Just Joking

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By JimB (C)opywrited  August 2023


“So, you want to go shorter?” Karin’s mother, Barbara, said to Karin as she walked in the kitchen for breakfast.

“WHAT?” Karin replied as she sat at the table.

“Your hair!” her mother said.

“Why would I want to cut my hair shorter?” Karin asked her mother.

“Well, why did you tell Doris you were going to Sandra’s Barber Shop for a shorter hair cut?” her mother asked her.

“O’ …..

“I was just joking with her,” Karin replied.

“She is always asking all the girls if they would cut their short.

“I, for one, am getting tired of her asked me that question.

“So, last night when we were having our weekly telephone chat, I told her I was going to get my hair cut shorter.

“Hoping she would stop asking me about cutting my hair short.”

“I see,” her mother answered.

“So, why did you call Sandra’s Barber Shop an hour ago and asked for an appointment for a short hair cut?”

“I did not call anyone, nor any barber shop,” Karin quickly replied.

“I see!” her mother said as she showed Karin her smartphone and click on the last call.

“Good morning “Sandra’s Barber Shop”, Sandra speaking, How can I help you?”

“Yes, this is Karin York and I would like to make an appointment this afternoon, around three, for a short hair cut.

“How old are you young lady?

“Nineteen! WHY?

“Just checking.  I have been getting call from girls for various short hair cuts and are younger that they sound.

“I require any girls, even boys, who are under the age of eighteen to have their parents permission to get a short hair cut.

“I understand,” Karin told Sandra.

“But, like I told you, I am nineteen and I do not need my mother’s permission.”

“OKAY, How about two-thirty this afternoon?” Sandra asked Karin.

“That great.  I will be there around two fifteen.” Karin replied.

“Will there be any other service I can give you?” Sandra asked Karin.

“NO, just a short hair cut.”

“MOTHER,” Karin quickly said.  “That was a personal and private call.

“Why do you have my smartphone?”

“Found it in the bathroom,” her mother replied.  “And, knew it was your’s.

“And, it was still on with your last call.

“It fell down and your last call just started, which happened to be to Sandra’s Barber Shop.”

“Will, like I told you,” Karin said as she continued.

“I was joking and called Sandra’s Barber Shop because I knew Doris would call her to find out if I made an appointment.”

“That is okay,” her mother replied as she got up from the table.

“I called Sandra’s Barber Shop and told Sandra I was bring you in for your appointment at two-thirty this afternoon.”

“MOM!” Karin quickly replied as she stood up.

“I was just joking with her and Doris.”

“Will, you may be just joking with Doris,” her mother said.

“But, I am not JUST JOKING with you.

“We leave around two-fifteen this afternoon.

“And, you are getting a “just joking” short hair cut.”

“But, mom …..,” Karin said.

“We leave around two-fifteen,” her mother said.

“And, wear something girly.  Like a nice blouse, matching blouse and your four inch high heels.”

“MOM?” Karin started to ask.

“TWO-FIFTEEN,” her mother told her again as she walked out the kitchen.

“Well you are a little early,” her mother said as Karin walked in the living room, where her mother was waiting for her.

“Can we just go and get this hair cut over,” Karin told her as she walked out the door.


“Hi Sandra,” her mother said as they walking to “Sandra’s Barber Shop”.

“Did Doris’ mother call you?”

“Yes,” Sandra told her as she was shaking her barber cape.

“Jean will bring Doris in tomorrow morning for nine.”

“Did she say how short of a hair cut Doris was getting?” Barbara asked as she pointed to the barber chair.

“Not really.” Sandra said as she waited for Karin to sit in her barber chair.

“She said she was thinking about a Flattop, Crew Cut, even a shaven head.”

“SHAVEN HEAD!” Karin busted out loud.

“Just sit the barber chair,” her mother told her.

“How short are you thinking about?” Sandra asked Barbara as she reached for her clippers.

“Let’s start with the half inch all over an,” her mother said.

