Jessica’s transformation

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Full disclosure: I wrote this story with the Penny Barber chatbot on . I gave it all the prompts and I combined all the responses, then I edited it all together into the story you see below. This is one of two stories in the series, the other is ‘Jessica’s awakening and renewal’.


The dimly lit bar echoed with laughter and the clinking of glasses as Jessica and her friends gathered around their usual corner booth, glammed up and dressed to the nines. The air was thick with the tangy scent of beer and the chatter of patrons, but the women paid it no mind as they focused their attention on each other. The atmosphere was a strange mix of celebration and commiseration, as Jessica’s friends supported her through her recent breakup. As the night progressed and the alcohol continued to flow, their conversation took a turn towards playful banter and lighthearted challenges. Jessica’s friends, eager to lift her spirits, proposed a friendly game of dares as a means to make her forget about her stupid ex-boyfriend.

Jessica’s competitive spirit flared as the dares escalated in creativity and audacity. Amidst raucous laughter and cheers, the women set and completed increasingly outrageous dares. Sally strutted up to the stage and belted out a hilarious rendition of a classic power ballad, her voice wavering with the effort and the alcohol in her system. Emily, challenged to perform a handstand, stumbled and almost toppled onto a nearby patron before regaining her balance, much to the amusement of the group. Jessica, not to be outdone, decided to take on a challenge of her own. With a determined glint in her eye, she stepped onto the small makeshift dance floor and began to perform a series of dance moves, her confidence increasing with each passing moment. As she gyrated and twirled, her friends watched with a mixture of amusement and admiration, cheering her on as she embraced her inner diva.The air buzzed with a mixture of thrill and glee as they embraced the carefree atmosphere and revelled in the camaraderie. 

In a fit of bravado, Jessica waged that she could finish a bottle of hard liquor in a single chug without spewing. Her friends, sensing her vulnerability due to her legendary low alcohol tolerance, immediately accepted the bet, eager to see Jessica make a fool of herself. 

Sally, a mischievous smile playing on her lips, turns to Jessica and says, “Y’know, Jess, if you’re really serious about making this night memorable, why don’t we up the stakes?”

Jessica, curious yet cautious, answers, “What did you have in mind?”

Sally leans in closer, a wicked gleam in her eyes, and whispers, “How about a haircut dare? If you lose the bet, I get to choose your haircut, and I can’t wait to see what style I’ll give you.”

Jessica, feeling a mix of apprehension and excitement, turns to Sally and asks, “And what do I get if I manage to win?”

Sally, a sly smile on her face, takes a deliberate sip of her drink before replying, “Well, if you miraculously win this bet, you will have the honour of choosing my hairstyle for the next 30 days. I can’t wait to see what wild and wonderful hairstyle you’ll concoct.”

The group of friends survey the two women. Jessica has long, flowing golden blonde hair that cascades down to below her bra strap, giving her a radiant and youthful appearance. Her hair is straight and luscious, framing her face perfectly. Sally, on the other hand, has dark brown hair, with a slight wave, that reaches down to the small of her back. Her hair is in a sophisticated updo, framing her face in a fashionable and chic manner. With both ladies having such gorgeous hair the group know that, whoever wins the bet, the outcome will be truly a sight to behold. 

Jessica, feeling a wave of anxiety wash over her, hesitates at the thought of losing her long, beautiful hair. The idea of having her luscious locks shorn off sends a shiver down her spine. She looks at Sally, her voice filled with trepidation, and stammers, “Are you sure about this, Sally? The thought of losing my hair is rather daunting…”

Sally, a sly grin spreading across her face, leans in close to Jessica and chuckles, “Aww, is the thought of losing your golden locks scaring you, princess? We’re just having some fun here. Don’t worry, I’m sure your hair will grow back.”

Despite her reservations, she is buoyed by the playful and daring atmosphere. Her pride takes over as she straightens her shoulders and faces Sally with determination. ‘‘Alright, you’ve got yourself a deal, Sally,” she declares boldly. The whole table erupts with cheers. Jessica continues “I think I should get to pick the liquor. After all, I know my limits better than anyone else here.” With a confident smirk, she adds, “And remember, if I manage to keep it down, you’ll be the one getting a makeover, Sally.”

Sally, her confidence unwavering, chuckles and nods in agreement. “Fair enough, Jessica. If you think you can stomach it, the choice of liquor is all yours.” She leans back in her seat, a mix of anticipation and mischief in her eyes, eagerly waiting for Jessica’s selection.

