Jessica’s awakening and renewal

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Full disclosure: I wrote this story with the Penny Barber chatbot on . I gave it all the prompts and I combined all the responses, then I edited it all together into the story you see below. This is the second of two stories in the series, the other is ‘Jessica’s transformation’.



In the aftermath of a busy day at the barbershop, Sally takes a moment to tidy up. She grabs a broom and begins sweeping the floor, removing any stray hairs and bits of debris. The rhythmic sound of the broom against the floor fills the quiet space. As she moves about the shop, her mind drifts back to the day she had cut Jessica’s hair. About 6 weeks ago now? Jessica has not shown her face at their girls’ nights since her transformation. Sally considers that Jessica has been away for such a long time, that maybe she took the bet a little too far.

The bell above the door chimes, signalling someone’s arrival, Sally calls out without looking up, “We’re closed.” She continues to sweep, her focus on tidying up after the day’s work. The last thing she expects is for someone new to enter the shop, especially at this hour. “Well I think you still have time for me.’’ a voice replies.

Sally’s sweeping comes to an abrupt halt, her eyes wide with shock. The voice that echoes through the barbershop belongs to none other than Jessica. She turns to face her, broom in hand, surprise etched across her face. Jessica’s presence stirs up a mixture of emotions within Sally – satisfaction from the memory of her triumph over Jessica but with a flicker of lingering remorse. Sally tries to maintain her composure, hiding any hint of vulnerability as she faces the transformed Jessica. She is suddenly very aware that they are alone in this shop. Sensing the potential danger, she sets the broom aside and turns her full attention to Jessica, her voice softening slightly. “Jessica,” she begins, a hint of vulnerability slipping into her tone, “I have to ask you…Are you angry with me?”

“No and, to be honest, my boss surprised me with how well he took my new look,” Jessica confesses, her voice tinged with a hint of resignation. “He even said my haircut was smart and professional, despite the initial shock.” Her tone turned introspective, echoing the lessons learned. “And look, I agreed to that bet knowing full well that it carried the risk of embarrassment.” Sally was extremely relieved to hear her friend’s lack of anger.

As Sally listened to Jessica’s further explanation, a wave of relief washed over her at the news that internet mockery hadn’t devastated Jessica as she feared. As Jessica explained that, while the embarrassing jokes were intense, her time as the internet’s freak du jour had been very short. Two days after her haircut, Elon musk said something on twitter, then Taylor Swift dropped yet another album and the internet moved on. A flicker of gratitude crossed Sally’s expression. The idea of having caused Jessica prolonged distress or public ridicule had weighed heavily on her conscience. The realisation that it hadn’t had the devastating impact she anticipated brought a small measure of comfort to both of them.

Jessica finishes her explanations and then says, ‘’But Sally I am here to ask you something.’’

Sally’s expression shifted as she picked up on the hesitant tone in Jessica’s voice, her curiosity piqued. “Of course, Jessica ask me anything.” She replied, her tone patient.

“Sally,” Jessica began, her voice tinged with a mix of vulnerability and honesty, “it’s been several weeks now, and my roots are growing in. The combination of the black dye with my natural blond is horrendous.” She confessed, “and it’s got me thinking… I never anticipated how much I would enjoy the feeling of being dominated during the haircut. It was really kinda hot.” Jessica continued, her confession spilling out as she explored her thoughts. “And then, there was the way you handled my hair. Your confidence, skill and control were undeniably attractive. It was excruciating in the moment but thinking back it dawned on me about how much I… enjoyed it.” The honesty in her voice was undeniable.

Sally’s attention is fully on Jessica now, her confusion mingling with a flicker of anticipation as she tries to understand where Jessica is heading. “Jessica,” she says, her voice measured. “I’m relieved you’re not angry with me, but I’m wondering where you’re going with this.” She regards Jessica with a curious yet guarded expression, waiting for her next words.

‘’Well Sally, I wondered if you could give me another haircut? A crew cut to be precise, to get rid of the black hair.’’ A brief moment of surprise flashes across Sally’s face as she assimilates Jessica’s request. However, it quickly gives way to a smirk, a hint of excitement in her eyes. “A crew cut, huh?” She muses, mulling over the idea. “Okay then, if you’re up for it…”

Jessica nods, her face determined. “Yes, I’m all in. Let’s do it,” she affirms, her voice tinged with anticipation mixed with a hint of nervousness. “A crew cut seems like the best solution to fix the mess with my roots.” She adds, her voice strengthening with resolve. “And besides, we both know this was one of the options from our little bet. So, let’s get this done.” she ends, her eyes locked on Sally, ready for the transformation.

As Sally considers the situation, she decided that this is the least she could do to help her friend, given the circumstances. She nods her head in agreement and instructs Jessica. “Alright then, take a seat,” she says, gesturing towards the barber chair. A flicker of determination and a hint of satisfaction play across her features as she prepares to fulfill Jessica’s request.