“And, I will think about it.”

“Great,” Sandra told Barbara, showing her the clippers with had the half an inch attachment.

Standing on the right side of her barber chair, Sandra brushed her left hand with her fingers open and comb them through Karin’s hair.

“Looks like she will lose about fourteen inches,” Sandra to Barbara.

“That’s okay,” her mother said.

“I think you should shave her head.”

“MOM!” Karin start to say.

“Just JOKING.” her mother told her.  Karin relaxed.

“Damn, I didn’t have the half an inch attachment for the clippers,” Sandra told them.

“MOM!” Karin said.

“Just JOKING,” Sandra told her.

“But, I am going to start in the back.  And, I am not joking about that.”

Sandra parted Karin’s hair in the center of her head.


Karin froze as Sandra pushed her head down so she was looking in her capped lap.

Sandra moved the clippers slowly upward, as Karin’s hair feel in long lengths over her shoulders and slowly tumbled to her caped lap.

She slowly moved the clippers to the right of the first clipping.

Then, another one behind Karin’s right ear.

“O’ …..!” Sandra said.  “The half an inch attachment fell off the clipper when I started the last clipping.”

Karin quickly raised her right hand to behind her right ear.

“Just JOKING,” Sandra told her as she mother started laughing.

Sandra walked behind her barber chair, to the left side of her barber chair, brushing her finger up the back of Karin’s half an inch hair.

She slowly clippers, from the first clippering, the left side of Karin’s head.

She raised the clippers in front of her left ear.

Karin quickly raised her left hand to behind her left ear.  She felt relieved as she felt hair hair.

“Can’t you take a joke,” her mother told her as she put her left hand under the barber cape.

With the left side of her head clippered to half an inch, Sandra placed the clippers at her hairline and slowly moved the clippers to the back of her head, leaving behind hair clippers to half an inch.

Sandra walked around the back of her barber chair brushing her fingers over the half an inch hair.

With the right side clippered to half an inch, Sandra clicked the clippers off and hung it under the shelf.

Karin felt relieved, until Sandra was standing on the right side of her barber chair holding an smaller clippers.

“Damn Karin,” her mother said.  “Sandra is just going to edgy your hair line.”

Sandra begin edging her hair line with short quick upward movement of the little clippers.

With edging finished Sandra hung the small clippers under the shelf by the clippers she used for the half an inch clippering.

She turned and undid the barber cape and let it fall across Karin’s lap.

She reached for a larger white towel and tucked it in Karin’s collar and spread it over her shoulders.

Karin was confused about this.

Then, she heard a winding sound and saw Sandra standing in front of something.

The sound stopped as she watched Sandra walk to the right side of her barber chair with her left hand full of white shaving lather.

“Damn Karin,” her mother said.  “She is just going to give your hair cut a trim shave.”

With her “short” hair cut finished, Sandra asked her mother to her barber chair.

“Is this what you wanted?” she asked Karin’s mother who moved her face from side-to-side.

“You know,” Sandra said.  “I can still go a lot shorter.”

“No, this will do for now,” her mother said.

Karin felt relieved and started to get out the barber chair.

“Is there any thing else you wanted done?” Sandra asked her mother.

Her mother looked Karin’s half an inch hair cut over.

“No, this half an inch hair cut will do for now,” her mother said.

“But, I think her eyebrows should be shaved.”

Karin eyes got wide as her eyes watch Sandra moved the straight razor to her left eyebrow and shaved it off then she shaved the right eyebrow off.

“Now that looks great,” her mother said.

“Maybe next time you could wax her eyebrows.”

Karin quickly stepped from the barber chair before her mother, and Sandra, could come up with something else her mother wanted done.



“KARIN,” Doris said.

“Did your mother take you to Sandra’s Barber Shop”?”

“Damn, you could have said “hello”,” Karin told Doris.

“Yes, and you will not believed how she had Sandra cut my hair.

