Kept coming back.

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Apologises in advance for the length. I considered splitting it up but couldn’t find a good midpoint. As always all advice, ideas or feedback are welcome.


The first cut

I heard the bell ring and turned to see a women and a girl entering my barbershop. It was in theory a unisex barbershop but female customers where still a rarity.

“I’ll just be one second” I called over as I finished up the client infront of me.

The women seemed to be the girls mother. She had her hair styled in a long blonde mom-bob that only just touched the top of her shoulders.

The daughter looked to be in her mid teens. Her hair was the most beautiful light blonde colour and fell perfectly past her waist.

The two of them seemed to be arguing about something. I overheard a few words. The daughter seemed to be apologising for something and begging to leave. Her mother just snapped at her to “behave yourself” and “you only have yourself to blame”.

I finished up with my client and accepted his crisp £10 note. Then as I returned to my chair I called out “next”

“Thats you Haley” the mother said.

“Please” Haley timidly mouthed back.

“Do as the nice lady asks”

Her whole body trembled as she approached my chair. I could visibly see her shiver as she took her place in the black leather of the barbers chair.

Her hair was soft. It wasn’t like any hair I had ever felt before so soft, and healthy, and she had so much of it. My long black hair, that even today in a high ponytail it reached my waist, made most women jealous. But her soft locks even I envied.

“What are we doing today” I asked pumping up her chair as I gathered her hair into a giant bun.

“She needs something short. Off the shoulders and easy to maintain”

“Mom” girl pleaded, close to tears by this point.

“Stop being such a brat or it stay short until summer” her mom interrupted.

“So something like here” I placed my hand on her shoulder, indicating to cut similar to what her mom had.

“No shorter” the girls eyes where red holding back tears.

“Like this” I placed my hand at her chin.

“Perfect. But can you give her bangs, something to keep it out her eyes”

“No problem” I smiled as she returned to the waiting area and picked up a magazine.

“Don’t worry” I comforted the trembling Haley. “You still going to look cute even without all this long hair”

I throw a cape over her, pulling it tight to her collar. Then I releced her hair from its bun leaving it to drape over the cape.

“I’m going to cut the bulk first”

The girl had such terror in her eyes as I picked the scissors. She forced them closed as the blades approached her hair.

I started at the left. With a slow snip two feet of hair fell tumbling towards the ground. Haley let out a little speak as I cut next to her ear.

In less than a minute I continued to cut all around her head. Hair that had likely taken most her life to grow sheared of in seconds. A massive pile of 2 foot long strands lay beneath her.

“Haley I need you to come the washing station” I kept my voice soft trying to ease her nerves.

As she opened her eyes, she audibly gasped. Then she started to pant heavily but, to my surprise, her eyes remained dry. She stood up and stepped over the large ring of what was once her hair that circled the chair.

She calmed down a little as I massaged shampoo into her scalp. I could tell she enjoyed the feeling, most people do. Once I had washed out the shampoo I walked her back to the chair. Their I carefully used my scissors to create a blunt bob in line with the bottom of her earlobes.

“I’m going to use my clippers to tidy up the back”

I could tell she didn’t know what meant. So I just pushed her head ever so slightly until her chin touched her chest. Then I fired up the clippers and placed them at her neck. I felt her whole body tingly as I used the blades to tidy up the bottom half an inch. A strange noise left her lips that could only be described as satisfied.

Once finished with her nape I moved on to her fringe. There I tucked most of her hair behind her ears leaving only an inch of hair trapped between my fingers. I slipped my scissors into the hair cutting straight bangs in line with her eyebrows. As I cut I let the loose hair fall onto her face. 3 inch strands tumbling down from her nose to her chin.

With that I was done I released her from the cape. As she walked across to her mom something about her seemed different. Like something about her had changed, more than just the hair. Like she had discovered something.

“What do you have to say to the nice lady”

“Thank you for the haircut”

Her mom handed me two £20 notes making up a large tip and I thanked her as they left.

“I hope you’ve learnt your lesson” the mother lectured as they left my store.

I smiled to myself knowing not everyday would I get to cut hair like that.




The return

It was quite. Midafternoon on a summers day such as today often were. I was killing time on my phone when I saw a young women outside my shop. She seemed to be pacing, walking up to my door backing away then returning. Once she had backed away the second time she paused, turned, and made her way towards my door.

The bell rang as the women pushed her way through the door. She couldn’t have been much older than 18. She was wearing short jean shorts and a black top that didn’t hid any of her shoulders or midriff.

Her crowning feature was her long blonde hair. The sun-kissed yellowy gold locks fell perfectly to the top off her butt. It had subtle waves and you could tell it was incrediblely healthy all the way down to the ends. You would have been forgiven thinking she had just left a salon.

“I’ll like to get a haircut” she said, as she entered. Somehow both confident and nervous, like she was suppressing how unsure she was.

“I don’t really do long hair here. You might be better off going to the salon on Marshall Street”

“Oh” there was such disappointment in her voice. “You cut my hair here before… it was years ago… I doubt you remember, my mum was telling me off for something and…”

“I think I do remember, what was that 4, 5 years ago. Forgive me for not recognising you” I interrupted her. Her voice was a strange mix of excitement, nerves, and uncertainty. “What was your name sorry”

“Haley” she squeaked. The confidence she had when she entered dissipating.

