Kiara’s Shearing: Part 1

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We live in a world where sexual enslavement has been completely legalised. Any licence holder can buy or sell girls that have been trained for the sole purpose of being sold as slaves. All the girls are strictly required to have hair below their waists or even longer before being sold at auction. 


“You have such long hair,” Kiara’s new owner remarks.


“I really am going to miss it, but rules are rules, and I’m afraid you don’t have much of a choice,” he tells his new toy. 


Kiara instinctually fidgets with her thigh length hair that she’d been growing since she was a young girl. She’d only recently found out she was going to have to surrender her auburn locks to whoever purchased her, but only half believed someone could be so cruel as to take her femininity away from her. 


“I guess I’m lucky,” Kiara thought to herself as she looked over at her Master. They’d only known each other for a few short hours, but if she was going to be bound to someone, she could do a lot worse. He was handsome, if not a little on the older side. 


“We’re going to make you hairless, Kiara.”


“Please, can I keep it? I promise not to tell anyone, you can keep me locked away until it would ‘grow back’ or you could just say I had a wig? I know you love my hair long, you said as much not even a minute ago!”


It’s true, he did love her hair. In fact, it’s most the reason he chose Kiara over the other girls up for auction. While all the girls were mandated to keep their hair at regulation length, to the waist or longer, Kiara stood out. When he saw Kiara let down her bun, and her hair spiraled towards the floor of the auction house, he knew she was going to be his slave. She kept her hair so healthy. If she was so meticulous about protocol, he knew she would make a great slut for him.


“I had considered just giving you a buzz, satisfying the basic requirement of purchase… but you clearly have not learned your place. I’m taking everything from you. Now, come.”


He grabbed the back of her neck as he walked her down the stairs to his “dungeon.” For someone that was prepared to show some mercy, her new Master’s setup was incredibly elaborate.


In the center of the room sat a barber’s chair, adorned with leather straps on each arm, and a harness across the frame. The wall was covered in the instruments that would be used to make Kiara a submissive fucktoy, to take away the hair she’d been growing for over a decade. Across from the chair hung a full length mirror. Kiara was going to have to watch herself be sheared.


“He wasn’t really going to do this,” she tried to convince herself. Although it had become a lot harder to believe she was keeping anything after seeing what lay before her. She stood motionless, still only half accepting her fate, as tears began to stream down her face.


“I learned my lesson, I know you can take anything you want from me. Just… please not this. This is all that I have. I know my hair is why you chose me over the other ones, it was the longest, and healthiest. I worked so hard to make it beautiful, just for you. Why would you buy me just to take it all away?” Kiara couldn’t keep herself composed anymore, what used to be a few errant tears became her bawling, and pleading to not be shorn. 


Kiara had seen a few of the girls she’d been sent to auction with get their heads shaved. Although new owners had 7 days to comply with the mandate, many found it easiest just to pay the auction house to do it for them. While her Master was outside signing the paperwork that would bind her to him, she was left with the other girls that had just been purchased. In walked a group of men, one carrying a lone bright red briefcase. Kiara wondered what such an ostentatious package could hold. 


Her curiosity only grew as she saw the men assemble a barbers chair on the center of the stage. Kiara hadn’t had a single haircut since she began preparing herself to be sold off to the highest bidder. 


In order to be eligible for sale, the women were required to have their hair at least 36” long. All the girls had been growing their hair for years, such an emphasis was placed on the importance of these young women maintaining their length. What was a barbers chair doing? Were the men preparing for an event happening later that day?


As the briefcase opened, Kiara tried to peer around the casing to see what it held… The man pulled out a pair of scissors and laid them out on the table. “Okay,” she thought to herself, “It’s probably just a trim, to make sure we look good for our new Masters.” 


Then he pulled out clippers. The newly minted  slaves started mummering to themselves. This was not going to be just a trim. A straight razor was laid out on table with a decisive clank. Deep down, they knew what was going to happen, and their worst suspicions were confirmed as the man looked down at the crumpled sheet of paper he held in his hand. 


“Number 2056! Emma, is it?  Have a seat.” This was the first time any of the girls had heard of the mandate. Emma was the first to be taken to the chair. Kiara recognized her silky blonde hair immediately, they’d been in training together for the past three years as they learned how to be proper sex slaves. 


Emma was hastily deprived of her clothing, and dragged to the chair that sat off to the side of the stage where she was sold only minutes ago. “Look down,” the barber instructed. Emma tried to resist, but the barber quickly forced her head down, exposing her nape. The clippers roared to life as she continued to struggle. “Your Master instructed me to take it right down to the skin, gave me permission to ‘treat you as I see fit’ too.” And with that, he plunged the clippers into her sea of hair as it fell to the ground. Even Kiara could see how aroused this “barber” was. As he continued to butcher her friend’s hair, it only grew more obvious the pleasure he took from taking her vanity away. Emma was clippered clean down the middle, but the rest of her waist length hair remained. The buzzing abruptly ended, much to her surprise. Was he done? 


