Kakegurui: Mary’s hair gamble

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Based on the anime Netflix show “Kakegurui” which I do not own this a fan creation only.

“The last pair I win!” Itsuki Sameragi exclaimed revealing the two pairs of nine of hearts cards. “Darn it I was so close!” Mary Saotome slammed her fist against the gambling table in frustration. Mary managed to get 24 out of the 52 pairings of cards while Itsuki had made 26. Itsuki grinned in triumph as Mary handed over the rest of the money doomed to become “house pet” again. The spectators to the match starting taunting Mary “House pet!” “House pet!” Mary hid her face in embarrassment “You know you don’t have to be house pet again.” Itsuki said in a suggestive tone. Itsuki was known to coercer her losing opponents to bet on their nails in exchange for large sums of money. Mary angrily looked up Itsuki and shouted, “No way Sameragi am I giving you my nails!” Mary turned away holding her nails protectively. Itsuki smiled “Oh don’t worry my nail collection is full I’ve decided to start a new collection!” Mary frowned “What new collection?” I hope it is not teeth this time! Mary shuddered at the thought. Itsuki lifted a large compartment box on the gambling table and pressed a button opening it wide. Itsuki said proudly. Mary turned around and had a look curiously her eyes widened in surprise. It was wigs on mannequins’ heads. They were mostly ranging from different lengths with similar shades of black and brown. Though there was a couple of wigs that were red or white. Before Mary could ask questions Itsuki spoke up “These are all wigs I’ve made using the actual hair from my losing opponents own head!” She smiled with pride showing off her wigs to Mary and the audience. The audience looked at with curiosity. Mary defensively backed away “You want my hair! No way you are crazy!”

Itsuki smiled impishly as she played with a loose brown curl on her head with her finger. “How about I make you extremely good offer? Whether you lose or win this match you will receive money that will you get you out of being a house pet and if you win you get a surplus of 2 million dollars which is pocket money for me.” Itsuki bragged as her father was a rich millionaire. Mary’s eyed widened in peaked interest. “Really?” Itsuki smirked and nodded her head knowing that Mary was now considering it. Mary was still uncertain “I don’t know Itsuki’s I really like my hair…” “Well if you lose I’ll give you a unique haircut that will make you stand out from the other girls here. Besides..” Itsuki walked right up next to Mary inspecting her long blonde hair “I have always wanted long pretty blonde hair like yours.” Itsuki, with her sandy brown bob hair began twirling her blonde hair with her well-manicured fingers.

Mary grabbed her hair back in annoyance and stepped back still hesitant. Itsuki tilted her head and smirked “I’ll tell you what if you play this game with me I’ll give you a head start since you only loss by two pairs last game. You can start off with two pairs automatically and I will have to catch up.” Mary’s eyebrow perked up “Really?” She questioned in disbelief. “Either way if you win or lose you will get out of being house pet.” Itsuki said repeating the terms made earlier. “House pet!” “House pet!” “House pet!” the audience taunted Mary.

Mary sighed “Okay, fine let’s do this.” Then she looked determined at Itsuki as the crowd cheered in excitement. Itsuki clapped her hands together in excitement “Wonderful!” She grabbed out two pairs out of her deck of cards and gave them to Mary. It was the ace of spades and the 9 of hearts which was the pair that Mary lost too. Mary looked nervously at the cards but refused to show it she had a bad feeling about this…

Itsuki then had one of the spectators in the audience shuffle the cards multiple times then lay them out on the table. Mary and Itsuki decided to do rock paper scissors to see who went first. Mary did scissors while Itsuki pulled a rock. Itsuki smirked as she hovered her hands over the cards. She took quite the while deciding her first move that Mary grew impatient. Until Itsuki finally flipped over an 8 of diamonds and a 3 of spades. Itsuki then put them back in there places and gestured to Mary to take her turn.

Unlike Itsuki, Mary was very quick with turning over the cards which were a Jack of hearts and a 2 of diamonds. They continued to draw more non matches for 5 turns until Itsuki matched the pair of Jack of hearts. If you made a pair, you get another turn. Itsuki then matched a pair 6 of clubs and a 10 of diamonds. Itsuki then made another mismatch and gestured again for Mary to take her turn again. Mary was slightly nervous but she tried not to show it. Itsuki was now one pair ahead of her. Mary then turned over a card it was 2 of diamonds. Mary remembered picking the 2 of diamonds earlier and revealed the next 2 of diamonds. She then revealed another mismatch pair of a 5 of hearts and 5 clubs. Same number but they needed to share both number and suit.

