Just a little trim

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I am not quite sure how this all happened, but I am happy that it did. Sharon was a friend that if we didn’t have dates for the weekend, she would call me and come over and we would watch a movie on TV and have wine and just talk.

She was not aware that I was falling in love with this red haired vixen. One such time we were watching a movie and I put my arm around her and she snuggled in and looked at me and we kissed! It was the most exciting kiss that I have ever had. While we were kissing, I ran my fingers through her shoulder length hair and it got tangled in my fingers. She was not happy with me tugging on her hair. I apologized to her for pulling her hair. She said that her hair always was in knots and it was frustrating to keep her hair straight.

I asked her if she had thought of a different style? Something a little shorter as to not be knotted all the time. She looked at me like I had 3 heads! I told her that I could cut it for her if she wanted me to. She just looked at me and asked me how short? I told her that I had clippers with guards from 1/16″-1″ and then the bare clipper head was close to no hair at all. I told her that I had inherited them from mom and dad when they moved.

Sharon was a little nervous when she accepted my offer. Oh, my goodness, I never expected her to take me up on my offer. She said to me, get your stuff and let’s get me untangled.

We rolled off the couch, and as we stood up, she leaned over and gave me a kiss that sent shock waves blasting down to my toes! I asked Sharon if she would like a some wine. She said yeas and said just bring the bottle! And as I was gathering my stuff, Sharon waited on the bar stool that I had placed in the kitchen. I had returned with my clippers, a towel, mirror, brush and scissors.

By now, half the bottle of wine had been consumed and she was relaxed. I asked her to take her if she wanted to take her shirt off so it didn’t get hairy? She pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it over a kitchen chair, and she also removed her bra, exposing her adequate sized breasts with huge dark brown and erect nipples. This was the first time that I had seen her breasts! She sat back down and she noticed the bulge in my shorts. She said just take them off, they will be coming off soon, anyway! I was a little embarrassed, but slid them down and kicked them to the side. We did not know it, but this was going to be a night for both of us to remember!

I proceeded to drape the towel around her shoulders and fastened it. I started to brush her just past her shoulders length red hair. I gently untangled several tangles and mentioned that I did not mean to pull.

With this task completed, I opened the box and removed the clippers and plugged them into a close by outlet. I gave her the box of attachments and asked her to pick out one that she would like. To my surprise, she handed the #1 guard and said let’s see if I like this one!

I did not argue, attached the guard to the clippers and asked her if she was ready. Sharon said she hated her hair and wanted to cut it for a long time, so it is now or never. I turned the clippers on, and with a loud pop, the low hum of the clippers came to life. I did not put her hair in a pony tail or even use scissors to remove the blue of her hair. I tilted Sharon’s head to the left and gently and firmly ran the clippers up through her sideburn and around her ear. All the red hair fell to the floor and I continued to use the clippers to free her head of all the hair. Up the back of her head and the stubble that was left was beautiful! I continued to clip up the back and the left side of her head and in a few minuted later, she was left with a long mohawk! I then ran the clippers over the top of her head and a few strokes later I was finished. I handed her the mirror and asked her to carefully look and when she did, she said with disgust, not short enough, take the guard off! The way she said it, I was not going to argue. I removed the guard and began the shave one more time! This left just a tiny hint of pink hair on her head. When I was finished, she looked in the mirror and said she wanted to shave it all!

At this time, I could hardly walk due to being so excited and hard, but I did manage to walk to the bathroom and get my electric shaver that was fully charged. By the time I had returned, Sharon had taken off her jeans and her soaked panties and was sitting naked on my stool. I noticed her shaved pussy and how wet she was. This even peaked my attention more.  I brushed her head with my hand and turned on the shaver. I pushed her head a little forward and started shaving the nape of her neck and then around the sides of her head and finally over the top. The shaver was powerful and sharp and shaved her scalp hairless. I felt her head with my hand to be sure there were no rough patches. I removed the towel and brushed her shoulders and was done. She reached up and felt her head and moaned softly.

We were finished. I was really turned on by her shaved pussy. When she stood up, I reached down between her legs and felt her warm wet pussy. She hugged me and kissed me so deep that I swooped her off her feet and carried her to my bedroom. My little buddy was purple hard waiting his turn! Once on the bed, we made love in just any position we could think of, and just before I exploded, I pulled out her and she put it in her mouth and I erupted in her mouth. There was so much I almost drowned her!

When we were finished, we took a shower and cleaned up the kitchen, sat back down on the couch and watched a movie! The entire time I rubbed her bald head! The entire time I was falling more and more in love with Sharon.

It has been about 2 years and Sharon has kept her hair super short!  We have a standing date on Saturday nights; wine, movie, munchies, haircut  (I let her chose the guard she wants) and a little extracurricular activity!




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