oh, No I’m just waiting for him” she said pointing towards Jaimie. John responded by saying “Yeah, He got his haircut, Now it’s your turn” Hannah was unable to respond to what he just said and thought about what Jenny’s dad said and after watching everything happed here she thought ” might as well get a trim” with that in her mind she walked up to the chair and sat herself down in the leather barber chair and made herself comfortable by placing her delicate hands on the chromium handle on the chair, and while she was doing this john tossed a white cape around her and placed it tightly around neck and pumped the chair up While he was doing this Hannah was just going to say that she just wanted a trim, but to her surprise, John was already removing the clippers from the hook and started searching for a suitable guard in shelf , While he wanted the guard no.2 but he couldn’t find it So he just took the guard no.1 and inserted it and flicked the clippers on with a “SNAP” which made hannah jump with his clippers buzzing he was now standing behind her. She could have said that she just wanted a trim but she didn’t and there she was willingly bending her neck for the clippers to plunge through her thick chocolate brown hair ,she thought in her head “What the hell am I doing “then john placed his left hand on her head pushed Hannah’s head further making her face her chest and then he pushed the clippers up her neck sending a long hunk of brown hair to the floor after seeing the damage done by the clipper on her Mom’s head Jenny just gasped with surprise and thought “Oh my god, Mom is getting a crew cut and a one at that which is shorter than his brother “While john cleared all the hair in nape and then lifted Hannah’s head facing the mirror and then john moved to right side of her head and pushed the clippers up her sideburns sending another large lump of brown hair to floor and then he started clearing the right side of any long hair and moved on to the front portion and ran the clipper in the middle of her head sending another large lump brown of hair falling down which just slid down infront of hannah eyes and fell limply in Hannah’s lap. As Hannah was now facing the mirror she looked in the mirror but she could not recognize the women looking back, the women in the mirror only had hair on the left side of her head and the right side of her hair was reduced to less than inch and the hair on the left side was also being reduced to the same length as with every pass of the clipper. While Hannah was getting her haircut by John, Annie looked towards jenny in the waiting chair and observed her jet-black long hair and asked “Are you waiting for Mary to give you a haircut ” Jenny was caught off guard so she didn’t know how to respond to her and then without thinking anything she just a gave her a nod and then she started screaming in her mind “Fuck, what have done, Why did I tell her that I was waiting for Mary to give Me a haircut” While she was thinking that , Annie just sat herself comfortably in her own leather barber chair and pulled her platinum blonde hair infront of her and caressed it for a while and started tying the red ribbon tightly around her ponytail and then she flicked her ponytail back and sighed out loud saying “Damn, it’s really hot” she closed her eyes and started resting peacefully in her chair while her ponytail was hanging on the back of her chair, while Mary was watching her do all that she just smiled. Mary just finished shearing the boy’s Mother’s Hair into a clean crew cut and said ” you gotta come here, once every three weeks to keep that cut clean” And then she released her from the cape, Grace got up from her chair and started rubbing her hands against her freshly cut crew cut and then she paid for her haircut and she said smilingly “See you after three weeks, Mary” and then she exited the shop with her son. Just then fear struck Jenny and as she thought ” OH No, She is going call me NEXT” watching Jenny panic ,Mary looked at Jenny with a finger up her lips indicating her to keep silent, and then Jenny just watched Mary walked silently to annie’s chair and there she was standing behind Annie’s Barber chair with a pair of scissors in her hand, then Mary lifted annie’s platinum blonde ponytail and placed the scissors just above the red ribbon and then she just closed the scissors which made a Sound “Scckk..Scckk..scckk” And then annie’s ponytail came loose in Mary’s hand Annie realized hearing sounds near head and then started to open her eyes to find out what it was, just when she was opening her eyes , Mary just wagged the platinum blonde hair ponytail with red ribbon infront of her eyes and then Annie swiftly touched the back her of head to Check and she found out that it was really was her ponytail which was now in the hands of Mary and not in her head, Annie’s eyes grew wide with surprise and said somewhat nervous “Mary, What have you done to my hair ” Mary replied “I just wanted to relieve you of your suffering from the hot temperature and the easiest solution to it was…” saying this she showed