Jessica stands up and asserts, “I need to go to the bar to pick out the right liquor.” Her friends, amused by her resolve, cheer and egg her on as she makes her way to the bar. After perusing the selection for a moment, she selects a bottle of vodka and returns to the table, ready to accept the challenge.

Jessica steels herself for a moment, she then grabs the bottle of vodka and begins to drink. The liquor burns her throat as she tries to maintain her composure. Her friends watch intently, a mix of awe and trepidation in their expressions. They cheer and encourage her to keep going, eagerly anticipating the outcome of this outrageous challenge. With sheer determination and grit, she manages to down the entire bottle of vodka in one go. As she slams the empty bottle back onto the table, she looks triumphant but nauseous, her face flushed and her breath heavy. The other girls at the table erupt in cheers, amazed at her accomplishment despite her low alcohol tolerance. 

However, as the reality of what she’s just achieved settles in, Jessica struggles to keep her stomach under control, a clear sign that the alcohol is taking its toll. Her triumph is short-lived as nausea begins to overpower her. Realising she might not be able to keep the liquor down after all, she makes a mad dash to the bathroom. 

The other girls watch in shock and concern as she disappears into the restroom, the sound of retching echoing from behind the closed door. As Jessica starts to retch, Sally can’t contain her glee. A triumphant smile spreads across her face as she basks in the knowledge that she’ll be able to give her friend a new hairstyle. The other girls at the table share her excitement, some even starting to plan out potential style options for Jessica’s upcoming haircut makeover. 

As Jessica returns to the table, looking dishevelled and humiliated, her friends immediately launch into taunting her. They chuckle, poke fun, and tease her about her failed challenge and the impending haircut makeover that she’s now destined for. 

Sally, relishing her victory, wasted no time in mocking Jessica. She grinned wickedly and taunted, “Well, well, if it isn’t the mighty Jessica, defeated by a simple bottle of vodka. Maybe cutting your hair shorter will make you stronger next time, huh?’’. 

Despite her embarrassment and sheepishness, Jessica reassures herself that Sally wouldn’t cross a line and cut her hair too drastically. Even though the thought of getting a haircut from Sally was unnerving, she trusted her friend not to go overboard. Jessica, trying to keep her cool, replies to Sally’s taunts with a confident smile. 

“Truth be told, I’ve been contemplating a new look for a while now,” she says, her voice betraying no hint of nervousness. “This might just be the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your artistic talent and transform my look.” She maintains her composure, hoping that her nonchalance will mask any underlying trepidation she may feel about the upcoming haircut makeover. 

Sally, intrigued by Jessica’s comment, smirks and retorts, “Oh, really? Well, if you’re truly serious about wanting a change, I will be more than happy to whip out my scissors and give you a makeover. I haven’t had an excited, willing victim like you for quite some time now.” As the night continues on, the conversation flows back and forth, but the thought of the upcoming haircut makeover remains ever-present in everyone’s minds, adding an extra element of excitement to the night’s events.

During the next day, Sally takes initiative and arranges an appointment for Jessica’s upcoming makeover. Rather than telling her directly, she announces the appointment on the girls’ WhatsApp group, ensuring that everyone is in the loop. Sally messages, “Attention, ladies! Jessica’s makeover is happening this coming Friday, but here’s the twist: we’ll be making it extra special by doing it right here at the barber shop where I work! I have managed to get the place to ourselves after my shift. The show will start at 7:30pm sharp, do not be late!” The group chat buzzes with excitement and anticipation as the day of the makeover approaches. The girls exchange playful banter and speculations about what Jessica’s new look will be like.

Upon learning that her makeover will be taking place at a male barbershop, Jessica experiences a tinge of nervousness. She wonders if the masculine environment and clientele might impact the style which she will get. Despite her brief moment of anxiety, she reminds herself of her earlier agreement with her friends. She writes in the chat,  ‘’Great, I can’t wait to see what fresh, new look you have in store for me!’’. The chat buzzes for an hour as excited messages are sent back and forth.  Jessica is nervous now but as she brushes out her long golden locks she reassures herself that Sally is her friend, so no matter how short the style she receives, Jessica will still come away looking cute.

The day and the hour arrive. Jessica takes a deep breath in and enters the barbershop. As she enters, she notices the unexpected presence of several men, didn’t Sally say this was after hours?