“Well Haley, why don’t you have a seat” I turned my chair to face her.

She shuffled towards me and took her place in the large barbers chair. I spun her around so she faced the mirror, her face had gone white. She looked terrified, like she wanted nothing more than to run as far as she could from my chair and this barbershop. I pumped the chair up.

“What are we doing today?” I kept my voice soft worried that I might scare her.

She took a few heavy breaths then answered. “I don’t want to go too short. I still want to be able to braid it and have a proper ponytail.”

“Ok something like this” I placed my hand just above her armpits indicating a length.

When she saw that her face when even more pale. Her lips pressed together tightly and her eyes went wide at the thought of losing over half, 2 feet in total, of her beautiful mane. Slowly she nodded her head. She didn’t want to but something deep inside her made her.

“And I want an undercut” she sounded even more timid. Like the same little girl in my chair those years ago being told off.

“Ok. One undercut coming up”

I gathered together her hair. It was just as gorgeous as I remembered, I couldn’t imagine what possessed her to want it cut. With a large plastic clip I held her hair off her delicate neck. A shiver ran down her spine as I placed a thin strip of paper around her collar. Then I tossed my cape over her. As it landed I heard her make a strange breathe noise only to stop herself.

“Don’t worry. I promise you will love your new look when I’m done with you”

I released the hair from the clip, letting it drape over the back of the chair. The ends passed the bottom of the chairs back. I don’t think I had ever had such a beautiful head of hair in my chair. My brush seemed to glide through the smooth locks. This was going to be fun.

“You have beautiful hair. It’s a shame to cut it”


“It must have had taken years to grow”

“I’ve been growing it out since you cut it” their was so much regret in her voice. She seemed so sad and yet something her resigned to this.

“Are you just sick of it”

“Not really, I love my long hair. Its just… I don’t know… something made me want to get it cut”

“I love long hair too, it so much fun” I enjoyed taunting her, she squirmed at every comment. “You can do much with it, and it feels so nice when it’s being brushed. I don’t think I could ever cut my hair, I would miss it too much”

“Yeah, I know what you mean” she sounded defeated.

I pulled all the hair behind her back. I didn’t want her to see how much she was going to loose until it was too late. The blades of my scissors positioned themselves by the rightmost hairs, an inch higher than I indicated.

“At least short hair is less maintenance” she said, to herself more than me.

“Not always” I started to cut into her hair. She inhaled deeply clearly dreading this. “It is easier to wash. But with your hair for example, because the individual hairs are so fine and because you have so much of it, it’s actually a lot less work long”

“Really” her voice was breathe. Clearly aware of how much hair she was losing.

“Yeah. With this sort of texture you need the extra weight to keep it in place. And you can’t just throw it in a ponytail the same way”

My comments clearly upset her as she looked down. Just listened to my scissors cut through what was clearly her pride and joy.

“A friend of mine cut her hair short and she had to spend, like, over half an hour extra every morning just to make it look ok. And she had like 20 times more bad hair days”

She let out a pained sniffle as my scissors crept through her hair. With every slice two foot strands cascaded into a growing pile by my feet. Each one of them perfectly healthy all the way to there ends. Finally my blades severed the last of her long locks. From where she sat, she could still imagine her hair was simply behind her back. But she must have felt how much lighter her head had become.

“Let’s get you shampooed then”

I turned the chair around and she could see the massive pile of hair by her feet. The once loved locks that only moments ago hung proudly from her head now only littering the floor. Her eyes were transfixed by them. Thoughts of the 3, 4 years she must have spent pampering and caring for them must have been rushing through her head.

She cautiously stepped over the pile and followed me to the washing station. Her head was tilted back so I could first wet, then massage shampoo into her scalp. As I did I she shut her eyes and a satisfied purring noise left her lips. Once I had finished washing out all the shampoo, I gently tapped her back to her senses. I wrapped a towel round her head and brought her back to my chair.

As I removed the towel and dabbed at her hair she received her first look at the new length. No longer did it cascade down her whole body, the ends tickling her bottom. Now it stopped abruptly at the top of her shoulders. She stayed perfectly still. Petrified in place.

I dabbed her hair a bit until it was just wet rather then dripping. Then I went around and roughly brushed the shorter length moving and pulling her head as I did. Then I separated out the back third of her hair clipping the rest in place and out of the way.

“I’m going to cut it slightly shorter at the back” I declared as she watched, as lifeless as the hair by my feet.

I snipped inch long strands off section by section. The wet hairs sticking to her neck or joining the pile beneath her. Then I took the hair at her right and cut diagonally so the hairs at the front remained longer. The longest hairs nearly reached to her shoulders whereas the shorter hairs at the back lay halfway up her neck. I repeated the same on her left and then got out my thinning shears. They sent tiny hairs flying out and removed much of the bluntness of the cut. Now the ends looked as if they curled in slightly.

I tucked a hair behind her ear. Admiring the horrified look in her eyes. Where she had entered with gorgeous butt length wavy hair that would have been most girls dreams. Now she had a straight, professional lob more suited to a woman in there 40’s then one under 20.

