June’s Conversion

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Rob and Ben took to each other from the first meeting, even though they would only be working together for six months while Ben sorted out the bugs in the new computer software and trained Rob to operate and maintain it, before moving on to another assignment. Now, three days later, Rob and June were at the cocktail party that management had organised to welcome Ben and Allison and to formally introduce them to the staff.

After the short speeches Rob introduced Ben to the staff he had not yet met and June and Allison naturally struck up their own conversation, remaining in each other’s company for most of the evening, June telling her about their town and respective life styles. By the end of the evening June had agreed to spend the next day showing Allison the town and shopping centers.

Later, on the way home June and Rob discussed the evening, each voicing their approval of the new couple. “There is something out of place with Allison, I could swear she wears a wig.” said June.

“I think you are imagining it, probably jealous because her hair is thicker and shinier than yours.” teased Rob in return.

“I wasn’t a hairdresser for four years for nothing, I should be able to recognise a wig, the way it sits and no sign of a scalp at the parting. It fits well and looks natural, but nevertheless a wig. I can find out tomorrow when I take her around town.”

“For Pete’s sake, don’t put your foot in it and blurt it out, I have to work with the guy and don’t need him upset.” warned Rob, dropping the subject there.

The following evening June was virtually waiting at the door for Rob. “I told you it was a wig…..”

“You didn’t….did you?, and hello, how are you, I had a good day, and you, or need I ask.” answered a startled Rob.

After exchanging formalities, June explained that Allison had enquired about a certain level and location in the main shopping mall, and when June showed her where it was, she looked at everything but the wig shop that was in the one corner, before moving on to the rest of the mall.

“Coincidence, doesn’t prove anything.” Rob said defensively.

“OK, I’ll prove it to you, just wait. I have invited them to dinner next week once they have settled in, I am sure an opportunity will present itself then.” The matter was not discussed further.

The dinner date was arranged for the Friday evening, Ben bringing four bottles of wine as their contribution. June, used to entertaining, and also enjoying it, prepared an excellent four course meal. By the end of the night the four bottles of wine had been emptied and the two couples had finished another two bottles before Ben and Allison started to make their farewells.

At the door, a little unsteady on her feet and all inhibitions having long been lost, June said to Allison “Are you wearing a wig? Rob says you can’t be and it has been bugging me since I first met you.” Allison turned to Ben with a ‘should I’ look. Ben nodded almost imperceptibly, she reached up and lifted the honey coloured wig off her head to reveal a perfectly bald head with just the slightest sign of a five o’clock shadow covering it. Almost as quickly she replaced the wig. Rob and June, obviously embarrassed, mumbled their good byes as Ben and Allison walked to their car.

The subject was not raised again but Ben extended a return invitation to dinner at their apartment a week later. The dinner followed roughly the same pattern as the previous one. After the meal, once they had all retired to the lounge, Rob started to apologise for the outburst of the previous week, saying that he hoped that they had not opened a sore point by their thoughtlessness. June also looked rather crestfallen, nodding her sentiments.

Ben and Allison started to chuckle. “We were in a little hick town three years ago where all the workers at the branch were wary of Ben and the women suspicious of me, nobody would have anything much to do with us outside of the workplace. We were paging through some magazines and drinking wine one wet Saturday afternoon when Ben came across a series of pictures of a young woman in various stages of having her head shaved completely bald. I noticed that Ben was spending a long time looking at the pictures and that he was starting to move a little uncomfortably on the couch. It also looked like he was trying to hide something in his trousers. Feeling wicked I sidled up to him and made as though I was studying the pictures too, passing comment on how her looks were improving as her hair was being removed. He became more uncomfortable so I asked him how he thought I would look like if I were bald. His mouth gaped open a few times and he said that the only we would know would be the try it. Perhaps it was the wine talking, I agreed to let him shave me and about an hour later I was as bald as a billiard ball. Ben was over the moon, he had evidently always wanted to make love to a bald woman and I really liked it too, having often wondered what it would be like to be bald and free of the hassles of my own hair.”

“So your head is actually shaved regularly and you like it like that?” asked June, somewhat shocked.

