My Next Summer At The Cottage

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Part 2 of Sammie’s Journey

Samantha was all but a memory, only used by he parents and grandparents.  To the rest of the world she would be known as Sammie from now on.  Going back to college proved to be tough for her as she no longer seemed to fit in with that lifestyle anymore.  Luckily for her, Her room mate for the last 2 years was now spending her time at her boyfriends house, so it was never a problem when it was ‘lights out’ at 9:00.  The only time she ever was questioned about it was if Hunter, her roommate would stop by the room to pick up something she needed.  Hunter had certainly noticed the change in her friend, if nothing else than all the empty milk cartons in the trash.

It was late October when Sammie’s hair finally grew enough to start trying to go over her ears.  She spent 2 weeks hating both the feeling of it on them and the way it now looked.  After pushing the hair back down for the 20th time that day, she decided she needed to get it cut again but that too was a struggle.  She knew that the chain salons around campus wouldn’t do what she wanted, so the next time Hunter stopped by their room she asked for some help.

Hunter was your typical long-haired college girl and even though the campus was filled with girls with short hair and even a few with no hair, she couldn’t understand why Sammie would want to cut hers again.  Not wanting to let Sammie down, she agreed once Sammie promised not to be mad at her if she didn’t like the results.  Twenty minutes later and she was pulling the hair covered towel from Sammie’s shoulders.  To Hunter, her friend just looked silly now with the sides now clear of her ears.  Sammie agreed that a mullet was not the look she wanted, so Hunter then cut the back a little higher up her neck.  The end look was just the most simple of short cuts, totally lacking any style at all, but for Sammie it was perfect.

Sammie was at home with the family for the Christmas holidays, also there were her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jason.  When Lisa saw Sammie she commented on her new haircut.  With Bayleigh standing next to her, her bowlcut now well over her ears and over her collar…”I see you still like it off your ears.  I’m sure you can’t wait to get back to see Mr Jane.”  Sammie bit her lip and looked away as her aunt spoke to her.  Lisa went right back to where she was when they were together last summer…”Only a few more month’s to go then I will take all of you kids for your summer cuts again.”  Sammie could only agree with her aunt, knowing that once she arrived at the cottages the first thing she would do would be the walk her and the other kids to Mr Jane’s shop.  Sammie wanted to say that she was 21 now and too old to have such a look, but she knew that her aunt wouldn’t listen to her as she marched them towards the shop.

Lisa then went on to tell Sammie that they had just completed the purchase of another 8 cottages plus a 4 suite apartment building…”Sammie, you’ve done such a great job for us that we want you to run our rental operations for us.”  Sammie and her parents were surprised by the offer.  Her parents, of course, preferred for her to finish her last year of college, but the money they had offered made the offer just too good not to consider.  They all agreed that it was Sammie’s choice to make.  Lisa told them she could think about it so once the holidays were over Sammie went back to school with even more to think about.

The school year ended with Sammie deciding to take up the offer that aunt Lisa had made.  She had worked it out so he final year could be taken online, so this trip saw her moving everything she had to her new living quarters.  Since she would be living there year round Lisa had decided to let Sammie stay in one of the apartments since the cottages were all winterized for the off season.  Once Sammie saw the size of the 2 bedroom unit she knew that after 3 years in a tiny dorm room, it would be strange to be that alone again.

After a day of getting settled in to he new place Sammie figured she should go and look over the new cottages. She had scheduled the paint order to be delivered that afternoon which gave her almost 3 hours of time to look things over.  He first stop was the new cottages which Sammie found to be very nice but not up to the standards that her aunt demanded.  She then walked towards the ones she knew from last year, the whole time wondering if she would continue to the end of town and Mr Jane’s shop.  The 4 units she painted last year still looked brand new, so she figured she could get the other 4 done before her aunt showed up with the kids, possibly stopping her from painting again this year.

