Kelly’s Final Revenge at the Barbershop

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please note, this story is in tribute to one of my favorite stories by Nikki M, Stephanie’s Barbershop Experience which inspired me to do this. Nikki M deserves credit for the characters, two high school cheerleading sisters with long blond hair and their rivals, also two cheerleading sisters. One becomes a barber and gets the opportunity to buzz her in her barber chair, when Stephanie’s mother sends her down with her brothers, and tells the barber to give the children crewcuts, no exceptions.

Stephanie and her brothers got home from the barbershop. Her brothers rushed in and announced, look what the barber did to Steph, they buzzed her just like us.

She had taken her brothers to get their summer haircuts and her mother had called and mistakenly told the barbers, that her children were coming in and they were to get #1 crew cuts, no exceptions.

Stephanie was about to become captain of the cheerleaders, as had been her older sister Jessica the previous year. Jessica’s arch rival, Kelly was now a barber at the shop, and she jumped at the opportunity to get poor little Steph into her barbers chair and have her way with Steph.

Tom, the owner told Steph that her mother insisted that she get a haircut along with her brothers. She argued but not realizing what was about to happen, sat in Kelly’s chair. Kelly put the strip of tissue around Steph’s tiny petite neck. Kelly picked up her heavy duty black Oster clippers and plowed them into the side of her head next to her ear, sending a cascade of Stephanie’s golden blond waist length tresses to the floor of the barber shop.

Her mother’s mouth dropped open when she saw little Stephie without her long blond hair. You decided to get your hair cut? No mom, they said you insisted I get the same as the boys, no exceptions you told them. I guess I might have said that, her mother laughed.

Well, it’s a bit short, but it looks really good on you, and it will be easy to take care of, and won’t clog the drain.

Her sister Jessica walked in and said, O fuck, what did they do to you? Steph said, Mom had told them we were all to get crewcuts, and no exceptions, and they said that included me.

Their mother said doesn’t it look good, so cute. Jess, think you should go get a haircut, I’ll call Tom now.

Jessica said, no fucking way am I going to a barbershop. Her mom said, your friend Kelly cut Steph’s hair. Jessica said, I bet she did, that little bitch. Why did you get into Kelly Jenning’s barber’s chair and let her buzz you? She said she was only going to give me a trim. It was all so sudden and before I knew it, I was sitting in Kelly’s chair and couldn’t get up. Tom said he would strap me in the chair and it would be even shorter if I gave them any trouble. Jessica just shook her head.

Her mom picked up the phone and said, Oh hi Kelly, this is stephie’s mom, you did such a great job on her haircut, I’m sending Jessica down for her haircut. Yes give her the same please. It will look so cute. Kelly said she would be more than happy to. Isn’t she such a nice girl.

Are you fucking joking, no way. She just wants to cut off all of my gorgeous blond hair. Young lady, I am tied of your foul language. You will do as I say or I will take your driving privileges away for a year. I’m not kidding, now go.

Jessica says come on Steph, let’s go. As they’re walking toward the barbershop, Steph says are you really going to let Kelly Jennings cut off all your hair? I’ll have Tom do it, no way I’m going to sit in Kelly’s fucking barber chair and let her buzz my hair off.

Kelly called up her sister and said I just got a call from Jessica’s mom, she loves Kelly’s crewcut and wants Jessica to get the same treatment. Can you believe it, Jessica Harrison in my barber’s chair. I’m going to get to skin her. Her sister said, she’ll never get in your chair. Kelly said, Tom will strap her down if we need to. If she walks in here, I’m going to make her a fucking cue ball. Come on down and watch the fun sis.

The two sisters walked in and Kelly smiled as she saw Steph, remembering buzzing her two hours earlier. She said wow, fuck as she saw Jessica walk in behind her, with her glorious beautiful long golden blond tresses that flowed to her waist.

Hi girls, your mom called Jess, I hear you want a little haircut. I’ll be right with you, have a seat. Jess said I’ll wait for Tom. Kelly smiled and said, Oh, Tom went home, I guess you’l have to settle for me. Don’t fret, we’l have so much fun.

Kelly had a teen age boy with longish hair in the chair. She tied the tissue and cape tightly around his neck. The boy said just a trim. Kelly would normally take her time with a long mop of hair like this, but she was totally distracted and anxious to get Jessica into her chair.

