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By Jim B.

©opyright January 2010 JimB


Rose and I entered the barbershop about mid-afternoon.

There were few customers there, one in each chair and two waiting.

“Afternoon Sharon,” came the warm welcome voice of Kathy. “Will be with you next.”

We smile at each other, as Rose and I sat. The three men in the chairs, and those waiting, received an eye full as we entered.

My shaven head caught their eyes, a woman BALD!

What was she doing here?

I remember the first time I came here it was with Josh.

My tall muscular Josh.

We had met in January, of this year, at a dinner party given by friends.

I was already there enjoying conversation with those who were invited, when he entered.

All their attention quickly shifted to his entry.

He stood six feet four inches tall, bending as he walked through the door.

The dark suit showed the athletic built he had worked to achieve over the years.

The bright lights of the house quickly reflected off his shaven head, causing a somewhat spot light effect in the room.

The hostess quickly rushed to the door, standing on tiptoes to give him a kiss. Her husband made his way from behind the small bar carrying a glass of red wine for Josh.

His introduction to everyone present was assured as a line, somewhat like you see at a wedding reception began to slowly form.

Each man shaking his hand, each woman standing on tiptoes to give him a little kiss.

I, on the other hand, did not know him.

So I lingered in the background.

As each guest bowed, as one could say they were doing, I tried to find what it was for him to demand such attention.

Too, linger around to see what was so “special” about Josh, a man with a somewhat holy name.

When the greetings were finished we all sat down to a fine five-course dinner.

Josh was seated at the head of the table, like royalty, as the host and hostess sat on either side of him.

He was always the first to be served and the first to have his plate removed.

Nothing was served, to the guests, until he had taken a taste of the food and wine.

As the night passed Josh quickly and systematically sought me out.

For some reason, he knew I did not greet him as the others upon his entry.

Nor, did I stand listing to his sour jokes.

Few words were exchanged between us.

But, he did linger in my mind for weeks afterwards.

It was three weeks later when I came across him, again.

I was having lunch at a local outdoors restaurant. This time it was I who sought him out.

Within a few days we were seeing each other and questions began to be asked.




I could not find, nor get, an answer to them and others.

Slowly, though, I would receive them in strange ways.

Each day became a mystery to be solved, in the same matter as a detective would solve a crime.

Slowly our lives would become together as one.

There was one question, which I received no answer to.

This question.  When back to the night of our first meeting.

WHY the attention he gave to all the women with short hair?

Another question, somewhat the same, was answered, too.

WHY so many women had short hair?

WHY was all his attention to me, a lady with hair down to her waist?

He enjoyed women with short hair because it showed they cared for it more.


Just a smile, a hug, and a kiss on the forehead, every time I question him about “WHY ME”.

If, I would ask him if he would like for me to cut my hair short I would only receive a smile, a hug, and a kiss.

Later I would get “you will know”!

By late March I had moved in with Josh in his mansion in the foothills.

Still I could not find out where he worked, or if he worked.

In the middle of April the weather became HOT, hotter than years before.

My hair was becoming sticky, unmanageable.

I would wash it two, sometimes three, times a day. The swimming pool became my playground.

After a month of the high temperatures and untamed hair, I asked Josh if I should cut my hair.

Again I received a kiss, a hug, and a smile, and “you will know” was his reply.

May had come and no change in the weather, or Josh.

We were taking a walk in the local shopping mall when I told him, “I could not put up with this long hair and hot weather.”

We were shopping for new clothing for me, some new swimwear as the two I had were being used every day now.

We were enjoying a soft drink when friends, as I had come to know they, saw us and came over for a few words.

The temperature in the mall was comfortable compared to it outside.

As we were leaving I noticed the beauty salons were full and I was thinking “HAIR CUT”.

As we walked down a small side wing I noticed a barbershop.

The sign in the window was ALL I needed to see, “WE CUT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN’S HAIR’.

I was NOT going in that HOT weather another time without short hair.

HOW short was now the question, as we entered the shop.

Chapter II – MY TURN

I did not notice Kathy until I was seated and looking through the many hair magazines. I was looking at the short hair cuts.

I would ask Josh what he thought.

“I am sure you will get your hair cut just right,” he said.

My number was called but it was by one of the male barbers.

I told him I would wait for Kathy.

She looked at me, looked over the waiting customers and told me, “One more before you.”

You could see by the amount of hair on the floor, the wailing of the clippers.

I was not the only one who was bothered by the high temperatures.

Hair fell from every customer, every chair; man, woman, child.

I had looked through two magazines, when Kathy stood in front of me.

“Hot summer getting to you I see?” she asked as she pulled my hair from my face.

“Short hair is the best way to beat the heat.

“The shorter the better.”

As much as I hated to do it, I had to agree with her it was the best thing.

After thirty years of growth, only trimming the ends, it was time to let all this go.