“What sort of undercut did you want”

“Just a small one, a little triangle at the back”

“I know what you mean” I reassured her as I grabbed a comb and two clips.

With the point of the comb I sectioned out a triangle. The lower corners in line with her lips and the upper point the slight dent where the spine meets the skull. I use the clips to secure the rest of the hair out of the way.

“Do you want me to use scissors or clippers”

“Clippers” she responded with more confidence than she had at any point since entering my chair.

“Ok, chin down”

I guide her head forward so her chin touched her chest. Then I retrieve my clippers and selected a number 6 guard. I placed them at her nape and run the roaring blades into the exposed hair. As they cut her hair is reduced to a short blonde pelt. I hear her starting to make a soft moaning noise only to stop herself.

It only took a few short swips to reduce the undercut to an even stubble. But knowing Haley was enjoying herself I ran over it again with a number 5 guard one last time. I put my clippers down and brushed the loose hairs from her neck. Then I picked up my hair dryer and quickly dried off the still damp hair.

“All done” I triumphantly declared. Tossing off the cape, releasing her in a flurry of severed hairs. “Nice and neat, and still long enough for a proper ponytail”

I tied her hair into a ponytail. It was tiny, all its hairs between 1 and 3 inches in length. The hair just stuck through and curved towards the ground before stopping. Under it you could see the undercut, more than a little triangle.

I looked down at her. She tilted her head so she could see the ponytail. She was on the verge of tears, I could tell she was going to have a break down as soon as she got home. Clearly regretting whatever possessed her to walk through my door. As I looked at her closer I noticed a wet patch on her shorts that she quickly covered.

I flicked my ponytail over my shoulder, as if to show of what I had taken from her. The sleek black hair fell to my butt, even up, and the ponytail was nearly an inch and a half in diameter. I removed her hair from the ponytail and moved to my cash register. She followed one hand feeling her newly bare nape and trying to twirl the longer hairs, the other trying to hide the wet patches on her jean shorts.

“Thank you for the haircut” she said, handing me a new £50 note. “Keep the change”

I thanked her and she left the door bell ringing after her. As I watched her walk away from the store, her lighter hair being blown about in a way her heavy locks couldn’t, I hoped I would see her again.



A bit higher

It had been about 9 months since Haley had lost most her lovely hair. I didn’t expect to see her again but one quite afternoon she pushed through the door of my barbershop the bell ringing behind her. A smile crept across my lips.

“Haley, it’s been a while. How have you been”

“I’ve been good. What about you”

“Oh you know, same old”

She stood very upright. I could tell she was both excited and nervous. She wore a coat over a pink zip up hoodie. Despite the cold she was still wearing a skirt and tights rather then trousers. Her hair was tied in a perfect French braid with a few strands left out at the front to frame her face.

“So what can I do for you today”

“I was wondering if I could get a trim”

“Ok and do you want me to tidy up the undercut”

She bit her lower lip at that suggestion. Nervously she tilted her head forward in a quick nodding motion.

“One trim coming up”

I lead her to my eagerly awaiting seat. She seemed cautious as she stepped into the plush leather and slipped off her coat and hoodie. Once she had taken her place, I pointed her towards her reflection. Then with a few pumps brought her up to the correct height.

I ripped off a strip of paper and pulled it tight around her neck. Then I grabbed my cape and lifted it over her. She was shaking as I tightened it around her neck, clearly having waited for this moment for a long time.

My hands ran down her French braid, admiring it slightly. Her hair had grown about 5 inches and now just reached the top of her breasts. At her nape where the undercut had about a dozen bobby pins and a tonne of hairspray kept the awkwardly grown out tuffs in place.

I carefully removed the pins, realising it must have taken her at least 10 minutes to get them to hold her hair correctly. The uneven grow out looked terrible, strands flying in every direction impossible to control.

Pulling out the elastic on the end of her French braid caused the blonde locks to unravel themselves. I carefully brushed out her soft mane until it was smooth, wondering what I could do to her hair.

“I’m going to take the undercut higher this time is that ok”

Her eyes grow wide as I said that and I could see the colour drain from her face. She released a terrified little squeal, only to nod her head.

“Ok then”

I sectioned out from a line behind her eyebrows all the way to the back of her head. Then I gathered the hair on her crown into a bun. She had so much hair that the bun was the size of my fist. Sniffling noises left her as she realised that all the hair beneath this bun was doomed.

My hands moved her head so she bowed down, her chin against her chest. I reached out and grabbed my clippers. Trying to decide what guard to use I settled on a six for the first pass. She flinched as they touched her neck only for her to shake as the vibrating blades plunged into her neck.

“One downside of this haircut is your won’t be able to do as much with it” I could tell by how the bobby pins had been placed at her nape that she loved to play with her hair.

“You can do a high pony or a high bun but that’s about it. Because the undercut is quite high your not going to be able to any half up styles or even a mid height ponytail.”

She was as upset by this as I hoped. As I continued to shear away at her nape I finished up the 5 inch locks of her old undercut and moved towards the longer strands of virgin hair. Footlong locks of her hair was once again slid down her cape. I made quick work removing all the hair from her nape.

