Just a Small-Town Barber III

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Just a Small-Town Barber III


By Dreadlocks


Chapter Three, From Tame to Torrid


So far, the adventure into owning my own shop had been anything but boring. After having dealt with three young ladies and the haircut pact they held between them, life had been exciting.

There was Melody, who only wanted to be ‘one of the boys’. I have to admit to being more than a little turned on by her. We still see each other, but nothing serious. That’s the way she wanted it, and I was more than happy to oblige; friends with benefits, if you will.

Every Friday evening, Melody strolls through my door, knowing when I normally close up shop. I’d invested in some blinds for the front window so we could explore her wildest barbershop fantasies.

Along with renewing her severe crewcut, she had taken to having it all done in the nude, sans cape. Everything always ended with a good round of sex. The variety of positions Melody had dreamed up, gave my barber chair a whole new lease on life.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and things were quiet, even for my little shop. Again, Hawthorne Creek beckoned. I had been having some fairly good luck in the stream, wondering if anyone ever fished there but myself. So much the better, I thought.

My daydream was disturbed by the pleasant tinkling of the door chime, and I raised my head to see who had wandered in.

At first, all I saw was this gorgeous blonde, and I had immediate palpitations thinking she had come in for a cut. Then a young boy stepped out from behind her, running to sit in the chairs, leaving whom I assumed was his mother in the entrance.

“Good afternoon. May I help you?” I smoothed, casting a glance toward the rather shaggy-looking toddler.

“I hope so. Matt needs a haircut desperately, and the stylist at Claudette’s refuses to cut him now.” She frowned, acerbically.

“Why’s that?” I asked, curious.

“Well… you, to be honest, Mr…”

“Parker. Jim Parker.” I finished.

“Yes, Mr. Parker. It seems that she has begun turning away all the male customers lately, saying that the new barber would serve them best.” She raised her eyebrows with a smile.

“Well, I’ll have to send a thank you card to Claudette for the business.” I eased, the questions over the sudden influx of business, answered satisfactorily.

“Oh, don’t bother. I doubt she would even read it. If she wasn’t the only show in town, I doubt she’d even stay open.”

“Sorry to hear that. I do cut women’s hair, so…”

“Oh, no…” She fretted. “I’ve seen what you did to Melody Barnes. My goodness, the woman doesn’t have enough hair to rub between her fingers. And those three girls, well. I may let you cut my son’s hair, but you will never get your hands on these glorious locks.” She maintained, walking over to direct her son up to my chair.

Satisfied that this woman was probably far too attached to her hair to ever allow a barber to cut it, I grabbed the booster seat, and set it into the large chrome chair. She lifted the boy up and in, and he immediately started to whine.

“I don’t want a haircut!” If I had a nickel for every time a kid had said that in my chair…, well, there it is.

Using my best kid-calming skills, I managed to get Matt under control. I noticed that this impressed his mother no end. She admitted that Matt generally screamed through the entire cut, but that was when Claudette did it.

“Distraction.” I smiled. “Get their mind occupied and they’ll be happy as a clam, Miss…?”

“Allie, Allison Walker.” She offered. “

Before the boy knew what was happening, the haircut was half over and all the fear along with it. I didn’t cut it too short at Allie’s instructions, but he did look a whole lot tidier than he had when they came in.

I sent them on their way, Matt with a cherry sucker, and his mother with a better understanding of what barbering was all about.

So, I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when she showed up at the door a few days later, this time, without her son in tow. There were a couple of teenagers ahead of her, one being in the chair. Disappointed, I saw her reach for the door handle to leave.

“If you’ll wait just a minute, Allie, I’ll be with you in no time at all,” I assured her.

She raised an eyebrow, looking at the boy in the chair as well as the one waiting in the chairs, a copy of Car and Driver glued to his face. She hesitated for a moment, I think not because she didn’t want to wait, but more because she felt a bit out of place.

What didn’t help, of course, were the haircuts the boys asked for. Both wanted skintight fades, and that in itself nearly had her running for the exit. The good thing was they were quick and over in no time.

I could see Allie was nervous. The closer I came to finishing up the last boy, the more she chewed on her lip. When I snapped the cape to shake the blonde curls I had removed from the lad’s head, she very nearly jumped out of the chair she was in.

I figured the boys to be brothers, as the older of the two paid for both, before they slipped through the door into the midsummer sun.

