Katie and Felicia (Part 1)

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Katie, 23, was pretty in all the conventional aspects but her crowning jewel and what made everyone notice her was, her bronze colored hair, it was quite long, wavy and all the way to her hips. Everyone used to tell her that she looked just like Jessica Chastain, in every single way. Her hair the most, except Katie’s was longer than Jessica’s.

Katie had a girlfriend, Felicia, 25. She was beautiful, tall and had all the makings of a model. So it was no surprise, when she landed a gig as a model. They had been in a relationship since the last year, and loved each other passionately. Felicia loved Katie and her hair. Katie loved Felicia and how stunning she looked. Katie was unaware, but Felicia had a hair fetish. And on top of that Katie was a redhead.

Felicia herself also had long hair all the way till her hips, but she was a blonde, and her was cut blunt. She also had thick bangs, that were all the way till her eyebrows. Since Felicia was a model, she really couldn’t do much to her hair. If she had her way, she would have gotten a pixie cut. But, she didn’t.

Originally Felicia just had straight hair to her hips, without any bangs. She wanted it to be cut badly, but her talent manager refused it. After incessant pestering, the manager caved and allowed her to get it cut blunt and that she could get bangs. His instructions were clear though, only an inch could be cut off, nothing more. Felicia was delighted and couldn’t contain her excitement when she got her haircut.

The haircut, certainly was a change. The bangs did make her look more “model like”. Katie loved the change as well. But for Felicia there was something still missing.

While, Felicia had loved Katie’s long hair, she always had a deep desire to see Katie in a very specific hairstyle. She had always been shy to admit this to anyone, but growing up she had the biggest crush on Princess Diana.

For Felicia she got to know about her hair fetish in the first place after looking at this picture of Diana- https://pin.it/6pghlWP

It was super short, but still looked so feminine and she carried it off so well. She always wanted to see Katie in that hairstyle. But she did not know how to bring that up. Felicia used to frequently just mention her fascination of Diana and had mentioned briefly how pretty she looked with that hair. Katie had not paid any specific attention to it, and just spoke like it was any other topic. Felicia saw that Katie loved her long hair so much, and decided not to ask her for such an insane request. She moved on.

Felicia’s birthday was coming up and Katie wanted to make it extremely memorable for her. Katie didn’t know what to get Felicia, she didn’t want to bring a gift that was something ordinary, but something that would make Felicia remember it forever. Katie tried texting Felicia’s friends and trying to get suggestions, she asked them to keep the secret so that she could truly surprise Felicia.

While Felicia’s friends also couldn’t tell her anything that she didn’t already knew. All of them told about her fascination for Princess Diana. That made her connect the dots, she always wondered why Felicia was talking about her cute haircut, when it was so short. But suddenly it all made sense. Katie felt like an idiot, for not seeing the signs all along. Felicia was indirectly suggesting for her to get the same haircut as Diana’s.

Katie ran her fingers through her luscious mane, that fell in cascades all the way down till her hips. Her was like a silk carpet, and she really loved it. But then, she felt Felicia was such a cutie for never pushing that hairstyle on her even when it was such a big fantasy for her. She decided that she would get this haircut for her. Her hair would always grow back. Katie only thought of how much it would mean for Felicia.

She started preparing for the haircut instantly. She wanted Felicia to see the haircut itself as well, so that she could see the gradual surprise as the haircut naturally shaped to Diana’s haircut. Katie also wanted to record her haircut, just so that Felicia and she could watch it for memories. Finally, she wanted a great hairstylist. Someone who would basically copy and paste Princess Diana’s haircut onto her, and not a shoddy job.

After searching for a few days, Katie found Max, a hairstylist who specialized in short haircuts. She started talking to him, and explaining what the haircut would entail and how it was supposed to happen. Max quickly came onboard, it had been years since anyone had requested Princess Diana’s haircut. She brought a camera and a tripod, so it could be recorded as well. The preparations were all done.

It was finally, Felicia’s birthday. Katie greeted Felicia with a cake and a lovely lunch. Felicia then went out to celebrate with some of her friends, and that is when Katie decided it would be the perfect opportunity.