As she finished up her inspection she walked to the end of the driveway.  She looked hard down the street before she decided to start walking towards Jane’s Family Haircare.  Within a few minutes she would be there and Sammie was still unsure of why she felt such a need to do this to herself.  She was only a hundred, or so feet from the front of the shop and it looked like the place was closed.  She continued up to the door only to see a hand-written sign posted  “Sorry, but a medical emergency will keep the shop closed for the next 6 weeks.”  Sammie checked the date against the date on her watch and found there was at least another 4 weeks to go.  Defeated, she walked back to her apartment, still not knowing what she was going to do.

That afternoon Sammie went to the small general store in town.  In search of a few basic cleaning products she saw no reason to go all the way to the bigger store across town.  While she was browsing thru the aisle she runs into another young girl who she knows by the tight curly hair is Claire from the beauty parlor.  The smile as they pass each other, each one giving a quick “Hi” as they passed.  Once she paid for her items Sammie walked out of the store, but then the thought of her hair, in its current state, made her stop.  Even though most of the women who she saw coming out of that place were very old, she assumed that someone as young as Claire should be able to cut her hair like she needed.

Sammie sat on the bench in front of the store, then as Claire stepped out she stopped her…”Excuse me, but don’t you work at the beauty parlor?”  Claire, always happy to talk with someone her age , was more than happy to have a chat with her…”Yes, I’m Claire.  I work with Mrs Woodbine at her shop.  You’re Sammie, who works for the Walkers don’t you.”  Sammie was surprised that Claire knew who she was, but then realized that there were so few people around in the off-season that everyone knows at least a little, about everyone else.  Sammie was nervous as she asked her question…”Do you cut young peoples hair there, or just old people?”  Claire laughed at the question…”We do anybody’s hair there.

Claire noticed that Sammie was struggling to get her questions out, so she took over…”Mr Jane isn’t around to give you your bowlcut, so you need to find another place, right?”  Sammie, happy that Claire was making it easy for her answered…”He won’t be back for a while, so I thought you could…”  She stopped before actually saying the words.  Claire had seen how her aunt had full control over her, so she knew she would need to push Sammie along…”I can certainly give you another bowlcut, nice and smooth all the way around.”  Claire, rubbing the smooth undercut of her perm said…”but I can give you something less childish too, if you wanted.”  Sammie had gotten caught up to looking at the tiny curls that covered the top of Claire’s head, wondering what it must have been like when she first got them.  She snapped out of her daydream just as Claire spoke again…”Come by the shop Thursday evening and we will see what we can do for you.”  Sammie could do nothing but thank her as Claire walked away, still unsure what she just agreed to.

It was a tough couple days for Sammie as she tried to get as much painting done on the cottage she had started with, but she kept replaying her meeting with Claire.  She again found herself not knowing what was about to happen to her just like her time here last year.  Part of her almost wished that Mr Jane had been open taking away any doubt there was about what she would get.  By Thursday afternoon she had gotten so worked up that she could barely wash out her paint brush as she decided she was done for the day.  It was a bad idea as she ended up showered and dressed to go 2 hours before Claire expected her to arrive, so now she had nothing left to do but get wound up all over again with the thoughts of what was to come.

Sammie could wait any longer, so 1/2 hour before Claire expected her there she was out the door and walking towards the shop.  As she slowly got closer she thought about all the women who she had seen going in and out of there, never once remembering seeing anyone even close to her mothers age.  Her need to finally have something done found her reaching door the door knob and nervously stepping inside.

As she stepped inside the different equipment look foreign to her.  Only taking seconds to scan the small shop the things that caught her eyes most were the 3 dryer chairs and the rolling cart next to the salon chair with section after section full of little colored rods.  Claire called out from the back room…”I’ll be out in a minute Sammie, go ahead and have a seat.”  Sammie went to the waiting area and sat on one of the seats.  Claire came out of the back and was surprised not to see Sammie in the salon chair…”Why are you doing?  I can’t cut your hair while you’re over there.”

