Katie and Felicia (Part 3)

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Time passes by quickly, Felicia has moved her way up in her modeling career and is a known name. Katie, has hair grown to a shoulder-length bob. She could use a haircut right about now, but she wants to grow it a little more.

Felicia makes her way to work one day, expecting it to be like any other day. But it is not.

She walks in and goes straight to her makeup room. She starts getting ready. Her hair still falling all the way straight to her hips, that has been cut blunt. Also having thick bangs, which are regularly trimmed by their in-house stylist, Roberto. She is due for a trim, today as well and is expecting him any minute.

Roberto walks in, but he is in there with Felicia’s manager, Gerri.

“Hey Felicia, so there is a thing, you are gonna love it.” Gerri says with a nervous smile.

“What is it Gerri?” Felicia asks with cautiously.

“You always wanted to cut your hair, we got the perfect gig”. Gerri says softly.

Felicia is excited, “Really?”

“Yeah, but the thing is-“ Gerri says fearfully.

“Yeah what is it?” Felicia still has the smile, but it drops a little.

“They want it to be a buzzcut. They want Cara Delevingne.

“A buzzcut?” Felicia is a little flabbergasted. She wanted a haircut, but she does not want to be practically bald.

“Yeah, you wanted it right? You always said, I want to get a haircut.” Gerri tries to convince Felicia.

“A haircut, I don’t to shave my hair off.” Felicia says with authority.

“Look Felicia, I already told them you are doing it.” Gerri retorts backs as the conversation is getting heated.

“I am not.” Felicia says and goes back to do her makeup.

“Felicia, if you do not. Your career ends here. You do not say no them.” Gerri states simply.

Felicia thinks for a second, but she did not sign up for this. She won’t get any modeling offers, once she is bald. “If I shave this all off, my career is anyways dead. So no.”

“You are getting this done Felicia, you do not have a say in this unfortunately. Our contract says that you legally required to do so.” Gerri is completely serious now, as she threatens.

“Well we can talk this out in court then.” Felicia is not backing down that easily.

“I have the financial might to do this Felicia, you don’t. The case will bankrupt you, while for us it is just spare change. We value our reputation more.” Gerri states coldly, the threat is very real.

Felicia realizes it as well, she truly cannot do anything. She stops doing her makeup and breaks down.

“Roberto you can get started.” Gerri says, as she lights up her cigarette.

“So do I it with a number 4 or number 5?” Roberto asks referring to guard size on the clippers.

“Do it with a number 1. They want it short. Also do it quick.” Gerri says as she exhales the smoke out.

“Yeah Gerri understood.” Roberto answers as he attaches the number 1 guard to the clippers and turns them on.

Felicia starts crying more profusely as she hears the sounds of the clippers. She always wanted a short haircut, but this is her entire career being thrown. She doesn’t want to do this, and she never wanted to be bald.

“Can you please sit straight.” Roberto asks her coldly.

Felicia tries to sit straight, and in the mirror we can see the tears flowing down her eyes.

Roberto brings the clippers right in the front of her head in the middle. And pushes it against her bangs, that start just above her eyebrows. The clippers push against her skin, and Roberto pushes the clippers upwards in 1 motion. He lifts the clippers all the way up till her hairline and then throws the hair down.

Felicia cannot believe her eyes, she is completely bald down the middle. With just a sliver of her hair remaining on top. She breaks down and sobs more loudly.

“There is nothing to cry about Felicia, you always wanted it cut, and you are getting it.” Gerri remarks mockingly.

Roberto is quick and without any concern makes rapid passes on her hair. Her very long hair, continues to fall on the ground. 30 inches of her hair falls all around, with each pass of the clippers. It is like a boot camp initiation. After 5 minutes, Roberto is done. Felicia is almost bald, just 1/8th of an inch remaining on top of her head all around.

Roberto turns on the blow dryer and cleans up her hair. All the long ones still lie on the floor though.

“Hurry up with the makeup, they are waiting.” Gerri says, as she and Roberto both walk out.

Felicia cannot stop crying, as she sees herself in the mirror. Her entire life, career just did an entire 180 in the span of 10 minutes. She doesn’t know how to react, but begins putting on the makeup, and then after half an hour walks out.

She finishes the gig, but then immediately quits. Gerri is more than happy to let her go, as the gig is now done.

Felicia walks into her home tearfully, and Katie is stunned to see her bald. But she doesn’t say a word, seeing how Felicia is already crying profusely.

“I honestly think you look amazing.” Katie says trying to make it a little better.

“You were supposed to be the one, with short hair.” Felicia says jokingly while still crying.

“Hey, I can still be the one with short hair. Just buy a wig and get a new job. Someone who respects you. They are not gonna know if it’s your hair or a wig”. Katie responds optimistically.

It’s a simple yet genius idea, and instantly brightens up Felicia, “Katie you are a fucking genius, why didn’t I think of that.” She leans towards her to kiss.

“I am a genius, I know that.” Katie says with a big smile.

“You know you would look good with a buzzcut too.” Felicia says slyly.

“Maybe I will.” Katie responds with a wink.

As she kisses Felicia, who appears to have made peace with her situation, and actually enjoying her buzz cut now. Her dream of a haircut, albeit in a scenario she never would have wanted, dod happen. She also was excited to hear, Katie’s openness for a buzzcut. Especially, with wigs, getting a short haircut was not out of question.

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