“Sandra told my mother your mother was taking you to Sandra’s Barber Shop” tomorrow.”

“Did she tell you how she was going to tell Sandra how she wanted your hair cut?”

“Yes, MY appointment is for nine,” Doris said.

“And, ….. You not going to believe this.

“She told Sandra she wanted my head shaved.  Shaved with just the straight edge razor.

“No shaving cream, no anything.

“Just the sharp straight edge razor.

“What kind of hair cut did you mom have Sandra give you?”


“I mean my mother had Sandra give me a “half an inch” hair cut all over my head,” Karin told her.

“Then, she did a trim shave.

“And, she had Sandra shave my eyebrows off, because she thought the shaved eyebrows made the “hair cut look better”.

“She even told her, “the next time, I think she means my hair cut, she could “WAX” my eyebrows.”

“WOW …… You had you eyebrows shaved,” Doris said.

“And, you don’t like it?”


“I do not like my eyebrows being shaved, ”Karin said.

“I like to tweets them ever week.”

“Damn, I have asked my mother if I could shaved my eyebrows, a number of time,” Doris said.

“I hope my mother tells Sandra to shave my eyebrows.

“Even waxing them off.”

‘Well call me when you get home,” Karin told Doris.



“Doris let’s get going.” her mother, Jean, called to her.

“I have to get something at the drug store before we go to “Sandra’s Barber Shop” and have Sandra shave your head.”

“MOM,” Doris said. “I thought you told Sandra you wanted her to give me a Crew Cut like she gave Karin yesterday.”

“Just sec!” her mother told her.

“How did you know Karin got a Crew Cut?”

“We talked last night like we always do,” Doris told mom.

“Are you going to tell Sandra shaved my eyebrows?”

“She told me that last night.

“She said her mom might have Sandra wax her eyebrows, the next time she brought her for her next hair cut.”

“Hummm,” her mom started.  “WAXING the eyebrows.

“Naaaa, you would love that.”



“Morning Sandra,” Jean said as the walked into her barber shop.

“That flattop you told me about.

“Is it very short?”

“The back and sides are,” Sandra told Jean with a smile.

“The top would be some what flat.

“And, the top could be kind of shorter.

“IF you wanted.”

“Let’s go with the flattop you just described,” her mom told Sandra.

Sandra grabbed her clippers with the half an inch attachment.

“Going to cut the top with the half an inch attachment and we can go from there,” Sandra told Jean as she showed the clippers.

“Then, I’ll clipper the back and sides with this,” she told Jean as she showed her the clippers without any attachment.

Sandra placed the clippers in the center of of Doris’s head and slowly moved it back until the clippers was clear of her head and the hair fell to the floor behind the barber chair.

She took the half an inch attachment off and showed Jean the attachmentless clippers.


She placed the attachmentless clippers in front of eight ear and quickly moved it up to where her hair fell from the half an inch clipping.

She moved the clippers a little to the back behind the right ear.

Doris’s eyes got wide when she saw how short the clippering was.

She moved her right hand from under the cape.

But, Sandra caught her and grabbed it.

“Not now,” she told Doris.

Her mom heard what Sandra said and looked at the barber chair.

“DO that again,” her mom told her.

“And, I’ll tell Sandra to shave your head with just her sharp straight razor.”

Sandra continued slowly clippering the back and left side.

“Have you decided if the top is short enough?” Sandra asked Jean.

“Can you cut the top shorter?” Jean asked.

“But, not as short as you did the back and sides.”

Sandra showed her the quarter an inch attachment.

“That sound great,” Jean told her.

“Will you be doing a trim shave?”

“Yes,” Sandra told her.

“Will there be anything else?”


“I almost forgot about that!” she mom said.

Sandra put the quarter inch attachment on her clippers and slowly moved it over the top of Jean’s cutting the flattop to quarter of an inch.

Jean look the top of Doris’ head over.

“That will do for now,” she told Sandra.

