Just Like Mike

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Just like Mike

By JimB (C)opyright March 2019

It was a Saturday morning.

It was a visit to Tami’s Barber Shop which would change my life as I knew it.

I was twelve years old and in the seventh grade.  My grades at were average and I played volleyball every year.

I think I my last hair cut was when I was eight or nine years old.

My parents were not big on my brother, who was sixteen and a junior in high school, and me cutting our hair.

They just felt if we wanted a hair cut we’d just go to the Terri’s Barber Shop ourselves and get our hair cut how we wanted.

I thought I needed a hair cut because my hair was getting longer and shaggy.

And, would get in my eyes when I played volley ball.

One day I had looked in the bath room mirror at school and saw how long and scraggily my hair had gotten in the past six months.

I was beginning to look like a member of a heavy metal band, which quite a few of the kids in my school already looked like.

It was getting in my eyes and beginning to cover my ears.

I had noticed it earlier when I kept having to brush the hair out of my eyes.

I new this coming weekend I had to do something about it, because it was becoming an annoyance and with all the time I was put into studying for exams.

I didn’t usually bother with hair cuts.

But, now I had to make the time.

Friday night I asked my parents if one of them could take me to Terri’s Barber Shop, so I could get my hair cut.

They seemed shocked when I asked for one of them to take me to Terri’s Barber Shop.

My mom said she had errands to run and she could drop me off at Terri’s Barber Shop on the way.

My smart ass brother, who was in the room and making a motion resembling clippers being used while making a “buzzing” sound.

I was wondering what the hell he meant.

But, from what he told me later was Terri’s Barber Shop was not the place to go for a hair cut.

Because she was a “butcher” and most of her customers were military personal and older men who kept the same hair cut since the fifties.

Nobody younger than fifty went around with a buzzed hair cut.

I told him to knock it off, I was just gonna get a regular hair cut.

And, that was it.

But, little did I know what to expect of myself when I got up the next morning.

My mom had gotten me out of bed and told me to get ready if I was going with her.

I got out of bed, got dressed, and went and had a quick breakfast.

A half hour later I put on my coat and a ski hat, because it was cold and snowing that day.

My mom and I were off and the first stop would be for me at Terri’s Barber Shop.

As we were driving along, I kept brushing my hair, which was protruding from the bottom of my hat, away from my eyes and away from my ears.

I definitely wanted my hair cut so this would not happening any more.

A few short minutes later and we were in front of Terri’s Barber Shop.

My mom gave me twenty dollars.

But, she didn’t tell me how to get my hair cut, nor how short she wanted it.

All she said was, “Sarah, I’ll be back to pick you up in two hours and that should be enough time for me to get my hair cut.”

I figured she knew I could handle such important things as a hair cut.

I was figuring on getting a regular hair cut to begin with.

So, I was out of the car and into Terri’s Barber Shop I went.

Inside it looked like an old time barber shop with wood paneling, some photos, a couple of racks for magazines and brochures of some sort, and the masculine aromas which are usually associated with a barber shop lingered in the air.

Terri her self looked to be in her late thirties with her brown hair cut in a crew cut with a fade around the edges.

I went in and sat down to wait my turn as she was finishing with one man and there was one ahead of me waiting his turn.

As soon as Terri was done with the first man, he paid and was leaving.

The second man got up, from his waiting chair, and wasted no time in getting to her barber chair.

As Terri was prepping him for his hair cut, they made a bit of small talk, “Well, Mike, haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Yeah, been busy setting up the house and the new office downtown,” he told her.

“Just haven’t had time to come in for a hair cut.”

“The usual then?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah, make it a real high and tight and shave the sides and back.

“And, the landing strip too.”

“Okay, one horse shoe coming up,” Terrie said.

I didn’t picked up a magazine or anything, I was just sitting there waiting my turn.

But, I was not expecting to see this.

The man, in her barber chair, hair was looking rather spiky all around

Terri took her clippers and went right to work on his hair, peeling hair right from the sides and back of his head.

His hair falling right down on the floor as Terri took the clippers and ran it down the middle on the top of his head.

There was exposed skin on the back and sides with one strip from the back of the top to near the front.

It looked like a fuzzy horse shoe shape on the top of his head.

Terri proceeded with a different clippers as she kept running the clippers over where she had just shorn his hair.

While I watched his hair cut, I was wondering to myself how those clippers would feel close to my head.

It was some what turning me on.

Just thinking about those clippers cutting my hair that close was beginning to get me wet between my legs.

I just kept my eyes on him, watching as he kept getting his hair sheared away.

Terri was now beginning to work on the top.

She took a waxy stick and went around the front of the top where hair was still there.

She took a brush and worked it as to make all his hair stand up.

Terri took her clippers and proceeded to work from behind and cut his hair down really short.

Still having the hair stand up and making it look level and flat on top of his head.

I was enjoying watching his hair cut and it was making me think how I would look with a hair cut like his.

I was trying to keep myself from getting one.

I only wanted to get a regular hair cut.

But, as I watched, I just wondered how the clippers would feel and how I would look with a hair cut like Terri was giving him.

I wondered if I would feel and look masculine with a hair cut like he was getting.

Soon it would be my turn.

Was I going to do it?

I just wanted to have the experience, which he probably had many times before, at least once.

I kept debating in my head about going all the way as I watched Terri finish the top and blending the sides of the horse shoe.

But, there was still more to do.

Terri put down her clippers and whipped off all the loose hair from his head.

She got some warm water and moistened the back and sides of his head, as well as the landing strip.

She stepped to the lather dispenser where she got the shaving cream and put it all over the back and sides and on the landing strip.

I had never seen anything like this before.