Itsuki’s turn she managed to get 4 pairs of matching cards this time. What how is this possible? She thought terrified. Each round every time Mary would make a pair or two. Itsuki would make double or even triple that! At the end of the game Itsuki revealed the last pair the king of spades. Mary’s face went pale “No! No! No! This is not possible. You must of cheated!” Itsuki tilted her head “Oh? Cheated? Do you have any proof of that?” Itsuki asked with an assured tone that she knew Mary didn’t. “Well, no.” Mary admitted.

Itsuki smiled “Then I believe it’s time for a haircut Mary. Come with me!”Itsuki lead Mary to a secret small room in the academy she was allowed to have after her dad made a very generous donation to the academy. Mary wobbled moving her legs slowly and playing with her hair which she knew it will be for the last time. When they arrived to the room Itsuki switched on the light. Inside was a vanity cabinet with a large, bejewelled mirror. Infront of it was a soft red padded styling chair. “Oh by the way you must keep your haircut for at the very least 2 months when I get back the money I give you which should be in your bank account right now.”Itsuki smiled.

“Fine” Mary snapped then sat in the barber chair with her arms crossed glaring at Itsuki’s reflection in the mirror. Itsuki just smirked as she put the large red cape around Mary. Itsuki then carefully took out her straight blonde hair and let it fall on the cape. She undid the black ribbons on both sides of her hair. Letting more blonde hair fall down the cape. “Wow so much hair!”Itsuki said excitedly knowing it will all be hers soon. “I’ll give these back to you once I have finished cutting your hair.” She said politely putting the ribbons down on a side table. Mary didn’t say anything as she rolled her eyes at Itsuki. She then grabbed five pink hair ties and sectioned her hair into five separate parts. Mary stared at her reflection in the mirror and thought she looked so silly with so many ponytails in her hair. Itsuki then went to grab her styling bag and grabbed out a pair of diamond encrusted haircutting scissors that were gifted to her by her father when she discovered her new hobby of collecting wigs.

Itsuki wheeled a tray to Mary that was still sitting in the barber chair nervously. At least this chair is comfortable Mary thought trying to calm herself. Without hesitation Itsuki grabbed the ponytail at Mary’s nape and started cutting away at. Scrunch, Snip, Scrunch It came off surprisingly easily for a thick bunch of hair. Mary tried to hold in her tears, Her face looked away from the mirror and down towards her hands which were balled up into pale fists on each knee. Itsuki paid no attention to Mary as she put the ponytail on the tray humming blissfully as she did so, and began to start work on the next ponytail. She grabbed the ponytail on the left side of Mary’s head as she lifted up her scissors, diamonds shining against the scissors blades and began cutting away. Scrunch, Scrunch, Snip, Snip. Itsuki was overjoyed at cutting away at her hair soon Mary’s blonde hair will be hers to wear. She put the second ponytail on the tray as she began working on the third.

Mary did not even dare to look at herself in the mirror. She felt disturbed by how light the nape and sides of her head felt. But still she didn’t allow herself to cry just yet. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, snip, snip. Itsuki removed the third ponytail, putting it on the tray. Two more to go Itsuki excitedly thought as she began hastily working on the second to last ponytail in the middle of Mary’s head. Itsuki was being very rough as she really wanted to get the rest of the ponytails for her wig. SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! “Ouch not so rough Itsuki!” Mary snapped rubbing the back of head to soothe it. Mary gasped in shock at how short her hair was, being used to having long thick mane that would almost reach to her butt. Her hair had now been reduced to a shaggy bob. Mary finally let herself shed a few tears quietly making sure Itsuki did not notice.

“Sorry Mary I’ll try to be gentle while I remove this last ponytail.” Itsuki said apologetically as she put the fourth ponytail next to the others on the tray. She gently twirled the last ponytail on the top of Mary’s head with her finger then slowly started cutting away at ponytail. Snip, snip, snip, the sound of her slowly cutting away at her hair was both horrifying and vexing to Mary as if Itsuki sadistically was doing this on purpose. Scrunch Scrunch Scrunch “Wow this last one is really thick.” Itsuki said happily as she continued slowly cutting away at the ponytail. Scrunch, Scrunch, Scrunch, Snip Snip. Eventually the last one came apart from the top of Mary’s scalp. Itsuki proudly beamed at how much hair she had collected. I finally have some long, pretty, blonde hair to add to my collection! She thought excitedly as she stared at the five ponytails collected on the tray.