“I really love being bald, Ben shaves me at least every second day, and I have even got down to shaving myself from time to time, but I cannot get the same results. Actually Ben shaved me just before you arrived, suspecting that this conversation might come up. One of the little benefits of being shaved is that we occasionally have a good chuckle at the expense of people like you.” she smiled as she got up and left the room, coming back a minute later without her wig. She went over to June, bent down and placed her hand on her smooth scalp. June rubbed her hand tentatively over Allison’s head.

“It really is smooth, and feels so cool, feel it honey.” Allison turned to Rob, who hesitatingly touched Allison’s scalp with two fingers before pulling his hand away again.

Allison did not replace her wig that evening, June finding that she was drawn to the sight of the bald woman and even Rob was looking more at her as the shock wore off. About halfway home June said to Rob, “Allison actually looks quite good without hair. It gives her a completely different look, making her look distinctive, almost regal.”

“Once I got over the initial surprise and was able to appraise her logically, yes, she does not look bad at all, also she is proud of the way she looks and carries it off well. I imagine not every woman would be able to get away with a bald head.” said Rob thoughtfully.

June had some thoughts of her own, but kept them to herself. Their love making had a certain urgency that night, something that had been fading over the past few years.

Their visits became weekly affairs which included restaurant visits, shows and the cinema, with the occasional outing over a weekend as well. Allison’s shaved head was seldom mentioned at these times, although June and Allison sometimes spoke about it, especially when June had a hairdressing appointment or on very hot days when Allison could refresh herself by merely removing her wig in a restroom and wiping her head with a Cologne wipe. However one evening while sitting in Ben and Allison’s apartment it did become the basis of an exchange of stories. Allison was sitting with her legs folded under her on the sofa next to Ben, when he ran his hand up the back of his wife’s head.

“You need a shave my dear.” Ben said.

“You’ve been neglecting your duties.” she answered with mock sarcasm, taking off her wig.

“Careful I don’t do it right here.” threatened Ben in response, and they all laughed. There was some more banter about shaving when Ben turned to Rob and asked “You ever had any experience with female shaving Rob?”

Rob looked a little embarrassed and answered “Two women. In my final year at school my girlfriend lost a bet and had to shave her eyebrows and fanny for six months. We broke up before the six months were up. It seems she married my successor who must have taken over my duties with much gusto, I see her occasionally and she still has shaved eyebrows, I don’t know about the other part. The other one is June, and her older sister, but June can tell you that story.”

June looked at Rob, “Come on, you don’t really expect me to tell them that, it’s embarrassing.”

“Go on, tell us.” Allison and Ben said simultaneously. June shook her head. “Come on, we have let you into our secret.” reminded Ben as Allison took the junior cigar out of his hand, something she sometimes did when she did not have a wig on.

“Alright then. When I was fourteen my aunt bought a beauty salon. She had a certificate as a beautician but evidently wanted some practice, especially on her electrolysis depilator. She asked my mother if she could work on us, so we, my sister is two years older, were packed off to my aunt for a weekend. It appeared that she had already exhausted all the hairy parts on our cousin, and needed us for the last practice before letting herself loose on the public. Anyway, my sister and I returned home with our pubic hair trimmed to a permanent 3 inch trip, my eyebrows shaped to what they are now and my sister with eyebrows about one eight of an inch wide. My mother was not too pleased with us.”

“So, what is so drastic about that?” asked Allison.

