Jill needed punishment

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I grew up in the 50’s on a small Texas farm.

About the age of fifteen my parents started raising foster children. Better known as farm hands. Usually five boys and two girls. All around my age or a little older.

It was just My father, mother, sister, and myself until the farm got bigger than we could work.

When the boys arrived they immediately received a haircut. Usually a boys regular. Not to short but over the ear and above the collar.

The girls hair wasn’t cut but inspected and treated with a “special soap” mom called it.

Dad had hair cut to the proper mens length and a full beard that seemed massive to the children.

One sunny cool afternoon the social worker pulled up and had a girl around 15 she was needing to be placed.

A discussion took place out of ear shot of the kids. We was out of room. She was taken to the barn anyway and mom went in the house and got the special soap and some new clothes and headed for the barn.

The kids had gathered to see the new girl but all we heard was screaming coming from the barn.

We all assumed she was being killed down there. Then mom and the girl appeared. Both soaking wet head to toe.

They was headed for the house walking by us without a word spoken. Later dad said mom had a little trouble with the bathing rules and had to explain them in way the Jill the new girl could understand.

Two days later dad appeared in the bunk house completely bald and clean shaven. Only explanation for this is he had lice. This was Dads only remedy for boys with lice. We didn’t get special soap.

Then he barked the order we all feared. Go to the barn for inspection. When we got to the barn the chair, scissors and shaving cream was already set up. Dads hair laid on the floor in a pile. Then he produced a new tool. Electric clippers. Something that was only seen in town at the barbershop.

He motioned for me to have a seat in the chair. I approached carefully and he said take off your shirt. I did and he placed it on the shelf. Then he announced the Jill has brought lice with her. They was in his beard and on his head so he had to shave.

I thought ok I don’t have lice I’m in the clear.

The relief didn’t last long. He threw the haircut sheet around me and proceed to pick up the clippers and push my head forward. Not a word was uttered as they went up my neck and over my right ear.  After that all I could think was he peeling my hair off like you’d peel a potato.

Strip after strip my freshly shorn scalp  felt the cool morning air. Watching my hair just fall to the floor was disturbing but satisfying in a way. When he was done he removed the sheet and said next.

No one stepped forward so he pointed at the youngest and said get that shirt off and sit down here. That same process  repeated till all the boys was clean shaved.

Mom at some point had arrived with three girls in tow.  It was their turn but dad want allowed to do the honors on the girls cause he was upset and mom wasn’t about to let him shave them.

Dad was pissed. He kept saying shave her. She deserves it.

Mom had Jill sit in the chair. Reached for the clippers then said to my dad. I just can’t do it to the girls.

Ok Dad said but make it short I want that soap

to work this rime. Then he turned and walked out.  I could tell he dissatisfied with her decision.

She took the scissors in one hand  and a comb in the other and started snipping away at the mid back length hair.   The other boys went out of the barn but just watching Jills hair fall to the ground piling up on top of all the boys hair excited me. She cried and sobbed more with each crunch of the blades.

Mom continued working her way from the back around to the right leaving an inch of bushy brown  hair. Then around the left with less mercy than before pushing her head around. Telling Jill to stop fighting it or she would just shave it all off. When she was done Jill had a one length cut an inch long.

Mom started towards the house telling Jill to stay seated.

Soon as mom was out of sight I picked up the clippers and told Jill I’d better finish the job. Flipped them on and just as dad did to all the boys

I push her head forward and up the back over the right ear to the skin. I ask her repeatedly how do you like having your hair shaved off. I made pass after pass fast as I could repeating to her how do you like it? With only a few passes to go I looked up to see Dad standing in the doorway watching.

He told me to finish and he would deal with me later.

Mom returned to see Jill shaved bald and crying uncontrollably.

She ask who did this?

Of coarse Jill pointed at me but what was mom going to do I was already bald.

Mom pulled the sheet loose and sent Jill and I outside.  Dad was going to hand down my punishment for shaving that little bitches head after bringing lice to our home.

Dad rubbed Jill’s head and said good job. Now all you have to do is go back in there and take care of those others.

You mean shave? I ask.

Anything you see fit. He replied. Your in charge of new kid haircuts from now on.

I went in the barn to find mom trimming my sisters hair to a shoulder bob cut. I said dad told me I was in charge of haircuts now.

Mom replied she don’t have lice.

Neither did I. I told her.

Mom left in protest. I knew what Dad wanted and I wasn’t about to disappoint him.  Last time I did he blistered my ass.

I heard Mom and Dad arguing outside the Mim returned and nodded to me to proceed.

I picked up the scissors and comb  gathered a large chunk in my fingers then loped it of as short as I could.  Then grabbed for the clippers Mom and my sister Beth made their objections know crying and saying don’t.  I set in the center of her forehead anyway and pushed the clippers back revealing the scalp with a perfect pass down the center.  The blond hair yielding to the clippers and floating to the floor like feathers.

Making sure I reminded Beth  of the laughing at my bald head an hour before. I hastily made another uncaring pass. Releasing the blond hair pushing it forward for her to see. Again and again I pushed the clippers though the forest of hair exposing more of her scalp. With her almost shaved. I stopped for a moment letting her catch up with what was happening.  So she could agonize. When I started again. She begged me to finish so she could get out of the chair.

Why? I ask isn’t it funny?

Mom cleared her throat and said finish up.

I honored her  request and finished her smooth.

Beth jumped up almost ripping the sheet and ran for the house. The last girl remained. Mom said no she is only seven and none of what has happened is her fault.

Sorry I said everyone is equal today. I picked her  up and placed her in the chair. I wasted no time shaving the shoulder length blood red hair  from her young head so I didn’t cause too much  pain but leaving her bald none the less.

Your turn Mom.

No way in hell she said.

Dad stepped in the door and said yes you are.

You started all this in the first place. Not wanting to cut Jill’s pretty hair to begin with.

She sat in protest and repeated over and over just scissors please. Please just scissors.

Dad pulled up the waist length ponytail holding it in one hand and the scissors in the other.

She begged no please no. He paused. Just long enough teasing her. Then  he let go of the ponytail. Still holding the scissors at the ready.  He pulled the ponytail back tighter than he had before.

Mom had the most amazing waist long one length hair even her bangs hung down like a thick curtain she couldn’t see though unless it was tied back.

He started snipping away at the hair line above her forehead. What are you doing? She screamed.

I’m agreeing with your wishes to just take the tail with the scissors.

Dad started working his way from side to side as close to the scalp as possible pulling up the front of her hair and folding it back as he went.

Just as he reached the center she said use the clippers for god sake your torturing me this is horrible. He had no problem following her instructions working gently and diligently shaving her in a way to keep it all in one piece. When he was done he held it up like he had scalped her. Showing her his accomplishment and taunting her. He was so proud of himself.

He took no pity on her. She was balling and sobbing out of control as he finished up shaving the section he used the scissors on.

She ask if he was though. Almost he replied picking up the shaving cream and brush.

I don’t have a beard she blubbered.

You have eye brows and a pussy.

My cue to leave.

When new children showed up ar our step. We went to the barn. Boy or girl they was shaved.

Mom did the bathing in special soap and the lice issue was put to rest.

From that point on I kept the boys hair buzzed of and my head pretty much shaved.

Mom never had long hair again Dad seen to that and my sister only cut hers when mom made her.

Jill and I eventually got married and every spring she ask me to shave her. Both ends.

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