Mary looked up again it was a shaggy bob all over with no style and her bangs in front was too long compared to the rest of hair. “I look stupid.” Mary pouted. Itsuki chuckled and reassured “Don’t worry Mary, I’ll fix it. I have a hairstyle that will suit you and make you stand out from everyone else here.” Itsuki turned Mary away from the mirror so that she was facing her then grabbed her cute comb with cat stickers on it and began combing Mary’s bangs. She held the comb firmly, then checking to see if it the right amount before beginning to cut away. Snip, snip, snip. Some of the hair fell on to Mary’s face which she blew away in annoyance.

Itsuki then turned Mary around so she was facing the mirror again. Mary was relieved that her bangs matched her bob even though the bob was still very shaggy. “Hold on I’ll fix the rest of the bob in a moment. Please wait here.” As if Itsuki read her mind she walked away to go grab something. Mary wondered where she was heading off to. Mary sighed in annoyance and anger staring at the ponytails that were on the tray. Can’t believe I let her do this. My hair that took forever to grow! She cried in frustration before grabbing a tissue from her pocket to wipe away the tears before Itsuki came back. She looked at herself once again “I hope she at least makes it look somewhat good.” Mary whispered to herself. She then heard Itsuki’s footsteps returning. She then heard the plugging in of a something, a flick of a switch then a loud roaring noise. NRRR NRRRR NRRR

Mary felt something vibrate at back of her neck. A clipper oh my gosh! Mary quickly jolted her head away in fear. “What the hell Itsuki!” Mary shouted. “No Mary don’t move I was just fixing your bob. But you moved your head and accidentally took a large chunk out at the back with my clippers! Don’t worry I can fix it but you need to keep still okay.” Mary sighed in frustration and defeat. “Fine my hair is ruined anyway!” Itsuki bought the comb and the clippers together as shaved away at her bob shaping it into a mushroom shape all around. NRRRR NRRRR NRRR Mary had her head down and her jaw clenched the sound of clippers made her skull rattle. She then felt the comb go over both her ears and then the horrifying sound of the clippers. How much is she cutting off? Mary thought terrified. Nrrr Nrr Nrrr more hair fell of the cape.

“Done! all finished what do you think?!”Itsuki said proudly as she switched off the clippers and dusted the hair off her cape. Mary glared at her haircut “I look like a mushroom!” She wailed holding her head and felt how much hair was gone. Itsuki look disappointed “So you don’t like it?” she pouted. “I hate it!” Mary replied angrily. Itsuki returned the anger by switching the clipper on. NRRRR NRRR NRRR the buzzing of the clippers started again. Using the combing to shave the hair upwards. Mary was too shocked to say anything as she started crying as more hair began to fall.

Itsuki then turned off the clippers grabbed the scissors cutting the hair at the top. She then opened a jar of hair gel, lathering her hands with it and used it to stick the shorten hairs upwards creating a flat top. “Wow Mary if I didn’t know any better and you weren’t wearing a skirt I would think you were a boy entering the army. You are really going to stand out with this haircut here” Itsuki giggled teasing mercilessly teased as she finished putting the gel in her hair then washing her hands clean.

“You b*tch!”Mary spat furiously crying, red face from embarrassment caused by her humiliating haircut and by Itsuki’s merciless teasing. Itsuki was not happy with Mary’s words and turned the clippers on again NRRRR NRRR NRRR Itsuki shaved down the middle of Mary’s crown. It was slightly more difficult since the hair was filled with gel but she managed to reduce the flat top till just blonde stubble all over her head. Mary was finished crying and just sighed in defeat “you made me bald?” “Not completely yet…” Itsuki grabbed a can of shaving foam from the drawer and began spray it all over Mary’s head. “You’re crazy!” Mary shouted moving her head. “Don’t move Mary I don’t want to cut you!” Itsuki said firmly as she sprayed move shaving foam that fell when Mary moved her head. She then grabbed a pink lady razor and began to shave at her nape working her way upwards. Scrape Scrape Scrape Mary found the sounds of the razor scrapping dreadful but didn’t want to admit that she liked the feeling of the razor removing the foam and stubble off her scalp. Itsuki then began shaving the foam on the top of her scalp away Scrape Scrape Scrape. Then turned Mary’s head to both sides shaving away the foam and stubble by her ears. Scrape Scrape Scrape. Itsuki wanted to be thorough so she sprayed more shaving foam and began shaving away any access stubble she missed the first time. Scrape, Scrape, Scrape.

