Kelly Follows Suit

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If you believe in fate, it is said that things come in three’s. You see written where an actor dies,  then shortly there after 2 more follow suit in death. Or, how about car acidents, plane accidents, train accidents, all seem to follow with 2 more tragities. So I guess it is with a cancer patient, one comes down with a form of it and then next we see 2 more follow suit. So here we now have had 2  hair cuts, Paula’s was first, then Penny we see made her decision. Ironic as it is we now have Kelly Follows Suit. Kelly is also a member of the church, when she saw Paula’s haircut she was arroused, then in came Penny after her decision. Kelly decided to follow suit.She talked to me that morning after services, she asked me my opinion about her going bald also?

Now lets look at Kelly, she is a small lady about 5′ tall, a nice figure for her size, nothing slim but; not overweight either. Kelly is a Blond, with hair she has grown out from a Bob cut, over the last five years. Kelly’s hair now falls to mid thigh, it is not trimmed evenly across as it should be, to be nice looking, but; it just has long jagged ends hanging there like a snow capped mountain all jagged and uneven. Kelly had talked to me about a trim in the next week, but; after seeing her friend Paula’s bald head, she thought about shaving her head as a gesture, plus she was getting tired of her long hair. It required a lot of maintenance. Washing, drying all took more time. Kelly use to wash her Bob cut and be ready to go in 10 min. Now Kelly could wash her hair and it would take over an hour to dry. Kelly di not use a dryer, as she said that damaged her hair, so naturally drying it. When Penny came to church, that was the final straw for Kelly to follow suit. Kelly asked me when she could be made over, to join Paula and Penny in a threesome of : “Bald Is Beautiful.”

I looked at Kelly and asked her: “Kelly, you had short hair some 5 years ago and vowed to grow it out to your knees, saying Long Hair Forever?” Kelly looked at me and responded with: ” That is true OC, but; seeing poor Paula loose her long locks, then Penny comming in with a Bald head in support of Paula, well, I thought, I am not happy with the maintenance, the care that is needed for all this long hair, (as she held it out showing me the long mane of Blond hair) I have, so I got a chill, yet was kind of thrilled looking at both Paula and Penny’s Bald heads. I thought, then said to myself I said inside of me,YEAH, I have always wanted to shave my head, deep down I would get a cringe in my gut when I saw a Bald headed woman, I would start thinking, what would I look like Bald? I just tried on swim caps in white, to see what it would look like. I would take a picture, look at it, print it out, post it on my mirror. I felt like being Bald was cool, no hair problems with no hair to worry about, what would that be like? Now I have an excuse, a reason to do it, so I am ready to do this bald headed thing now OC?”

I looked at Kelly and said: “Ok, it is your hair. How do you want to do this makeover? I mean like Paula did with multiple styles or like Penny with it all clippered off in a Ponytail?” Kelly looked at me, then said: “OC, what are you talkig about?” I said are you free now, if so come with me to the Salon, sit down in the chair and I will show you.” Kelly followed me in her car and we arrived at the Salon. I got the Cd’s of Paula’s many styles, plus Penny’s makeover of a straight ponytail being cut off with clippers. I sat Kelly down and we watched the CD’s. Kelly was squirming in the chair watching Paula getting her hair cut off. With each cut Kelly watched, then stated ” OH WOW OC WOW, HOW COOL.”  We watched Penny’s clipper cut and Kelly was amazed with all her hair, then it was gathered up into a ponytail, that Paula was holding, while I ran the clippers up the nape and finished with hair held high. The hair was what caught Kelly’s attention, being held up, it had an outline of a scalp. Kelly commented that it looked like a movie, where the Indians had just scalped the lady of the Frontier. The real turn on for Kelly came with the cream being applied to the head, then the Razor cutting smooth strokes, leaving a nice clean bald head.

After Penny’s cut was done, I looked at Kelly and asked: ‘What do you have in mind?” Kelly said: “A BALD HEAD, then giggled, looked at me, then said: I think maybe I want to see myself like Paula did hers, in some styles I have not had. Cut the ponytail off, then cut it all off to a short 2” Pixie Cut. Then I think a Flat Top, then a crew cut nice and short, then on to the  Bald Headed cutting, with the cream and a razor to finish up, is thatOK OC?” I replied if that is what you want, we can do this, so Kelly, just when do you want to do this?” Kelly did not hesitate with her answer “NOW OC DO, ME OVER NO, BEFORE I CHICKEN OUT OK?” I nodded an Ok. Kelly was seated down in the chair. I got the CD Camera out to record this event also. I set the camera up and we were now ready.

