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Thank you, have a good night! – Ahri shouted to the crowd. The last gig of the European tour, after months of singing all over the world she and the rest of the girls will be able to rest for some time.

Fortunately Seraphine, the newest member, caught most of the attention and fans didn’t see how challenging the few last concerts were.

She loved being on stage with the rest of the band, but she was… Tired. Just tired.

When they came back to the hotel she took of her stage clothes, sparkling white jacket and high heels, leaving them in the corner and laid down in her black bra and underwear.

Adrenaline started to drop and tiredness came in its place, but she was in the state between.

She was feeling every part of her body. Legs shaking from dancing, lungs still tired from singing, face covered in makeup and sweat…

And the hair. They were the worst. She couldn’t put them in the ponytail on stage, because it was “out of her role”, that’s what she heard from the management, but after every concert she felt like a rat.

Washing them was a nightmare too. She had to spend countless hours in the shower to wash the hairspray every time.

– I wish that producers would let me change something for the next album. Evelynn had a shorter hair before and she looked cute, so maybe…

She stood up with eyes wide open and racing heart. No, she can’t. Quick shower will do. Then she will go to sleep and she will forget about it. She will fly to the Spain, or France, or wherever they have the best SPAs and get a full treatment.

Heading out to the bathroom she was so focused on the vision of massages and hot baths, that she didn’t see a glowing yellow eyes in the corner of the room…

Water was running down her body, washing every bit of glitter away, but even after using half of the shampoo bottle her long, blonde hair with pink ombre still felt greesy.

At first she was carefully massaging her hair, trying to cover every part of them with foam, but after few tries frustration took the wheel and she just dumped as much product on her hair as possible.

– That’s so wrong, I am the perfect one… What can I do to feel perfect?! – she thought. Looking at the mirror she saw what everybody see. Cute, sexy girl. Some could say she’s like a goddess. But it was really her.

– I’ll talk with Evelynn tomorrow, I think she’s the only one who might understand… But she might not agree, but I still need a help of the friend.

But when she left the bathroom something changed in the room. One of the chairs was moved to the center and black box was sitting on the top of the table.

– Baby, you’re finally out… I was getting worried, so I took a glance… Please, sit down. I don’t need words to see desires of people’s hearts – the voice filled the room with a giggle at the end. When did she get here?! And how she… No, Ahri had seen Evelynn’s true form once and she knew how powerful her friend is. There’s no need to question how she knows things, she just does, and sometimes she knows better what’s good for others than they do.

So she took few steps to the chair and sat down, only putting a shirt and some panties before.

– Eve, can we talk this through..? I’m not quite sure about it, I just need some rest, that’s all…

– Oh no honey, I don’t want to see you struggle any longer. You need a change and you have to leave this era behind. Take some rest, let the young girl be a true popstar for a while

When Evelynn was talking, Ahri heard a zipper open and after a second she felt a brush on her hair.

She closed her eyes and let the good feeling take over. The brush was switched to the fingers of the other girl, massaging her scalp and sending shivers down the Ahri’s spine. Her breath, firstly calm, now started to speed up. She couldn’t control it. She didn’t want to control it.

– I’m glad you like it, but I didn’t even start yet… Head straight. Now. – And the fox girl did as she was ordered. She kept her eyes closed when she heard clicking sound from behind and hand gathering her hair behind. She bit her lips with anticipation, waiting for the big moment.

-…That would be too easy. To fast. Disrespectful in some way. I want to do it slowly.

Ahri nearly gasped, but then she felt how her hair fell all around her once more.

– It’s so much better now. Keep your head like that. I don’t want to hurt you. Yet.

Whisper came to her from the right side and when Evelynn said the last word Ahri heard a loud SNIP and long strand of her hair dropped on the floor. She felt blades of the scissors somewhere mid-neck. That’s what left brushed the point where she usually was wearing her diamond chocker. The top part of the chocker. Rush of excitement flooded her body and she crossed her legs, trying to hide it.

Evelynn was taking her glorious mane with delicacy and grace, but Ahri felt stripped from any power she had. She was fully dominated by her friend’s presence, but she couldn’t say she didn’t like it.

When she opened her eyes Evelynn wasn’t even halfway done, but the further she went the longer hair hit the floor. The back was definitely shorter than the rest, but the girl from the shadows had other plans, because she finished the left side with three quick cuts, making perfect line, matching the right.

-Sorry babe, but I feel like we have to make it more… Intense.

More intense? She just took away her iconic locks, what’s more extreme than that?

Her inner monologue was broken when her head was pushed down to her chest and the humming noise filled the air. She’s the devil, and she takes what she wants.

Ahri felt vibrations on her nape, and with the slow movement humming changed pitch and she saw how more of her locks fall in front of her eyes. Last pink strands hit the ground as Evelynn shaved Ahri’s nape. Did she put any guard on it? Ahri couldn’t tell.

It felt like a punishment, but she was so into it. Her cheeks were red and she was out of breath, but it stopped as quick as it started. Evelynn put her warm hand on the newly shaved part and took out a razor from the box. In a second the cold steel landed on the back of Ahri’s head and with a short strokes the other girl took some of the fuzz away.


Sound of the phone camera surprised the fox. She turned around and saw her friend with a screen facing the chair. It was picture of her nape, buzzed down to stubble in the shape of triangle, but with very carefully carved shape of diamond.

-C’mon, let me take few more pictures and show you the new you.

After a quick photo shoot she saw shocked with that what she saw. She was sporting a short graduated bob, ending perfectly with the line of the undercut. It was hidden most of the time, but with a little spin, or blow of the wind there was no option to hide it.

– I-im speechless. Thank you, I… – Evelynn interrupted her by putting a finger on Ahri’s lips.

-Shh, no worries my child. That’s what friends do. You don’t have to thank me, I’m sure you’d do the same for me. But now I have to go, I still have some unfinished business.

And with those words she stepped into the shadows once again. Her yellow glowing eyes dissappeared last, but the smoke in the shape of heart didn’t leave the room for a while.

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