Kala Studies Part 1

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“I’ll just wait”

Who was I kidding my ends were starting to split and my hair was so long and thick and heavy it had very little life left it. I wasn’t big on haircuts, I only really went every couple of years for a trim. My hair reached just below my waist now. I always got compliments on the thick dark locks.

My regular hair-salon was closing down, Ella, my usual stylist was reopening further out in the suburbs. I figured I’d just wait until she reopened. But my last haircut was about 2 years ago, and summer break was just around the corner. I needed to find somewhere else to get my hair cut.

I pulled out my laptop, did some research and concluded that Kala Studios was the place to go. It was a massive double story salon in the heart of the city. They were always fully booked, and they had a 4.7-star rating. They obviously knew what they were doing.

I called, thinking I might get turned away as they notoriously had waitlists.

“Kala Studios, Layla speaking”, a bright bubbly voice answered my call.

“Oh, hi, I was just wondering when your next available appointment was?”

“Of course, love, let me just check for you now” she replied.

A pause followed as I heard her clicking away on the computer: “Now we do have an opening today at 2pm, would that work for you?”

“That would be great, thank you!” I took a breath out, one I didn’t realise I had been holding, the thought of a new hairdresser scared me a little.

“Have you been here before?” Layla asked me.

“No, I haven’t:

“Ok so I just want to warn you 2pm is our peek time, so when you get here make sure you check in at the desk, they’ll give you an ipad to fill out what you want done and then make sure you return the ipad so they don’t forget you’re there and they know you’re ready to go”

I agreed and after thanking her again I hung up. It was already 12 and the salon was in the city which was a good hour train ride and I wanted to wash my hair and leave it damp to make the salon visit quick.

2 hours later

As I walked into Kala Studios, I was surprised by how busy it was, despite Layla’s warning on the phone. I presented myself to the desk, grabbed an ipad and stood out of the way as there was no where left to sit.

The iPad contained a few questions on last haircut, usual treatment, hair type and what I wanted today. I quickly filled it out, ticked the boxes to indicate I had very long hair and wanted a trim and handed the iPad back at reception.

“Ash will be with you in a second honey” said the woman at the desk, without looking up.

My name was called, much like in a doctors office a minute later and I was guided in between chairs down to the back of store. It was loud and it was busy but everyone was happy and the room was filled with laughter and gossip.

“I’m going to have to grab a stool because otherwise your hairs going to be too low for me to cut it”

Aria returned seconds later with a tall stool, once I was sat up

“So what are we doing today?” she asked, looking at me in the mirror.

“I just need a trim, I told her,”

She examined my ends closely then wound parts of my hair around her fingers, testing it. “The bottom 4 or so inches are pretty dead, do you want me to just take them off or a little bit more?” she asked.

4 inches was far more than I usually take off, but it had been a while, so I figured she was probably right.

“Maybe 4 and a half, just so the ends up nice and healthy?” I asked, a little unsure. She nodded quickly and set to work pinning up the top layers of my hair, leaving herself a thin layer to cut into.

As I relaxed onto the stool, which was surprisingly comfortable, my eyes drifted to the seat behind me. A strikingly beautiful woman sat in the chair, her blonde hair sweeping to the floor putting mine to shame. I watched in shock as the man cutting her hair, pulled out clippers and drew a line across the top of her back. The curtain of gold falling to the floor. I was captivated.

I watch as he pinned most of her hair up and picked up clippers, the sound cutting through the salon. Sckkkkkkkkkk, the clippers connected with her nape. I felt chills and a little aroused. At first I thought she was just getting an undercut but I watch as the hairdresser clippered the sides of her head, so close I could see her scalp. It was so close, so beautiful, so arousing. I felt a little wet and adjusted my self on the stool.

It was at that moment I realised how long the pieces of hair on the floor was. My hair sat just below my shoulders. A good 12 inches of my once long dark hair lay around me on the floor. I looked at the person behind me in shock. It wasn’t the person who had started cutting my hair.

“What’s wrong honey?” The person behind me asked.

Part of me couldn’t speak, in fact part of me didn’t want to. I kind of liked it. So I kept quiet.

I looked back at the woman behind me, her hair was so short, so crisp and neat. And then the man pulled out a raiser and he began to shave her nape clean. I felt wetter.

My eyes moved to the person behind me. “I changed me mind” I stated.

“Bit late for that now honey” replied the woman. “It’ll grow back, don’t worry”

“No, I think I’d like to go shorter” I told her.

She smiled reassuringly at me, “I’ve got another client now but Sam has an opening upstairs, I’m sure he’ll take you”

She uncapped me and lead me upstairs.

To be continued…

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