Kelsey’s surprise fantasy

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“Come on just cut it for me!! You would look so hot!” Kelsey playfully demanded Katie.

Katie rolled her eyes and smiled. The two had been dating for months, and every single week Kelsey would try to get Katie to cut her hair.

Both women had very long hair. Hair that went down to their waists. Katie was blonde and always had long hair. She never even thought about changing her hair in any way. That was until she met Kelsey.

Kelsey was a beautiful brunette, with thick voluminous tresses. She stood 5’3 with DD boobs hanging off her chest. Kelsey constantly tried getting Katie to chop her hair. She loved women with short hair and especially loved the idea of getting her to make the drastic cut.

As far as kelsey could remember, she had always had these strange feelings about hair. She would get soaking wet at just getting her hair trimmed. But the thought of having her girlfriend get a short haircut really got her going.

“Why won’t you just cut it? I’ve been asking for months”

“I just don’t want to. Atleast not right now” Katie said, lieing to her girlfriend. Little does Kelsey know about the day she has planned for them. Katie had talked to her friend that works at a salon in the mall and asked her to help with a surprise.

“Start getting ready, we are gonna be late” Katie said while slipping into a very short-revealing sundress that barely covered her ass.

“What did you say we were doing today again?”

“Just running some errands. But put something sexy on, I want us to look hot today”

Kelsey dug through her dresser and found a skinny shirt dress that showed off her cleavage.

Kelsey began to talk but quickly her voice trailed off as she got lost in a trance staring at her girlfriend bending down.

“Let’s stop at the mall and get coffee” Katie knew as soon as they walked into the mall and passed the hair salon that Kelsey would beg Katie to chop her hair. It was all part of the plan.

The two long haired women drove down to the mall and parked. Kelsey got out first and grabbed Katie’s hand as they started walking inside.

Just as planned, the salon was in close range when Kelsey started asking her

“ oh look babe the salons open… wouldn’t it be such a good idea to get your hair cut now?” Kelsey asked, hoping the answer would change from the ussual response.

“You know actually that is a good idea.”

Kelsey couldn’t beleive her ears. She was finally getting her girlfriend to get a haircut.

Katie grabbed Kelsey’s hand and practically pulled her into the salon.

“Hi I’m Maddy, what can I do for you?” Katies hairstylist friend asked.

“Oh I’m hoping you have time to cut my hair?”

“Of course, we don’t have anyone booked for the next few hours. Both of you can have a seat” maddy said while directing them towards the cutting stations.

Katie sat down and looked up at Kelsey, noticing how big the smile was on Kelsey’s face.

“Sit down you’ll wanna see this”

Kelsey squeezed as she sat down. Maddy came over to the two girls and threw a vape on over Katie.

“So what will it be?”

“Oh I’m thinking just a couple inches trimmed off”

Kelsey looked a little bit disappointed but was still ecstatic that she got to see her girlfriend get a haircut, even if it was just a trim.

After maddy had tossed a vape around Katie, she started sectioning her hair. Her locks were parted all the way around the crown.

With our hesitation, Maddy grabbed her clippers and semi-forcefully pushed Katie’s head forward, she plunged her guardless clippers up her nape.

Kelsey looked shocked. She could beleive what she was seeing. Was her girlfriend getting her head shaved? After she asked for a trim? She could not stop staring.

After a few more passes, Maddy set the clippers down and grabbed the bundle of hair forming on the floor.

She walked over to Kelsey and seductively held the loose hair infront of her, winked, and placed the severed hair on her lap.

Kelsey instantly began to feel more horny than ever. Her juices started to overwhelm her pussy,

Maddy continued shaving the sectioned off hair as Katie began to love the feeling of clippers running against her scalp, riding her of her thick crowning glory.

Every few passes Maddy would blow cool air across her bare nape, sending shivers down Katie’s spine. Now all of her hair sectioned below her crown lay on the floor and in Kelsey’s lap, lifeless.

Kelsey couldn’t stop staring at her girlfriend who now spotted a high 360 undercut, shaved to the skin. She didn’t notice that maddy had come up to her and started strapping her to the chair.

Once maddy finished bonding Kelsey’s arms and legs to the chair, she moved back to Katie. Katie watched maddy strap her girlfriend down and all she could do was smile and giggle. She knew what would be coming next.

Maddy pulled the rest of Katie’s hair out of the bun she had, and started combing it out. Next she pulled out a sharp set of shears and lined them up with Katie’s jaw.


Kelsey couldn’t look away, she watched the waist length lick fall effortlessly to the floor, followed by another snip.

Katie began to feel somewhat erotic. She was started to see how and why Kelsey felt this way. She loved the feeling of bare metal sliding across her skin, inching along, pausing, then snipping. Each cut was followed with a plop of hair hitting the ground.

Quickly, the rest of hair attached to Katie’s head was now resting just at her jaw, in a super short bob with an undercut.

Katie turned to her starry eyed girlfriend

“What do you think?”

“I’m in love. You look so unbelievably sexy”

Katie looked Kelsey dead in the eyes with a seductive facial expression.

“You know I can’t let you have all the fun, right?”

“What do you mean” Kelsey asked

Without responding, Katie got up from her chair and walked over to behind Kelsey.

She started running her fingers through her long, luxurious hair.

“You know” Katie left a long pause in her sentence. “ I think you need a haircut as well. Don’t you agree?”