“Wait, a few weeks later our folks went away for a weekend and we went to my aunt again. She and our uncle went out for the Sunday, leaving the three of us alone. It was one of those days with nothing much to do, so we went down into the salon. After a while my cousin took out the electrolysis machine and suggested we have a bit of fun. She showed my sister the basics and told her to have some fun on the one inch strip her mother had left her during her practice sessions. Not being very artistic, my sister gave her four squares, making it look a bit like a road center marking. Then it was my sister’s turn. My cousin looked at her wide strip, chuckled and after while my sister had an arrow pointing at her fanny. The two advanced on me. I told them to give me something nice, like a heart, and that is what I got. About 2 inches wide and sitting well above my slit. I was rather proud of it. My sister then wanted her eyebrows thinned down more, so she lost about half of what she had, leaving a really thin line. When we got home my mother took one look at my sister’s eyebrows and got suspicious. She made us strip and blew her top. She told our father, who gave his recommendations. My mother brought me a razor and told me to shave the heart off, and that it was to remain off as long as I wanted to live under her roof. My sister she bundled into the car, took her back to my aunt and had her remove the side triangles that made up the arrow, leaving her a very narrow Mohican that pointed right at her fanny.” June took a sip of wine and continued. “We were grounded for about three months. My sister’s eyebrows were so butchered that the little that was left eventually fell out. I was still living at home when I met Rob. When we started sleeping together he took a fancy to my heart, and I would manage to grow it for about two weeks, but then he had to shave me in case my mother saw it.”

“What happened to your cousin?” asked Ben.

“My aunt is a bit more liberal than my mother. She moaned at my cousin and not much more. Evidently my cousin became self conscious about the road markings and had her mother remove it completely about a year later.” answered June.

“And you, what did you do?” Allison wanted to know.

“I let it grow out when Rob and I got engaged, and it is still like that, trimmed to emphasise the shape. Rob and I like it, but it caused a few problems when we were swinging a few years after we were married. Guys were more interested in being with me to see my pubes than to actually make love to me. That is one of the reason we stopped swinging.”

“What was the other reason you stopped?” asked Ben.

It was obvious that Rob was uncomfortable that June had mentioned that they used to be swingers, but June continued, “It was not giving us anything, once we discovered that the ‘novelty’ was actually disguised fear and that half the guys were just slobs and buffoons, and Rob thought the women shallow and tarty, we pulled out. What it did do was give us a greater appreciation for each other.”

“Basically the same reason we pulled out. We moved to a small town after swinging in a city, and when we returned to a city, never looked up any swinger groups again.” Allison added, “I imagine I could be quite an attraction now though – or a turn off, depending on the guy.” She drew again on the cigar and blew out a languid cloud of smoke before handing it back to Ben.

“Allison looked really sexy tonight, I can imagine what they are doing now.” said June, snuggling up to Rob in the car on their way home a little later. “Smoking a cigar really offsets the whole image she creates.”

“Yes, she really looked good tonight, even with the slight dusting of stubble.”

“I never thought I would hear you say that a bald woman could be beautiful, and you should look at her closely and feel her scalp after she has just been shaved. It is something else, I can tell you.” ventured June.

“As I said before, she has the confidence and bearing to carry it off, she also has the ability to make it respectable.”

“Do you think I could carry it off?” asked June.

Rob turned to his wife with a questioning look, and continued driving in silence.

A few days later, while Rob and Ben were out for lunch, sitting near a blonde with a quarter inch buzz cut. They were both looking at her when Rob said, “Allison looks much better.”

“Bit of a change for you to say that, isn’t it?”

“Yes, you and Allison have somewhat changed my opinions on bald women.” said Rob.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love to, to sleep with a totally shaved woman?” Ben shot out.

“Of late, yes, but I cannot picture myself in that position…..”

“It is different, it places love making and your conception of your partner in a totally different light, almost impossible to explain. You can only really appreciate it once you have been in that situation, once you have held and caressed a beautiful bald woman.” said Ben.

That night they told their wives about the conversation.

June lay quiet for a while, she put on her light and looked at her husband. “Are you thinking of me being shaved?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know …… it is such a drastic thing to expect, for a while an irreversible step, …can’t take the chance of asking you to shave your head, and then I find I hate it, I think I’d rather not pursue the subject any further.” Said Rob hesitantly.

“I have spent a lot of time with Allison over the past few months. I have seen her as much with a wig as without. What if I wanted to try it, just for my sake?” asked June, hurt showing in her voice.

“I still don’t know, what if I won’t want to touch you?”

June moved closer to Rob, taking his hand and placing it on the bare skin just below her heart design. He started to caress her and she pressed up against him. His hand moved lower and soon she was letting out little moans of pleasure.

Allison told Ben that June was slowly accepting that she might succumb to having her head shaved, but that she was very worried about how receptive Rob would be to the idea of a bald wife.