Sandra removed the cape and tucked a towel in Jean’s blouse.

She flowed shaving lather .

Stepping to the right side of her barber chair she began spreading the shaving lather along the edge of Doris’ flattop.

When she finished on the left side, she began spread shaving lather over Doris’ eyebrows.

Doris smiled.

“NO,” her mother told Sandra.

“I don’t want her eyebrows shaved.”

She began shaving the hair line with short and quick strokes.



“Well how was your visit to Sandra’s Barber Shop,” asked Karin.

“Mom had Sandra cut my hair in short flattop,” Doris replied.

“And, Sandra wanted to shaved my eyebrows.

“Like you have told you many times,”I have always wanted to shave my eyebrows”.”

“Did you find out what your mom had to pickup at the drug store?” Karin inquired.

“O’ that,” Doris answered.

“You will not believe what she pickup.”

“It was a pack of those waxing strips for waxing you know where!”

“Where!” Karin inquired.

“Let’s say, Randy will not get any hair in his mouth,” Doris replied.

“Did you try the waxing?” Karin inquired.

“Like I told you, Randy will not get any hair in his mouth,” Doris said.

“Does he know about the flattop you mom had Sandra give you?” Karin asked.

“I kind of hinted about the flattop,” Doris said.

“Kind of hinted!” Karin asked.

“Well, I just told him,” Doris said.

“You will not have to move my hair out of the way when I give you a BJ.”

“You mean you give Randy BJs?” Karin asked.

“Yes,” Doris replied

“I have been giving him BJs since we started dating three years ago.

“And, I do go all the way when I give him a BJ.”

“ALL the way!” Doris question.

“Yes, I swallow all the white cream and the yellow liquid to.

“Yes, I take a lot of mints afterward so my mom and dad does not know I gave a BJ to Randy, nor any other boy.”

“I swallow the white stuff,” Karin told Doris.

“But, not the yellow liquid.

“I did try it once but it tasted like …..”

“Did you tell Carol and Mary?” Doris asked Karin.

“NO,” Karin said quickly.

“When we got home.

“I told my mom I wanted to see what Carol thought about this “damn” hair cut you had Sandra give me.

“When I walked into his bedroom …..

“His mother and dad was out for the night …..

“When I walked into his bedroom Mary laughed.

“Carol ……

“He just looked and wanted to know why I had such a hair cut.

“Then, I told them what happened.

“Mary shook her head and told me, “my mother would not allow me to have a flattop, even if I wanted one”,”

“DORIS ….” Karin quickly said.

“Never tell my mother about Mary.  PLEASE.”

“Okay,” Doris replied.

“So, they know about you and Carol?”

“Sure, they have known about Carol since my dad introduced us,” Karin answered.

“Ever time Carol and I go out or I go over to his house my mom tells me to “make sure he wear the rubber cover.”

“Sure they know we have sex,” Karin continued.

“My dad always picks up a box of them once a month for me.”

“And, Mary?” Doris inquired.

“Just let say ….!” Karin replied.

“What drug store did you mother get you those waxing strip.

“So, I can get some so Mary does not get my hair in her mouth.”

“Tell me something,” Doris asked.

“When you and your mother walked into Sandra Barber Shop, did they say “hi” and Sandra knew your mother’s name?”

“Yes,” Karin said.  “Kind of makes you wonder!”

“Well, I am going to ask my mother a few questions?” Doris told Karin.

“I’ll try talking to my mom, too,” Karin replied.

“Well, when did your mother and Sandra agree to bring you back?”

“Two weeks,” Doris replied.

“Two weeks!” Karin replied.

“NOW that make you wonder more about Sandra knowing their names.”

“Well let me run,” Karin told Doris.

“Mary asked me to come by for awhile.

“Her mom and dad went to a party and will not be home until one in the morning.”




“You two were “just joking”, Sandra told them and their mothers, as she sat in her barber chair.

