Kalyani becomes a ‘mod’ lady

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Kalyani takes first step to mod

It was an arranged marriage for me with 29 year old Ramesh, MNC executive.  I was 25 and after my B.Com. I was working in a Bank.  My parents – dad Chandrashekhar and mom Saraswati – chose him for the main reason that the horoscopes matched very well, the family was rich and his parents appeared to be traditional.  While I was all traditional and mild, he was highly modern and dynamic.  During the girl-seeing, Ramesh’s mom, Nagaratna said that her son wants his wife to be highly mod.  She hoped that I would be able to meet his requirements.  Initially my mom was apprehensive but my dad convinced her that since the horoscopes matched well and the family looks good things will work out all right.  “If Kalyani becomes mod, heavens will not fall” he said.   Finally mom also happily agreed.  I had meekly nodded my acceptance since the boy looked handsome and if I have to become a bit mod, so be it.

In spite of her religiosity, my mom is a naughty woman.  Once I crossed 18, she taught me to speak the bawdiest of words like fuck, penis, dick, cunt, etc. with her, of course warning me on when and where to use such words.  For all my docility, I started enjoying such words.  In about two months after the marriage was finalised, I and Ramesh dated frequently and started loving each other.  At the same time, my mom and Ramesh’s mom also met often and became thick friends.  One basis of their friendship that Nagaratna is also a naughty woman who uses such words quite openly.  Since then rarely I see them talking without some giggling.

Within two months of our dating, Ramesh learnt that I am an intelligent, naughty but very docile girl.  I learnt that he is a nice and straightforward guy but of a dominating nature.  On his bidding, I learnt car driving, walking with very high-heeled sandals and wearing trendy mid-thigh dresses apart from wearing sleeveless blouse with saree.  Though a bit embarrassing initially, I enjoyed such new revealing dresses.  Surprisingly, my parents accepted it with lot of giggles.

Once, Ramesh suggested that I cut my waist long hair to a bob or a boy cut.  I had growled at him angrily and he never raised it again, at least before marriage.  When he suggested that I should not wear traditional things like bindi, bangles, nose stud, etc. with modern dresses, I had walked out threatening to call off the marriage.  He later apologised and promised never again to ask me to remove them.  But overall, my parents were very happy that I had started loving Ramesh deeply.  When I told them why I had walked out on him that day, they said “Kalyani, this boy is very good and loves you a lot.  Do not do something stupid and spoil the relationship.  We know that he is dominating type and for your docile nature that is good only.  Do as he says and you will be happy.  Some modernity would be good for you.”

With about three months to the marriage, on one dinner occasion, I was shocked when he took a non-veg dish and alcoholic drinks.  Back home, I reported this to my parents with concern.  Neither mom nor dad was shocked.  They were giggling, rather.  Dad sternly said “If you truly love him, you also should start taking them happily.  His parents also take them and they want you to learn to take those things asap.  Look, Kalyani, I expect that within two weeks you should have tasted them.  Don’t make a fuss about it.”  Mom also said with a giggle “Go ahead and enjoy it dear”.  I was dumbstruck hearing this from my ‘traditional’ parents.

Still with a doubting countenance, I asked why they are shedding veg tradition.  Mom said “We are not shedding it.  We two and the boys will continue with it.  We are happily advising you to shed it so that you can merge with your new family happily.  We knew beforehand that the boy wanted you to be mod.  We accepted happily since the horoscopes matched very well, the boy is a gentleman and his parents are nice. Now, you two are bonding very well.  Today we two had gone to meet Nagaratna and her husband.  She has told us that she, her husband and Ramesh take non-veg and drinks and want you to start on them at the earliest.  Initially we were also shocked but after some patient discussion we came to the conclusion that it is best for you also to be like them so that you will merge with them well.  That is why we are happily urging you to start eating non-veg and taking drinks at the earliest” and giggled again.  My love for Ramesh had blossomed well enough for me to use this diktat to plunge happily into non-veg and drinks turning my aversion to them to a new-found desire.