We looked through the magazines trying to find a cut for me.

I would ask Josh what he thought and he only smiled.

“That is all they do,” Kathy said with a smile.

“They do not understand our loss when it comes to getting the ‘big hair cut’ after so many years.”

I wanted to agree with her, but something told me different.

After a few more minutes Kathy patted my knee, “Come, sit in the chair and we will cut your hair a little above the shoulders.

“And, we will go from there”.

I looked at Josh as Kathy walked to the chair.

She took the cape off the chair’s back, as I looked at Josh, again.

Taking a deep breath as I walked, what felt like miles, to the barber chair and sat in it.

As the cape came flying across me it came to me I had never sat in a barber’s chair.

It was so BIG, like falling into a lake.

Kathy pulled my hair to one side then the other, as she pulled the cape tight around my neck. Once in place she let my hair fall naturally, as I looked at Josh.

He was looking, watching, my reactions as Kathy went about her job.

She combed my long brownish blond hair for the last time.

I noticed the large mirror behind the customers.

I would, as those who sat in the BIG chair before me, be able to see a new me come about.

Watching my hair being cut.

To fall to the floor and swept away.

A view I had not seen before.

True to her words Kathy began cutting my hair a little above the shoulders.

I had just looked at the cape and the way it fell over me, and the chair, as she took the first cut.

The strands slid down the front of my shoulder coming to rest on my cape covered lap.

Another section combed and “snip”.

This time I heard it and saw it being cut.

With another ‘snip’, hair was sliding down to my lap. A few strands hung to my shoulder.

I looked in the mirror as Kathy was working around the back.

I could feel the loss, as much as I could see it.

A few more ‘snips’ and hair was sliding down my left shoulder joining the strands from the right side.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, my hands came from under the cape and brushing my fingers through my new short cut.

Kathy handed me a hand mirror for a closer look.

My hair felt soft and fluffy.

But, still I could feel “hot” on my neck.

I looked at Josh with a small smile, for some reason I knew I was doing the right thing.

I looked at myself in the hand mirror, as Kathy brushed her fingers through my strands.

“What you say we take a few more inches off top?” she said brushing my hair outward from the top of my head.

Before I could say a word, or put the mirror under the cape, Kathy had combed a section of hair and “snipped” four inches off.

I watched as she combed and snipped.

Hair fell into my lap slowly the pile in my lap grew.

Working in the back hair fell to the floor, to be swept away somewhere.

Josh was sitting up straight, his eyes glowing with pleasure as the strands fell under the scissors. His smile grew with each “snip”.

His eyes followed each section of cut hair, until they came to rest.

When she was finished she fluffed my hair. I took my hands and mirror from under the cape.

Slowly, I brushed my fingers through the shorter cutting.

Pleasure flashed through my body, Josh’s look told me “more must come off”.

I looked at Kathy standing next to me.  She was looking at me in the mirror.

Seeing my hair being cut was becoming fun, pleasurable.

The attention I was receiving from Josh, his eyes as they followed my cutting closely. It was as if he was guiding or doing the cutting.

“Do you want to be real cool for the summer?” Kathy inquired, as she brushed her fingers through my shorter hair.

“Cool!” I said to myself.

“Cool” was not the word I wanted, just relief from the heat.

“Relief” no matter what it took.

Not fully understanding what she meant, only that “cool” meant “relief” from this hot weather.

For some reason my head did a gentle shake of “YES”.

Kathy walked back to the shelf behind the chair. Her right hand took hold of something hanging under the shelf. 

Her left hand grabbed something from top of the shelf. As she turned both object came together.

Josh caught site of what was happening. He sat leaning forward as if something “good” was about to happen.

Kathy placed a hand on top of my head and tilted it downward.

I could not see what was going on.

But, Josh’s smile told me it was something he was enjoying and pleased with.

There was a “click” followed by a steady “humming” sound of a soft motor.

I had heard the sound before but could not place it.

Then, the “humming” sound became a “cutting” sound.

I knew what it was!


The “humming cutting” sound moved up the back of my neck and head.

Another pass followed to the side of the first, hair came tumbling off my shoulder.

She was clipping my hair short like the young boy who was getting his hair cut, when we entered the shop.

My head was tilted to the left as she mowed the clippers up the right side of my head. My hair was being cut to half an inch.

With the last stroke on the right side, she pushed the clippers over the top of my head.

Then, she walked around to the left side and finished the cut.

Josh was almost standing as he watched me sit as clippers cut my hair shorter than I had ever had.

He was breathing deep, I was breathing deep.

“CLICK” the humming stopped.

Kathy placed the clippers on the shelf, picked up the hair duster. She brushed clipped strands of hair from my face.

Quickly I took the hand mirror from under the cape.

My free hand causally brushed over my shorter haircut.

Kathy’s hand was brushing up the back of my neck and head.

Josh’s eyes were almost popping out.  His smile was almost ear to ear.

