Katie’s Induction (expanded for 2023)

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Author’s note:  I originally wrote this almost 20 years ago.  I’ve expanded it considerably for everyone’s reading pleasure.  The only thing better than a forced haircut is many forced haircuts.  Enjoy.


After being expelled from high school, Katie had no choice when her parents sent her to military boarding school. It was her senior year of high school, and Katie did not want to be sent across the country to finish off her high school career, but her parents were so upset about her being caught smoking dope at a school event that she was not about to argue. Besides, Katie was a beautiful 18-year-old girl. With her big blue eyes and her long blonde hair, she was sure to make new friends quickly. She was a little nervous about the “military discipline” her parents had told her about, but she was sure she could handle it.

Her first day at her new school wasn’t so bad. It turned out she was one of 11 new girls, and they arrived separately from the rest of the students. The other girls all seemed to be pretty nice, and most of them were fairly attractive. In her experience, Katie had learned that attractive girls tended to be better people, which made her feel more comfortable. Most of the day was taken up moving in to her dorm and saying goodbye to her parents. At the end of the day, the 11 new girls were called into the activities center for a meeting.

The new girls were chatting among themselves when Ms. Hoffman called them to attention and began her induction speech. She told the girls how they were being reformed from their previous lives of sin, and how they would spend their time practicing good military discipline and preparing for a good and wholesome adult life. She then pointed to a single heavy chair sitting in the center of the room and informed the girls that they would now receive their military haircuts and begin the rest of their lives.

Instructor Hoffman then pointed to the girl to Katie’s left and told her to sit in the chair. After the stunned sophomore slowly made her way into the chair, Ms. Hoffman wasted no time tying a cape around her neck and hoisting a giant pair of scissors. The other girls watched in shock as her shoulder-length red hair was gathered into a rough ponytail and savagely scissored off. The poor girl began crying in front of her new classmates just as Ms. Hoffman put down the scissors and turned on her clippers. Quickly her chin was forced against her ample breasts as the remains of her beautiful red hair was slowly shorn into a short crewcut.

As Hoffman worked the clippers through the thick red hair, Katie’s shock quickly turned to fascination.  She was absolutely certain this woman was enjoying humiliating the sobbing girl in her chair and Katie became more and more excited. Despite her own long blonde hair, Katie had a long-standing interest in haircutting and had always wondered how it would feel to have her luscious long hair chopped short.  As the shearing of the redhead continued, Katie focused in on the spectacle of her subjugation.  After years of caring for that incredible red mane, the poor girl was forced to submit to this humiliating haircut in front of a whole room of strangers.  For some reason, Katie thought the girl should probably have been stripped naked and spanked red before her haircut.

Her excitement all but exploded when she saw Ms. Hoffman shake the mountain of red hair off the girl’s lap and tell her to choose who would be next. The nearly bald ginger girl meekly pointed to a plain looking girl at the end of the line, and Ms. Hoffman told the second girl to sit. This new girl, who Katie had earlier learned was named Gina, immediately began to sob and slowly made her way to the chair. The next surprise came when Ms. Hoffman turned to the newly shorn redhead and told her she was to cut Gina’s hair. Katie couldn’t help but grin as her girl parts moistened in anticipation. 

Katie watched as the still crying redhead picked up the scissors and began haphazardly chopping away at Gina’s long brown hair. After cutting her hair into a very rough chin length bob, she was handed the clippers and told to finish the job. By this time Gina was struggling, but Ms. Hoffman’s assistants were holding her down. Hoffman said something about misbehaving in the barber chair and “extra short” as she took the clippers back and removed the guard.  Gina didn’t even notice what was happening until the bare blades went down the center of her head, leaving a bright white stripe in their wake. 

After slowly shaving Gina’s head completely bald, Ms. Hoffman told her to choose the next girl. Katie watched with barely concealed joy as 7 more of her classmates were shorn. Some of them cried, but none of them offered any resistance after watching Gina’s extra short punishment.  As each successive girl took her place in the barber chair, Katie considered the remaining girls, ranking them in her head in anticipation of the choice she’d get to make immediately after her own shearing. 