“If you want to grow this out…”

Her expression changed letting me know she was paying very close attention to what I was saying.

“Your going to end up with a really uneven mullety thing for at least a year”

Her eyes sank back down.

“In terms of maintenance. Because your going to see this it at the side it really needs to be trimmed at least every month do you want me to book a reoccurring appointment”

She nodded her head.

“Excellent, I guess that makes you one of my regulars now”

My clippers had finished with the back of her head. I folded her left ear and ran the blades over it. Then I set to work cutting the footlong hairs at her front left down to nothing. She watched as footlong strands slid free from her head into a pile in her lap. Because her hair was so light you could see through the blonde pelt at her head beneath.

I rotated her head to the side and started over her right ear. She could see the hair on the left, or the lack of it. Her ear had been left exposed in a way it never had been before. I knew she hated it. Once all the hair on the right had been cut, I took the opportunity to explore her newly exposed head. Every gentle rub, or scrach of my acrylic nails, sent shivers down her spine. I picked my clippers back up and removed the guard.

“Head down” she once again obeyed pushing her chin into her chest.

I returned the blades to her nape this time they left nothing in there wake. Exposing bare skin as I pushed them all the way up to the parting. A few passes later and the pale skin of her head was exposed for all to see. I folded her ears and cut down the sides until there was only pale skin there too.

She clearly hated how it looked. I could tell by the little squeaks and sniffles she made as I cut it. But I wasn’t satisfied. I put my clippers down and picked up the supplies I normally used for shaves. She trembled slightly as I coated the already bare skin with shaving cream.

“Hold still” I instructed as I gently ran a straight razor into her sideburn. Slowly removing the shaving cream along with pealing the tiniest of hairs from her head. I continued to slowly scratch at her skull until I was satisfied nothing remained.

“All done on the undercut front”

I moved her head so she could see her newly exposed ears. Then I picked up a mirror and showed her how high it was at the back.

“Unless you want to go higher”

“No, that’s fine”

“Ok now to deal with this” I removed the bun at the top, letting the strands fall freely to the top of her breasts. “It’s like we haven’t cut any”

“Yeah” she signed, see the undercut as I tucked some hair behind her ears.

“It must feel weird”

“Yeah” her voice was barely a whisper “really weird”

“Come on, let’s get you washed then”

She got up and stepped over the pile of hair beneath her. An followed me to the sink. As I gently massage shampoo into her remaining hair I could sense her unease at the water running against her undercut. I finished up quicker than she expected and wrapped a towel round her hair.

“It’s just a trim we were doing” I said as she took her place back in my seat.


“Ok then” I fluffed up her hair as I dried it

“You have allot of regrowth. I’m sure you can’t wait to get this gone”

I picked up my scissors and placed them by her chin. A metal slicing sound filled her ears as I went around. Six inch strands now littered the cape all around her. A horrified speak left her lips.

“That must feel so much better”

I cleaned up the cut and let my thinning scissors give the a less blunt look. And with that she was done. I removed the cape adding more hair to the pile on the floor as I did.

She sat still. Her head bowed looking down at her lap. She didn’t reach up to feel her new chin length bob. It may have been fear, or her hands maybe covering a wet patch on her skirt.

I walked over to the cash machine, she followed holding her hands together infront of her.

“In terms of our reoccurring appointment, is 5:30 on the first Monday of every month ok”

“That’s ok for me” she sounded almost sheepish.


She tipped me generously before leaving. The bell ringing behind her. As soon as she left the pink hood of her hoodie was lifted over her head. I smiled to myself, hoping our next appointment wouldn’t be far off.



Something different

I thought Haley would have been scared off by now. But to my delight she returned letting me buzz down her undercut and trimming her bob so her neck remained exposed for all to see.

While most girls her age kept their hair long, enjoying the period of freedom between having to obey there parents and conforming to the working world. She would come to me every month, allowing me to keep her hair in the same simple chin length bob.

While most girls could styled there hair in any number of braids, buns or curls she couldn’t. She could only have a few clips to give her hair a sense of fun or braid tiny strans. The high undercut denied her the option of putting it into any number of cute half-up styles or updos. But what I took the most pride in is that I had taken away her ponytail. The base of where it once hung replaced with stubble, the length remaining no longer enough.

I enjoyed her visits. On those days I would make sure to flaunt my long hair. Styling the classic length black silk in all the styles I had denied her. I enjoyed the look of envy and desire she would have as I cut away at her hair. One day not long after she turned 21 I decided it was time to take her shorter.

“I think we should try something different this time” I said as I tightened the cape around her neck.

“What do you mean something different”

“Well you’ve had your hair like this for over a year now, I think it’s time to try something new”

I gathered all her hair in a clip at the top and started to shear away at her undercut. It was still short, only a third of an inch, but I was happy to take it down to nothing.

“I’m thinking something a bit more modern, something chic.”

“Ok” I could tell she was unsure.

I started to spread shaving cream across her undercut.

“If you don’t mind me asking, do you ever miss your long hair”

“Yes” she spoke in an almost mournful tone. Her eyes focused on the long black ponytail swinging behind me.