“Okay.” I spun the chair towards her. “Told you it wouldn’t be long.”

When she stood, the sun streamed in through the large windows casting a glow through her golden mane that was almost ethereal. It hung nearly to her waist, and for a moment I almost wished she hadn’t come in. All I could think of was Anna and the severe marine recon I had given her. Surely, Allie wouldn’t be so bold.

“You did say you cut women’s hair, so…”

“So, you came back. I’m pleased to see you. What did you have in mind?” I asked, reticently.

“To be honest, it’s something a little naughty.” She said to the side as she sat in my chair. She held her hair up, as if well-practiced, as I slipped a strip of crepe around her slender neck and fastened the cape securely. “Have you ever heard of an undercut?” She asked.

“I have, but I have to confess, I’ve only ever done one before.” The truth was always best, I found.

“Well, Claudette absolutely refuses to do one, and I’ve been dying to try it out. As I said, there’s something a bit naughty about hiding something like that under a mess like this.”

“Well, I would hardly call your hair a mess, Allison. It seems well cared for and a very nice length.” I commented. “It suits you.” It wasn’t a lie. Some women really looked good with short hair, but Allie was a goddess with her long flowing tresses.

“Thank you, Jim.” She smiled. Frankly, I was surprised she even remembered my name.

“So, an undercut. Maybe a trim?” I suggested.

“Yes, that would be fine. I want to keep the length, but trimming an inch or two to lose the split ends would be great.” She hesitated for a moment. “And…the undercut.”

I combed out her luscious hair, amazed by how thick it was. I knew an undercut would certainly affect that, but if that was what she wanted then so be it. “I’ll trim it first.” Noticing that the ends were rather tattered, I held up the middle so she could see how much would be cut.

“That much? I can see the damage.” Allie weighed the decision for a second. “If that is what it takes to keep it healthy, go ahead.” I had pinched a four-inch length of her hair between my fingers, knowing it would certainly alter how her hair looked. The thing was, I wasn’t lying about the damage.

Allie smiled as I combed out her hair again, and I could tell she loved the attention as much as the idea of the cut. She did startle a bit when I fired up the Osters, but when I explained I was only using them to trim, she settled back into the chair.

Pulling the hair down straight, I started at the middle, severing four inches from the length as the comb held it firmly against the cape. There was something strangely satisfying about plunging the clippers into her hair like that, seeing the crisp clean line they created.

As the notch in her hair widened, her hair had gone from waist length to nearly mid-back, but it was no longer straggly at the ends. Holding the mirror, I showed Allie the result.

“Oh my! That’s so much shorter.” She accused. She looked down at the floor, seeing the ring of blonde cuttings that surrounded the chair. “You said four inches.”

“And that is exactly what I cut, Allison,” I assured her. I went on to explain that hair tends to bounce a bit shorter when length is removed, because of the weight of the hair being cut. I reached down and picked up one of the strands that had clumped together, showing her that it was, indeed, four inches in length.

She seemed to understand, but I could tell she wasn’t too pleased that her hair appeared so much shorter. ‘So, now for the real fun,’ I thought.

I lifted Allie’s hair, parting off a section that was level with the tops of her ears, twisting and pinning the bulk on top. To be honest, I was amazed at how thick the sectioned-off hair was. It was going to be a healthy undercut, to be sure.

Allie seemed to fidget in the chair as I played with the hair. “Sorry. I’m a little nervous about this.” She admitted.

“The only people that will know about this cut will be me, and anyone you share it with, Allie. That’s the nice thing about an undercut.” I mused, brushing off the Osters, and snapping on a number one blade.

“I know, it’s just… Oh just go ahead and do it, before I change my mind.” Allison gushed, suddenly.

That was all the permission I needed. Slipping the clippers under the flowing locks I ran them upward, causing a veritable rain of blonde silk to slip over my arm to the floor. I stopped just before the part, laying down a second path next to the first.

I smiled as I saw Allie bend her head forward with a sigh, offering her hair to me with the gesture. It was the ultimate submission for a woman with hair as beautiful as Allison’s.

When I had removed the length, I was amazed at the size of the undercut. The combination of her long neck and slender ears made the undercut seem enormous. I flipped the clippers over and carefully removed the hair closest to the part.

As I flipped off the clippers, I looked down at the sea of gold gathered at my feet. It was an impressive amount of hair.