A day after mom and dad had given their diktat, Ramesh said “Kalyani, why don’t you take a bite of chicken and a sip of beer today?”  I was waiting for the invitation.  I just texted to my mom that I will be back home today with a piece of chicken and a cupful of beer in my tummy.  Mom texted back “Go ahead and enjoy, dear”.  That day with Ramesh’s guidance I ate chicken biriyani and drank beer.  I had made a paradigm shift in my life.  In about a month’s time, I was enjoying chicken, mutton, fish and beer, whisky, wine, vodka and rum.  I took to the tastes as if I had been consuming them all along my life.

Kalyani is dragged to barbershop

As per the diktat of elders, we two kept off from non-veg and drinks a week before marriage.  We could resume their consumption a day after the first night.  The first night was fixed four days after the marriage and would be in my in-laws house with the required rites.  I casually said to my mom “Why four days after the marriage?”  Mischievously naughty that she is, she said with a giggle and a bawdy gesture with her hands “Oh! Are you in so much hurry to get fucked?”  I winked at her and giggled back.

On the morning of the day fixed for my first night, my mom came to our house at around 8 am.  I was yet to take my morning bath which had been deferred at m-i-l’s suggestion.  After some hugs, seeing me she was giggling.  I did not understand why she was there so early or why she was giggling.  At that point came my m-i-l.  She said “Kalyani, your mom is also here.  Wear a simple cotton saree.  Wear just the mangalsutra, ear studs, nose studs, bangles, toe rings, ankle chain and bindi.  No other jewellery.  And come quickly.  We have to go.”  I asked her what for.  “Just do as I say, dear and quick”.  I did not understand but did as told.  M-i-l sat me on a stool, undid my waist long braid, combed it thoroughly, applied a small amount of oil and redid the braid.  And the starting of the braid was very close to my occipital bone.  I asked mom what this is all about.   My mom with her giggle said dramatically “You will get a new hair-do” and giggled again.

I was alarmed.  They are going to cut my dear hair!  Is this another chapter in making me mod?  I looked at my genial m-i-l who was combing her own mid back long hair and weaving it into a single braid. She said “Kalyani, you know by now how much Ramesh wants his wife to be mod.  He was bent on his desire that for the very first fuck, his bride should be mod as per his requirement – religious at home, but non-veg capable, drinks capable, trendy styles capable and short haired.  The other things have been achieved.  The last one is left to be done and we are going to implement it now.”  She also giggled with her hands on her mouth.

I was a bit embarrassed hearing her use the word ‘fuck’ nonchalantly.  But then, whenever we met after the engagement my m-i-l used to take me aside for a few minutes and ‘teach’ me all ‘dirty’ words and gestures, as if I did not know!

In the past six months, I had taken to my changes willingly, happily and with gusto.  I had with pride and giggles told my close friends about my chicken and beer journey.  I enjoyed going around with high heeled sandals with a dress just to my mid-thighs.  But the thought of cutting my hair short somehow jolted me a little.  For all my newfound tilt to ‘mod’, I was still a religious and traditional girl at heart and the thought of cutting my hair for the first time in my life in a non-religious setting put me off.  But these people would not leave me.  I had by now understood that Ramesh would not countenance anything other than what he wanted.

This was no time to weep or show anger either.  I was making some effort to take this haircut surprise with as happy a mind as when I made the first chicken bite or took the first beer sip.  I looked at my mom a bit accusingly “Oh, you were a part of the gang setting this trap for me, isn’t it?”  She said “These things should have a surprise element, dear.  Do not worry.  I am perfectly okay with your m-i-l’s plan.  You better cheer up and enjoy whatever haircut we are going to give you.”

I looked at m-i-l and asked “How short will it be?”  M-i-l said “All I can say now is it will be very short but it will look superb on you and you will look really mod” and both the ladies giggled again looking and winking at each other.  These two ladies were enjoying at my expense!  At that moment my religious inner thing surfaced strongly.

I said to my m-i-l “Ok, Atte.  I will happily undergo whatever haircut you are going to give me.  But on two conditions.”