Sammie walked to the chair and was quickly caped by Claire.  As she started to comb thru her hair, and having already sensed that Sammie liked to have someone else in control, Claire teased her customer a little bit…”So, I see you like to wear your hair in a short mullet.  Why don’t I just clipper the sides short and you can let the back get longer.”  Claire certainly wouldn’t ever consider doing that but it made Sammie even more confused…”Ummm, I only had my room mate Hunter do that to keep it off my ears.”  Claire wasn’t ready to quit just yet…”It’s a good look on you.”  Now combing as if she was actually going to do it…”I can take the sides much shorter than Hunter did.  What do you think?”  She gave Sammie an escape, and a relieved Sammie finally ended the tease…”I don’t think that’s what I want anymore.”

The tease over, Claire was ready to get…”So Sammie, is a childish bowlcut what you really want, or are you open for something else?  Maybe a little more mature looking?”  Sammie’s eyes darted back and forth between looking at Claire and her head of curls and then the cart full of rods sitting right next to her.  She immediately thought that the only options Claire was giving her was going back to the bowlcut, or a perm just like hers.  Claire saw that Sammie was thinking hard over her choice, so she leaned the chair back towards the sink and as she started the water helped her new customer along…”You’ll look great either way once I’m done with you.”  Sammie closed her eyes as the water hit her head, trying to imagine what it would be like to have her hair just like Claire’s.

Her hair rinsed now, the seat was again in its upright position and Claire began to comb it into sections, pinning the top up and out of the way.  It was a familiar site for Sammie who assumed that it meant she would be getting another bowlcut.  A sense of relief fell over her, thinking that the decision had been made for her, just like her aunt had done for her last summer.  Claire, clippers in hand, started to run them up the back of Sammie’s head, but not as far as she expected.  Mr Jane had run them all the way up when her did her hair last year, but Claire was stopping well short.  This again started to make Sammie wonder what Claire was doing to her.

Claire runs the guide-less clippers all the way around her head, stopping just a slight bit above where the bowlcut would usually lie.  She then switched to a #4 blade and shortened the hair that was left exposed.  Sammie, confused by this tried to ask, but couldn’t get the words out as she watched Claire continue.  The next step was new to Sammie as Claire used a foil shaver on the bottom of half of her head, totally different than the straight razor that Mr Jane always used.  It was a totally different feeling, but the results were the same.

Claire then began to comb the top down onto her head.  Sammie was nervous with anticipation as Claire began to snip away at the hair on the side of her head.  Taking much more time than Mr Jane had done when he would do it, Sammie quickly noticed how the bottom of the cut seemed to lay much nicer than her precious bowlcuts.  As Claire continued to move farther back Sammie could see that leaving the hair underneath meant that that hair now had a natural looking curve at the bottom, causing it to look like it was slightly curled under.  The look was much more elegant than it was childish, but for Sammie she was unsure about it.  She had grown used to the humiliation of having her hair chopped off, but this almost seemed stylish.

Sammie stood and was busy starring at her new look in the mirror while Claire cleaned up her work area.  She couldn’t break herself away and hadn’t seen Claire grab her purse  and keys…”Okay Sammie, it’s time to go.”  Sammie, broke out of her daydream as Claire held the door open for her.  As the stepped outside Claire decided that they both could use some company…”Let’s go get something to eat.”  Sammie was happy for the offer and the both headed towards town.

The pair made their way to a nearby place, and went on to order some food and drinks.  Claire was looking forward to again having someone close to her age to be able to talk with, but for Sammie she found it difficult, at first, to start a conversation after a year of mostly keeping to herself.  Luckily, Claire had no such problems after only being around older people for the past few years.  After eating their food and enjoying their drinks Claire tells Sammie that she was going to have to find a new place to live because Mr Winters, who she has lived with the last few years, is moving out of the area to a warmer climate.  Sammie tells her about the available unit in the building she lives in, but Claire isn’t sure that she can afford the rent.