“What do you think?” she asked.

A childish shrug of my shoulders brought a little laugh from her.

Josh sat back crossing his arms, as if to give his approval.

But, his eyes told something else.

Kathy was brushing the back with her fingers, as she turned a little and picked up the clippers again.

With them in hand she walked to my right side.

I turned my head to look at her.

“CLICK”, “HUMmmm.”

Her left hand turned my head to face the mirror, as I watched the clippers, without any attachment, being brought to my head.

Slowly it was pushed over my head cutting the half inch away.

“Fuzz. peach fuzz,” was left in the path made by the clippers.

Slowly, more “peach fuzz” was the remaining as the clippers clipped away my hair.

Josh was now sitting up and comfortable.

I took a deep breath and watched my hair being cut to fuzz.

Kathy worked the clippers faster over my head, within a few minutes my head was peach fuzz all over.

Clippers finished they were put to rest.

I was looking at a face I knew but the hair was NOT there.

Kathy was brushing my head with the hair duster, tossing clippings in the air like star dust.

There was a sound of wood slamming against wood, behind me, as Kathy took something from a small cabinet under the shelf.

Steam rose from the washbasin.

Kathy undid the cape letting it fall to my lap.

She tucked a large white towel in my blouse around my neck.

My eyes slowly caught the reaction of the other customers; men, women and little boys and girls.

Stun, were the look on the women, wonderment on the little girls.  The men and boys looked but did not look.

As my attention turned back to Josh, he looked more relaxed than when we came in the shop.

His head raised a little as Kathy placed a warm moist towel to my shorn scalp.

“This will be a little hot.

”But, it will cool in a few seconds,” she whispered.

The feeling of the warm moist towel caused my head to roll back in pleasure. Quickly the hot turned to cool as she rubbed my scalp with the towel.

A low “click” followed by a soft “winding” sound caused me to search for it in the mirror.

Before I could locate the sound it ended and Kathy was standing next to me.

Her hand took the cool towel off my head, tossing it back into the sink.

In her left hand was a pile of warm white soft shaving cream.

Gently, she began applying it to my fuzzy scalp.

First, just smoothing it on to cover the fuzz.

Then, rubbing to work it between each clipped fuzzy strand of hair standing on my scalp.

She moistens the towel and wrapped my head with it, “This will make it easier to remove the fuzz.”

As the warmth cooled down, she removed something from a small cabinet on the shelf.

She held it in her hand as she spread oil over the shinning silver part of it.

She closed and placed it in the pocket of her blouse.

She turned and removed the towel from my head.

She put more shaving cream on my head, this time she rubbed the first covering the stubbles.

Then, piled a gentle layer covering all the fuzz until my head was a pile of white shaving cream.

After wiping her hands of shaving cream, her left hand took hold of the leather strap hanging from the right arm of the chair.

Her right hand removed the object she had placed in her pocket.

With a “flick” of the wrist the shinning part of the object jumped out and straight.

Slowly she moved the shinning part over the leather strap, up-down-up-down, with each movement the edge of the shinning part sparkled.

In one movement she let the leather strap go and pushed the silver standing arm forward.

The chair slowly lowered, coming to a “bump” stop.

I could see only my head in the mirror, it was covered with white like the snow we would pile on our heads during winters as children.

Without saying a word Kathy begin removing the white cream with her straight razor. Each shaving stroke was short, slowly removing cream and fuzz.

My pale scalp began to show.

Pale from being covered all these years by all that hair, which was now on the floor around the chair I was sitting in.

As more cream and fuzz was removed I could feel the cool breeze of the air conditioner.

Slowly my scalp became present.

My head was tilted and shaved.

My head was becoming the same as Josh’s.

WHY did I let this happen?

WAS this what I wanted?

Soon Kathy was wiping my shaven head, her fingers searched my scalp.

She turned and turned the water on again.

The towel was being soaked with the hot water.

My head was wrapped again with it.

The winding sound of the dispenser sounded, filing Kathy’s left hand with soft warm shaving cream.

She removed the towel and covered my smooth head.

After wiping her hands she opened a drawer and searched, through it.

“Aaaa, this will do it,” she said holding up a small safety razor. She moved it under the running water.

Before I could get myself ready, she was shaving my head with the safety razor.

Each stroke was shorter than with the straight razor. It felt like an hour before she was finished.

Slowly she moved the tips of her fingers over my head, searching for unshaven hairs.

When they were found, she quickly shaved by the razor.

When she could not find any unshaven hairs the safety razor was put to rest.

She wiped my scalp of shaving cream and patted it dry.

I could see her putting powder on the hair duster.

With quick gentle strokes she spread the sweet powder over my smooth head and face.

She took hold of the towel and pulled it out of my blouse.

I raised the hand mirror for a closer look at my new hair cut.

The smile, the eyes, they I remembered.