A bit concerned, m-i-l asked “What conditions?”

I said “My braid should be saved.  I should be allowed to visit Tirumala, drop the braid there and get a full gundu for myself along with my first kid’s gundu.  If you accept this, I will happily get whatever haircut you are going to give me.”

M-i-l looked at mom with shock and open mouth.  Mom told her “Did I not tell you that she will say some such thing?” and giggled again.  M-i-l went inside, discussed with f-i-l and Ramesh for about 15 minutes and returned beaming.  She said “Kalyani, you have hit a jackpot.  Your f-i-l and husband have liked the idea so much that once you get a kid and he or she becomes 10 month old, we will have the baby’s mundan in Tirumala.  Along with it, your f-i-l, myself, Ramesh and of course you also will become baldies – a family gundu.  So earlier you give us a baby, earlier will be your gundu desire fulfilled – whether it is 2 years or 3 years is in your hands now.”  I could not believe my luck!  A family gundu in such a ‘mod’ family!

When I was in 2nd PUC, we were scheduled to go to Tirumala for the gundu of my two younger brothers, Kiran and Varun.  I somehow got a longing for a Tirumala gundu for myself.  Being a docile girl, I did not have guts to propose it to my mom who I feared would blow her top.  Yet with whatever courage I had, I told my desire to my dad.  He smiled and said ‘why not’ and told my mom.  But as expected she blew her top and sternly told me never to dream of such things again.  But now, the same mom has conspired with my m-i-l to cut my hair short and later give a gundu to me!

I started dreaming of sitting in the cash counter in my bank, smiling at the customers who would ogle or giggle at my cue ball head and running my palm on my smooth pate once in a while.  Oh fine!  But that is far off in time.  First let me enjoy today’s detressing!  And I should make a baby as early as possible.  Anyway I was in fertile period.  Why not today itself, I thought.  I declared to my m-i-l and my mom with a broad grin “If that is assured, I will happily get whatever haircut you people are going to give me.”  The two ladies giggled happily again and my mom hugged me again with her usual affection.

So the three of us went outside and got into my new Tiago.  I drove it to where m-i-l directed me.  And she brought us to a barbershop!  I looked at her questioningly.  She said “Yes dear, a barbershop.  Already Ramesh has spoken to the barber and he has agreed to do the haircuts.  And this is not just one time.  You will keep coming here quite often.”  I said “Why not a beauty parlour?”  Now, my mom said “What difference will it make, Kalyani?  Barbers do a better job of the cut you are going to get than those beauty parlour girls.  And at one fifth of the cost.  Forget these things and enjoy it, dear”.  I smiled and the three of us got out of the car and went inside the barbershop.

Kalyani and Nagaratna get clipper boycuts

In the barbershop, three barbers were there, each having a customer and one boy was waiting.  The barber at the first slot looked at m-i-l, smiled and said “Oh, Nagaratna madam, isn’t it?  Come in all the three of you and sit.  Sorry, you have to wait for a while.”  M-i-l smiled and said “It is all right, Jagadeesh.  We don’t mind waiting.” And we three sat on the bench by the side of the surprised boy.

In 10 minutes, the customer in the last slot got down and the waiting boy occupied it.  By then a man had entered the shop, got confused seeing us but Jagadeesh asked him to sit on the bench.  In another 5 minutes, Jagadeesh’s customer came out of the barber chair.  Jagadeesh looked at my m-i-l and said “Madam?”  By now I was all eager for losing my braid and so with a smile got up.  But m-i-l signalled to me to keep sitting and to my shock occupied the chair!

Jagadeesh draped her with a white cloth pulling out her braid.  He said “Your son told me that you and your daughter-in-law are getting short haircuts.  Now, madam, please tell me how short it should be.”

M-i-l said “Cut the braid close to the head and we will take it home.  Then give me a boy cut with back and sides done close to the head with machine.  Top hair should be just long enough to comb.  Keep the parting on the left side.”  I was shocked!  M-i-l getting a boy cut, that too with clippers!