The pair walk back to Sammie’s apartment so she can get her keys and show Claire the empty one, but as Claire waits for her, she gets another idea…”You seem to have an awful lot of space here Sammie.”  Sammie, proud of her new home offers her a tour…”Ya, these old places are huge, aren’t they.”  Sammie shows Claire the second bedroom, furnished with a set of bunk beds…”I even have a place for kids to stay.”  That’s when Claire gets her vision of how she wants things to be…””I bet you would fit in the bunk beds nicely.”  Sammie, having no idea what Claire is trying to do hops on the bottom bunk…”I’ve always slept in a bunk bed, even in college.”

Claire, while usually submissive herself, sees this as the perfect opportunity to make her move…”So, if I stayed with you,  you wouldn’t mind if I take the big bed in the other room then?”  Sammie, is again starting to feel like she is giving up control, but this has become what she is comfortable with, so she responds to her new roommate…”I like bunk beds, so I’ll move in here.”  Sammie had basically told Claire to move in as the thought of again under someones watchful eyes was overwhelming to her.

Claire immediately moved in with Sammie and quickly took over most of Sammie’s decisions for her.  Sammie still had her aunts cabins to paint, so she would spent long days getting that taken care of, but once she was home it was Claire who decided on everything.  Much like she had done since being with her aunt the previous summer Sammie was in her pajamas by 7:00 every night having her snack of milk and cookies before her early bedtime.Though Sammie had continued to put on more baby fat from the year of large amounts of dairy and snack foods, her chest still hadn’t grown at all.  She now had the appearance of a chubby pre-teen and under Claire’s direction continued to dress like a child.

It was late June when Sammie’s aunt Lisa returned with her 2 cousins.  She, of course commented about Sammie’s bowlcut, joking that at least she wouldn’t have to take her down to the barbershop this summer.  Sammie noticed immediately that her cousin Bayleigh’s hair had grown out to her shoulders and assumed she would having a matching cut to hers in a day or so.  To Sammie’s surprise, by the end of the week Bayleigh’s hair was still long, but her brother now sported his summer buzzcut.

Sammie asked her cousin why she didn’t get her haircut, but aunt Lisa chimed in…”Bayleigh is a young lady now, not a child, so she has decided she wants to have her hair long from now on, so no bowlcuts anymore.  Sammie knew the comment was meant to keep her in her place, but that didn’t bother her now.  She was always happy when Claire would sit her down on the stool in the kitchen to refresh cut.

For the 4th of July holiday Sammie’s roommate Hunter came to visit.  It was during this visit that Hunter admitted to Sammie that she had lost the job she had gotten after college, but worse than that her parents weren’t going to allow her to move back home so she was only weeks away from being homeless.  Sammie, who would do anything to help her friend, discussed with her aunt about letting Hunter work with her on painting the remaining cottages.

Unknown to Sammie, her aunt Lisa was again looking for more investment opportunities in the area so she told Sammie that she could have Hunter move in with her and help with the painting.  Of course Claire would insist that Hunter would follow the house rules.  Having no other options Hunter took over the top bunk, just the way it was for her and Sammie while they were in college.

After their first night together, they woke up in the morning to Claire serving them each a large bowl of oatmeal.  Hunter was a thin, fit, athletic figured girl, who never ate breakfast, or anything unhealthy.  Hunter tried to tell Claire that she didn’t want anything, but Claire, looking over at Sammie, pushed the bowl closer to her…”You’ll need the energy to get thru the day, so both of you better finish it all.”  Sammie, who had already started without being told, handed Hunter her spoon…”Come on Hunter eat up.”  Hunter was not happy as she lifted the first spoonful to her mouth.

Claire was ready to head to the shop and as she walked towards the door she turned to the 2 girls…”I want the both of you in my shop by 5:00.”  Sammie immediately agreed, and after the door closed Hunter started asking her questions.  Holding on to her long hair she asked…”Why do we have to go to the beauty parlor?”  Sammie was sure that her friend would soon having a matching bowlcut, or even have her hair permed like Claire had threatened to do to her.  Trying to keep Hunter calm, Sammie told her that Claire was going to cut hers not Hunter’s.