Ben thought for a while, “There may be a way, we have all done it before and this time it could be for a good cause, why don’t we swing just this once more, it might be exactly what is required.”

“You mean we swap for a night, yes, it could work. This time it would be with people we both like and it will give you the opportunity to inspect that little heart that you spend so much time talking about. The only thing is how do we convince June and Rob?”

“I think the whole thing will depend on you.” Ben said. “You will have to talk June into convincing Rob and then you will have to flaunt your shaved head in front of him whenever you can, Rub it against his cheek, get him to scratch it, have him pat and fondle it, make it seem as though it is no different to any other hairstyle. Flirt with him if you must.”

June accepted the idea of a partner swap for one night, but was unsure how she would convince her husband.

Allison did flirt with Rob, surreptitiously but nevertheless spending a lot of time rather close to him, especially when not wearing a wig. If June noticed, she did not let on. Allison meanwhile strengthened June’s resolve to be shaved, emphasising the advantages and subtly hinting at the erogenous pleasure of the shaving process.

One evening, while chatting, June said “Why don’t we all go spend a weekend in my brother-in-laws cabin in the mountains. It is a few hours drive and we could leave early on a Saturday morning and return on Sunday night. It is a beautiful two bedroom cabin and the mountains are lovely at this time of the year, also will be something else to see before you folk move on.”

It was deemed a good idea and June had her opening. She pressed her point later at home that night. “The weekend at the cabin could be an opportunity to find out if you enjoy being with a bald woman.”

“Are you suggesting we swap partners for the night, I sleep with Allison and you with Ben?” asked thoughtfully.

“Yes.” answered June apprehensively, “It is not as though we haven’t swapped before, and this time it could serve a real purpose.”

“I get the impression you have your mind set on being shaved, irrespective?”

“No, only if you agree and are perfectly at ease with it, spending a night with Allison should convince you one way or the other, and she has been paying you quiet a bit of attention lately.” quipped June.

“Let’s play it by ear, if Ben or Allison are not perfectly happy with the idea, it’s a no-go, OK?”

June could not believe how easily Rob had given in, she suspected that he was starting to become a little inquisitive, if not turned on by the idea of a bald woman in his grasp.

Two weeks later, at four in the morning, they were headed out into the mountains. Dressed for the cooler weather, June and Rob wore anoraks with hoods, while Ben and Allison wore windbreakers and woolen beanie. “Not wearing a wig today?” asked Rob. “Haven’t brought one with me at all.” was the startling reply. “I want to be completely free this weekend.”

The watched the sun rise over the lake while drinking coffee and eating pancakes and syrup. When they returned to the car Allison went to the front and June got into the back with Ben. Once the doors were closed, Allison turned towards the others and said “In view of the fact that this is the first time we have all actually participated in a swap that is more than just a one night stand, June and I thought it would be better if we spent the whole time as each other’s partners, it would make for a more harmonious weekend.”

The two men thought for a moment, looked at each other and nodded their agreement. Rob pulled off and after a few miles, turned off the main road and headed up a dirt road, into the woods. Five minutes later he stopped behind a traditional style log cabin. June took Ben’s hand and Allison put her arm around Rob, they walked round to the front and climbed up the few steps onto the patio. Standing against the railing, they admired the view through the trees and over a lake fringed by low mountains. Allison reached up and took off her hat. She scratched her hear and yelped “Ooh, itchy, scratch, rub-rub please!” Rob looked at her and grasped what she meant. Placing both hands on her head he vigorously rubbed her slightly stubbly scalp.

“No wonder it’s itchy, you’re all rough.” he said.

“Your job for tonight.” came the whispered reply.

June located the key while the men fetched the cases. Rob and Allison were allocated the slightly larger of the two bedrooms. Picking up their cases, they carried them into the bedrooms, as they were out of sight, Rob put his hand on Allison’s head and gave it an affectionate rub. She put her case on the bed, turned and looked up. Rob took her bald head in his hands and kissed her, long and deep, gently caressing her head the whole time. Allison reached down and surreptitiously brushed against the growing bulge in his jeans. She chuckled softly, pulled back and rubbed her bristles against his cheek, kissed him hard and walked out of the room. June entered the sitting room at the same time, they gave each other a knowing wink.