Neither I nor my mom are new inside a barbershop.  Not that we ever had a haircut there, at least I till now.  When Kiran and Varun were small, either mom or I had to accompany them to the barbershop whenever my dad was outside the town on his job related tours.  At those times, I used to wonder how I would look if my hair was cut like my brothers, clippers running high up on back and sides making the area bald and the top cut to an uncombable crew cut!  I used to giggle back then imagining it.  Now the memory brought back a slight giggle in me.  Mostly I also would be getting a similar cut like my m-i-l.  If so what a double dhamaka for me!  A clipper cut now which I had secretly desired when I was in 8th class and a gundu about two years later which I had desired when I was in PUC!

I came back to the present when Jagadeesh called my mom to hold m-i-l’s braid.  She held it horizontally.  Jagadeesh took a big pair of scissors and with it cut the braid about an inch from her head.  In half a minute the mid-back long black braid of my 54 year old m-i-l was in my mom’s hands which she put in a plastic zip bag after showing to my smiling m-i-l.  Next Jagadeesh combed the remaining hair with a left partition.  With scissors he cut the long strands of hair all around to produce a longish boy cut.  Then he fixed a black attachment on the clippers, switched it on, bent her head fully forward and ran it on her nape.  It left a short pelt of hair on her nape.  I could see a smiling face of my m-i-l in the mirror.

In about 15 minutes, Jagadeesh had produced a nice boy cut on my m-i-l’s head.  The back and sides were clippered close to about an inch above the ears.  The back and sides were not bald but had a short pelt of hair.  The top hair had been combed to the sides neatly with a parting on the left.  My m-i-l looked absolutely gorgeous with this mod manlike haircut.

I was feeling pretty nervous on one side and eager on the other side.  When my m-i-l got down and motioned to me to sit in the chair, I hesitated.  “Oh, come on, Kalyani.  Having accepted at home, why are you hesitating now?  I know you will love the experience.  Go and sit there” said my mom pushing me to the chair.  Shyly I climbed into the chair.

M-i-l told Jagadeesh “Similar to mine, but the clipper about half inch higher and bald to the skin, parting on the top on the right side.”  Shocked to hear the words ‘bald’ “Atte, I may look weird with bald back and sides!  He can keep it a bit longer” I protested.  “Oh! Shut up! Who asked your opinion on this?  Just sit and enjoy!” said m-i-l with a giggle.

After draping me, my braid was held by mom and Jagadeesh parted it off close to my head with his big scissors.  Oh! What an experience! The krrr… krrr…. cutting noise itself made was highly exciting.  Losing my 2 feet long braid in a barbershop witnessed by mom and m-i-l!  I started enjoying the process now.  The head felt a lot lighter.  I took the braid in my hands, offered it to Lord Venkateshwara in my mind with closed eyes and gave it to my mom who put it in a different plastic zip bag.

Next Jagadeesh started cutting long strands of hair with scissors, similar to what he did for my m-i-l.  Then he bent my head towards my chest and ran the electric clippers on my nape pretty high up, but I could not see how much high up.  But the buzzing feeling and the buzzing noise chrrr… chrrr…. whenever the blades were cutting the hair was really excellent.  For about 5 minutes he ran the clipper on the nape and the sides giving me one of the best feelings.  The clipped area was about one and half inch above the ears at the sides and may be to the same level on the back, I could not be sure.  Then he wetted the top hair, bent my head this and that way with kach…kach.. noise scissored my hair into a short boy cut.  I started loving the new me which was gradually unfolding in the mirror.

