Jessi visit to Aunt Jan — Part 2

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Jessi visit to Aunt Jan

Part II

By JimB (C)opyright June 2021

On their way out Jessi saw one of the mother’s who was watching her, stoking her daughter’s hair and said, “I think the hair cut look good on you.

“Maybe I should have my daughter’s hair cut like that for the summer.”

The girl’s head whipped around as she yelled, “Mom!

“You can’t be serious!”


“Yes, I am,” her mother told her as she motioned her daughter, Robin who was thirteen and starting to show her womanhood body, to Candi’s barber chair.

As her daughter sat in the barber chair her mother asked Candi, “What do you mean by a “boy’s hair cut”?

“Well, Jessi’s hair cut was not really a true boy’s hair cut,” Candi began telling the girl’s mother, Ruth, as she pulled the cape around her neck and clip it in place.

“Her hair cut had bangs.

“Where a real boy’s hair cut does not.  It has a small comb over at the hair parting.”

“I see,” Ruth replied as Candi began combing Robin’s, long almost mid-back, hair to find out which side she should make the part.

“Then, give Robin the real boy’s hair cut,” Ruth said as she crossed her legs and sat back to watch her daughter’s hair cut.

“If you are trying to find which side she parts her hair!
“It is on the left side.

“She just started parting her hair with the center part when she started letting her hair grow.”

“Thank, you,” Candi answered and walked around the back of the barber chair to the left side and began combing the part.

“I can see it is a natural part.”

Walking to the shelf behind the barber chair, Candi, looking her mirror at Ruth, “Would you like for me to trim her hair shorter!

“Or, just cut it short?”

“What do you mean?” Ruth asked Candi, who just held by the comb and scissors in her left hand and the clippers with the quarter inch attachment in her right hand.

Seeing Ruth had a questioning look on her face, Candi told her, as she turned to face the back of the barber chair, the back of Robin’s head, and Ruth, “It does not matter which one.”

Holding up the comb and scissors, she told Ruth, “These will take a little longer to start the boy’s hair cut.”

Then, holding up the clippers with the quarter inch attachment, she told Ruth, as she moved the clippers up and down, “This big boy will take less time and is short enough to began the boy’s hair cut.”

Ruth looked at Candi holding them up, trying to decide which one to choose.

Before Ruth could say any thing, Candi clipped the clippers on as her left hand placed the comb and scissors on the shelf.

Not saying a word Ruth sat back as Candi tilted Robin’s head, so she was looking at her caped lap and began a slow upward moving of the clippers.

Just as the first clipping of Robin’s long hair slide into the cape, Candi noticed the look on Ruth’s face.

“You approve of my choice?” Candi asked Ruth, who just smiled.

“Yes,” Ruth said.  “It is time she got it cut short.

“And, I see the clippers is cutting her hair short fast.”

Candi slowly clippered Ruth’s right side, finish on the left side.

Hanging the clippers under the shelf, she took the comb and scissors.

Walking the right side of the barber chair, she back combing upward then began cutting Robin’s hair shorter.

Candi noticing a puzzled look on Ruth’s face, “Just trimming her hair short with the comb and scissors to cut the sides and back just right.”

Ruth watched as Candi worked the scissors over the comb, as Robin’s hair got shorter.

With the left side scissored, Candi began combing the small comb over.

“Now I see what you mean,” Ruth said.

“The comb over does look better.
Candi began slowly combing upward check the length.  When the length looked a little longer she would quickly comb the hair upward and the scissor cut the length.

When she was finished, she looked at Ruth, who got up and walked to the barber chair.

Taking Robin chin she turned her head side to side.  She brushed her fingers over each side.

She stepped back from the barber chair and looked at the hair cut.

“I can cut her hair a little shorter, if you want!” Candi told Ruth, as she stepped back toward the waiting chair and sat.

“How much shorter?” Ruth asked Candi as she crossed her legs.

Candi stepped back to the shelf and took hold the clippers, now without the quarter inch attachment on it, and held it up and clicked it on.

“Not much,” Candi to Ruth as she stepped to the left side on her barber chair.

Ruth leaded a little to her right, then to her left, to take another look, from this distance, of her daughter’s shorter hair cut.

“Not much,” Ruth said as she shook her head “yes”.

Quickly, before Ruth could change her mine, Candi began quick upward movement cutting the right side of Robin’s hair a little short.

“Will her hair cut be a real boy’s hair cut?” Ruth inquired.

As she tilted Robin’s head downward and beginning short upward movement, Candi told her, “NO.”

Ruth looked puzzled again.

Robin, for the first time during her hair cut, brought her right hand from under the cape and brushed her finger tips over the right side of her head. 

Ruth saw a smile on her daughter’s face, “I see you approve of the real boy’s hair cut.”

Candi unclipped the cape, removing it as she shook Robin’s hair to the floor and hanging it on the rod on the back of the barber chair.

She reached for a towel and began ducking it Ruth’s collar and spreading it over her shoulders.

Again she noticed a puzzled look of Ruth’s face, as well as on Robin’s face.

“The finale touch to the boy’s hair cut,” Candi said as she stepped to the shelf and the shaving dispenser and began flowing warm shaving lather.

“All male hair cut’s get this finale touvh.”

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, Candi began spreading just a little amount along the hair line.

Wiping the excess shaving lather from her fingertips and hand, Candi choose a straight razor.

With Robin and Ruth watching she stropped the straight razor on the leather strap.

With the edge of the straight razor sharp, Candi began making short quick movement with the straight razor.

Finished she removed the towel, dust powder over the back and sides of Robin’s head, as she lowered her barber chair.

Robin smiled as her mother walked to the barber chair.

Ruth paid for Robin’s “new boy’s hair cut”.

Then, Candi stood on the right side of her barber chair and looking at Ruth, shaking it out, “My barber chair is open!”

Robin looked at her mom and stepped back a little.

“Not to day, “ Ruth tole both of them.

“I want to see the reaction on your dad’s face first.”

The End !!!!!

By JimB (C)opyright June 2021

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