“Can I feel?” Allie asked, her hand slipping out from under the cape. I didn’t stop her as her fingers explored the nearly naked scalp. “Oh, my goodness. You took it up so high.”

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It feels rough, prickly. I’m not sure I like it,” Allie exclaimed. “… and it feels so high, like half my head.”

“Do you want to see?” I asked, lifting the mirror off the counter. I spun the chair away and set it in her hands.

She turned her head this way and that, inspecting how much of her mane had been peeled away. “Is it still going to be hidden?” She asked.

“Of course.” I unpinned the hair that was gathered on her crown, allowing the torrent of blonde curls to cascade around her, effectively hiding the undercut. Although I could certainly see the difference in the thickness of her hair overall, it was more than adequate to hide her little secret.

I could see her settle, once she realized that there was virtually no difference in her appearance. As if checking to see if it was real, Allie slipped her fingers up under her hair, feeling the eighth-inch stubble underneath. “Can you… oh never mind.”

Certain that she was stifling something that she felt bothered her, merely for the sake of an idea, I spoke up. “Allie, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing. My hair looks great. What do I owe you?” She pressed.

I wasn’t satisfied with her settling for something, so I jumped out on a limb. “You know, I can shave that for you if the stubble bothers you.”

“You mean shave it, as in smooth?” She asked, and there was that look again; that same look I’d seen in Melody’s eyes.

“As smooth as a baby’s bottom, if that’s what you want,” I assured her.

“Oh, please. Let’s do that.” Almost eagerly.

I loosened the cape to uncover the rest of her neck, re-pinned her hair, exposing the stubbled undercut. “You’ll be much happier with it shaved,” I said, feeding her desire.

I broke out the new trimming clippers I’d just received. They were quite a work of art, actually, with their gold-plated body and open framework. I had yet to use them, so it was a thrill to see how they took Allie’s nape from stubble to nothing at all, in a few quick swipes.

Allie went to feel the result, but I brushed her hand away. “I want you to wait until I’ve finished. It will be worth the wait.”

The whine of the lather dispenser distracted her, but as the warm menthol foam was spread over the back of her head and neck, she almost seemed to swoon in the chair. “Oh, that feels wonderful.”

Of course, the first initial scrapes of the straight razor were eye-opening for her. As the blade began to make long sweeping strokes away from her remaining hair, however, Allie once again offered her neck to me; her chin dropping submissively to her breast.

The hot towel brought a moaning sigh from her as the rough material pressed against her newly shaven scalp. “I really want to feel.” She insisted, her demand almost childlike.

“Alright, alright.” I pulled the towel away, and I knew she was feeling that wonderful cool snap as her fingers roamed over her bald undercut for the first time.

“Oh, that is divine.” She managed, under her breath.

“Then I think you will love this almost as much.” I released the balance of her hair, this time with nothing to insulate the silky strands from her hypersensitive scalp.

“Oh my God!” She swung her head back and forth. “If this is how it’s going to feel every time I move my head, I might be in trouble.” She chuckled.

“How so?” I asked, kiddingly.

“Well, being a married woman, I’m not really at liberty to say.” She seemed completely unable to keep her hand out from under her hair. “It’s a bit of sensory overload, if you get my drift.” She admitted, blushing.

“I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced it, but I can imagine just fine.” I chortled.

Allie paid me, and with a handsome tip to boot. As she was walking out, she turned. “How often do I need to have this shaved?”

“Realistically, a couple of times a week. I guess it depends on how tolerant you are of stubble.” I grinned.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days, then.” She sighed.

I couldn’t help but smile as I saw just a glimpse of that jet white scalp when a breeze kicked up unexpectantly. She seemed completely unaware, and that made it even more exciting.

Two days later, and right on schedule, Allison appeared in my shop. It had been a busy day for me, and I had to admit to feeling drained. Seeing her, however, sent a shot of adrenalin through me. “Hi, Allie.” I smiled, finally getting a chance to sweep the accumulated clippings into the bin.

“It’s amazing just how fast hair grows after you shave it, Jim.” She said, setting her purse on the counter before flopping into my chair.

I thought it was amazing how at ease Allie seemed to be. “Yes. You certainly notice it more when it starts out smooth.”

“Well, break out the razor, because I can’t seem to tolerate the stubble. Reminds me too much of my husband’s beard at night.” She admitted, disgustedly.