I adjusted the chair, to Kelly short height, I then capped Kelly up, pulled her long Blond hair to the back, pinned the cape around her neck and said: “READY FOR KELLY TO FOLLOW SUIT?” Kelly looked into the mirror in front of her, then saw the back of her head, her long hair hanging out of the cape, falling out of sight in the rear mirror. I made a ponytail, then grabbed my scissors, I held the scissors about 4″ away from the crown of the head, adjusted the band holding the ponytail, then opened the scissors up, inserting them into the ponytail. Kellys eyes were spellbound on the scissors as they opened and closed into the hair. Schiinnk, the first snipping was started, again and again, I opened and closed the scissors as Kelly watched spellbound. The long hair being cut into was severed and fell across my hand. It took 28 snippings to sever the ponytail from the head of hair. I held the hair up as Kelly looked at it and screamed: ” OH MY GOD OC WHAT HAVE I DONE?”

I told Kelly we have just cut off your ponytail as I laid on her lap. Kelly held i,t stroked the long mane, water welled in her eyes as s he helt the severed spire of hair. I said: ” Now we are doing the Pixie Cut Kelly.” I picked up the clippers. Kelly watched intently, the clippers had a 000 blade that was 1/25th of and inch cutting height. I grabbed the 2″ attachement, Kelly was intently aware of what was going on, I put it on over the blade, Kelly watched as I raised the Clippers to the middle of her head, I said: ” Ready or Not Kelly, HERE WE GO.” I then ran the clippers straight down the middle of Kelly head. Hair was falling off and a nice 2″ cut was made from a 5″ stand of hair. Kellys eyes widened as she watched me make one pass then another pass over the top of the head. I then went to the right side burn, straight up to the head, Kelly was wider eyed as she saw her 5″ of hair falling into the cape and a 2″ path of short hair was left behind. Up the back of the ear, over the ear. I then went to the nape of the neck right up to the crown of the head, then over to the left ear, up over it, hair still falling all around as Kelly just sat stunned. I finished up with the left side burn, the I was done. Kelly reached up and touched the 2″ of hair, she rubbed the hair, then rubbed to the back, then the sides of her head. Kelly was smiling and said: “WOW what a cool feeling, I like this style, Pixie Cut you said?” I nodded a Yes.

Kelly said; “Now I get to have a Flat top, always wanted to see what i would look like with one? Then a crew cut, then we get a nice smooth bald head, lets get on with it OC.”

I changed the attachement to 1/2″ and said: “Here we go.” I brought the clippers to the right of the nape, then ran the clippers up the back to the crown. Hair was falling again as Kelly watched in total amazement. 3 passes were made then over the left ear, down the side, back up to the front side burn. Kelly let out a squeeling noise, as I kept vigial on the clippers as they did their cutting on the right side burn, over the ear, down the back side of the ear. Kelly was looking at more hair raining down on the cape and floor. What was left was a nice 1/2″ close to the scalp cut. I then changed the attachement to a 1/4″ and started the clippers up on top. I raised the hair with a nice wide Flat Top comb, running the clippers from left to right on the top of the head, moving the comb back as I again cut more hair off the top. Six passes were done, the flat top was made. Kelly stared wide eyed at the scalp showing all over, nothing but all the hair on the cape and floor. Kelly said: This is fun CO, I am really getting off on this, lets do the crew cut.”

I said Ok, changed the attachement to 1/8″ then started on the Right side. Kelly watched as each pass was made, just as before, but; now a pure white scalp as showing clearly as each pass was done. 14 passes were made in all, Kelly now had a stubbkle of 1/8″ hair left. Kelly reached up and rubbed the stubble saying: “Oh Lord, Oh I cannot believe I have done this, lets do the shaving cream and razor now OC.” I nodded and put the clippers up. I dispensed a white cream from the machine and applied it to Kelly’s head. Kelly looked as the cream covered the hair, now her head was a mass of white shaving cream. The shaving cream was warm and Kelly enjoyed the warmth being applied to her head. Kelly was totally relaxed and feeling good. I grabbed the razor and brought it to the top of her head. Kelly watched and I said: “Bald head here we come.” Kelly grinned and said: “Bald is beautiful.” Kelly was almost asleep with a warm feeling as I brought the razor to the top of her head and started cutting the hair and cream away. With the first pass Kelly saw a totally white scalp with no hair and said: ” OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD OC, KEEP IT UP PLEASE.” With each razors passing, Kelly watched in total awe as sh was now being transformed to a bald beauty. With the last passing, Kelly looked at her head, now totally bald. I got a warm towel and applied it to her head to clean off any cream left and to sooth the scalp. Kelly nearly fainted with awe and the warm feeling she now had.

I released the cape and Kelly ot up and said:” I think I like the Pixie Cut and will grow it out to that style for the rest of my life OC, no more long hair for me, nope no more long hair.” I said we will see as we walked out of the shop.


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