After the scissoring, he took the clippers, removed the black attachment, bent my head again and ran the buzzing instrument again.  This time the feeling was even better.  When he ran the clippers on the sides, it removed the pelt of hair exposing the skin.  For a moment, I expressed concern whether what he is doing is all right and said so.  He said “Don’t worry madam, it may be a bit unusual for women, but it will look really fine at the end.”  He took the clippers to a little over an inch above the ears making the area almost bald.  I stopped worrying about the looks and started enjoying the feel of the clippers.  In five minutes, both the sides and the back had been clippered close to skin.  Then he carefully merged the different sections.  Then he showed me the back with a hand mirror.  The bald area had gone to the same level as the sides!   I ran my fingers on the bald areas.  Oh! What a nice feeling!  I again saw myself in the mirror.  Did I look weird? No! Did I look ugly? Not at all!  Gradually, it dawned on me that I looked exquisitely beautiful and just as female as with my braid but totally different and modern! I really loved my new avatar!  I thanked m-i-l and mom and of course Jagadeesh.  He said “Madam, come once a month and I will keep it tidy like this.”  I nodded with a bright smile.

Back home, f-i-l giggled at the new sight of his wife and daughter-in-law but appreciated our looks.  Ramesh was all over himself with excitement seeing me with this haircut.

Nagaratna’s journey to ‘mod’

After bath and breakfast we all sat for chit chat.  I asked m-i-l why she also got the haircut.  “I hope it is not just to give me company.”

She said “Not at all.  Three years back we went to Tirumala for Ramesh’s gundu.  I also wanted to do gundu and regrow hair fully.  Your f-i-l was agreeable only if I promised to keep it a boy cut later.  Ramesh said ‘Don’t do gundu.  If you like, get a bob or boy cut but not gundu.’  Not liking the idea of boy cut at that time, I dropped the gundu idea.  But Ramesh went on pressing me to cut my hair short and become more mod.  He had declared that he would marry only a girl who is religious but mod enough to take non-veg, drinks and keeps short hair.  I tried to dissuade him but he stuck to his guns.  I gave in and told him that I would cut my hair to a boy cut if I get a d-i-l as per his requirements.  So, today I am doing it to fulfil that promise.  And due to Kalyani’s insistence, I will also get a chance to do a gundu for which now Ramesh has happily agreed.”

I and mom appreciated her commitment.   Mom asked her with a giggle “Nagaratna, when did you start this non-veg and drinks habit?”

She smiled and said “It was eight years ago that the wave of mod swept this house.  First, my husband tasted beer in one of the parties in his factory.  I protested.  After some argument, he said ‘you also can take it if you like’.  A week later, such a chance came to me and I tried some beer just to spite him.  But I found it highly enjoyable.  Next day I forced him to establish a home bar and we started taking drinks once or twice a week and enjoying it.

“A year later, I ate chicken in a party for a challenge with a colleague but started liking it.  A week later, my husband and Ramesh joined me and in six months’ time the three of us became voracious eaters of chicken, mutton and fish, of course outside the house.  Unlike drinks, I did not want the items to be brought inside the house and the two agreed.  Three years later, Ramesh was employed.  We celebrated by going to Tirumala where he and his dad got tonsures.   A day after coming back we initiated him to beer in the house.

“Since we could afford it, we established a ‘chicken house’ – a 2BHK flat where we bring live chicken, kill it, cook it and eat it.  Now I have no qualms at all in hacking off the neck of a chicken.  Now, I am as good a cook of non-veg items as of veg items.

“Saraswati, don’t take me wrong.  But you and your husband also can start eating chicken like your daughter.  It is delicious and healthy” and giggled looking at my mom with a mischievous smile.

My mom said with a smile “No Nagaratna, it is sufficient that Kalyani does this eating chicken and drinking beer” and giggled.

In the evening, my dad and brothers came.  They all giggled at my avatar but said I look fantastically beautiful.  They had known from mom that my hair would be cut short but not how short.

That night, Ramesh broke my seal with his 7 inch dick and deposited his birth fluid in my womb.  He had suggested to postpone baby making but, for a change, I stood my ground.  Finally, at m-i-l’s intervention he had to relent.   Both of us enjoyed the fucking immensely.