“I could never cut my hair. It just looks so much better long”

She sank a little in the chair.

“And all the styles you can do. I love playing with my hair myself… But having someone else brush it just feels overworldly.”

She nodded in approval.

“Do you ever regret cutting it?”

“Every day”

“I’m not surprised. I mean you look good now, but when you had your long hair you looked so much better. Whatever possessed you to cut it?”

“I wonder that sometimes”

“When it was long did you do much with it or where you just a stick it in a ponytail and get on with your day type of gal”

“I loved to play with it. I would braid it allot but my favourite was putting it in like a cute half-up up and curling the bottom.”

“That must have looked so good on you. I prefer to have mine in buns and ponytails. So its kinda practical but I can still see how hot it looks.”

“I loved how my hair felt in a ponytail” her words where laced with more than a little regret.

“I know what you mean. The reassuring feeling as it swings behind you”

“Yeah” she sniffled.

“When was the last time you had a ponytail”

“Over a year ago now”

“Aww. You poor thing”

Once I finished scraping any shred of hair from her nape and sides, I put my straight razor away. I planted my hand firmly on her shoulders.

“Now let’s get you washed”

She followed me over to the washing station. Once there I quickly set to work shampooing and conditioning her hair. By now she was use to me roughly washing her hair in a handful of minutes. But I could tell she missed the long gentle pampering she would receive at fancy salons.

I wrapped a towel around her hair and brought her back to her seat. Her head was jerked from side to side as I first dried then brushed it out roughly.

“I’m going quite a bit shorter this time. But don’t panic until you’ve seen the final result”

I moved my scissors to be in line with her eyes next to her left ear. She went white in horror as the blades crunched down at her already short hair. 2.5 inch strands littering the floor as I left all but the top third of her ear exposed.

“Trust the process” I reassured her before cutting the same on the right.

I continued to cut towards the back. The hair at the back I left nearly an inch longer than the front, ensuring the hair looked feminine and purposeful rather then a bowl cut. Behind her ears it curved down meeting at a shallow U at the back. But even her longest hairs where still slightly above her lips. The undercut she tried so hard to conceal whenever styling her hair was visible from all sides.

“Did you like having bangs when you were younger”

“No, I remember hating them” she was breathing heavily as she spoke. The cut clearly having an effect on her.

“Maybe you might like them now your older”

I took the section of hair at the front and used my index and middle finger to trap the hair in place. My scissors made quick work of the trapped locks and eyebrow length bangs fell down onto her forehead. Then I used my thinning scissors to smooth out the look until the remaining hair resembled a smooth dome.

“All done” I declared whipping of the cape sooner than she expected.

Her hand quickly jumped into her lap, hiding the obvious wet patch. I pretend I hadn’t noticed and simply walked over to the register.

“Thank you for the haircut” she gave a generous tip  as usual, before leaving the bell ringing behind her.



Easy to manage

A month later and perfectly on time Haley entered my barbershop. I chose to style my hair in a half-up curling the down bits as she had said was her favourite. As she entered, and pulled down her hood, I got a good look at her hair. Atleast a dozen pins where holding pieces in place and she had done tiny braids to make it look more feminine.

“Haley how have you been?” I gently hugged my now long time acquaintance.

“I’ve been good, what about you”

“Ya know, same old, same old. Have you been liking your new haircut”

She seemed nervous to reply honestly but did. “Not really”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, can you tell me why”

“The thing is the hair never stays in place and takes forever to style. Plus I wake up every morning with the worst bed head”

“Oh, that’s sad to hear. Please take a seat I’ll see if I can help.”

She took her place in the chair allowing me to pull a strip of paper around her neck.

“I was planning on growing it out”

“What back to your chin”

“No longer, I want to get to about bra strap length and get rid off at least most of the undercut”

“Really wow that’s going to be quite the endeavour are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about this for a while”

I throw my cape over her.

“The thing is if that’s the length you want its probably going to take at least two and a half years to grow and your going to have a messy uneven mullet for allot of that time. Is that what you really want until your 24?”

“I don’t know, I definitely don’t want to have short hair forever”

“Do you know what I think you need. Something easy to manage that you can just get out of bed in the morning… A pixie cut”

“A pixie cut, isn’t that like a boys cut”

“No its very feminine and very in right now. Lots of girls your age have them”

“Most girls my age keep there hair as long as they can”

“More the reason to get one, it’ll make you stand out”

“I’m not sure I miss my long hair”

“One other reason I would suggest a pixie is you can get it now without much consequence. If you get a pixie from long hair and don’t like it you’ll have lopped of years of length if you do it now you’ll have only lost months”

“I’m still not sure I want to be able to do stuff with my hair again”

“If you start growing out your hair now its going to be a pain to manage. Besides you have the perfect features for a pixie cut”

“Do I?”

“Yes. Hears what I think we should do, today I’ll give you a nice cute pixie cut and you can see if you like it if not you can always grow it out no problem. Is that ok with you?”

I knew I couldn’t convince her. She loved and miss her long hair too much. But that little voice inside her, that got her to part with her long hair in the first place. I could get that voice in power long enough for her to slowly nod.

“Ok, one pixie coming up”

I picked up my clippers.