By the time it was her turn in the barber chair, there was an incredible pile of hair on the floor and an extremely wet sensation between her legs.  The recently shorn victims sat in silence, some rubbing their freshly buzzed heads, while the most recently shorn girl pointed at Katie. 

Katie took her seat without hesitation or tears. She smiled as the cape was tied around her neck, and tossed her long blonde hair one last time. She closed her eyes as the girl behind her picked up a handful of her beautiful hair and began cutting a few inches away from her scalp. As she watched her blonde hair accumulate in her lap, she became more and more excited until she heard the clippers pop to life behind her. At this point she slowly lowered her head into her chest and smiled as the young, newly clippered girl behind her ran the humming machine up through her thick blonde hair.  

Huge chunks of her thick hair hit the cape around her neck with enough weight to make audible sounds, even over the ongoing roar of the clippers.  As her hair piled up in her lap, the throbbing between her legs approached the point of climax.  She had never felt so submissive in her life, watching her hair pile up in her lap.  Just as Katie was about to slide her hand into her waistband, the clippers turned off and she was uncapped, sending all her hair into the pile on the floor.

As Katie climbed out of the barber chair, she looked over at the two remaining unshorn girls, knowing already which one she would eagerly deprive of her hair.  The girl she picked was named Alice, and she was crying before she even sat down.  Although she wasn’t conscious of why at the moment, it was important to Katie that her selected victim had moderately tan skin.  After tying the cape around the girl’s neck, Katie took a moment to admire her beautiful long blonde hair.  Although it wasn’t nearly as perfect as her own hair had been, Alice clearly prized her hair and took excellent care of it, which made Katie’s task even more enjoyable.  Unlike the haphazard chopping she’d been watching and receiving, Katie made every effort to use the scissors to create a longish bob haircut for her pathetic little victim.  She wanted to give her something beautiful, even if only to make the inevitable shearing all the more spectacular.  

Once the last of Alice’s long hair joined the pile in her lap, Hoffman handed the clippers to Katie.  Taking a moment before the next stage of the spectacle, Katie reveled in the surging sensation of power as she prepared to inflict the ultimate haircut on the sobbing submissive girl in the barber chair.  Although she was just sitting there, awaiting her fate, she may as well have been tied to the chair.  Once again, Katie randomly thought that the girl should really have been stripped and spanked before taking this special seat.  How wonderful it would have been to bend this girl over and punish her ass in front of all these strangers.   To watch as her hair hung down from her head, swinging across the floor where it would soon lay in a pile, as her ass was beat until bright throbbing red. 

The moment she flipped the switch on the clippers, Katie knew the girl needed more than a standard issue buzzcut.  As Katie conspicuously removed the guard from the clippers, the girls in the audience reacted with mostly gasps.  Hoffman’s reaction looked more like a mixture of amusement and lust.  Katie held the girl roughly by her hair, as though to reinforce her helplessness.  Before plunging the balding machine into her victim’s bob, she looked up to survey the faces of the onlooking girls, mostly to feel sure everyone was paying sufficient attention as she took the girl’s hair from her. Some of the girls in her audience were preoccupied by their recent shearing, but others were staring at Katie intently, clearly fixated on what she was about to do. 

After firmly forcing the girl’s head all the way down, Katie slowly sunk the clippers into her nape and mowed a path up to her crown.  She did her best to gather the shaved hair with her left hand and made a point of directing the severed hair into the girl’s lap, for her viewing pleasure.  As she continued shaving the back of the girl’s head, the sight of her pale white scalp intensified the throbbing between Katie’s legs.  Again she thought about the girl’s ass, and how it should be bright red at this most perfect moment.  As the shaving continued, Katie consciously slowed herself, taking the time to lift each new section of beautiful hair before buzzing it down to the scalp and depositing the hair in the girl’s lap.  When the shaving was finally complete, Katie turned off the clippers and ran her hands over the freshly clipper shaved head, still bowed and sobbing.  For the rest of her life, Katie would look back at that most perfect moment and bask in the satisfaction.  

Hoffman was right.  This was the moment Katie began the rest of her life.  She knew then and there that she would spend that life giving haircuts to those who did not want them.  That life would be good.


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