My husband had manipulated me into attending bank for three days after the first night.  My colleagues had seen me with my beautiful hair just four days back in the marriage reception.  But now they would see me with this clippered boy cut for which I had not given any indication also.  Under pressure from m-i-l, f-i-l and Ramesh, I went to the bank.  Everybody shouted “ho” and giggled.   It took some effort to stop their giggles and fun making.  Finally, they all said that I now look really modern.  I passed around the word that this would be my regular fashion henceforth.  Everybody again giggled.  But in three days, everybody got used to my new appearance and I also overcame the extra consciousness about my short hair.

That evening, m-i-l took me to our ‘chicken house’ and taught me to kill a chicken, prepare it and finally cook chicken biriyani.  So we resumed our non-veg diet and drinks.  A ‘wet party’ and a weeklong honeymoon followed where almost every female who saw me appreciated my boy cut.

Family gundu

I missed the periods and was declared pregnant.  I and m-i-l had a monthly clean-up of our boy cuts and I became addicted to the clipper feel.  I attended parties and Ramesh was very happy that he has an ultra-mod wife – non-veg, drinks, skimpy clothes and a short clipper boy cut!  In nine months, a daughter, Rashmi was born to me.   Once she completed 10 months, the five of us and four of my dad’s family went to Tirumala for the first of our family gundus.

There Rashmi had her first gundu of her life.  Then dad threw a surprise when he said that all the four of them including my mom also will be doing gundu!  So the entire party of nine became baldies.  I and m-i-l dropped our braids which we had saved about two years ago.  I really enjoyed my first Tirumala gundu and got tears of joy.  Mom and m-i-l both looked superb with their bald heads.  I joked with mom whether she will also have a boy cut henceforth.  She dismissed it with a laugh and said that she would not cut her hair outside a temple but will have a repeat gundu in Tirumala after some four or five years.  M-i-l said “Now that I know that getting a gundu here is so joyful, I will do it once in two years.  You are welcome to join!”  I said “Sure, atte, I will be very happy to join.  Anyway, long hair is gone for good for me and I will keep a regular clipper boy cut.  So a biennial gundu here would be ideal”.

And my long standing dream happily came true – of sitting in the cash counter of my bank with a smooth bald head, caressing my smooth dome once in a while and smiling at those who ogle at my cue ball head.

It is about eight years since that first Tirumala gundu of mine.  I have three kids – a daughter and two sons.   We continue to enjoy bi-weekly non-veg and drinks.  I and m-i-l are continuing with our monthly clipper boy cut.  And we had five Tirumala visits where we enjoyed family gundu.  Now, my kids also have been introduced to bi-weekly non-veg since they all have crossed 5 years.

Both of my brothers were married in consecutive years.  Mom has been able to ‘pass on’ her bbl (below the belt language) to both her d-i-ls who have happily learnt it.  Kiran who married Akshata is settled in Mumbai while Varun who married Roopa lives with my parents.  The two girls are ok with my having become a non-veg and drinks girl.  But they have promised that they will maintain the veg tradition.  Three days after their marriage, Kiran and Akshata expressed a desire to take drinks, my parents agreed on certain conditions and I taught them.  Now they are regular but light drinkers like me.  Varun and Roopa will remain teetotallers.  Akshata was highly attracted by my boy cut and sought my mom’s permission to get a boy cut.  Mom agreed but only after a Tirumala gundu.  Akshata happily accepted that also.

Within a year of marriage their son, Puneet was born.  A month after Varun’s marriage, the family of seven (my parents, two brothers, their wives and little Puneet) went to Tirumala for Puneet’s first gundu.  But my mom, dad, Kiran and Akshata also happily became baldies.  Varun and Roopa could not do it though they wanted, because within one year of marriage they are barred from doing gundu.  Akshata was very happy with her gundu and started keeping her hair a clipper boy cut like mine.   She got a daughter, Renuka a few days after Roopa’s daughter Ramya was born.  So mundan of both Renuka and Ramya was done together at Tirumala.  So the entire family – mom, dad, Kiran, Akshata, their two kids, Varun, Roopa and their kid – returned bald – the third gundu for mom, second for Akshata but first one for Roopa.  And Roopa was so happy with her gundu head that she happily declared that the five yearly family gundu in Tirumala is here to stay.

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