“One downside is it means your going to have a much longer awkward stage in the grow out.”

She wriggled underneath the cape as the now familiar sensation of guardless clippers met her nape. I carefully fashioned her old undercut into a fade.

“Because the sides are short I’m going to have to take quite a bit of the top”

I decided on a new side part then used my comb to lift strands of hair into the air. My scissors made quick work of separating the strands two inches from her scalp. Her straight bangs where replaced with sideswept ones and I continued to cut away at the hair until the longest strands stood at about an inch and a half. Slowly a feminine pixie cut started to form on her head.

Once I was done I brushed her down. Then I removed the cape, taking care to let her cover up any little accidents.

“Because your hair is shorter now can I move our appointment to every 2 weeks from now on”

“I thought, I was going to grow it out”

“You still can. I just think now that you’ve cut it short you should keep it for atleast a month or two. Its really a waste otherwise”

“Ok, then if you say so” she swallowed a lump in her throat as she spoke.

I arrange the next appointment and she paid, again handing me a large tip.

“Thank you for the haircut” she said on the way out. The bell ringing after her.



Neatening up

I half expected Haley to miss her appointment, but she didn’t. She showed up perfectly on time and let me clean up her pixie. I wondered how long I could keep her hair cropped short. Much to my delight she returned every 2 weeks for about 8 months, every time letting me cut her hair slightly shorter.

I knew one day her desire to grow her hair out would grow to strong. And sure enough I got a text saying to cancel her reoccurring appointment followed by her not showing up. I assumed I wouldn’t see her again.

Over a year later I heard the bell ring and a hooded blonde figure walk through my door. It was Haley.

“Take a seat” I called out, it was unusual for her to have to wait. Normally, she would come at quiter times so we would be alone.

As I continued on my current customer I kept looking at her in the waiting area. I wondered what her hair looked like under that hood. I finished up the client in my chair and took his payment.

“Next” I called loudly, making Haley jump in her seat.

She removed her hood as she walked towards me and took her place in the chair.

“God, your hair is a mess”

“Yeah, I know”

6 inch strands of hair made up her grown out pixie cut. Uneven layers fell over her, longer hairs at the back covered her neck while the shortest hairs draped down to her lower ear. She used clips to keep it out her face and left the rest out of control.

“I’m trying to grow it out” she squeaked a little as she spoke.

“I can see that”

“The thing is. I have a job interview next week and I don’t want to show up looking like…”

“Like a mop”

“Exactly. Is it possible for you to neaten it up a bit. Without losing to much length”

“I think that’s possible”

I tightened a piece of paper around her neck, having to push her hair out the way to do so. Then I let my cape flutter over her,  tightening it around her neck. I took out the pins before struggling to brush out her hair. The uneven strands where uncooperative but eventually I was able to tame them into something resembling order. Once satisfied the hair was prepped, I reached for my clippers.

“Clippers? but I want to keep the length”

“I know, the thing is because the hair at the bottom is so much longer than that at the top its giving you this uneven mullet look. I just need to cut that hair so the rest of it grows out more even”

“Ok then, just not too short”

I pressed the guard against her nape. She shivered, it had been a while since she last felt there blades. I pushed them up, Haley squeaking in the chair as they ran higher than she expected. I pushed her head to the side and started to carve the length she had worked so hard to grow off. Limp strands fell lifelessly onto the cape.

I shoved her head to the other side with far more force than was needed. She made a loud sniffle, I could tell she was close to tears. I had made her close to tears a few times, and I’m sure she cried about her haircuts after she left. But I had never got her to cry in my chair, this time I was getting close.

“You know, if you had grown your hair out when you originally wanted to. It would have grown out by now”

“Yeah” her response was cold. Her puff eyes just steered at my clippers as each stroke set her back months.

To my disappointment she didn’t cry. Instead seeming to go numb. I finished of with the clippers and flicked of the guard, using them bladeless to clean up her hairline before continuing.

She flinched as I sprayed cold water over her. Then again as I roughly combed her hair into a side part. I held her head in place and combed strands vertically away from her head. Lose hair littered around her as I cut into the trapped hair.

As I continued cutting around her head, she could see what I was forming. A smart, professional, business man’s cut. It was longer than her old pixie but lacked any hint of femininity, passers-by would have assumed it was a boy in my chair.

Before long I was finished. Haleys hair was certainly neater and more suitable for a job interview but I had taken away a lot of hair in the process. She was probably set back at least 6 months of hair growth.

“All done” I whipped the cape off her “do you like it?”

“Yeah… it’s great” she replied in a tone that let me know otherwise.

“Ok, do you want me to setup an appointment”

“No that fine” she followed me over to the counter.

“Ok then I’m sure I’ll see you soon”

Haley payed before turning to leave. The bell ringing after her. I knew I had scared her off this time, she would go home and cry her eyes out. Surely vowing to herself never to return. A smile crept across my face as I called my next customer.



Submitting to the Chair

As I expected Haley didn’t return. I would see her occasionally around town with her hair growing out into a ‘bixie’ cut. I hoped she would come back to let buzz away her hard earned growth, but alas no such luck. One day I saw her with her hair cut into a neck length bob, now she was past the awkward stage it was unlikely I would see her again.