But, the head I did not.

It had NO hair, it was smooth and pale skin showed, where there was once hair.


I had sat watching my hair being cut off and my head shaved to the skin.

As I got out the chair Josh stood up and took a few steps towards me.

I raised my hands to my head and brushed them over my bald head.

“Do you like my new hair cut?” I asked of him.

He smiled, gave me a kiss, and answered, “Just the cut I wanted you to have.”

I stepped to the side to get a closer look at myself in the mirror I had watched myself in for the last hours.

I became friendly with her, I could see myself.

I bent down to pick up my purse.

“Put the hair cut on your bill, Josh?” Kathy’s voice said.

“Yes.  Add the usual for yourself.” Josh replied.

My eyes opened wide, “on your bill”.

I stood looking in the mirror at them.

Josh was standing behind me facing the mirror.

Kathy was sweeping my hair from around the chair into a small box like cabinet behind the chair.

I started to turn and face Josh.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently placed a kiss on the back of my smooth scalp.

My thoughts of that visit filled my mind, as did the days afterwards.

Chapter III – ROSE’S CUT

My thoughts distracted me.

I had not heard Rose being called to the chair by Kathy.

I came back to time just as Kathy was pulling the cape around Rose’s neck.

Rose pulled the cape a little as it formed an “L” over her lap.

Her full legs showed as the cape was pulled up.

She placed one foot on the footrest and crossed the other leg over the resting one.

This caused the cape to ride up, exposing the inners of her thighs.

My heart begin to beat a little faster as I watched her do this as Kathy begin brushing her hair from a center part on top of her head.

Her hair fell to the shoulders, with a little up sweep curl of the tips.

Her hair was a light black and full.

She has had it at various lengths, from waist length as a child to as short as three inches all over as a teen-ager.

The present length was an outcome of her college years, when shoulder length hair was popular.

My thoughts were of Kathy and her magic charm and skills.

How would she deflower Rose of her hair!

Would she be forceful as she was with me?

How would Rose react to seeing her hair cut shorter with the razor on the final cutting!

Rose sat comfortable, more than I did, when Kathy begin her cutting.

Kathy combed a section of hair. “snip”.

And, three inches of hair fell into Rose’s cape covered lap.

Another section was combed and “snip”, tumbling down over her shoulder to join the first.

Unlike me, Rose had her hair cut short before.

Her reaction to the cutting was not like mine, when Kathy took the first few snips of my long strands.

Her eyes were not fixed, as were mine.

My eyes caught hair falling to the floor behind the chair, as Kathy worked her way around Rose’s head.

A few “snips” and Kathy was cutting hair from the left side.

Hair fell down over the left shoulder tumbling down into the cape. Each strand joining the others, cut before them.

When Kathy took the last “snip”, Rose shook her head freely.

Her hair flew wildly, like you see in those hair commercials on television.

Kathy was standing behind her watching, waiting with interest.

With out a word being said.

With out the hand mirror.

With out time for Rose to look at the length.

Kathy’s right hand came over the top of her head.

It combed a section of hair in front and combed the hair to about three inches from her head.

Quickly the strands were clamped between her first two fingers of her left hand. With one fluid motion the comb and scissors were exchanged.

The blades opened and “snip” and four inches fell down in front of Rose’s face into her lap. The strands fell free not touching her face or body until they hit her lap, joining others.

Rose’s eyes opened wider as Kathy combed another section of hair.

I took a deep breath as I watched the combing and cutting.

Hair was being combed and cut quicker than when she did mine.

She was raping Rose of her hair, strand by strand.

I found myself leaning forward a little, like Josh did, as Kathy worked her way back over Rose’s head.

Hair on top was shorter, as hair on the back and sides hung longer.

Quickly she was combing and cutting the right side, then the left side.

With Rose’s head tilted downward Kathy begin the final cutting to three inches.

There was dark hair on the floor, on Rose’s shoulders, and piled in her lap.

When she was finished Kathy brushed her right hand over the cut.

Rose shook her head from side-to-side.

Kathy handed her the hand mirror, Rose took a deep breath as I did and looked at her self in the mirror.

A smile came to her face, as a smile came to mine.

Watching Rose’s reaction, I did not notice what Kathy was doing behind the chair.

Rose was brushing her fingers through her hair, when there was a “click” followed by a steady “humming” sound.

One I knew very well.

A sound telling me the clipping was to begin.

My ears caught the sound, as Rose sat brushing her hair.

Still looking at her short hair, she did not notice Kathy bring the “humming” clippers over her head.

When she did notice the sound, it was too late.

Kathy begin pulling the clippers, with the half inch attachment on it, back over Rose’s head.

Strands of hair were pushed over her head onto the floor behind the chair.

Her eyes “popped” open with disbelief.

She was watching, staring in the hand mirror, as Kathy brought the clippers back to the front to begin another path backward.

