Just what I wanted.

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How many times had I admired an extremely short cut on someone else and wished I had the guts to go for it? So many other times I have found myself waiting in the barber shop watching another guy caped and sitting confidently in the chair as the clippers mercilously removed his hair. Watching them walk out rubbing their freshly shorn scalp I longed to try it myself. But as usual, sitting in the barbers chair I was caped and asked what I would like. “Short on the back and sides and trim the top.” came out almost automatically. Usually this resulted in a number 3 guard on the back and sides and scissor cut on the top. Each time I would tell myself that the next time I would go all the way.

This all changed when I finally found a barber that somehow knew what I wanted. I was 27 and doing well. I had been married for 4 years and my career was going just as planned. I was busy but happy with my life. I had accomplished almost everything that represented a personal goal. Only I was reminded every 4 to 5 weeks that my confidence only went so far. Sitting in the barber’s chair for my usual cut was something I actually enjoyed and looked forward to. Only the disappointment of not trying a really short haircut weighed me as I left the shop each time. Several times I had asked for a “summer cut” or something a bit shorter only to receive virtually the same haircut each times as if the barber was scared to cut my hair. Perhaps I was exuding the nervousness I felt inside and they perceived it themselves. I told myself today would be different but I knew it wouldn’t be.

I decided to try a new barber and found a new shop on Yelp that was a bit of a drive but looked really cool. It was a traditional shop but had been nicely renovated and was under new ownership. It appear that it was run by an older man and a young woman from what I could tell on the website. I thought it was worth a try. I arrived on a Thursday about 4:25. The shop closed at 5 but I assumed I had time. Entering the shop I smelled the familiar environment and was impressed with the clean decor. The two barbers I had seen on the website were working on two young boys who were received what appeared to be their summer buzz cuts. Almost simultaneously the barbers were removing most of the hair from the two boys as they sheepishly exchanged glances. There mother sat in the corner reading a magazine obviously uninterested in their assault. The barbers welcomed me an asked me to have a seat. I sat next to a guy about my age who was reading a magazine. He glanced up and nodded at me as I sat down. The barbers finished the shearing of the young boys. Their mother thanked them, paid and ushered them out. The female barber then addressed the older man, “Tom, why don’t you head out. I will take care of these guys. Just flip the closed sign on your way out.” “Are you sure Chris?” “Absolutely!” she replied. “Your wife will be so excited to see you home early and I will be done with them by 5.” He thanked her and walked out flipping the closed sign.

“Hey John. You ready?” she asked the guy seated next to me. “Yes ma’am.” he replied. She looked my direction, “I will be with you in a bit. Ok.” “No problem.” Turning her gazed to John she caped him quickly and nonchalantly asked “Just like last summer/”. “Yes ma’am.” He replied with confidence. I watched her work and noticed that I found her quite attractive. She was dressed comfortably with a green sleeveless satin top, white denim jeans and flats. She wore her hair in a very short bob with a closely cropped nape that revealed her scalp that was buzzed underneath. She glanced my way catching my appreciation and smiled softly as I averted my gaze in embarrassment. John sat quietly looking at the TV on the wall. His hair was about the same as mine but perhaps a bit longer. Without a moments hesitation I heard the whirr of her clippers and as if the routine was planned John lowered his chin. She placed her hand on his head gently and raised the clippers to his nape moving them quickly upward. She continued with several more passes as she revealed his bare scalp. She continued rhythmically around the back and both sides leaving his scalp completely exposed. I sat watching shocked at the transformation as he calmly sat as the barber did her work. She changed guards quickly and moved to his sided and passed the clippers over the top of his head a clumps of hair rained down. The top was reduced to perhaps an eighth of and inch. She then began to fade in the sides and used her trimmer to bring the neck and sides up rather high. Boy was this guy getting his money’s worth. “One high and tight for the summer done, John.” “Short enough for you?” she remarked as I came back to reality. “Yes, ma’am.” He replied. She uncapped him as he gave her a 20 and said keep the change. He walked out as she wished him well and walked him to the door.

She turned to me “Let’s get you cleaned up.” She quickly caped me and asked “I see you liked John’s haircut? You are a good looking guy and would wear that cut well.” I hesitated as I was taken aback and clearly realized she had noticed my interest. “It will feel great and if you don’t like it I promise it will grow back dear.” she remarked winking at me. In the moment I found the courage with this attractive barber complimenting and having just observed John enjoying his shearing. “Let’s go for it then.” I said hearing myself as if someone else was talking. “Let’s do it. I am going to take you down to skin on the sides and leave a bit on top for contrast.” Without hesitation she picked up the outliners she used to trim Johns neck and after guiding my chin to my chest she thrust them up the back of my heat to my crown. She continued around the back and sides as I watched in the mirror with my white scalp completely bald. She continued with the clippers as she removed the hair from the top of my head in a matter of seconds. She then spent quite a bit of time fading in the back and sides as I sat in a trance. This felt amazing and I relaxed under her control. She continued cleaning my neck and sides with warm lather and a straight razor. “You just got buzzed son! And I have to say you look great!” She uncapped me as I reached up to feel my freshly shorn scalp. That first sensation was one I will never forget. I got goosebumps and blushed at the same time. She obviously noticed as she remarked “You’ll get used to it and by the look on your face I am sure you will be back in two weeks to get cleaned up.” Completely blushed I looked into her in the eye “Yes ma’am.” I paid and walked out of the shop a new man.

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