“I-I’m not sure…”

“Well the thing is, I’m saying you need one”

Kelsey’s legs were practically shaking with the amount of sexual thrill flowing through her body. All she could do was look at her girlfriend standing behind her through the mirror. She still didn’t know she was strapped into the chair.

Maddy handed Katie the clippers with a guard on. Katie walked in front of Kelsey with the clippers dangling in front of her face.

Kelsey’s eyes grew wide as she saw the clippers, her jaw dropped as she watched Katie remove the guard and drop it to the floor. She moved the clippers jaws in closer, so that it would render an swath of hair it touched to the skin.

Maddy walked over to the door and locked it, ensuring no one could walk in and see.

Still standing in front of Kelsey, katie began to strip out of her sundress. Quickly removing it, she dropped it to the floor, along with her bra and panties.

Kelsey couldn’t even speak, she was so overwhelmed with what was going on. She tried to reach her hand up to feel her partners boobs but couldn’t. She frantically looked back and forth at the restraints holding her down.

“On second thought, I don’t think we need those clothes on you.” Katie said, setting the clippers down and picking up the same set of shears that reduced her own waist length hair to a short bob.

Katie started cutting her girlfriends clothes off and tossing each garment to the floor. Kelsey moaned as her bra and panties were snipped off.

She was now reduced to a naked long hair brunette, strapped down to a chair, waiting for her manes downfall. She couldn’t even get a word out. She was bewildered.

Katie picked the clippers back up and flicked them on. The hum of the clippers was enough to send Kelsey’s body in to euphoric shivers.

She brought the clippers up to Kelsey’s forehead and placed them down right at her hairline.

Katie maintained eye contact with Kelsey and started pushing the clippers down the center of her head. The aftermath left zero hair in its path, resulting in a bare scalp.

Kelsey’s eyes began to stream tears down her cheeks, and her pussy began to throb. This was way more than any fantasy she had ever had.

Katie continued with running the clippers through her hair. Quickly, her locks gathered up along Kelsey’s shoulders, and naked lap.

With each pass, came another shutter running down Kelsey’s back bone. Moaning frequently.

Quicker than she thought, all her hair lay on the floor, severed from its home.

Katie reached up to her girlfriends head and rubbed the shadow of stubble covering her head. Kelsey moaned and squirted feeling her bristle like head being massaged. She watched Katie walk off to one of the side rooms.

She walked back into view holding a razor and shaving cream.

“Who’s gonna be my bald bitch”

Kelsey still couldn’t say a word, she was lost in euphoria. She felt a cool liquid he lathered onto her head.

Katie swung her leg over Kelsey’s lap and straddled her, she started to tug at her skin with the razor, leaving a path of fresh skin.

Katie methodically ran path after path with her razor. Forwards and backwards, making sure to not leave a single hair left on her lovers head.

Katie grabbed a towel and ran it over Kelsey’s hairless head, removing any stray hair and shaving cream left.

Kelsey gazed in the mirror, seeing lights reflect off of her newly shiny head.

“Oh, almost forgot” Katie said while picking up the clippers.

She moved infront of Kelsey again, and placed her weapon at the side of her head, right next to her eyebrows. She glided the clippers across her perfectly shaped brows.
Finishing them off with shaving cream and a razor.

Katie removed Kelsey’s restraints. Immediately one hand went to service her vagina, the other went straight up to her head.

She squealed and moaned when she glided her hand across her scalp. Feeling nothing but smooth soft skin. She had lost focus on her lovers new hair. She stood up, almost falling over with shaky legs, and embraced Katie. Running her fingers through her new jaw length bob, running her fingers down her shaven nape.

Katie wrapped her hands around Kelsey’s ass, lifting her up onto the counter. Kissing and fingering ultimately ensued.

Finishing their erotic adventure, Katie started putting her clothes back on. Kelsey grabbed her clothes, but remembered they were cut and stripped off her body, rendering them useless.

Katie smirked and pulled out a bag from her purse, and tossed it to Kelsey. Kelsey opened the bag and found a highly revealing bikini set. She looked up at her lover, smirking.

“Might as well add a little bit of humiliation to the pot.”

Kelsey’s cheeks began to blush bright red as she threw the bikini on, barely covering anything of importance. The two walked out of the salon and into the mall, following the same route they took to the salon, both felt the cool air conditioning blow across their scalps.

Kelsey felt odd yet still extremely horny. They were nothing for them to hide behind anymore. Katie’s hair sitting at her jaw when left down, but throwing her hair up, unearthing her newly shaved undercut, sitting high on her scalp.

As the pair walked through the mall, with many onlookers gazing, Katie had one last idea. The ultimate humiliation. Katie had kept the pair of scissors they used, for possible future endeavors, however she had an idea. As they walked through the crowded section of the mall, Katie pulled the scissors out.

She cut Kelsey’s bikini top in one swift movement, faulting in the fabric falling to the ground with everyone staring in amazement. She didn’t have hair to hide behind anymore, her boobs were out in the open, it didn’t help that her bottoms were skimpier than a thong. She had finally lived her biggest sexual thrill and lived out her fantasy.

“There will be more of this in the future” Katie said, walking quickly to keep up with her humiliated girlfriend.

Hope everyone enjoyed this story, there may be more parts to this in the future, comment what you think and let me know if y’all have any more ideas I could write about!

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