Rose closed her eyes and placed the mirror under the cape.

I found myself sitting up straight, my arms crossed under my breast pushing them upward. I began to feel what Josh was felling when I was in the chair.

Hair fell as the clippers were worked over her head.

Standing on the right side Kathy started working her way around Rose’s head.

When her head was titled downward Rose opened her eyes staring at me.  I could not see what her expression was.

Was it disbelief or one of pleasure?

With the last upward movement hair fell into her lap.

Kathy begin brushing over Rose’s new “brush cut”.

Her hand removed the attachment and tossed it to the shelf behind the chair.

The clippers did not stop “humming”.

Kathy took another brushing over Rose’s head with her left hand.

It stopped at the back and tilted Rose’s head forward and downward.

Standing behind the chair Kathy pushed the “humming” clippers up the back of Rose’s head.

My eyes opened wider, as I watched in the walled mirror behind the chair, as Kathy brought the attachmentless clippers up the back of Rose’s neck and head.

Slowly the “humming” became a “cutting” sound.

Kathy slowly pushed the clippers up the left side of her neck, coming to a stop where the head started the arch over the top of her head.

Rose began to tear as Kathy started another upward clipping.

Slowly Kathy worked the clippers, and herself, around Rose’s head.

Her head still tilted downward, small hairs begin falling on her shoulders.

My heart begin to beat faster with pleasure as the clippers came forward from behind Rose’s right ear, pushing a small pile of hair.

The clippers came over the top of the ear the pile of hair falling downward into her lap full of hair.

I was now sitting with my hands grasping the chair I was sitting in.

Rose stopped her tearing.

She took a BIG deep breath causing her breast to rise and fall, as Kathy began pushing the clippers over the top of her head.

When the clippers came to a halt, at the back.

Rose closed her eyes as the clippers were brought forward over her head.

She did not open them until Kathy had walked around to the left side and begin clipping the half-inch strands to fuzz.

Peach fuzz.  Dark peach fuzz.

Her head looked like Josh’s when he woke in the morning needing to shave his face.

My thoughts were ahead of the action.

I was thinking of the shaving cream, the razor removing it and the peach fuzz.

How smooth Rose’s scalp would feel.

With the last “humming” sound, Kathy put the clippers to rest.

She picked up the hair duster and begin dusting Rose’s head, neck, and face.

Rose pulled her right hand from under the cape and with a smile she wiped away the little tears from her cheeks.

There was the sound of “wood hitting wood”, a sound I had heard myself.

A white towel was tossed into the sink of running hot water.

With one hand Kathy unclipped the cape and let it fall down Rose’s right shoulder.

With the other hand she was tucking another towel into the collar of Rose’s blouse.

Quickly the cape fell down and the towel was tucked into the left side.

Kathy reached over Rose’s lap, took hold of the cape and pulled it slowly back across her lap as some hair strands fell down on Rose’s crossed legs.

Feeling the hairs on her lap, she uncrossed them and gave them a little shake.

She took another deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror behind me. Her eyes closed for a few seconds.

Then, she opened them with a smile to her glowing face.

She crossed her legs as she sat upward a little more.

Kathy wrapped her head with the warm wet towel it covered her head like a turban.

The “winding” sound of the shaving cream dispenser filled the shop.

ALL three barbers were filling their hands with warm white shaving cream.

But, only Kathy’s would lather a head completely.

With the same skill she used on me, she removed the cool towel from Rose’s head and tossed it into the sink.

Slowly she applied the shaving cream, a little at first to be rubbed into the peach fuzz.

Then, a thicker pile covering the fuzz.

I was now sitting more relaxed, as did Josh when I was being lathered.

Was I feeling the same pleasures he felt that day!

I had seen other women get haircuts, I had seen myself get a haircut, and my head shaved.

But, for some reason my body was feeling different.

Kathy wrapped Rose’s head with another warm towel. She let it sit awhile and she begin rubbing Rose’s head with it.

Her head moved freely.

Kathy removed it and tossed it to the floor behind her.

The dispenser piled more shaving cream in her left hand.

She began applying the shaving cream to the back of Rose’s head.

Rose’s head moved freely as Kathy rubbed the cream over her head.

When her head was a pile of white Kathy wiped her hands of shaving cream.

She took the straight razor from the cabinet.

She took hold of the leather strap and slowly moved the opened straight razor “up and down” over it.

The blade began to shine, as it did when I sat waiting for it to remove the last of my hair.

As Kathy brought the razor up to began its’ work Rose slowly, and softly, closed her eyes as in receiving pleasure.

A feeling I had felt when Kathy shaved my head.

Kathy took slow strokes with the razor, exposing virgin scalp that shinned.

There was a mixture of dark spots in white spots.

Her white spots showed more than mine.

The difference was in my light colored hair and the darkness of Rose’s.

My scalp would darken in a few days. Rose’s would need longer and more time in the sun.

