Kapila becomes a boy cut lecturer – Part 2

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Boy cut and gundu story of Radha and Sunanda

Subhadra’s Story – 1

After Kapila went out, I and Kapila’s mom Sunanda had a relaxed chat.

Subhadra:   (with a smile) Sunanda, has Kapila reservations on cutting her hair?

Sunanda:    (smiling) yes!  Any talk of cutting her hair will make her angry.  Why do you ask, Subhadra?

Subhadra:   Suresh saw a boy cut girl passing by.  He said to her at dinner ‘why don’t you consider getting a boy cut like that lady’.  That set in a conversation on short hair style and finally she found all the three of us saying that she would look very nice with a boy cut and saree.  She took it wrongly that we were pressurising her to cut her hair.  I had to console her that there was no compulsion on such things, but we would be very happy if she got a boy cut (and I giggled).

Sunanda:    Is there no bar in your family on women getting haircut?  I thought that your daughter Radha having a boy cut was due to her husband’s requirement.

Subhadra:   It was there when I got married.  But I and my husband pressurised my in-laws to give some relaxation.  So they reluctantly agreed to shave little Radha’s head in Tirumala when she was 2 and again when she was 4.  When she entered PUC, she had hair to her bum.  By then, my in-laws were no more.  And she used to spend too much time maintaining it and whiling away her remaining time.  My husband got furious when she got very low marks in I PUC.  So he gave her a choice – keep a boy cut and study well or stop education and get married after 18.  Reluctantly she agreed to get her hair cut.

So I took her to barbershop, got her braid chopped off, saved it and got her a machine boy cut.  At the end she was also happy with her short boy cut.  We were also overwhelmed with her cuteness with a boy cut.  Since then she happily got her monthly machine boy cut.  Her behaviour, attention to studies and marks all improved a lot.  She got a govt. college engineering seat.  She happily said that she would not like to grow her hair long at all.

When she started 5th semester, we took her to Tirumala, dropped the 3-year old braid there and got her head smoothly shaved.  She loved her gundu (head shave) also very much.  We convinced her to grow it long from then on.  By the time she completed BE and was in a private job for about a year, she had hair to her mid-back.  At that time, a Mumbai based groom was fixed for her and she was married away.  She expressed a desire to keep a boy cut to her husband and in-laws.  They happily agreed.  So a month after her marriage, she got her braid chopped off again which she preserved and got a clipper boy cut like previously.  Her husband and in-laws liked it immensely.

About two years later, their family went to Tirumala with her 10 month old daughter.  There, Radha, her husband and the kid, all the three got gundu (head shave).  Radha dropped her cut braid also there.  Three months later, she returned to her brand boy cut.  All are happy with it.

Now my husband, my son and I have become big fans of female boy cut.  My husband started pressurising me to get a boy cut.  I said ‘I will do it along with my daughter-in-law’ just to put him off.  Now that Kapila is here, he is behind me saying that both should get a boy cut at the earliest.  (I giggled).

And what about your family?  Are you still continuing with this female haircut taboo in your family in these modern times?

Sunanda:    (with a smile) No, Subhadra.  The taboo was there in my parental home and also in my in-laws home.  When I entered B.Com. a female classmate got a gundu in a temple and she looked superbly beautiful.  After a few months, she got a boy cut.  Since then I am a fan of female gundu and boy cut.  I told my parents that I also wanted to get a gundu or at least a boy cut.  Which was promptly rejected.

When I got married, I told my in-laws that if I have to be with them I need a few concessions.  One was that the bar on haircut or head shave for females be removed.  They reluctantly agreed.  So when Kapila was 2 and again when she was 4, we got her head shaved in Tirumala.  In both visits, I also gave ‘3 cuts’.  When we went for Raghu’s gundu (Raghu is Kapila’s brother, 3 years younger) when he completed 2 years, I expressed a desire to get a gundu for myself.  F-i-l and m-i-l reluctantly agreed.  So again 5 year old Kapila was tonsured with Raghu and myself.

But when they saw a bald me, they said ‘Sunanda, you did a good thing.  You look so beautiful as a baldy.  Henceforth, you can do this gundu once in a few years’. I was on cloud nine having realised my decade old dream of becoming a baldy at Tirumala.  Even my husband was very happy with my gundu head.  I was very happy that the three supported my gundu.  But I grew my hair long since my m-i-l did not agree for my boy cut.  After five years I wanted to do it again but the atmosphere was not good for a Tirumala gundu since the two became ill.  Two years later, the two passed away in quick succession.

I wanted Kapila to enjoy gundu and boy cut in her college days.  So with my husband’s concurrence, I took a vow to shave the heads of all the four of us if Kapila got 90 percent in PUC.  She got it.  But she refused to shave her head or keep a boy cut.  Finally, I settled for a ‘3 cuts’ for her.  Anyway, we three got our heads shaved (she giggled). I enjoyed it no doubt……

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