“By the way Karin Mary and her mother, “Ruth”, are my customers.

“And, her mother, your mothers, and I met when we were fifteen when we join the ….!

“Let’s just say a “club”.”

Barber and Jean looked at each other with a sis of relief when Sandra did not say the name of the club.

“After an hour of talking,” Sandra continued.  “Your mothers agreed that I should make the decision on what type of hair cut you two should get.

“And, any other services I wanted to give you two.”

Barbra and Jean looked at each other as Jean whispered, “I don’t remember telling her about any other services.”

“Me neither,” Barber whispered.

“So, I have decided what kind of hair cut, and special services, you will get,” Sandra continued.

“Doris do you remember those WAXING strip your mother picked up?

“Well the wax comes in bottles like this,” Sandra told her as she showed them the bottle.

“This LIQUID WAX will keep you waxed for six months, instead of a month.”

“Now I have to decide who will get their hair cut first,” Sandra told them.

“Well, I have decide.”

Sandra got out her barber chair and walked to the back of her barber shop and pointed to a door.

“Ladies,” Sandra told them as she pointed to four chairs.

“Yes ….

“Barbra and Jean you two will be getting the same hair cut as your daughters.”

“But …..

“But, Jean and I did not agree that you could give us a hair cut like our daughters!” Barbra told her.

“Do you two remember Sandy and Nora?” Sandra asked her as Sandy and Nora stepped from behind a curtain.

Barbra and Jean looked at them with fear.

“I have invited them,” Sandra said.

“To watch the hair cut I will be giving you two and your daughters.

“As well as to ……

“Let’s say any problem that would come up.


“if you will take a seat.”


Sandra walked to each chair, with her clippers with the quarter of an inch attachment, and began quickly moving the clippers over their head.

Nora and Sandy placed one bottle behind each chair.

Sandra smiled and thanked them.

“Barbra you will be first,” Sandra told her as she began spreading the liquid wax over Barbra’s head.

“Now you Jean.

“Then, each of your daughters.”

They sat there as Sandra watched the clock.

Every now and them she would walk to each chair and check for the harding of the liquid wax.

“Nora and Sandy …..

“Will you prepare out customers for their lower service,” Sandra told them as she began to slowly remove the now harden liquid wax from Barbra’s head.

“DAMN,” Sandra said out loud.

“I have to asked you, Nora and Sandy, to spread some liquid wax over their eyebrows,”

Nora and Sandy smiled and spread liquid wax over their eyebrows,

“Well, mother,” Doris said to her mother.

“You get what you wanted again and my eyebrows are not getting shaved.

“BUT, my eyebrows will be waxed off for six months.”

Sandra began removing the harden liquid wax.

“Nora and Sandy will you removed the harden liquid wax down there,” she asked them.

They smiled and began removing the harden liquid wax.

Sandra began brushing her fingers over Barbra and Jean head and eyebrows,

Then, over Karin and Doris head and eyebrows.

“Very smooth,” Sandra said as she walked behind Nora and Sandy.

She reached down and began brushing her fingers over Karin and Doris between the legs.

“HUmmmm. ….” Sandra said.

“Nicely smooth between your legs.”

She stepped in front of Barbra and Jean.

“VERY smooth,” she said.

“But, I think Nora should check Jean to see if she is really smooth between her legs.

“And, Sandy should check Barbra to see if she is really smooth between her legs.

“Really smooth like they were when we were fifteen and in that “CLUB”.

“And, I will check Karin and Doris to see if they are really smooth between their legs.”

“Karin is this how Mary checked you for hair and smoothness?” Dorris asked her.

Karin said nothing.  Her legs were telling every thing.

“By the way,” Sandra told Nora and Sandy.

“If you look in the draw, you will see three belts.

“I am sure you know what they are for.

“But, give me the one with the two shafts and a tube of lube.

“I don’t know if Karin and Doris very enjoyed the two shafts, like their mothers did when we were fifteen and in “that club”.

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