The morning was spent exploring the cabin and immediate surroundings, fetching wood, preparing the fire place for the night and making lunch. Rob and Ben decided to take the rowing boat out and have a bash at fishing, with strict instructions not to bring anything back because nobody would know what to do with a real fish. June and Allison lazed around, talked and read. The men came back with stories about fish that had been caught, but somehow the number and sizes did not correspond. Just before five, taking premixed cocktails, they climbed the hill behind the cabin, where, seated on rocks sipping their drinks with their arms around their partners, they watched the sunset.

After supper, lying on the rug in front of the big fire place and watching the flames making patterns on the walls, little was said, each pre-occupied with their own thoughts of the night, Allison and Ben shared one of his small cigars, no one wanting to make the first move. Allison eventually stood up, returning Ben’s cigar, bent down and kissed him and June and reached for Rob’s hand. Taking her hand, he rose, said good night and followed her into the bedroom.

Allison went to the shower in the corner of the room and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature. “It’s a bit small, but we should be able to squeeze in together, want to try?” Rob shook out of his reverie and nodded. By the time he had undressed, Allison was already standing under the spray. The cubicle was barely big enough for them to wash each other, and it took some maneuvering to reach lower portions. Rob was fascinated by Allison’s totally hairless body, even her arms and back were completely devoid of hair. When Allison came to wash Rob’s legs she found her face right in line with his penis, giggling, she took the head in her mouth and licked it for a few seconds. She stood up and said, “Enough of that now, you have work to do.”

Rob got out of the shower, Allison stayed a little longer, the hot water playing on her scalp. When she came out Rob had on a pair of boxer shorts. He took the large towel and dried her off, gently messaging her body all over. She put her arms around his neck and he fondled her breasts through the towel, playing his tongue over her lips. She took the towel and threw it in the bed, pressing her body against his she nibbled his ear and whispered “Time for the razor.”

She handed Rob the bag with the shaving gear and sat down on the chair. Rob took out the shaving gel and sprayed some into his hand, raising a foam, he spread it on her head, covering the top. He took the razor, fitted a new blade and started shaving from her forehead.

“Your body is beautifully smooth, not a hair in sight.” he said to her.

She opened her eyes, “I have very little body hair, the fine hair I have we remove with Nair, so all I have now is my eyebrows and eyelashes.”

Rob applied some more foam and continued shaving. “Have ever been tempted to shave your eyebrows?”

“We did just after I was first shaved – catastrophe. I looked awful, I seemed to lose my character, my identity and expressions. I could not wait for my eyebrows to grow back. Even playing around with pencils did not compensate. If you shave June, don’t be tempted to shave her eyebrows as well, I am sure you will regret it.” she answered with emphatically.

Applying lather to the sides and back of her head, Rob carefully shaved those areas. He picked up the towel and wiped her scalp all over. “Done!”

Allison felt her head, “Still a bit rough in places, please do it again to get it really smooth. I also happen to like the feel of the razor gliding over my scalp.”

Rob shaved her whole head again, feeling for rough spots himself and going over them as needed. This time he took note of Allison’s face and saw that she wore a look of contentment, her eyes closed in rapture. As he wiped her head again she opened her eyes. She looked up at him questioningly, Rob nodded in answer and she touched her scalp, smiling as she felt the results, almost purring with satisfaction.

Allison stood up and gently pushed Rob towards the bed. He pointed to the shaving things but she just shook her head, indicating for him to get into the bed. He did so and turned to where Allison was standing, he had never seen a woman look so beautiful, so beautiful and so totally naked. She literally glowed.

He took off his boxer shorts as Allison climbed into the bed, snuggling up to him, she felt so smooth and warm that he did not know where to touch, what to caress. Their love making was frantic, she climaxing several times before they came together. Rob woke up numerous times during the night to find that Allison’s head was always in such a position that he could easily touch it, caress it with his lips or tease her with his tongue. When morning came both were totally exhausted.