Once Itsuki was finished finished, she wiped away any access foam with a towel. She then rubbed her hand all over Mary’s now smooth bald head and was satisfied “Perfect!” she exclaimed Mary slightly jolted from Itsuki’s cold hand against her scalp. Mary was ready to get up and leave but then Itsuki stopped her from leaving “Wait haven’t finished yet!” “Finished?! You shaved my head completely bald! What more could you possibly do?” Mary snapped wiping her tears away with cape. Ewww I am going to have to clean that later Itsuki thought seeing Mary wipe her tears and snot onto the cape. “Just stay there” Itsuki said as she grabbed a small rag and a jar labelled “Shine away” and used it to buff and polish Mary. Knick Knack Mary’s head was roughly tossed left and right until Itsuki was satisfied with the amount of shine. “Nice and shiny. It’s almost like I can see my reflection on your scalp.” Itsuki giggled. “You weirdo!” Mary said feeling revolted. Itsuki ignored her as she took the cape off Mary and dusted all the hair from it. Mary stormed out of the chair and almost reached the door until she heard Itsuki speak up “Wait you forgot these.” Itsuki smiled holding up Mary’s black ribbons. Mary rolled her eyes “Ugh” she said as she snatched the ribbons from Itsuki she no longer had use for and stormed out without saying another word.

Two weeks had gone passed as she was no longer a “house pet” but was known as “baldie” and “diamond head” by her pairs. She tried to hide her hair using wigs or hats but Itsuki would make her take it off and repolish her scalp again so that you could see her head shine from the end of the hallway. Itsuki made it even worse when she started wearing a wig made from Mary’s hair she collected! Just when Mary thought about changing Academies not wanting to spend another day of humiliation at Hyakkou Private Academy. She saw her frenemy Yumeko Jabami wearing her blonde hair wig! “My hair! Where did you get that from?!” Mary demanded. Jabami smiled “Oh, do you like it? I’m Mary Saotome.” She joked. Mary pouted and crossed her arms unamused. Which Jabami playfully intimidated then smiled “I got it off Itsuki after the bet.” Mary frowned “What bet?”

“You didn’t know?” Jabami’s eyed widened in euphoria as she recalled the bet. . “I originally lost the 1st game to Itsuki but the game was so intense and fun I begged for her to let me play again. She told me she would if I give her my shiny black hair if I lose. I joyfully accepted. I figured out from the last match she was cheating each card’s would change pattern slightly when it is flipped over. It would be very hard to notice if you aren’t familiar with cards.” “She cheated?! I knew it that scumbag!” Mary yelled furiously. Jabami continued “When I figured it out and beat her at her own game she was floored. I pointed out that her cheating would make her father’s business look bad. She begged me not to report her I said I wouldn’t tell a soul if she let me have the wig made out of your hair. At first she refused because that wig was her favourite. I then offered to shave the hair off of her own head. She freaked and quickly gave me your hair back.” Jabami said proudly.

Mary rolled her eyes “Tsk… typical cowardly rich brat. Now would you give my hair back!” Jabami smiled taking the wig of and handing it to Mary. “Of course Mary! I don’t really think blonde is my colour anyway” Mary put the wig back on and sighed “Hope Itsuki doesn’t try to take it off of me.” Jabami laughed “Oh don’t you worry about that either! I made her call off her permanent bald hairstyle for you.” Mary’s cheeks flushed pink “Th-Thank you Jabami I..I really appreciate it.” “Don’t thank me she didn’t deserve to keep your hair after she cheated. Oh I don’t forget to put these back.”Jabami smiled lifting up two black ribbons. “Where did you get those?” Mary asked confused she threw the ribbons away after the haircut as they reminded her of the hair she lost.

“I keep them when you threw them away here let me help you put them back in.” Jabami offered. Normally Mary would of refused such an offer but for some reason didn’t. Jabami used the ribbon and her fingers to tie ponytails on both sides of Mary’s head. “You know I can understand why Itsuki really liked your hair it’s so soft and smells sweet.”Jabami teased. Mary’s face went bright pink again. “Sh-Shut up”she said shyly. Once Jabami finished Mary thanked her again and they made plans to hangout.

Mary wears her blonde wig in public until her hair grows out enough, so she doesn’t need it. She relieved and thankful to Jabami for bringing it back and that the teasing stopped. Mary and Itsuki carefully avoid eachother at the Academy, it was still awkward between them. But sometimes when Mary is alone, she takes the wig off to let her scalp breathe. She didn’t realize how much wait it is to carry so much hair especially now it is Summer at the academy. She wouldn’t admit she is thankful to Itsuki for giving her this experience she wouldn’t of had otherwise.

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