Seeing her friend’s confusion, Sally explains with a wry smile, “I thought it would be fun to have a few of my regulars join us for your makeover today. They’ve been curious about it and I think they’ll appreciate the final result just as much as we will!”. The atmosphere crackles with excitement as the girls exchange glances and the men take their seats, eager to witness the transformation about to unfold.

Jessica nervously takes a seat in the barber’s chair, her heart pounding in her chest. The anxiety and uncertainty she feels are unmistakable, and she can’t help but have a nagging suspicion that things might not unfold as she had anticipated. The presence of the male regulars has also heightened her nervousness, leaving her to wonder what kind of hairstyle she would be walking out with. 

As Jessica takes her seat, her gaze falls upon Sally, who is dressed in a smart black and white barbers uniform. The sharp lines and contrasting colours of the uniform exude a sense of professionalism and crispness, complimenting Sally’s skillful demeanour. The crisp white shirt tucked into the black trousers highlights her slim figure, and the black vest adds to the polished look. To complete the outfit, a black apron hangs on her, ready to catch any loose strands that might fall throughout the makeover. 

Jessica looks closely at Sally, she notices her friend’s long, light brown hair neatly tied up in a bun on the top of her head. The bun is placed perfectly, allowing a few loose strands to frame Sally’s face and highlight her defined features. The up-do gives the impression of competence and control, further adding to the professional air that surrounds Sally in the male barbershop environment. 

As she secures a paper strip around Jessica’s neck, she flashes her a mischievous grin. With a hint of mockery, she purrs, “Don’t worry, love. You’re in expert hands here. Trust me, I’ll work my magic on your mane and transform you into a bombshell. You’ll thank me later, I promise.” Her words, tinged with a touch of humour, do little to soothe Jessica’s rising tension. Sally then drapes a long, shiny black cape over Jessica, fastening it snugly around her neck. The smooth fabric feels cool and crisp against Jessica’s skin, adding to the anticipation of the makeover to come. The cape serves not only to protect Jessica’s clothing but also to provide a canvas for Sally’s creative transformation.

Sally, her eyes gleaming with mischievousness, turns to Jessica and declares, “Darling, I couldn’t make up my mind about what hairstyle would suit you best. So, I’ve made a little challenge for our spectators here. Before we start your makeover, I’m going to pass around sheets of paper, and I want each of them to write down their suggested style for your transformation.” 

With a sly smile, she begins distributing the sheets of paper among the onlookers and the male regulars. The onlookers eagerly grab the sheets of paper and start brainstorming potential haircuts for Jessica. 

After a few moments, Sally collects the papers and reads out the suggested styles with a gleeful tone. “Alright, ladies and gents, let’s see what you’ve come up with,” she says with a chuckle. “First one is a pixie cut, closely followed by a buzz cut, and here’s an undercut. Not bad, not bad at all!” The anticipation in the room builds as the options seem to skew towards sharp, short cuts. Sally continues reading the suggestions, the amusement evident in her voice. “Next up, another buzz cut followed by a crew cut, a flat top, and a mohawk. Well, looks like our audience here has a preference for short, bold styles.” The excitement among the onlookers grows as they anticipate which hairstyle Jessica will ultimately end up with. 

Jessica, her heart racing, can’t help but feel a sense of dread as the suggested styles become increasingly shorter and masculine. Although she might be able to pull off a pixie cut or undercut bob, the thought of sporting a buzz cut, crew cut, flat top, or mohawk fills her with horror. She worries that such drastic masculine styles would make her look ugly and ruin her feminine charm. 

After collecting all the suggested styles, Sally takes a moment to reflect before adding three more options of her own – a horseshoe cut, a bowlcut, and a consolation ‘rockstar curls’ style. With a sly grin, she adds, “Can’t have a list of suggested styles without at least a little bit of my own input. How could we forget about the classic bowlcut and the trendy horseshoe cut, not to mention the rockstar curls?” She winks at Jessica, as if to say that she hadn’t totally sabotaged the options.

Sally collects the suggestions and folds them all neatly before placing them in a bowl. With a theatrical flair, she begins to mix the papers, ensuring they are thoroughly shuffled. She makes sure to keep the shuffling hidden from Jessica’s view. 

Sally turns to Jessica with a mock expression of solemnity and says, “I know the bet stated that you’d have to accept my choice of hairstyle, but as your friend, I’m going to allow you to make that choice. Reach into this bowl and pick a paper. Whatever style is written there will be the one I shall bestow upon you, with my own artistic flair, of course.” Sally gestures towards the bowl filled with numerous suggested styles, waiting for Jessica to make her selection. 