Rob and Allison finally woke at about eight to the sounds of breakfast being prepared. After breakfast the all went for a walk through the woods, lunch took the form of a barbecue. They retired to their rooms afterwards, but no one slept. The car pulled away from the cabin at six, their first stop being the diner where they had had breakfast the previous morning. Rob parked in a secluded spot. He reached across and pulled Allison to him, seeing that Ben had moved closer to June. They spent a few moments in mutual thanks for the time together before Allison put on her hat and they all went in for supper.

They drove home speaking little, Allison had her head on Ben’s shoulder and June had her hand on Rob’s leg as he drove. Dropping Ben and Allison, the partings were warm with friendly kisses exchanged, Rob putting his arm around Ben’s shoulder and muttering his thanks to him.

June was apprehensive about discussing events with Rob, but she knew she had to and said nothing until they were in bed together. “Lovely weekend wasn’t it, Ben sure is a super person. How was it with Allison?”

“She was great, she was so warm and understanding. It was a pleasure to be with her.” he answered cagily.

“We are evading the crux of the matter, what was it really like?” she asked openly.

“Fantastic, her baldness brings an entirely new aspect into love making. Being so totally naked I just wanted to hold her, she looked so vulnerable, so defenseless that I felt compelled to protect her, and yet she exhuded confidence at the same time, and then the musty taste of cigar smoke in her mouth……” Rob dropped into thought, a few moments later he asked, “How was it with Ben?”

“Fine, he was considerate and satisfying and he loved my heart, played with it and looked at it for a long time. The only thing that really struck me was that several times during the night he would touch my head and pull away as though shocked, I think he was surprised by the hair, expecting Allison to be next to him.”

Rob reached down and rubbed the little heart, June moved to him, encouraging his arousal. Sex was long and gentle, and afterwards, her head on his shoulder, June asked “Would you let me to have a shaved head, completely bald like Allison?”

“Yes, yes I would, I would really like that.” They made love again.

June and Allison spent almost every day together, making arrangements for the small party on Friday night, the men having been informed of the event.

Everything was prepared and laid out when Rob came home on Friday. The sitting room had been arranged with a chair in the middle, faced by three chairs. Next to the center chair was a covered trolley and two video cameras on tripods were strategically situated further back. Drinks and snacks were on a table in a corner. Ben and Alison arrived at eight to be welcomed by Rob, June being nowhere in sight. Allison was wearing a white polar neck sweater and slacks with a silver belt. She wore large silver hoop earrings and a chunky silver necklace. Her nails matched her glossed red lips and her eyeshadow had a silver fleck in it. She was not wearing a wig.

They were sipping their first round of cocktails when June came into the sitting room. Conversation stopped as everyone stared at her – she was clad in a white gown which reached her bare feet, edged in gold and fastened by a gold chain around her waist. The wide three-quarter sleeves were also edged in gold. She wore dark pink lipstick and the same colour nail polish, but with a shimmer of gold in it and her eyeshadow was also showed a hint of gold. Her earrings were identical to Allison’s, but in gold. Her shoulder length brown hair was loose, shinning and waved, unbound.

Allison handed June a glass which she took and sipped, smiling her greetings at them all. The conversation resumed, June being animated and cheerful. After the third round of drinks were handed around, June moved away a little, called for attention and said simply, “It is time. Please sit!”

Rob started the video cameras and Allison removed the cover from the trolley while June waited till they sat down, thanking them for coming to share this event, she undid the belt of her gown and slipped the white garment off her shoulders. She was naked except for a G string of gold tassels. Her pert breasts had been very lightly dusted with gold powder and she wore small gold rings through her newly pierced nipples. Rob was speechless and Ben’s eyes stretched as he took in the sight. Allison, knowing more-or-less what to expect, was nevertheless impressed.

June sat down in the center chair and reached for the scissors on the trolley. A look of uncertainty flashed across her face, she smiled and took a lock of her hair from the front of her head in her left hand, raised the scissors to her scalp and cut the hair through. The hair was placed on the trolley and she repeated the process four times more, leaving a patch of uneven stubble just above her forehead.