Only moments later, Emma felt a hard cock rubbing against her cool scalp. Her hair had never been down to her scalp like this, even as a baby. The sensation was completely new to her, and her entire body began to tingle as the barber continued rubbing himself on her bare head. Emma couldn’t help but feel this was the ultimate humiliation. He wrapped her remaining tresses around his cock, still rubbing himself against her scalp, she noticed herself dripping in the barbers chair. The thought of being used like this, to have her hair stripped from her like she meant nothing turned her on like nothing ever had. Emma moaned, but felt immediate embarrassment as she heard the other slaves, with their ass length hair still intact, laughing at her as the puddle her pussy was creating in the chair only grew. 


The barber, still erect, resumed her headshave. She felt helpless, there was nothing she could do to stop the shave from happening now. There was no undoing the decade of growth that had been stolen from her in just a few seconds. It was humiliating, she felt the eyes of all the girls that were trained alongside her just watch as her hair was ruined. Did they not realize each of them would be strapped to this chair, the same as she was right now? 


Emma saw her hair start to pile up on her lap. Always the overachiever, her hair was listed as 44” in the buyer’s guide. Just yesterday she was admiring how long it had gotten, arching her back in the mirror to make it seem even longer, and show off the body she was going to have to surrender the next day. Now, her hair was over half gone, as even more fell to the floor. She was so angry that someone would do this to her. Emma was going to start growing her hair back as soon as she left this fucking auction. Her new Master would be so proud as she grew all her hair back for him. It would take years to get it all back. 


The last remaining tufts of her once luxurious hair had been clippered away, leaving only stubble behind. 


“I promised your Master I’d make you hairless, where do you want me to start?” 


It was then he noticed how wet she had gotten, and the trimmed bush that kept her pussy hidden.  “Ah, that seems like as good of a place to start as any”. With that, he reached towards the straight razor, and began inspecting Emma. 


“I bet I don’t even need to use shaving cream, do I? Seems like you’re wet enough that I could just use that.”


The barber used the puddle Emma had left on the chair and rubbed it all over her pubic hair. She was ready. He slowly moved his straight razor across the middle of her hips, leaving nothing behind. The razor moved steadily downward, until she was completely immaculate. “Fuck.” Emma now couldn’t wait to have her head shaved smooth, her body couldn’t hide it anymore. 


“I have an idea,” 


“Since using your cum worked so well last time, let’s try it with mine, toy”


“Yes Sir,” replied Emma, maybe a little too enthusiastically. 


The barber grabbed her head with his left hand, feeling only stubble as he moved his fingers across where her hair used to be. Emma couldn’t help it, her mouth started watering as the barber unbuttoned his pants with the other hand. Instinctively, she went to her knees to pleasure him. 


The barber had never played with one of his shavees before. He had bought his own slave “lightly used” and by then her hair had been allowed to grow back past her shoulders, and as he preferred her long hair anyway, decided she could keep it. Recently though, he’d been considering giving his slave, Rachel, a modified look. By now, Rachel’s hair was long enough to cover her breasts. She was finally exactly how the barber wanted her, the reason he bought a used slave in the first place was so she would have a head start growing out her hair for him. He’d been considering giving her a high bob with a closely clippered nape, maybe he would even shave his initials into the buzzed hair. Now, after experiencing Emma as she sucked his cock, and touched it with her shaved head, Rachel would be lucky if she was even able to keep even her eyelashes when he got home tonight.


Emma, his temporary slut, had almost no hair left. The barber kept stroking the stubble that remained, every pass bringing him closer to orgasm. While he continued admiring the slave’s bald head, Emma felt he was about to cum. She made sure to expose her bare scalp so he could splatter her with all of it. “Fuck, that’s so much come!” exclaimed Emma as it began to drip into her mouth. 


He reached for the straight razor once again, as he rubbed the ejeculate across her now naked head. After a brief pause, he decided to wipe some on her eyebrows too. They would be the first to go. Her Master wouldn’t mind, right? “I guess it doesn’t matter now,” he thought to himself, looking at her already half shaved brow. Emma never thought she could like this humiliation, “Do eyebrows even grow back?” she thought to herself as she began to wonder what she even looked like now. 


The feeling of the razor became addicting, she almost didn’t mind not having eyebrows because of how good it feels. The barber began his first pass along her head. Emma tingled as she heard the razor scrape away the little hair she even had left. She was going to be a completely hairless slut, an object whose only job was to please the man that bought her. With one final pass, the barber removed all the stubble that remained. Putting the razor down, the barber remarked “Your Master is going to be very pleased. It’s so smooth” Emma begins to get up from the chair. “Oh, one more thing,” the barber turns back to her. “The form states that your Master would like you to remain permanently hairless.”


She slumps back down in her chair. The barber pulls yet another surprise from his bag, this time it’s the hair removal cream. There’s no label, but Emma already knew what it was going to do to her. Emma was going to be humiliated once again, she would never be able to grow back her long blonde hair. The barber slathers Emma’s body with the cream as she sobbed, making sure not to miss a single crevice. When he gets to her perfectly shaved head, he takes his time rubbing the cream all over her scalp, admiring his handy work. Eventually, the barber decided enough had been applied to ensure she would never grow back a single hair. As he hands Emma a towel, he calls out to the room of long haired slaves.




But Kiara’s shearing was yet to come.

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