Sammie and Hunter spent their day painting one of the cottages.  Even though the painting went fast with two of them, both girls were not exactly putting out their best work.  While Hunter was worried that Claire would make her cut off the long hair she has always had, Claire had told Sammie that she would soon make her a twin to her, with a head of tight curls.  The two of them did little talking all day long as they awaited their fate.

Sammie made sure they had cleaned everything up and were on the way to the beauty parlor with plenty of time to spare.  Although she was still not sure what Claire had in store for the two of them, she knew that Claire would do what she thought was best for them.  Hunter, on the other hand, was a bundle of nerves.  She had very few options right now if she wanted a place to live, so she slowly followed behind Sammie as they walked to the shop.

Sammie pulled the door open and held it open for Hunter to walk inside.  While being inside of an old fashioned beauty parlor was an entirely new experience for Hunter, Sammie had been in Claire’s chair before.  Both girls nerves were beginning to get the better of them while they waited for Claire to come out of the back room.  All of Sammie’s recent cuts had taken place on a stool in the kitchen of their apartment as Claire had told her that the next time she goes to the shop to have her hair done she will leave with a whole new look.  Sammie knew that Claire was going to curl her hair eventually and was afraid today would be that day.

Claire stepped out of the back room…”Come on Hunter, you’re first.”  As Hunter walks towards the chair her eyes are quickly drawn to the rolling cart waiting right next to the seat, each of its 2 levels overflowing with perm rods. Her first instinct is to run, but necessity keeps her moving to finally sit and let Claire have her way with her hair.  Once she is seated Claire begins to comb thru her long hair…”So now it’s just the decision of if you should look childish like your bunkmate over there or I give the two of you something a little more mature.  Hunter lest out a long sigh as she knew that either way her cherished long hair would soon be on the floor.

Hunter felt that she had given up control once she had sat down, but now, as Claire tightens the cape around her neck, it really hits her.  Her arms are now covered with goosebumps, and she feels a buzz throughout her body as she waits for Claire’s next move.  Hunter sits, staring at Sammie, remembering last fall when Sammie showed up at college with her new haircut and wardrobe.  Although she thought that she looked ridiculous at the time, something about Sammie’s new life changes made her feel different about her roommate.  She had imagined what it must of felt like when Sammie had her hair chopped off, the thoughts always made her body tingle every time she would see her friend.

Now sitting, caught in a daydream, Hunter feels a slight tugging on the back of her head, followed by the feeling of weightlessness.  Looking in the large mirror behind Sammie’s head, she sees her face.  One side looks the same as it always has, but on the other side the hair that always touched her shoulder was missing.  She sees Claire, scissors in hand, starting the next cut. Again she feeling the loss of weight as 18″ of hair drops to the floor.

Now paying full attention to what Claire is doing she still has no idea of what is about to happen.  Claire finishes her initial chop, then lays the back of the seat down to the sink.  Hunter who had never before had her hair washed in a salon felt like she was being pampered like a queen as the shampoo was massaged thru her hair, but it ended too soon and she was again staring at herself in the mirror, this time with a towel wrapped on her head.

She was brought back to reality as Claire combed thru her wet hair, pinning the top half on top of her head.  Claire then combed the bottom downwards, readying it for what was next.  Hunter could see the clippers in Claire’s hand as she turned back towards her, unable to speak, she could only wait for what was next.  Claire then let them know her decision…”I think Lisa would be real happy if little Sammie once again had a twin, and since Bayleigh is growing her hair out I think Hunter should take her place.”  Hunter shuttered with both fear and excitement as she looked at her soon to be twin Sammie.  As she heard the clippers start to whine she knew it would be years before she ever had long hair again if she would even go thru all the troubles of growing it out.