her the ponytail. She waited for her to answer but she didn’t say anything so she said “ Do I have to spell it out for you” John noticed Mary with annie’s ponytail in her hands and smiled to Mary and Then got back to the his work of reliving Hannah of her brown locks ,While Jenny was watching everything happen with her mouth agape. While Hannah’s head bent against her chest again by john Hannah caught Jenny looking at her in the mirror and Hannah gave jenny a small grin saying that she was enjoying it, Hannah really was enjoying it, after sometime hannah just closed her eyes started feeling the clippers against her scalp, while Annie had already accepted her fate and said to Mary ” I guess we can’t do anything now other than finishing it” with that Mary tossed the black and white stripped cape Around Annie and placed it tightly around her neck ,It is the cape which Annie used to toss around others to shear them of their hair and now here she was getting her own hair cut in her own chair then Mary tossed the ponytail to shelf and pumped the chair up and then Mary took the clippers from the hook and she was searching in shelf for a particular guard and then she took the guard which had 000 written on it and then the she attached the guard to the clippers and with a “SNAP” she flicked it on and clippers started buzzing with life, Annie was saying sheepishly “why are you using clippers” ignoring her Mary just bent Annie’s neck forward making her face her breasts, She pushed the clippers up her nape leaving nothing but skin there and she pushed the clippers till the middle back of her head leaving nothing but skin and the platinum blonde hair started falling on annie’s shoulders,
Watching the skin appear on the back of annie’s head jenny gasped “Oh my god ,she is shaving her bald” Jenny watched Mary sending all platinum blonde hair down the floor and leaving skin in it’s place and then suddenly a strange thought popped in her head “What it would be like to swap places with her and instead of annie’s platinum blonde hair hitting the floor it would be jenny’s jet-black hair” the thought made feel butterflies in her stomach Annie hasn’t realized that she was getting her head shaved by Mary and then when Mary finished shaving back side of annie’s hair and she moved on to the right side of her head and started pushing the clipper up till it reached the middle of Annie’s head after watching the path left by the clippers on her head, Annie realized that she was getting her head shaved by Mary and Accepted her fate At this point ,Mary did a quick job of Annie’s head platinum hair and released Annie from the cape after Mary finished with Annie’s Head shave, she was left with smooth head”, Still watching her reflection in the mirror Annie got up from her chair and placed her delicate hands on her smooth scalp and said with a smile on her face to Mary“ It actually looks good, Now that get good look of it ” Mary said with smile “you can pay later for that cut ,Now I’m busy “she said looking towards Jenny the last person in the waiting without receiving a haircut, And Then She continued by saying “come on get in the chair ,let’s give you a haircut for summer” Jenny Nervously said “ Maybe another time “ Then Hannah who was just going to be finished getting her summer haircut said to jenny from the barber chair “Jenny ,It’s summer, be a good girl and get on chair for your haircut“ Hannah wanted her daughter feel what it was like get a Haircut with the clippers, with that Jenny didn’t know what to do,Jenny said “Ok mom” and got up from the waiting chair and walked up to Annie’s barber chair, Where Annie just got her head shaved smooth as a cueball. Noticing that Mary said to Annie with a smile on her face “Hey baldy, She’s all yours”. Hearing Mary call her “Baldy” Annie didn’t fight back because she was indeed a baldy now, Jenny kept her leg on the foot rest and sat herself comfortably by placing her hands on the chromium hand rest and she looked straight into the mirror and noticed Annie’s severed ponytail underneath the mirror in the shelf which was lying there limply, while she was staring at her reflection annie gathered her jet-black locks on the top her head and tossed the cape Around jenny’s neck and placed it around her neck tightly and then she pumped the chair up and removed the 000 guard from the clippers and placed it near her severed ponytail and Annie looked towards Hannah who was just getting up from the barber chair after Shedding all her shoulder length thick chocolate brown hair and now she had haircut from which one can see her skin on her Scalp through what was left of her crew cut , she got up and placed her hands on head and started feeling her new haircut and was smiling widely looking at the her reflection in the mirror while she was doing that she the noticed that the formerly beautiful women with platinum blonde hair to have be changed to a bald women, But looking at her Hannah thought she was rocking that look ,While she was staring at annie’s bald head
Annie asked Hannah pointing towards jenny “How do you want her hair to be”
