Just Like The Living Room Floor

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Jenny had just got home from school and fell down onto the couch like a corpse. It was such a hot day and she couldn’t bear it anymore. She finally sat up and turned the tv on. She flicked through the channels but nothing good was on so Jenny tossed the remote onto the table and laid back into the couch. A few minutes later, Jenny’s mum, Claudia, walked in the door with some shopping bags. 


“hi honey. How was school?” asked Claudia


“ugh so long and so hot” replied Jenny. 


“aww I’m sorry darling”


Claudia took the bags to the bedroom and Jenny started channel surfing again. Jenny then remembered she could turn on the ceiling fan. This helped a little bit but she was still hot. 


Claudia came back into the living room and saw that her daughter looked bored. 


“Jenny. Do you want a haircut while you’re watching tv?” asked Claudia


Jenny smiled and nodded. She always loved getting her hair trimmed and brushed by her mum. She would always get it trimmed every few weeks in the kitchen. Claudia smiled back at her mum and grabbed a chair from the dining table. My mum had received these vintage chairs from her grandfather after he passed away. They were strange because they looked like barber chairs with leather and detailed metal finishes but with four legs instead of a swivel. Jenny brought the ‘barber’ chair to the living room and set it in front of the tv. She sat down, eagerly waiting for her mum. 


Claudia returned to see her daughter sitting in the chair with her hands on the armrests, ready for her haircut. Claudia had a pink cape draped over one arm and a box of equipment that she placed on the kitchen bench. She set out the equipment on the bench beside her daughter. It was a brand new large pair of Wahl balding clippers with a selection of guards, a comb and a brush, and a roll of neck strips. Jenny didn’t see any of this because she was fixated on the tv as her favourite show had started. Claudia tears off a neck strip and walks to Jenny with the cape in the other hand. 


“tilt your head up, darling” said Claudia as she applied the neck strip. 


“whats this mum?” said Jenny, slightly confused


“it’s to keep the little hairs off your neck”


Jenny smiled in response as she always hated the trimmed hairs getting into her clothes. Claudia then draped the pink cape over her daughter and clipped it tight. Jenny squirmed a bit from the tightness but just dealt with it. Claudia then walked over to the bench again and fixed the #2 guard to the balding clippers. She started chatting to her daughter and asking how her day was. Jenny was complaining about school and the heat. While she was gossiping about some girls, Claudia went to the wall behind jenny and plugged the clippers in. She started combing Jenny’s shiny, brown, curly hair towards the back and then slid the clippers into the side of her hair, just above the ear. Claudia pushed the buzzing clippers across the side of her daughter’s head which left a path of short stubble. She could almost see Jenny’s scalp. Claudia decided that she wanted it shorter, so she went back to the bench and removed the guard. She looked at the instructions and adjusted the lever to the lowest setting, 7#0. It claimed on the box that ‘this guard gave the closest shave. No stubble!’


Claudia returned to her daughter and flicked the clippers to life again. She was surprised that Jenny had not heard the pop or buzz from them or felt the clippers slide through her hair. She was so distracted from talking about her friends and watching tv. Jenny kept talking as Claudia ran the guardless clippers over the original path she had buzzed. She slid the clippers over the short stubble and they left absolutely nothing behind. Just shiny, grey skin. Claudia was much happier with this ‘length’ and made another pass over the top of her daughter’s head. Pass after pass, Jenny was being shaved to the wood and she was oblivious to the fact. Her curly brown locks were falling all around the chair and into Jenny’s lap. Claudia finished shaving the top of her daughter’s head and moved to her other sideburn. She was shocked that her daughter had still not realised she was getting shaved. All this time, they were chatting about girl stuff and gossip.


Jenny suddenly felt alot cooler on the top of her head for some reason. She didn’t know what her mum was doing, maybe it was a brush?, it was really helping with the heat though. Claudia pushed the clippers up into her daughter’s sideburn and worked her way round her ear. Claudia was surprised when she assessed the clippers’ handiwork up close. She took a look at Jenny’s sideburn and noticed there actually was no stubble. She smiled at how well they worked. Her daughter’s head was as shiny as the polished wood floor in their living room. Claudia then walked to the other side of the chair and shaved Jenny’s other sideburn. 


As Claudia stood behind her daughter, she looked quite funny. She giggled at the bald top and sides with her only remaining hair, draped down her back. Like a weird skullette. 

“I don’t know what you’re doing mum, but it feels nice” said Jenny while she was locked to the tv. Claudia replied “aww I’m glad you like, darling. Im nearly finished” Claudia then pushed her head down into her chest and ran the clippers up the middle of her nape. Jenny was startled by this abrupt move. When she looked into her lap and saw locks of her shiny, brown curls laying dead. She saw that her mum had been chopping off about 12 inches of her hair and then realised that was almost all of her hair.


“Mum? How much of my hair are you cutting off?!” said Jenny, very confused as she lifted her head slightly..


“I’m tidying you up for the summer” replied Claudia joyfully


Jenny was even more confused now but she thought she might as well let her mum finish now. She lowered her head again and submitted to the haircut, hoping it would not be too short. Jenny watched her lap as more brown curls cascaded down into her lap to join the pile. ‘Surely there’s no more hair for her to cut off’ thought Jenny to herself. Claudia continued to shave the last of her daughter’s curls down to the wood. She then ran the clippers all over Jenny’s once more to catch any stubble she missed. When she was satisfied with her work, Claudia flicked the warm clippers off and placed them on the kitchen bench. She walked back to her daughter and unclipped the cape and removed the strip. All of the brown locks slid out of Jenny’s lap and shoulders, and joined the pile around the chair. ‘That’s so much hair. How short did mum cut it?’ thought Jenny. She got up out of the chair and stepped through her shorn locks. As she walked past her mother, to the bathroom, Jenny noticed the strange hand held machine that her mum had just placed on the bench. She had no idea what clippers were.


Jenny got to the bathroom and saw a strange figure looking back at her in the mirror. A bald person was staring at her which made her realise what her mum had done. She shaved her completely bald! Jenny’s mouth was agape in absolute shock as she brought a hand up to her head. She felt her head and noticed that there was no hair left on her head. This caused her mouth to open even wider. She was completely hairless. Jenny was in disbelief that her mum had just saved her to the skin. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she thought that she was going to be bald forever. 


Claudia walked to the bathroom to see her bald daughter in the mirror, still in shock. 


“Mum, why did you shave me bald?!” yelled Jenny


“Darling, you wanted a haircut but you didn’t specify. So I just gave you something easy to maintain for summer” replied Claudia with a smile on her face. She walked in and rubbed Jenny’s head.


“Wow. it’s so smooth. it feels like the living room floor”



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