Kathy’s fingers begin searching the scalp for smoothness, shaving unwanted fuzz when found.

Rose’s eyes searching out the looking of the other customers watching as I had done.

Was I feeling what Josh felt when I was sitting in the chair being shaved!

Was Rose feeling the same pleasures I received as Kathy shaved my head smooth and bald?

I watched as Rose sat staring at herself in the large mirror behind me, being shaved.

A look I saw on myself, once.

The razor finished its first cleaning and Kathy wrapped Rose’s head with the warm towel.

More shaving cream was applied after she removed the towel.

Again she was searching the drawers for a safety razor.

A safety razor to bring Rose’s scalp free of all peach fuzz.

Smooth to the touch and a shaved beauty to join me.

Rose sat more relaxed as Kathy began shaving her head with the safety razor.

Kathy took short strokes, searching with her free fingers as she did when she shaved my head. Tilting Rose’s head to the left, forward, to the right, to remove ANY hint of hair.

As I watched I wanted to be next for Kathy and her razors.

That pleasure was done that morning, by Josh.

Kathy was finished her shaving, powder was being shaken onto the hair duster.

Quickly she was dusting Rose’s freshly smooth scalp.

Rose closed her eyes with a pleasing smile, as powder flew freely over her head and the air around her head.

When the towel was removed, the chair lowered, Rose looked at me searching for something!

Like I had done, she stroked her shaven scalp to feel the pleasure of the first touch.

She walked to me, as I stood waiting, as Josh did that day for me. She stood next to me looking at her self in the large mirror, as I did, for a closer look at her new haircut.

As Josh did to me, I did to Rose.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and placed a soft kiss on the back of her head. As I did, she raised her head backward in pleasure.

Kathy looked at us in the mirror.

Then, went back to sweeping Rose’s hair into the cabinet closed, with other strange hairs.

I did not have to tell Kathy to, “Put the hair cut on Josh’s bill”.

He had made the arrangements before we came.

We had planned Rose’s shaving from the night we met her.

She was to join our family.


When we arrived home, Debra, one of Josh’s maids greeted us.

“My, Rose,” she said. “You look just great with your head shaved.

“Just as Miss Sharon.”

Rose looked over her right shoulder at me.

My hands were trembling.  They wanted to reach for Rose’s head and softly brush over it.

Josh told me I could give her shaven head the first soft kiss.

But, the first brushing was to be by him.

“I will see to it,” Debra continued. “That you have some nice large earrings.”

We walked into the hallway as Edward, Josh’s head butler, was coming from the family room.

“Beautiful.” he exclaimed as we met him.

“Master Josh was right Miss Rose, you do look great bald.

“Just as Miss Sharon when she had her head first shaved.”

“Master Josh is waiting for the two of you on the patio,” telling us and pointing to the family room, which lead to the patio.

As we walked through the family room my thoughts were of softly brushing my fingers over Rose’s smooth scalp and that of Josh.

Each night I would brush his shaven head as he was pleasing my smooth lower lips. He would softly brush my shaven head, as I worked up and down on his stiffness.

But, I have never felt the smoothness of a shaven female’s head, except for my own.

The only smoothness of a woman I have felt was of Nancy.

She was my roommate in college and taught me the caring of another woman.

She shaved her lower lips.

It was our first night as lovers she taught me the pleasures of another woman. It was the first time I had ever had any part of my body shaved, except for my legs and underarms.

Nancy was gentle, both in love making and shaving me that night.

Two experiences I would not forget.

It was weeks before she showed me how to shave myself.

I learned how pleasing it could be.

Now much fun it could be.

Many times I would slowly shave myself, as my lover for the night would watch with their eyes popping out and tongue licking at the floor.

As we walked on to the patio Josh was standing by the ivy covered fence, which separated the patio and pool. He was sipping a glass of red wine.

He placed the glass on the table as he walked towards us.

“Extremely lovely my Rose.

“Does she not my dear Sharon!” he said to Rose and me.

“Yes,” I told him as my hands trembled on her waist.

“All that hair covered your true beauty,” he continued as he walked to us.

“Just as my dear Sharon, her beauty too, was covered up until I had her head shaved for me.”

He raised his hand to her head and gently stroked the smoothness of her scalp. My hands slowly rose up from her waist to her breast.

They wanted to go higher to her smooth scalp.

They wanted to replace Josh’s gently stroking with their own.

“Sharon, you must spread some tanning lotion over her scalp,” he told me with a smile.

“The whiteness must be darkened.

“It will take a few days in the sun to darken and we do not want her scalp to blister.

“So, you must do it twice, maybe three times, a day until her scalp is like her face.”

My heart began beating rapidly.  I thought it would jump out of my body.

Josh gave me a kiss and pointed to the lotion on the patio table.

As Rose sat in the chair my hands started shaking, which Josh noticed.