Hannah said “Give her a haircut which would be easier for her to handle during summer”
Annie said “a clean crewcut then ”
With that Hannah asked Jenny “what do think Jenny, do you want a crew cut “
She didn’t what she should say ,she loved her hair but she had the urge to do something different, so she responded by saying “whatever that is okay with you, Mom”
She thought In her head “So I’m getting a crew cut then “and looked at the ponytail infront her and her own Jet-black hair
And Hannah Said “a crew cut it is “
With that Annie took the clippers and placed no.2 guard and flicked the clippers on with a Sound “SNAP” the clippers started buzzing to life and Annie was standing behind jenny with clippers buzzing in her hand ready to plunge through Jenny’s locks with that she placed the clippers in the middle of Jenny’s forehead and pushed clippers till it reached the back of her head leaving path of inch hair in the middle of her head and sending huge lump of dark black hair down the floor
Looking in mirror
Jenny thought to herself “Oh my god, it’s actually happening , I’m getting a crew cut In a barbershop”
And Then Annie pushed the clippers through the right side of her sideburns sending huge lump of her down which slid down the cape and fall on Jenny’s lap, Jenny looked at her jet black hair which started falling endlessly down the floor from her head, while Annie was working on Jenny’s haircut ,Jenny observed Annie’s head closely and thought “she looked great “ After Annie ran the clippers vigorously throughout jenny ‘s head until there was only one inch of hair left throughout her entire head
Jenny looked towards the reflection and smiled widely and thought about annie’s Smooth head she told herself that “One more step and she will be bald like annie” After finishing jenny crewcut
Annie didn’t remove the cape instead she said to Jenny with smile “well what do you think is it short enough or do you want The Summer Special cut” She said placing a hand over her already smooth cue ball head
without hesitating Jenny just said “The summer special” and then

Hannah Just watched her daughter shed all her thick black hair for the summer in the barbershop as she watched Annie reliving Jenny of her locks she placed a hand at back of her head felt her haircut once again
Hearing what Jenny just said Annie took clippers again and was searching for the 000 guard in The shelf but she couldn’t remember where she kept it, Jenny watched Annie searching for the guard, Jenny just pointed to guard near Annie’s severed ponytail, Annie took the guard Jenny just pointed to and Annie was Surprised to find out it was actually The 000 guard
With that jenny just bent her neck forward willing and facing against her breasts ready to be bald women, Seeing jenny Ready to take the plunge and become bald, Annie just smiled and placed guard 000 on the clippers and flicked the clippers on with a”SNAP” the clippers started buzzing to life and placing her left hand on jenny’s head she just pushed the clippers up jenny’s nape , leaving jenny with nothing but skin at the back of her head and the small bits of hair was laying on the cape. Shaving the back side of her head Annie moved onto the shaving the right side of jenny head
Hannah seeing the Skin appearing on her daughter’s head ,she just sat there in watching without saying a word her till her daughter’s head full of hair was shaved down to nothing appeared as smooth as a cue ball
Annie said placing a hand on jenny’s smooth scalp and said “Well there’s your Noggin” with that
Annie released the cape around Jenny, while Jenny looked into the mirror she did not recognize the person looking back from the mirror The girl looking back from the mirror had her head shaved there was not a single stumble on her head and all of her facial features were displayed clearly. Looking at her reflection Jenny placed both her hands on her newly shaved head and thought it felt good without all that hair flowing from head.
Jenny got up from the chair and returned to her mom Hannah with her hand placed at the back of her smooth head and Nervously Smiled towards her.
Hannah smiled and said” You look good with your head shaved, Jenny”
Jenny said “Mom, you should try this look after three weeks, When we come here for a trim “
Hannah was Surprised at what jenny just said and replied while placing her hand on jenny’s smooth head “How long are you plan on keeping your head shaved like this”
Jenny said with a smile on her face “till summer gets over” and then
Hannah looked towards John and told him that she will be coming back for her trim after three weeks and then Hannah paid for all three of their haircuts and gave them generous tip,
Now Both Hannah and jenny looked at each other and then looked at Jaimie and realized that now both of them had less hair than him and then all of three of them went home. When Jenny’s Dad noticed Jenny’s cueball head and her mom’s crew cut, He just smiled at them said ” I think you guys took the haircut part too seriously”

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