Julia’s pet peeve

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“By the way, girls”,her mother said to her and her sisters,”Aunt Sally is coming today”

The girls cheered except Julia, she was the oldest and the only one who hated that something that her aunt Sally did every time she would come: styling all the girls’ hair. It was truly the worst and Julia didn’t want to it for the billionth time.

”And Julia”,her mom addressed her,”Since I have work and your sister have band practice, I am counting on you to walk Aunt Sally back from the bus stop”

The girl protested this which her mother quickly shut her down for. It was no use, her mother wouldn’t understand. So, after school, Julia was stuck at the bus stop; waiting for her aunt.

While she waited, Julia dreaded her aunt’s arrival. The tugging of her aunt made her scalp swell by just thinking about it. And she would joke the girl all the while she was working on her. Julia would do anything to get out of the ritual.

Her eye drifted out of boredom and she spotted a barbershop just across the street. An idea formed in the girl’s head; If I have no hair, aunt Sally will have nothing to style. With this logic, Julia excitedly skipped over to the hairdresser’s.

Inside, a tiny bell signaled the hairdresser to look up at the girl. The-stylist-in-waiting was a older woman, way older than Julia, her mother, and her aunt; she squinted through her specs to see the girl. She smiled and greeted Julia with a fine,”Well, hello dear. What can I do for you?”

”I need to get rid of this long hair”,Julia replied, quickly sitting in an empty chair. The hairdresser smiled warmly as she covered up Julia’s torso,”Alright, Miss. How short do you want to go?”

Julia looked at the woman in the mirror,”I want no hair on my head”

The lady’s eyes widened,”Are you okay, Miss. May I ask why you want such short hair?”

”It’s my hair”,Julia said sternly, she didn’t mean to be snippy with the older woman but she was frustrated and just wanted all her hair gone.

”Okay, Miss. I understand, you want a smooth shave?”the woman said. Julia nodded and the hairdresser shrugged and leaned over to the wall to retrieve her tool. She grabbed the clippers off their hook and switched them on.

Slicking back Julia’s hair, the hairdresser let the clipper’s teeth eat a path through the girl’s scalp. Julia found it relieving to watch her dirty blonde locks fall from her head; soon; she would be exempt from her aunt’s clutches. She marveled at how much hair was coming off every second and to be frank, she felt a rush of dopamine surge through her body.

The cape and Julia’s shoulders were covered with the girl’s hair, she turned her head this way and that to see her sheared head from all angles and she loved the result. Julia’s hairdresser spread shaving cream on her  stubbled scalp and wiped it away with a straight razor. A final product made sure Julia wouldn’t have to get her hair styled by her aunt anytime soon.

”There you are, Miss”,the hairdresser undid the cape and shook it out,”I guessing since you were so eager to get your head shaved, I assume you might want to keep it shaved. Am I right?”

”I might poke my head in again if my aunt comes to visit again”,Julia confessed, rubbing her bald head. She paid the hairdresser and went back to the bus stop. A lady was waiting on the bench near the stop: it was Aunt Sally. The girl walked up to her proudly and called to her. Aunt Sally took a minute to recognize her niece and when she did, she shrieked,”Sally! What have you done?! You’re long hair! It’s gone!”

Julia laughed as her aunt was horrified.

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