I combed out her hair, which seemed a bit disheveled. I wondered just how often her hand had been up under there that day, and what she might be doing for herself as a result. Gathering the mass of blonde curls, I gave it a twist and fastened the knot securely to her crown.

Any stubble that may have grown, certainly wasn’t visible to the eye. I ran a finger over her neck and felt the sandpaper scruff. “Okay, let’s get rid of that.”

“Jim.” She murmured. “I want you to take it an inch higher.” I heard her breath hitch as she asked, and I knew what was happening.

“If I go higher, Allison, I’m going to have to carry it around the sides.” The undercut stopped right at the top of her ears, so there was no way I could go higher without continuing the undercut all the way around.

“That’s fine…fine. Just make it an inch higher all the way around.” She insisted, the tension in her voice fairly audible.

“You know, we’re getting out of the realm of secrecy now. The shaved sides will be difficult to hide.” I warned.

“It’s okay. Everyone knew about it the second day anyway. All it took was one good gust of wind.” Allie pointed out. “Just go for it.”

“As long as you’re sure,” I pressed, allowing her hair to fall once again. I re-parted it an inch higher, creeping well above the occipital, and around the sides, a full inch above the tops of her ears. “This is going to be a bit more drastic.”

“Drastic. Yes, that’s what I want.” Allie sighed, the arousal in her tone too obvious to miss.

I didn’t bother with the Oster’s this time, going straight for the golden trimmers as one kid had labeled them. Once again, a rain of hair fell away from Allie’s head as I pushed the trimmers downward from the part.

I deliberately started on the side so she could see how the cut would alter her appearance. I turned her head, so she got an eyeful of the whitewalls extending up the side of her head, her sideburns a thing of the past.

“Ooh, that is so, so, short.” She managed, not seeming bothered in the slightest.

With a renewed sense of confidence, I quickened my pace, stripping away everything below the part. Within a minute it was done, and I exchanged the trimmers for a handful of shaving foam.

This time, as the straight razor touched her skin, there was no mistaking her complete submission to the blade. She tilted her head willingly as I worked my way around. As submissive as she seemed, I still wanted her to feel more. I grasped her head and pressed just a little farther, forcing her compliance and earning a groan of pleasure in return.

The side cut was obvious now, once I released her hair. There would be no hiding it. Even with her long hair, the undercut gave her an edgy look. Also obvious was the lack of fullness to her once-glorious mane. Where once the hair completely hid the undercut in back, little partings in the blonde curtain revealed the freshly shaven scalp beneath.

It was Saturday afternoon when she returned, and I wondered what might transpire during this visit. Allison would not disappoint.

It was a bit busy, so she was forced to take a number. Unlike the first time, she seemed completely nonplused. I wondered how she was going to feel when I lifted her hair to reveal all that shaved scalp. Whoever was watching was truly in for a show. Predictably, a few men stopped in after her, so she was guaranteed an audience.

“Twenty-Four?” I called out, knowing that she held it. Might as well allow her the experience of being reduced to a number.

“Hello, Allie.” I smiled, as she settled into my chair. I could see the eyes of the men widen as I lifted her hair to reveal all that smooth scalp beneath. I swept the cape around her and leaned down to her ear. “Just a shave today?”

“More.” Was all she said, easily heard by the men, and surely peaking their attention.

“Well, Allie, how much more are we…”

“I want the sides and back gone.” Without a mote of hesitation in her voice at all. “And you can take the length too.” She added.

“Um, Allie. Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine. I’m uh…shit.” She pulled me down to her mouth and whispered in my ear, what she couldn’t bear for the men to hear. “I need this, please.” Allison pulled back the cape, directing my gaze to the crotch of her jeans, where an obvious wet spot had darkened the material.

I looked her in the eye, wondering just what sort of monster I’d created. “No problem, Allie. How much of the length am I cutting?”

“To my ears.” She managed, trying not to reveal too much of what she was feeling to the two men who had dropped their magazines for the moment.

Playing along, I asked, “Top or bottom?”

“Oh, shit, please, Jim.” Her obvious arousal almost seemed like agony to her. “The top.” She gasped.

“Well, that’s a big change.” I grinned, as I set about parting the hair to the edge of her crown. Not certain if I was doing her favor or not, I parted away a bit more from the sides and the back, making the patch of hair on top even smaller. With a twist, I fastened the doomed locks to the top, the knot considerably smaller than it once had been.