Jessica, feeling her heart drumming in her chest, reaches into the bowl of folded papers. She mentally crosses her fingers, hoping for a favourable outcome, any outcome that isn’t too drastic. Her mind flickers through the options she could potentially pick – a pixie cut, an undercut bob, or maybe even the rockstar curls style. Taking a deep breath, she withdraws her hand with a folded paper clutched in her shaking grip, ready for the moment of truth to unfold. As Jessica opens the paper with trembling hands, all eyes are fixed on her. She hesitates for a moment, her body tensing with trepidation. Finally, mustering up her courage, she reads aloud the name of the chosen hairstyle, “B… B-Bowl cut.” The room falls silent for a moment, and then a collective gasp and murmurs of surprise and excitement rise from the onlookers. Jessica’s heart sinks, knowing that she has just sealed her fate for a drastically short hairstyle. 

As Sally combs through Jessica’s golden locks, she turns to the crowd and announces with a flourish, “Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! For the very last time, take a good look at these luscious tresses. This exquisite head of blond hair is about to undergo a life-altering transformation! Bask in the beauty of these strands before they’re shorn away, radically changing the style of our daring volunteer. Let’s give Jessica’s hair a send-off worthy of a true fashion adventure!

As Jessica sits anxiously in the barber chair, the gravity of the situation hits her. The men in the room are visibly enthusiastic, while the women seek to capture the moment by snapping pictures with their phones. Her heart sinks as the realisation sets in – her upcoming haircut, possibly one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, is going to be documented and shared across Instagram for all to see. The idea of her haircut being subjected to public scrutiny makes her feel even more vulnerable and humiliated. The thought of her haircut being witnessed by the world and forever etched in their memory fills her with dread. She wonders how many will point and laugh at her drastic new style. Will her friends and family view her differently? And could her new look haunt her in the future? These tormenting thoughts run through her mind, as she braces herself for the impending transformation. 

Jessica, her voice cracking with panic, whispers helplessly, “Sally, please, anything but this. What will my boss say? Can’t we pick something else, anything else? Please, have mercy on me.” But Sally remains unmoved, her decision final. With a firm shake of her head, she responds resolutely “A bet is a bet,” her lips curl in a sly smile. “And now it’s time to pay up, my dear. You agreed to the terms, and I intend to hold you to them. Say goodbye to your long tresses, and prepare yourself for the transformation that lies ahead.”

With a swift and sharp motion, Sally takes a long, luscious strand of Jessica’s hair in one hand and lifts it carefully. She holds the scissors in her other hand with precision and confidence, positioning them just above the hair, poised to make a cut. A moment of suspense hangs in the air as the scissors hover. Then, with a single snip, the scissors bite through the hair, severing that first golden lock. The sound of the scissors echoes in the room, signalling the beginning of Jessica’s transformation. 

As she continues to snip away at Jessica’s flowing locks, Sally can’t help but flash a smug smile. With a mischievous gleam in her eye, she taunts Jessica, “Ah, there goes another lock of your precious tresses. It’s no use crying over spilled milk, or in this case, cut hair. This transformation is happening, Jessica, and you’ll just have to bear the consequences. I dare say, a bowlcut could be a bold look for you.” The once-proud blonde locks continue to fall victim to Sally’s skilled scissors, each snip sealing Jessica’s fate further. The blonde strands slide down the black cape, the pile of shorn hair growing ever larger as the seconds tick by. The crowd of spectators gleefully snaps pictures, capturing Jessica’s transformation from all different angles. Their giggles fill the room, a chorus of amusement and excitement. Through it all, Jessica is powerless to halt the humiliation that unfolds before her eyes.

As Sally carefully cuts away at Jessica’s blonde tresses, leaving her with a rough, choppy bowlcut, she has a mischievous idea. With a wicked grin, she snatches the nearby bowl used for choosing the haircut style and dumps out the papers. She combs out some strands of Jessica’s hair, obscuring her tear-streaked face, and then she places the bowl over her head. The sight of the bowl on Jessica’s head elicits laughter and jeers from the crowd, relishing in her humiliation. Phones are held aloft, taking pictures to capture the embarrassing scene. Knowing that these photos will likely end up on the internet, Jessica’s stomach churns with dread. She can only imagine the barrage of jokes and mockery that await her online presence after this devastating haircut.