Sammie had a smile on her face as she watched the clipper run up the sides of Hunter’s head.  Not only would Hunter soon look just like her, but that meant that Claire wouldn’t be perming her hair anytime soon.  Hunter, on the the hand, couldn’t believe what was happening to her, and even more so, how it was making her feel.  With each pass of the clipper she felt as if all of her worries and cares were just melting away.  Only then did she understand what had happened to Sammie last year, and why she never wants to change.

Once the bottom is made smooth with Claire’s foil shaver the top is let down and combed thru.  Both Hunter and Sammie are now at full attention as Claire begins cutting the bowl.  Unlike she had with Sammie, the bangs were left for later as she began at the sides.  Hunter felt like she was about to pee her pants as Claire made the first cut.  the cut looked even higher than Sammie’s hair was, then the second cut made no doubt that Hunter’s bowlcut would be shorter than Sammie’s  Claire, seeing the two girls both staring intently …”Hunter here is going to have hers just like when Mr Jane cut yours Sammie. They both knew that would mean a basic bowlcut with none of the edges softened, certainly leaving Hunter with a more childish look.

Hunter remembered how much more severe Sammie’s hair was when she came back to college last year compared to how it was now.  She began to squeeze her legs tightly together as she watched the line forming an inch above her ears, not believing this was making her feel this way,  Sammie, getting somewhat jealous of her bunkmate remembered the feelings when Mr Jane gave her the same look, leaned forward on her seat.  Claire knew that the more severe cut was what Sammie liked, but being able to make her think she would soon be permed had played well with the two of them all summer.  Claire decided that giving Sammie a perm would wait until winter, then her and Hunter would both be given a head of the tightest curls.

The bowl was almost complete as Claire took the hair well above Hunter’s other ear.  Other than a little thinning to make it lay better, there would be no softening of the cut.  Pulling the cape of of her she looked towards Sammie…”Lets go young lady, your going to look just like your friend here in just a few minutes.:  Sammie couldn’t get to the chair quick enough, passing Hunter, who was busy rubbing her smooth scalp under the bowl.  Unlike the other time Claire cut Sammie’s hair, there wouldn’t be anything left on the sides to soften the look.  Claire went straight in with her balding clippers, leaving nothing but a shadow of hair all the way to the top….”Since your going back to your childish look I guess you should go back to dressing like a child.”

This got Hunter’s attention too as she thought about the clothes Sammie wore last fall.  Claire, not wanting her new charge to feel left out…”I have new clothes for both of you at the apartment.”  Hunter loved the cute outfits she had bought for summer, including a very risque bikini she was almost afraid to wear.  She had looked forward to hitting the beach as soon as it warmed up, but Claire put a quick end to that…”All of Hunter’s clothes will be put in storage, especially that tiny bikini I saw.  I have some much more appropriate things for the two of you to wear.”

That evening they all went for walk on the strip.  Hunter and Sammie in their matching childish t-shirts walked closely behind a  well dressed Claire.  The three of them soon ran into Lisa and her two kids.  She applauded Claire decision to handle her two kids properly…”It’s good for Sammie to have someone to play with.  I can’t wait to see them on the beach later.”  Claire thanked Lisa for the nice comments and promised that the would have their bowlcuts all summer long before she allows them a more mature look.  While Hunter was still somewhat in the dark about her comments, Sammie knew perfectly clear what would happen in a few short months.

Embarrassed at first to have people looking at her like she was some oddity, Hunter soon felt what Sammie had felt all along.  She couldn’t understand the growing buzz between her legs, but rather than think too hard, or worry about it, her mind just pushed itself further away from caring what others might think of her.  This was her now and welcoming the change that she knew it would be for a long time, she enjoyed her first evening out.



This was my 50th story on HSN.  Hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I enjoys creating them.

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  1. Congratulations on your 50th story, Shopkeeper! I love your bowlcuts and perms themed stories, and can’t wait to see what Claire has in store for Hunter and Sammie in the winter! Perhaps poodle permed bowls for the both of them? Thanks for continuing to publish your stories!!

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