Judge Orders Legally Blonde Barbie Buzzed

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Both lawyers were being difficult and the judge was getting tied of their antics and had warned them both or face contempt.

The prosecutor was professional looking with a French bob. The defense attorney looked like Barbi and was known as Legally Blonde by other attorneys.

The defendant also kept speaking up and the judge warned her attorney to control your client.

Finally the judge enough is enough and told her lawyer to have your client step up to the bench. She was ordered to sit in a chair that was placed in front. The bailiff brought out heavy duty Oster clippers. The lawyers and defendant watched in disbelief as the woman’s hair was sheared off to a short pixie from her shoulder length.

Her lawyer tried to object. The judge said your next since you can’t control your client.

Bailiff, give Barbi a short boys haircut. She said I strenuously object. He said overruled, shave her sides and back high and tight.

The prosecutor smiled and said I guess she won’t be Legally Blond anymore.

The judge not amused said, I’ve had enough out of you too young lady.

She sat there horrified that she might share the same faint.

The bailiff was a heavyset women with a short butch haircut, who smiled as she tied a tissue around Barbie’s petite little neck. It was obvious to everyone that she was really enjoying skinning the very attrative lawyer. When finished Barbi looked like a little boy, and the trial continued.

After the third day, the trial was concluding and the prosecutor thought she was out of danger from the judge.

Then the judge, one more item, we need to finish up with the prosecutors haircut. Bailiff let’s buzz her to match Barbie.

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