With careful precision, Sally takes a moment to examine the bowl sitting atop Jessica’s head. The crowd remains amused, eagerly awaiting the next step in this public spectacle. Grabbing her scissors again, Sally delicately traces the edges of the bowl, snipping away any loose strands that protrude from under it. The sound of the scissors echoes in the room, each snip bringing Jessica closer to her new bowlcut. As Sally finishes trimming the edges of the bowl, she reaches for her electric clippers. With no guard attached, they make direct contact with Jessica’s hair. The sound of the clippers buzzing fills the room as she begins to shave the areas not covered by the bowl. The once-beautiful locks were replaced by nothing but a uniform, buzzed-down fuzz. The crowd’s excitement builds as the clippers buzz around Jessica’s head, stripping any remains of her long, luscious hair. The raucous cheers and laughter fill the room, a symphony of mockery directed towards the humiliated girl. 

With the last bit of hair snipped away and the bowl removed, the final result can now be seen – a pristine, immaculate blonde bowlcut. The room falls silent for a moment, the shock of the transformation sinking in. Jessica now sits with a rough, boyish cut, her blonde locks replaced by a closely cropped, circular fringe enclosing her head.

As the room recovers from the shock of the haircut reveal, Sally turns towards Jessica with a devious smile. She announces to the crowd, “Since our lovely Jessica here tried to back out of our little bet at the very last moment, I think she deserves a little extra something to remember this transformation.’’

With a menacing smirk, Sally grabs the bottle of jet black dye and approaches Jessica from behind. “You tried to welch on our deal, sweetie,” she says, her voice dripping with malice, “So, you deserve a little extra something to remember this transformation.” Jessica winces as it dawns on her that it will look terrible when her blonde roots start growing through. 

With practised ease, Sally begins to apply the dark dye to Jessica’s blonde hair, darkening it into a harsh black. With nimble fingers, Sally works methodically, ensuring every inch of hair is thoroughly saturated. Once the dyeing process is complete, she guides Jessica to the hair wash station and thoroughly rinses out the excess dye. After the wash, she skillfully blow dries Jessica’s hair, revealing the dramatic transformation from blonde to black. The room falls silent as the crowd takes in the striking change, awed by the results. As Sally finishes blow drying the final strands of Jessica’s jet black hair, she steps back to admire her handiwork. A satisfied smirk spreads across her face, her sadistic desires satisfied. 

Then, addressing the gathering crowd, Sally announces with triumph, “And behold, Jessica’s new look is now complete! Everyone, come forward and take a moment to capture this moment with a photograph. Remember, it’s not every day we witness such a drastic transformation.” The crowd eagerly gathers, phones and cameras in hand, to document the new, striking hairstyle. As the group of spectators eagerly gathers around Sally and Jessica for the picture, Sally takes a pause. Without warning, she reaches up and undoes her neat bun, unleashing a waterfall of her own luscious, soft brown hair. Its silken strands unfurl gracefully, gently flowing down her back and shimmering in the light. 

For Jessica, the sight of Sally’s cascading locks is another painful reminder of her own drastic transformation. With a forced smile, she tries to hide the humiliation she’s feeling. Sally, still savouring the success of her transformation and Jessica’s humiliation, grabs a champagne bottle and several glasses. She begins pouring the bubbly liquid into each flute as she turns to Jessica and asks with a taunting smirk, “Care for a flute of champagne, dear? Or maybe you’d prefer something a bit stronger, like vodka? After all, you deserve it after that adventurous haircut.”

As Jessica buries her face in her hands, the tears finally begin to bubble to the surface. Her humiliation reaches its peak as the crowd continues to gawk at her striking new hairstyle. The realisation of her drastic transformation sets in, overwhelming her with a mixture of regret and shame. It takes all her strength to compose herself and keep her tears from flowing openly in front of everyone. The once-confident Jessica now feels utterly exposed and humiliated, unsure of how she’ll ever recover from this nightmare. She attempts to keep at least composure, taking a deep breath and managing a weak smile. “No, thank you,” she responds politely, her voice slightly quivering. “I’m aware of my limits when it comes to vodka, and I think I’ll skip it for tonight.” Despite her efforts to maintain a sense of calm, it’s evident that her emotions are swirling inside, ready to erupt at any moment.

The party continues on for several hours, the atmosphere filled with a mixture of triumph and humiliation. The guests drink, laugh, and revel in the spectacle of Jessica’s drastic transformation, while Sally basks in her victory. Jessica, meanwhile, does her best to hide her growing misery, her forced smile masking the turmoil brewing within her. As the night progresses, she wonders if there will ever come a time when she can forget this humiliating ordeal.

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