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Shreya was a beautiful 14 year old girl from a rich business family from Mumbai. At 5 ft 10″, with a fair complexion, she was a stunning girl. Her most prized possession were her long black tresses which reached her butt. She would sit in front of the mirror and brush them everyday after applying various haircare products to keep them healthy. Her mother, Priya would often sit along to do her hair as well. This had sort of turned into a night ritual for the mother-daughter duo. Priya herself was a very attractive woman in her early forties with a very curvaceous body and wavy black hair that reached her waist. While many of her friends had opted for a more modern and manageable styles, she could not bear to part with her lovely tresses.

The mother-daughter duo pampered themselves to monthly trips to the salon to condition their hair.  At the breakfast table, as Shreya was trying to reach for the sandwiches, her hair was caught below her butt and her head jerked back. “Ow, my hair!” she said. Priya who saw all this said, “Shreya beta we have to go to the salon tomorrow. Why don’t you trim your hair so this doesn’t happen?” Feeling the tips of her hair, Shreya agreed.

At the Salon

The salon was a spacious and luxurious place with posh brown leather seats, a cream white interior and a grey marble flooring. Upon arriving at the salon, the mother-daughter duo was ushered to the back where their hair was shampooed. After the shampoo, Shreya was told to sit on the chair and Priya sat on the chair next to her.

Shreya’s Haircut

Shreya’s stylist: (Looking at Priya) Mam, what do you want to do with her hair?

Shreya was annoyed that the stylist was asking her mom what should be done with her hair. Her hair!

But wanting to be a good daughter, she kept quiet.

Shreya’s stylist: Mam, short styles are trending nowadays and they are easy to maintain. With her features, a short style would suit her very well. What do you think?

Shreya was surprised by the hairdresser’s suggestion and looked nervously at her mom, her heart beating fast. Fortunately, Priya dismissed her suggestion and told her to just give Shreya a trim. Shreya’s stylist secured her hair in a bun with a clip tied a cape around her neck. When she removed the clip, Shreya’s thick hair cascaded down her back. The stylist combed her wet hair and bending down, started cutting around 2″ of hair with quick horizontal strokes. Her sharp scissors felt no resistance cutting through the thick hair. All that Shreya could hear was snip, snip, snip. Then with vertical strokes, the stylist added some texture.

Priya’s Haircut

Priya’s stylist: Mam, what do you want to do with your hair?

Priya: I always had my hair in one length and I have started to get bored of it. I want to try something different but nothing too drastic.

Priya’s stylist: Mam why don’t you get a layered haircut? It would look great on you. We should also do curtain bangs as well.

Priya: Let’s do it.

Priya’s stylist started sectioning her hair on the top, sides and back and secured them with pins. Removing the right side clip, she combed her hair and holding them horizontally to the ground, she started snipping around 10 inches of hair. Priya gasped as she saw how much of her hair was getting cut. After finishing the right side, she removed the back clip and started to blend the layers. On her cape and around the chair, a pile of hair had started to form. She was a bit anxious about how the haircut would turn out. There was no turning back now. The biggest surprise came when the stylist unclipped the top section and started to cut nearly a feet of hair. Priya watched nervously as the chunks of hair fell into her lap. Looking around, Priya could not believe that so much hair had been cut. But she loved the way the haircut had turned out. All this time, Shreya was watching her mom’s haircut with her mouth agape. She could not believe her mom would decide to get such a big haircut. On their way home,

Shreya: Mom, I cannot believe you would get such a haircut!

Priya: I had the same haircut since I had you and I was long overdue for a change.  unsure of getting the cut but I have grown to love it.

Priya was smiling and couldn’t stop touching her hair. Fresh, light and soft. She felt as if she was a different person.

Shreya: I think it looks great on you.

Priya: Thanks beta. Maybe you should try it too.

Shreya: No way!

After a while, Shreya felt her mom’s hair, surprised that it’s so soft and feathery. Priya also recieved a lot of compliments about her new looks in the next few days. Shreya loved running her fingers through her mom’s hair during their daily night routine. She thought,”Maybe I should also get a haircut like mom. Maybe when we go to the salon next time.” She had butterflies in her stomach just thinking about it. Life went on as usual but unknown to Shreya and her family, their life was about to take a drastic turn.

To be continued….

Note: Long time lurker here but this is the first time I am writing a story. Would love to hear your inputs on it. Did you think the description was too lengthy/ detailed or anything you would like me to add/ improve. You can also reach out to me on my instagram @snip.artist

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