Kelly’s sister walked in and smiled and said, hi girls, I heard you two were getting your hair trimmed today by Kelly. What fun, I’m really sorry I missed Stephie’s little trim.

They just posted that I’m the new captain of the cheerleading squad. But don’t worry Steph, with your new crewcut, they made you the mascot of the boy’s football team. You’ll be featured at all the games.

Kelly laughing, quickly picked up her clippers and began to shear the boys hair, starting right at his forehead and running them over his head again and again. In less than two minutes the boy looked like a cue ball, and was released from her chair.

The poor kid was in shock. Jessica and Stephanie couldn’t believe what they had just watched. Kelly said, now that’s how we cut hair here, remember Steph.

Kelly turned to Jessica, smiled and said you’re next sweetie. Jessica hesitated and Kelly said, you’re going to look so cute when I’m done with you. Jessica slowly stepped into the chair and Kelly wrapped a tissue around her petite little neck and tied it very tight.

Kelly said, Jess, did you ever imagine you’d be sitting in my barbers chair, about to have me give you a haircut, let alone a buzz cut with clippers?

Just then, Tom walked in and said wow, another Harrison girl in Kelly’s chair, what a day. Jessica said oh good, Tom can cut my hair. 

Tom said, you seem to be happy there, I think Kelly can take care of you. But Tom I would really rather you cut my hair. Kelly’s going to cut all my hair off, there’s no fucking way I’m sitting here for while she skins me, and she started to get up.

Tom said, I warned your sister, and he grabbed her arms and Kelly, ready for this, quickly strapped her arms to the porcelain arm rests, and then strapped one around her chest, tightly restraining her chest. She was cursing loudly and Tom said, another word and I’ll ball gag that mouth of yours. Kelly said, I knew we’d have to strap this one down

Kelly had a tight bustier and a tight miniskirt showing off her rather large bubble butt. Tom said you really dress like a little slut. I would actually love to shear off all of those blond tresses, but I know Kelly really wants to use her Oster clippers on you, and skin you like a cue ball.

Stephanie was actually enjoying watching her sister as she was restrained and prepped for her shearing. Jessica calmed down a bit and stopped cursing as she did not want the humiliation of a ball gag inserted in her mouth. The straps were bad enough.

So Jessie cupcake, I’ve waited a long time for this. I thought buzzing your sister was fun, but i’m going to skin you bald. You sister just looks like a little boy, you will look like a fucking freak when I’m done with you, as she picked up her menacing looking black Osters and switched the attachment. This blade is a 00000, it’s what the marines use at Paris Island. I’ve never used them before, but I think they will work nicely for your little haircut, don’t you sweet cheeks.

But fist I’ll start with a number 3 which will leave you with a few inches, then we’ll really skin you. she flicked on the switch, Jessica struggled against the leather straps as Kelly held Jessica’s head firmly, and cut a swath of hair around her ears. Long blond hair cascaded down to her lap ad the floor. Hair was everywhere. You have more beautiful hair than your sister, or should I say had. Kelly dragged this out for ten minutes going over and over Steph’s sides and back, then finally over the front and top.

As Kelly switched off the clippers, Jessica let out a deep moan, as she was getting very wet and very nearly came. Kelly said, little Jessie is getting a bit hornie, aren’t you sweetie. She turned to Steph and said, I think your sister will really get off on this next part.

Now comes the best part, remember I promised you these, now brandishing the Osters with the 00000 blade. Jessica looked in horror and pleaded no, please no. Kelly plowed them right down the middle of Jessie’s forehead and straight over the middle of her head peeling her down to skin. She then proceeded to run them up her nape and the back of her head. The vibration on her nape and neck, sent shivers down to her crotch, and she exploded with a seismic orgasm that pulsated throughout her loins. Her sister and Kelly watched in disbelief.

How was that Steph, that was fun. Just watching her got me off, remarked Kelly. This will be a day we’ll all remember.

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  1. The next night Kelly starts to close the barbershop. She turns around to lockk the door. Jessica, Stephanie, the varsity cheerleaders, and the varsity football team rush through the door. Kelly goes to scream. She feels a pin prick. Her world goes dark as she is drugged. She wakes up totaly hairless, soaked with cum, and tied spread eagle staked to her parents house. LOL

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