It was really getting me interest watching as Terri shaved away the lather from his head.

Then, doing it for a second to make sure she got all the stubble.

As Terri was finishing with the man, I knew I would be next.

After watching him get shorn, I was really considering getting the exact same hair cut.

I could feel my heart move to my throat, my mouth was getting dry, and I was really getting wet between my legs.

I started saying to myself over and over, “I’m gonna do it.”

Finishing, Terri applied some lotion and dusted off his head and the nape of his neck.

She turned the man around so he could have a look at his hair cut.

He looked real pleased with his hair cut and a big smile on his face.

The top was really short.

And, perfectly level and flat.

The sides of the horse shoe were perfectly blended with the shaved back and sides and the strip was blended right into the back.

As the cape was being removed and the customer was getting out of the barber chair, he kept rubbing the back of his head as if it were smooth as glass.

I wondered if I could have the back of my head feel like that.

As the man was paying Terri, I was taking my coat and hat off, as I nervously awaiting for my turn in her barber chair.

I was anxious because I knew right there I was going to get the same hair cut.

“Okay young man, hop in!” Terri said.

I realized she did not know I was a girl and I knew it was going to be a big change.

My feet almost felt like tar as I walked to her barber chair, like a condemned woman on death row.

I could still feel my heart beating fast and hard.

I had to do this before she found out I was a girl.

Or, before I changed my mind.

Then, I finally made it to the barber chair.

As Terri was preparing me for my hair cut, the man was telling Terri he’d bring in more brochures for her on Monday as he saw the rack of them was nearly empty.

Terri focused her attention on me.

“What’s it gonna be for you today, young man?” she asked me.

I wanted to say, “Just like your last customer.”

I was trying to get the words out of my mouth, it had gotten so dry from being nervous for thinking about getting the same hair cut.

I couldn’t say it.

“Do you just want a regular hair cut today?” she asked.

Then, the man stepped in and said, “I think, by seeing how he was watching me get my hair cut.

“He want it cut like mine.”

“Is that how you want your hair cut?

“Like Mike’s?” she asked me.

Then, out of my mouth came the word, “Yes”

I sided a little and said, “Just like his.”

Terri asked another question, “You want the sides and back shaved.

“And, landing strip shaved like his?”

I was a bit hesitant about the landing strip.

Mike bowed his head down and told me to go ahead and fell the back of his head.

It was not like anything I touched before.

It was as though any evidence of any growth had been deleted.

After I felt his head I turned to Terri and said, “NO.”

Terri smiled at Mike, “I think the flat top will do for now.”

I was going to get the shortest hair cut I’ve ever had.

“Okay, another flat top comin’ right up!” Terri said.

Terri wasted no time and shearing away my thick hair.

She grabbed the same clippers she used on Mike and began buzzing the back of my head and slowly working her way to the right side of my head.

With the left side buzzed, she reached and undid the cape as she hung her clippers under the shelf.

Walking around the barber chair, she picked up the comb and walked in front of the barber chair and began moving the comb backward as she moved the clippers over it.

When she leaned a little to the right side, I was able to see she had clippered my hair short, almost as short as the back and sides.

When she did that, I nearly lose it.

It was so great to see all of the stuff which used to be on my head now just fall right to the floor.

I don’t think I could have any words to describe how wonderful those clippers felt running and vibrating along the back and sides of my head.

It was just fascinating to see all my hair fall down on the cape and floor.

I was ready for my first shaving.

Boy, what a rush it was.

I was already beginning to feel light headed from the absence of the nest I once had on my head and I was getting quite wet as she was doing it.

I hear a winding sound and watched her turn and began spread shaving lather over the buzzed back of my head.

She stepped to the left side of her barber chair and spread the shaving lather.

“You sure you don’t want the “landing strip?” she asked me.

I kind of shook my head “NO” and she spread the shaving lather over the right side of my head.

It was great to see all of the stuff which used to be on my head, now just fall right to the floor.

I don’t think I had any words to describe how wonderful those clippers felt running and vibrating along the back and sides of my head.

It was just fascinating to see all my hair fall down on the cape and floor.

I was ready for my first shaving.

Boy, what a rush it was.

By the time Terri was doing the first shaving I thought I was gonna explode when she started the second shaving.

When she was done, it seemed such a shame it went by so quickly.

I was ready to see the new me.

Terri turned the barber chair around to face the mirror and I was in shock.

It was really me?

The top was perfectly flat and level, like Mike’s was.

“So, what do you think?

“You like it?” Terri asked me.

I was in awe, this was a perfect hair cut.

“It’s excellent,” I said.

“I can do the landing strip if you want?” Terri said again.

“Maybe another time,” I told her as I turned my head side to side looking at the flat top.

I couldn’t wait for Terri rubbed the masculine scented lotion on my shaven back and sides.

After dusted me off with a bit of talcum powder and before I had the chance to touch the back of my head and feel how smooth it had become.

And, just as I hoped, it was just like how Mike’s had felt, as smooth as glass.

As I stepped from the barber chair I looked on the floor at all my hair.

“Any problems?” I hear a soft voice.

I turned and saw mom standing in the door.

“No,” Terri told her as they hugged each other.

“I tried the “landing strip”.

“But, she would not go for it.”

Mom walked over to the barber chair and brushed her fingers over the shaved sides of my head.

“Did you get wet between your legs?” she asked me, as she handed me her purse and point to the waiting chairs.

I did not know what to tell her.

So, I just said, “Yes, some.”

“Well, what will you be getting?” Terri asked mom as she sat in her barber chair.

“Just a flattop,” she told Terri as I sat in a waiting chair.

“Next time we, BOTH, will be getting the “landing strip”.”

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