I was going to touch her smooth scalp.

Josh sat in the chair across from us watching my nervousness.

I poured some lotion in my left hand and tipped the fingers of my right hand into it.

Slowly, I spread the lotion nervously over her shaven head.

A warm chill spread from my fingertips to my toes.

I became faint, weak from the pleasure I had thought of since my own shaving.

“Oooooo, that feels good,” Rose said looking up at me.

“Can I do yours afterward?”

“Of course, you can my dear,” I said smiling at her big eyes.

“Josh, my dear,” I spoke softly. “We must have a party.

“A “special” party!”

“Yes,” Rose pleasingly exclaimed. “One to celebrate my new hair cut.”

Josh smiled and called Edward.

When he came onto the patio Josh told him, “Edward, my ladies want a party.

“Make it a very “special” one.

“Invite my, our friends.

“You know whom I am talking about.

“I leave everything in your hands, my friend.”

Edward smiled and walked into the house.

Two weeks had passed when Edward told us of the plans for the party was completed.

How he had arranged for something special upon the arrival of the invited guest.

The party was scheduled for this Saturday night, which gave Rose and I two days to find new outfits to wear.

What was this “special” happening, he had planned?

Edward was so secretively about it, he would not even tell Josh what it was.

When Saturday night arrived Rose and I talked about being the only women with our heads shaved.

Two Shaven women would be sure to command the attention from others, just as Josh did the night I first set eyes on him.

We even tried to think of what Edward had arranged as the “special” happening.

Josh even tried threats of firing him.

But, Edward only laughed, “Fire me, sir!”

Josh and he knew it would not be done.

An hour before the arrival of the first guest Edward said Rose and I should come down after all the invited had arrived.

“It would be a surprise to the invited,” he told us.

Another surprise, or were we the “special” surprise?

Rose and I with our shaven heads!

Sitting in Rose’s room we talked trying to figure out what, or who, the surprise is.

WHO were the guests?

Like all women we wondered if we had the right dress on, the right jewelry, right makeup.

Should we play the hostesses, or just wonder about the guests?

Chapter V – THE PARTY

The party was for seven and as usual some of the guests begin arriving early.

By seven twenty-five Edward was knocking at the door for us to come down.

As we walked to the party, we tried to, again, find out from him if we were to be the “surprise”.

“No, the surprise will be “special” to all who have come,” he told us.

We tried to find out what it was, or more about it.

Still he was not talking.

When we reached the den Rose and I looked at each other nervously and took a deep breath.

We, two lovely shaven ladies, were about to come face to face with people we did not know personally, only through Josh.

We knew nothing about them and they knew nothing about us.

Or, did they!

Edward opened the double doors for us to enter and stepped back.

“Enjoy the party you asked for,” he told us as he turned and walked to the kitchen.

We stepped into the den’s doorway, expecting all eyes to turn to us.

Our eyes widened in surprise, we turned our heads to each other in surprise.

Was this the surprise Edward planned!

Did Josh know of this!

We turned our heads back to the guest, who were talking amongst themselves.

Each with a glass of red wine.

No one paid much attention to us.

Why should they.

As we walked among the guest looking for Josh, we found we were not the only shaven females in the crowd.

Every man and woman was shaved.

There was not a hair on a head.


Rose asked if I knew this.

I just shook my head “no” and looked surprised at her.

Did she know this I wondered!

I begin to recognize some of the guest.

Men, who would come by from time to time, to do what I did not know.

Women, the wives and girlfriends, I had met face to face but did not expect.

Some I had talked to about my shaven head, answering questions they asked.

I now wonder why they asked them.

Did I spark their interest in the shaveness!

How did it come “all” were shaved, shaven heads to the skin?

Rose and I decided to mingle with the guest, not to play the role of hostesses.

We would be able to find out more this way.

We would find the answers to our questions, the one we both asking ourselves.


After a few minutes of mingling I found Josh sitting on the couch talking with a lovely shaven lady.

From how she sat I could tell she was taller than I.

My heart began to come to my throat.

Josh and I caught each other’s eyes.

“Sharon,” he called to me as his hand reached out for me to come to him. “Come meet Angel.”

“Glad to meet you,” she said reaching out her hand for mine. “Josh has told me so much about you.

“He is one lucky man to have such as lovely and special lady as you.”

I could not think of a time I had seen her and Josh together.

But, I was glad for the attention he gave me.

Angel was a local newscaster on television.

I had never seen her with her head shaved.

She told me the station management did not think the people would take to seeing a shaven woman give the news.

“Ratings!” she said.

But, why were there so many here tonight.

Was this some kind of club?

As I was about to speak Edward opened the doors to the party.

Behind him was Kathy.

“Come, we must greet Kathy,” Josh whispered in my ear.

Taking his arm we walked to greet her.

“Sharon. Josh,” she said giving us a kiss on the cheek.