I spun her to face the mirror. “How’s that look?”

She turned her head back and forth, plainly seeing the hair parted well past the edge of her crown. There was a slight gasp before she nodded her approval. There was also no mistaking the scent of her arousal as she continued to soak through her jeans.

Thinking of making a bit of a show, I snapped the zero blade on the Osters and peeled away the sides of Allie’s head, not being too careful around the part. I knew I’d be back with the trimmers.

Allie’s scent was heaven, and I couldn’t help but get hard as I stripped the last of the hair from the back of her scalp. How I wished that this torrid creature in my chair wasn’t married.

Allie was more submissive than ever as the lather was spread over most of her head. The three-inch-wide strip of hair that remained on top was almost silly in its insignificance.

Finally, I had to take pity on her. “Gentlemen. Can I ask you to come back in an hour?” Not wanting to appear callous, the two rose from their chairs and headed for the door. Following, I locked it behind them, closing the blinds and flipping the sign.

“Thank you.” Allie squeaked, barely able to speak.

“Now. Do exactly as you want.” I suggested. “There’s no one here to watch.” When I thought I was being too forward, she surprised me. Slipping out of the chair, she pulled the cape from around her neck. The rest of her clothes followed, thrown into a pile on top of her hair. I thought she was gorgeous with her clothes on.

She stepped up onto the metal pedestal, wincing as the slots bit into her bare feet, and slipped back into the leather chair. Most of the lather had been wiped away when she took off her top, so I dispensed another dollop and reapplied it.

“Ready?” I asked, being careful not to take advantage of her vulnerability. Even with a raging hard-on, I still had a conscience.

As her fingers slipped through her well-soaked labia, I began. I’m not really certain how many orgasms Allie had in my chair, but it was more than a few. Now, save for that three-inch strip, she was bald, and Allie had loved every second getting there.

When I undid the hair on top, the result was fairly shocking. I turned her to face the mirror so she could see the result. Now that her sexual appetite had been satiated, I feared that she might actually cry.

“Top of the ears, remember?” She sighed, still naked and seemingly determined.

At that point, her long hair was out of the question. It hung in sparsely metered filaments that only accentuated the bald head underneath. “Okay, off it comes,” I said, determined to give her what she wanted.

I thought back on the glorious blonde goddess that had walked through my door only a week before. As I scissored away the last of her mane, I realized that there was no reason for me to feel badly. Allie was obviously enjoying what was happening to her, however base those pleasures might be. I had only given her what she desired.

I shaped the remaining hair as best I could, leaving her with what could best be described as a very short pageboy. Given that everything was shaved underneath, it was the best I could do.

We both looked in the mirror at the skullcap of hair that now graced her head. It was strangely erotic, and with everything bald beneath, resembled the head of a penis, to be honest. If she wanted to look ridiculous, she had certainly achieved that goal. I wondered then, if it was humiliation that fueled her need and if she might return, only have me shave her completely bald.

Breaking my reverie, Allie sighed, “I can’t let you fuck me.” Only then seeming to realize that she was sitting naked in my chair. “But I ‘can’ give you this.”

She slipped from the chair and onto her knees, working the zipper down on my jeans. I resisted at first, but her persistence was enough to sway my morals.

As I grew close, I couldn’t help but cradle her tonsured head, her mouth sliding sensuously over my shaft and her own hair playing the cushion beneath her knees. Embarrassingly, I only lasted a minute, but then, who could blame me for that.


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  1. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone! Sometimes, as writers we get stuck on a particular idea that just doesn’t work. We struggle and try to commit to that idea but things just don’t gel. This storyline, for whatever reason, has stuck to me like a bad habit. I really don’t know what makes it so interesting to me, perhaps writing from a barber’s point of view? I know that writing as a man has been a challenge. As a lesbian, I really have no experience with boys, other than some misguided adventures in school. (shuddering a little, lol) But as some of my readers have pointed out, and to which I strongly subscribe, you must broaden your horizons occasionally. You must, as any author worth their salt will tell you, be able to write any gender, any profession, and any situation with clarity and understanding. Research is often the key, and I’ve done my fair share over the years. Anyway, I’m not really certain how long I will carry this out, but I think there’s a few more chapters to come. They may or may not be interspersed with some other ideas I have.
    Thanks again!

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