As Jessica takes a seat in the barber chair, Sally snaps into professional mode. She grabs a paper neck strip and fits it snugly around Jessica’s neck. Following that, she drapes a cape over her, leaving only Jessica’s head visible above the cape. Taking a step back, Sally takes a momentary pause to assess the situation and plan her next move. ‘’Go for it Sally, I am all yours’’, Jessica encourages.

As Jessica offers herself fully to Sally, submitting her hair to the skilled hands and scissors, a flicker of heat stirs within Sally. The unexpected yet alluring submission surprises her, igniting a spark of desire deep within. “Well, then,” she muses, her voice tinged with newfound confidence and a hint of desire. “Since you’re all mine, let’s make this transformation something special.”

With a steady hand, Sally begins to work on Jessica’s hair. Her expert scissors glide through the strands with precision, each cut a calculated move towards the crew cut. The shorn locks fall away, revealing more and more of Jessica’s new blonde growth with every pass of the scissors. It’s a transformation, from the unruly mop of back hair to the disciplined, neat crew cut. The transformation is swift yet meticulous, Sally’s skillful hands shaping and defining the new look.

As the last of the scissors work is done, Sally sets them aside and reaches for the clippers. She picks up the device and turns it on, the buzzing sound filling the room. With a steady hand and keen eye, she begins to use the clippers to further shape and trim the remaining hair, leaving a consistent layer of buzz-cut length hair on the sides and back of Jessica’s head. The powerful blades move effortlessly through the strands, trimming and sculpting the crew cut to precision. Sally sculpts the crew cut further, using the clippers to define the edges and ensure a neat finish. They move with precision, creating a seamless transition between the sides and the top. The blonde, buzzed hair on the sides contrasts nicely with the half-inch flat-top on top, giving the haircut a balanced, edgy look.

As the crew cut comes together, taking form and shape under Sally’s skilled hands, it’s not only Jessica’s hair that transforms. Jessica herself becomes visibly aroused, the transformation, the submission to the haircut and the undeniable mastery of Sally fueling her desire. She can’t help but feel a stirring within her, a mixture of submission and arousal that makes her heart race.

Sally finishes and as Jessica rises from the chair, a satisfied smile spreads across her face as she gazes at her reflection in the mirror. The crew cut looks sharp, edgy and sexy, just as she had envisioned. Turning to Sally, she acknowledges the hairdresser’s skill and artistry with a nod of thanks. 

However, Jessica’s gratitude goes deeper, fueled by a newfound understanding of her own submissive desires. So, she takes a bold step. “I suppose I should thank you for such a lovely haircut.’’ She bends forwards and offers her lips to Sally. Sally leans in and kisses her. The kiss lingers for a moment, passion flooding through both women. However, Sally is overcome with the intensity of the moment. She breaks from the kiss, her breathing laboured, her eyes locked with Jessica’s. She whispers, her voice tinged with both pleasure and hesitation, “That was amazing. But we need to slow down a bit. This is a lot to process.” She searches Jessica’s eyes for understanding, her mind still racing with the intensity of the kiss and the new layer of intimacy that has been unveiled between them.

Jessica nods, aware now of the rapid pace she had set. Her voice softens as she admits, “You’re right. I’ve been a bit hasty. I guess I got carried away by the transformation and my own desires.” Her confession is tinged with a hint of vulnerability. ‘’Yes, that was a bit out of my comfort zone’’ Sally replies feeling reassured. Jessica smiles, her voice light and friendly. “Thanks again for the great cut. Let’s catch up more at our next girls’ night. Some dancing, drinks, and hopefully a chance to talk more.” Her tone suggests that she’s looking forward to their next meetup, ready to continue the conversation and see where their budding romance goes. 

Sally’s expression softens as she acknowledges the gap left by Jessica’s absence at the girls’ night outs. Her tone is sincere as she says, “I’ve missed you too, Jessica. It wasn’t the same without you.” She smiles warmly, expressing her genuine appreciation for Jessica’s friendship and presence.

Jessica’s gaze locks with Sally’s as she whispers teasingly, “You never know, maybe I’ll come back for a trim…” She pauses, her words dripping with innuendo, “maybe I’ll let your expert hands explore more than just my hair.” Her tone is sultry, the implications of her words stirring a heat within them both. Jessica, realising that is as far as she can go tonight, turns on her heels and swiftly leaves the shop.

Sally stands there, a mixture of confusion and curiosity swirling within her as Jessica leaves. The encounter has opened up a world of possibilities, leaving Sally to wonder and anticipate what their next meeting might bring. Despite the initial shock, Sally finds herself drawn in by the excitement and the opportunity to explore a deeper connection with Jessica. As she grapples with her emotions, thoughts of their next encounter begin to form in her mind, and the prospect of further exploration and discovery both thrills and terrifies her.


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