“You have a wonderful party here.”

“Well, I guess this is it,” she continued, as she looked the guest over.

It was then I noticed everyone was not saying a word.

All taking, except for us, stopped.

All the guests were looking at us standing in the door.

“Edward has arranged a great “special” surprise for us,” Josh told her.

“I did not know what it was until this afternoon, when he told me.

“I am sure our guests will enjoy it.”

After handing her coat to Debra, Kathy walked though the guest kiss and hugging them.

They spoke a few words.

And, she to the next guest.

Slowly she worked her way to a chair and table by the fireplace.

As she stood there everyone begin to take notice of her and slowly quietly everyone stopped talking and found a place to sit.

Everyone was sitting in chairs, on the couch, on the floor, all within eyesight of Kathy.

Kathy sat in the chair as she looked over the guest and smiled.

She did not say a word, just smiled and turned her head from side to side.

I watched as the guests begin to ask questions to each other, as to see if any knew what was to happen.

Her right hand reached to the table.

She was the surprise!

What was she going to do?

“Click,” a sound I had heard before and everyone began looking at each other.

A sound I had heard as those here did, in my ears, behind my head.

One I heard as I watched Rose’s hair being clipped from her head.

All watched as Kathy brought the small “humming” clippers to her head.

Without any hesitation she slowly pushed it through her hair.

The movement was slow, leaving behind peach fuzz.

Another and another path of fuzz was made as hair fell behind the chair.

Each pass left fuzz, just as she had on us.

Every woman had a “I wish I was doing that” looks in her eyes.

A chance to clip the head of the woman, who had taken our own hair.

Now she was sitting before us doing the same thing to her self.

Her hair was not as long as mine and Rose’s was and from the looks on the other women it was not as long as theirs were.

Her hair was only about two inches long at any given section.

How much of a loss was it to her?

She worked the clippers up the sides and reaching behind her head she clipped the final strands away.

As if, in a victory wave, or a gathering of a prize. 

She picked up a section of hair, which fell in her lap and waved it over her head for all to see.

It was if she was telling us of her victory, and our victory, over the thoughts of women with hair.

Was she right?

Placing the clippers back on the table, she took the wash cloth and wet it in the bowl of warm water.

She washed her clipped head as if she was going to shampoo her hair, rubbing the warm wet cloth to soften each strand of fuzz.

Her left hand grasped the can of shaving cream, shaking it well to mix the solution within.

A small pile of cream was expelled into her right hand.

It was spread over the fuzz.

She began working it into her clipped hair as she did to ours.

Another pile, much more than the first, was expelled to be worked over the first.

This pile covered her head of fuzz, covering all strands.

Taking the towel she wiped her hands and picked up the safety razor.

To our disliking she began shaving her head in the back, where we could not see.

Many tried to move for a better look but Edward had placed the chair and table as such so we could not see there.

Her strokes were slow, as they were with us. Her head was tilted downward so we could not see any expression on her face.

Was she receiving pleasure, as I think she received when she shaved us?

In my mind I knew every person, man or woman, wanted to be shaving her head, not sitting looking on.

They wanted to be the clipper.  They wanted to do the clipping.

The shaving.

Whatever it took.  They wanted her head shaved.

With the back finished she began shaving from her forehead.

Slowly back over her head.

Each stroke revealing her virgin scalp, as she had ours.

Her fingers worked searching her scalp for unshaven hairs, only to be razored away.

She was beginning to look like a little old man with only hair on the back and sides of his head.

Soon, this cream and fuzz was shaved away, leaving a smooth head.

Another shaved lady was joining our family of friends.

A family.  Where everyone has a shaven head.

The razor was put to rest and the washcloth was wiping her scalp of any remaining shaving cream.

A soft patting of the cloth told us her head was smooth as silk, no hair to be found.

She applied a sweet lotion to her smooth scalp, as she had the powder to ours.

As she stood everyone began to applaud with approval of her new haircut.

Josh walked to her.

“Now my dear friends I give you the lady who has taken the hair of our lovely ladies.

“She has now joined them herself,” he announced to everyone.

She accepted a kiss from Josh.

“When you come in for your shaving,” she began telling us.

“I will be shaved as you.”

The rest of the night went by slowly, as Rose and I met the other shaven ladies.

Each was glad to see Josh so settled and happy with someone special.

“Were we to marry!” some would ask.

It was around two, the next morning, when the guest had gone.

Edward and the others were starting to clean up.

Josh and I sat on the patio with a glass of red wine.

I wanted to know more about his friends, now my friends.

More as to why all had a shaven head.


But, I put the questions back into my mind. It would only cause questioning myself.

Would I ever know of the why, I did not know.

Had the other women asked the same question, I did not know.

All I knew was I was happy with Josh and my shaven head.

Would we marry!

Would I grow hair back!

The End ©opyright January 2010 JimB

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