Max quickly came with all the instruments that he would need. Katie spent the final minutes with her long mane, running her fingers through her hair.

“I am ready Katie!” Max eagerly calls out.

“Just coming.” As Katie flings her long hair behind her back, as she walks out.

“You ready?” Max asks with a smile.

“She is gonna love it so much.” Katie says with excitement as she walks to the chair and sits.

There is a mirror in front of her, and Max begins to cape her. He holds her long her and then capes her. He throws her copper hair in front of the black cape. Her long hair falls all the way down till her hips in waves.

“And now we wait. She should be here any minute” Katie says nervously.

“Roger that.” Max says jokingly.

“Could you actually start recording, sorry I forgot.” Katie asks looking at the camera.

“Yeah sure.” Max turns the camera on and it starts recording. He then walks over to Katie’s chair and takes out a comb and then starts to comb it.

He runs the comb slowly through her hair, “your hair is amazing, it’s so long too!” As Max can’t contain his praise for her hair.

“Yeah not for long now.” As Katie chuckles.

The door knob rattles and Felicia walks in. She is confused, and she doesn’t know how to react.

“Hey Feli! Come have a seat.” Katie says slyly.

“Okay, what is going on?” Felicia says curiously as she slowly walks over to the chair.

“Ah I just thought of getting my hair cut, it was getting long. Oh this is Max, he is gonna cut it” Katie says with a wink. Max also continues with the charade.

“Hi.” Felicia says as she sits in the chair, trying to downplay her excitement. Max also returns the greeting.

Katie looks at Max, “So yeah Max like I told you.” Max takes the cue and finishes combing her hair.

“So getting a trim?” Felicia asks faintly.

“Ah I don’t know, you will have to wait to see that.” Katie says as she winks looking at Felicia.

Butterflies are in Felicia’s stomach, what is Katie going to do. Is she getting it cut short, how short? She is excited.

Max begins to section Katie’s hair, into 2 sections. He pins the top half of her hair on top of the head. The lower half flows all the way down to the floor. Max increases the height of the chair, so that her lower half of hair is reachable. Felicia is observing all of this giddily.

Max begins combing the right side of Katie’s hair. He combs it a few times, and then puts his comb aside. He then holds a strand of her hair above her ears, with his middle and index finger. And then quickly chops off everything below it. The almost 25 inches long strand falls down on the floor with one cut.

Felicia can’t help but gape. “Katie, what!”

But Katie doesn’t respond, she only smiles.

Max continues to cut, for the back section, he begins shaping her naturally and starts cutting it a downward angle so that it all meets at the nape. With each cut, her long hair keeps falling to the ground. Felicia finally realizes that she might be getting Diana’s haircut, and she is on cloud 9. She decides to keep quiet and let the haircut happen.

Once Max is done on the right side, he starts doing the same on left side. Katie is starting to look unrecognizable with such short hair. However she is unfazed, and she is just looking at Felicia’s reactions as her hair is cut shorter and shorter.

After cutting the lower section entirely, Max unpins the top section and it flows down. The last remaining section which is long. Max is not wasting anytime and grabs a section between his middle finger and index finger, and using the lower section and her ears as a guide, cuts everything below. Max is quick, and her top part is also quickly shorn down.

Once the last long strand is snipped off, Felicia finally sees Katie’s new look in it’s rough state. Her hip-length hair is all gone, it is all sheared down into a super short wedge bob of sorts. But, Max is not done yet.

He takes out the combs and starts feathering her hair. Cutting her hair and adding more layers into it, but for Felicia it means her hair is getting cut even shorter and she is now so aroused.

After a couple of minutes of cutting and styling, Max is all done. The haircut is done. Katie now looks like a redhead twin of Princess Diana. Her hair is cut exactly like this- https://pin.it/1BrRROx

Katie thanks Max and asks him to leave. Max obliges. Just as Max steps out, Felicia and Katie start making out. Felicia can’t thank her enough, and Katie feels tremendously happy that Felicia has got the reaction she was hoping for. Katie herself, finds the haircut to be a little vintage. But she likes it, she starts thinking the growing out phase would be a little problem. But that will have to wait. As she continues making out with Felicia.

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