Years passed. I would still occasionally think about Haley; wondering what she was doing now, how was her hair cut. But not as often. Until one day in the middle of winter. It was quiet. I was just thinking about closing up when I heard the bell ring and the door closing behind someone.

Standing in the doorway was a beautiful woman in her late twenties. She was wrapped up warm in layers of jumpers and a thick jacket. A woollen scarf adorned her neck. But what drew my attention was the beautiful sun-kissed waves of blonde hair that framed her petite features. It flew past her past her shoulders in gentle waves and ran down to the top of her thighs.

“Haley” I called out, the elation evident in my voice. “It’s been so long” I leaned in for a hug.

“Yeah it has been a while”

“So how are you. How’s life been treating you”

“I’m ok. I’ve just come out of a long term relationship so its been rough lately but I’m doing ok now”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” I gently touched her shoulder in a manner ment to be reassuring. “What brings you hear today?”

“I know you don’t normally do long hair. But, I was wondering if it was possible to just get a wash and style”

“I wouldn’t normally, but I’ll make an exception for you” I was disappointed to not get to cut her hair, for now. “Do you want me to trim the ends while your here”

“No, just a wash and style”

“Ok then have a seat”

She walked across the room and positioned herself in my awaiting chair. As she did so, I walked to the storefront flipped the open sign to closed and started to lower the blinds. As I did this she removed some of her outer layers and sat upright in the chair. Eagerly awaiting my return and failing to hide her excitement for a simple wash and style.

“Just so we have some privacy” I reassured her before returning.

Haley bite her lip as I turned her to face the mirror and with a few forceful pumps brought her up to my desired height. Then my hands set about exploring her beautiful silken mane. Risking getting lost in the thick jungle of pristine locks. Slowly I was able to gather the heavy hair together, brushing over her ears as I guided the mass behind her. There I used my largest clip to hold her sun-kissed locks in place.

“I’m just going to us a cape so your clothes don’t get wet.”

She smiled, reassured by my statement, only not look unsure as I ripped off a strip of paper. Her chin was tilted upwards so she looked forward, her long elegant neck eagerly awaiting. I wrapped the thin strip of paper around her, forming a tight collar around her neck. Then I retrieved my cape and lifted it over her. The fabric entombed her body trapping her under its lightweight as it lay over her. I secured it tight around her collar.

“You have beautiful hair” I gushed as I reliced it from the clip.

“Thank you” her cheeks turned slightly pink.

It was true. Her looked and felt almost magical. As I reliced it it rolled in gentle waves down and beyond the back of the large barbers chair. The health and thickness of it testimony to all the time and love she poured into pampering the cherished locks. I let my brush glide down her mane. Enjoying feeling the silken blanket between its bristles.

I could have brushed her hair until dawn broke. But once satisfied, I walked across to my washing station Haley in tow. She had so much hair I struggled to fit it into the sink. I reached for the most expensive shampoo and conditioner I had. Haley closed her eyes and seemed as if she was in a transe as I massaged her scalp. A few unconscious sounds left her lips as my hands brushed in smooth gentle motions, letting her hair absorb the luxurious shampoos.

“You can get up now” I tapped her head, snapping her out of her transe.

Haley arouse, a little shaky after getting up. She started to head to the chair only for me to stop her.

“It’s probably easier to do standing up”

“Oh” she stood awkwardly in the centre of my barbershop. Her cape draped over her.

I again brushed through the, now wet, hair. Having to lean over as her hair, without its slight curl, reached to the top of her thighs.

“I don’t know if you realise? but you have allot of hair” I joked.

“Yeah, I thought I might” she teased back.

My wide tooth comb brushed her hair straight, ready for me to dry. The sun-kissed blonde colour was a darker, dirtier colour when wet. The already heavy hair even heavier now damp. I set to work blow drying her mane, the thickness and amount of hair doing so a daunting feat.

“You can take seat” I instructed once the last strands of her hair had been dried.

She did a strange shuffle towards the seat before sitting down. Like she was trying to keep her legs close together. I followed behind her putting my hands on the chairs backrest as she sat down.

“Do you miss having short hair?” I asked as I started brush through her hair again.

“No. Well only when I need to wash it”

“Same here, not that I’ve ever had hair as short as you’ve had. The shortest I’ve been was at about my armpits”

“Yeah, I know it’s childish, but I’m in love with having long hair”

“Do your friends think the same?”

“Yes. Well those who aren’t jealous of it. But my friends love it, my dad loves it he was so annoyed when my mum made me cut it”

“Yeah, I can imagine that would be a shock”

“My boyfriend loves it. Or Well he did…” her voice softened as she trailed off.

By now I had done brushing and was pulling it back to a massive ponytail.

“It’s a pity to cut it”


She screeched as I picked up a massive pair of silver scissors. Her body jumped up but I pushed her hard back into the chair. She was about to try again to stand when I yanked hard on the base of her ponytail, pinning her body to the back of the seat. Two hands revealed themselves only to stop when I pulled hard again, making Haley gasp in pain.

“Shhh, don’t make this harder than it needs to be”

“What are you doing!? Please don’t cut my hair” her voice was still shocked and terrified but her hands had returned to under the cape.