She then held the scissors out to Allison and said “For being such a friend and assisting me so much to get this far I would like you to participate in my transformation.” Allison took the scissors and cut off five locks, as June had done. Allison handed the scissors back to June who held them out to Ben. “Please Ben, I want you to have a part in this as well.” When Ben was finished, all the hair on the top of June’s head had been reduced to spiky crew cut.

June held the scissors out to Rob. As he took them she pulled him down to her and kissed him on the lips. “Please finish it.” Rob lifted lock after lock from the sides and back of his wife’s head and cut them off, adding to the growing pile on the trolley.

“Now the clippers.” June said as Rob put down the scissors. Placing the buzzing clippers at the center if June’s forehead, he slowly pushed them backwards, clearing a path all the way to the crown. He repeated this on either side till the top of the scalp was completely clipped. Clipping upwards, he did the right side and then the left, leaving the back for last.

Rob sat down again and Allison came forward with a small feather duster to dust the short hairs off June as she stood up. As pre-arranged, Allison led June to the bathroom, coming back a few minutes later carrying a basin of hot water, followed by June with a wet towel wound around her head. June sat down again and Allison picked up the razor, handing it to Rob. “Just as you did it to me.” she whispered huskily as he took it.

He removed the warm towel and spread shaving foam on Junes stubble. Remembering the events of less than a week earlier and hardly believing it was happening again, he began to shave his wife’s head. He shaved slowly and carefully, eventually having to go over it three times because the darker hair refused to disappear easily. June had at first been nervous and tense, but halfway through the first shave she relaxed, and by the start of her third shaving, as Ben and Allison were lighting their little cigars, appeared to be starting to enjoying the process.

June reached up with both hands to feel her scalp after Rob had wiped the remaining foam from her head. She was startled by the strange feel of her cool and smooth scalp, she reached for the mirror so that she could see herself for the first time. Her immediate response was a joyful peal of laughter. “This is absolutely fantastic, I can’t decide if I prefer the way it looks or the way it feels.”

Rob rubbed his hands over her smooth scalp, “You look stunning, magnificent, Thank you so much my darling.”

Allison came over and handed June Ben’s cigar. June took it and drew on it, holding the smoke in her mouth, then gently and comfortably blowing it out, much to Rob’s surprise.

“I have been teaching her, we though you would like it.” Allison chuckled.

Rob handed around glasses and filled them with Champagne, facing June they raised the glasses and toasted her. She raised her glass, “Thank you all for being so wonderful.” Rob assisted her out of the chair, taking her in his arms he kissed her, and savouring the taste of the cigar smoke in her mouth.

Allison assisted June in putting on her gown again, and as if on cue, the visitors prepared to depart. At the door Ben placed a hand on June’s head and kissed her fully, pulling away he said “Welcome.”

Rob hugged Allison, she kissed him and said “Enjoy it all.”

June and Allison stood before each other, they reached up, each stroking the other’s head with their right hands, left hands reaching for the waists and pulling together. Their slightly parted lips touched for a moment before they hugged, their bald heads pressed together.

Rob and June stood in the doorway, their arms around each other, as Ben and Allison walked hand in hand towards their car.


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  1. Hi,
    First I just gave both of your stories 5 stars. I think your stories are special for at least two significant reasons … first, both your stories are totally original with believable characters that get shaved for different reasons and in different locations other than in a hair salon! The second reason I really like your stories is because of the way you write. When I read your stories … I slowly get to know the characters and really feel who they are and what actually led them to getting their head shaved. Like myself, you use dialog sparingly, and with purpose. That being said, after reading your stories … I feel good. I feel good about your characters, the plot, the endings … but most of all because you obviously care a great deal about writing positive, uplifting stories that can help make us all feel good for different reasons … including making the readers think about themselves and their own fantasies and fetishes, and help give them encouragement to explore them with people they love. Great work … I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

  2. I really enjoyed this story. It is very well written with a believable plot. I have a bald fetish and have had the opportunity to be involved with a woman who shaves her head. This story brought back some great memories of the sensual and erotic aspects of being intimate with a bald woman.

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