“Don’t worry this will all be gone soon” I tossed the tail over her shoulder for her to admire.

“No, please don’t” she started to beg tears forming in her eyes.

“You want this really, that’s why you came back”


“Did you think I would let you leave with all this hair?” I snipped my scissors infront of her terrified eyes.

“Please don’t, I love my hair”


“No, no please don’t” I pulled her ponytail taut again and put my scissors to its base. Less then an inch from her scalp high up her head.


“No uhugh-argh” she cried and then moaned as blades snipped of her ponytail.

“Much better” I declared as I tossed 5 years of hair into her lap.

“Auugh” she moaned. Tears rolling from her eyes as she breathed heavily.

“It’s ok. I know you like it you little freak”

She continued to pant as I suspect she was pleasuring herself under the cape.

Because I had cut high, her hair now resembled a messy shag. The longest hairs at her nape covered her neck while the rest fell in uneven layers. I retrieved my clippers and made sure she saw me remove the guard.

Her breathing was still loud as she approached climax. I placed my hand on her head jerking it back and holding it straight. She continued to pant until she felt the metal of the clippers at her forehead.

“Argh” she moaned as the blades carved into her head. Mowing a path backwards as an inch wide strip though her hair.

Once the clippers had ran down the back I returned to her forehead to remove a second strip next to the first. Hair rained down her shaking body as they cut away more of her pride and joy. She squirmed and moaned as tears ran down her face. I couldn’t imagine the mix of emotions going on in her head.

Two minutes was all it took. Two minutes to strip her of half a decade of her pampering and care. Of her once treasured long lock now only tiny stubble remained. Nothing that could resemble length or hide the pale scalp underneath her new buzzcut.

“It’s such a shame. You were so pretty and now look at you” tears continued to poor down her face.

“Ugh” she moaned as my acrylic nails scratched her scalp.

“What a pity”

I removed the scrunchy that held my hair in its bun. The long black locks fell to my knees, I had growing it out further since Haleys last visit. She looked with so much desire at my hair. Length that I had taken from her, length I had kept all those years her hair was shorn short.

I leaned over her and tossed my hair over my shoulder. It spilled and over her head as if she still had hair. I let the silk form a vail over her face. Then I grabbed it together and brushed it again her face. Forcing her to feel its beauty as it absorbed her tears. I kept her there morning her lost length until her eyes ran dry.

“I guess thats you done. There isn’t anything left to cut” I declared as I whipped the cape off her.

As I did I revealed the massive wet stain on her trousers. Her hands made a futile attempt to cover it.

“You’ve been having fun down there haven’t you” I turned and walked to the desk. My hair whipping into her face as I did.

She slowly got up from the chair. Wrapping her jacket to hide her ‘little accident’. Her hands still trembled by her lap, scared to explore her buzzed scalp.

“I don’t have a price for just a wash and style so I guess you can have it one the house.” A satisfied smirk crossed my lips.

She just looked at me. As if about to speak but couldn’t. She walked across the to the door stopped and looked at me. Unable to find the words to say.

“She you soon” I called as she pushed through the door. The bell ringing after her.

Through the shutter I could see her little head shivering as she walked. No longer covered by its blanket.



Two days later Haley returned. She had chosen a time when it was quiet and wore a woolly bobble hat over her head. It was a surprise to see her back but not an unpleasant one.

“May I?” I pointed to her hat.

She didn’t answer just bowing her head so I could remove the hat and rub her scalp. I noticed her eyes were transfixed by my hair. It was in a simple three strand braid that fell between my knees like a tail. But what caught her attention was the sunkissed blonde strands intermixed With my natural black.

She just looked at it as she allowed me to rub and pet her skinned head.

“Is that mine?” her voice trembled as she motioned to the blonde strands.

“No…” I tossed the braid over my shoulder “it’s mine now” I picked it up by the bottom and started to brush the black and blonde ends against her eyes and nose. “I didn’t want it to go to waste”

A shiver ran down her spine.

“Do you like your new hair” a grin crossed my lips.

“I hate it. I look like a freak” tears started to form in the back of her eyes.

“I know” a taunting giggle left my lips. “What did people say they saw?”

“I’ve not told anyone yet” she sniffled “it’ll take years to grow out?”

“I know dear… I know. Why don’t you take a seat I’ll have you collared in no time”

She gave me a look, like she didn’t want to do this, but followed me to my chair. My cape fluttered over her.


From that day until the day I retired she would return every two weeks.

She would submit herself to the chair and whatever I desired. Never again would her beautiful neck be hidden but instead always exposed for all to admire.



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  1. This is a fabulous story, and the length is perfect. I very much enjoyed Haley’s slow exploration of her fetish and her barber’s growing dominance. You started so subtly, gradually turning up the volume on both. I loved the vision of Haley touching herself in the chair and her barber aggressively chopping off her tail. Even though it’s not very explicit, this may be one of the most erotic hair stories I’ve read.

    Please keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks for your feedback. Tbh I wasn’t to happy with this story so I’m glad to hear you liked it. I’m probably not going to anything this long for a while though as I was struggling for motivation by the end.

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