Kissing cousin.

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Kissing Cousin

The phone rang early on a Saturday morning. On the other end of the line was a angry lady. She ask me if I was available to do a punishment haircut in about an hour.

It’s usually  kids that came home late on Friday night that I get these calls about so I said sure come on.

In just a bit two ladies walked in.

One with long redish blond from a bottle hair.    The other long brown hair about mid back in length.

She spoke introducing her self as Elizabeth and her wife as Susan.

“I called a bit ago and ask about a punishment cut.”

“For whom?” I replied.

“For Susan she likes to kiss men at the bar” she said.

Susan walked over and Elizabeth pointed to the chair. “Sit” she said in harsh demanding tone.

I pointed to the sign that all haircuts for people over 17 years of age must be requested by the client in the chair.

Elizabeth said “tell him what you want”. “Whatever she  says” Susan replied.

“But for the last time, I’m begging you, It was just an innocent peck for a cousin. I don’t know who would tell you differently”.

“Just shut up and sit down in the chair” was the answer.

Elizabeth turned her attention towards me.  “Number 4 on the right side up to the crown and all the way to the back for  starters”.

Susan with tears and begging,   tried to explain the night.

Elizabeth just stood her ground rolling her eyes.

I started wetting down and combing out her hair. Elizabeth was not saying a word or even considering calling off the cut.

I parted the hair at the crown combing the top to the left. Then combining the right side strait down leaving it hanging towards the front working my way around to the back slowly thinking Susan was going to stop the cut by talking directly to me and not Elizabeth.

Susan at this point nearly begging for forgiveness but her partner was not giving an inch.

I picked up the clippers cleaned and oiled them clicking them on and off several times watching Susan’s terrified face in the mirror.

I stalled as much as I could snapped on the number 4 guard and started at the temple clipping off the hair letting it slide down the cape piece by piece. It hit the ground. Like waves landing on the beach. Elizabeth watched smiling more with every pass.

Over the ear and up the back she remarked .  Susan watched in the mirror with agony as her hair disappeared and fell to the cape.

As I finished up Elizabeth barked now the other side but shave it.

I obliged and started combing the hair to the right.

Elizabeth stopped me and said ”no just shave it all”. At this point I was getting excited myself and I know she was.

I took the guard off. Held the clippers to her forehead and started a strip slowly down the crown line on the right leaving the half inch side intact. With tears rolling,  Susan watched her head being shorn pass after pass. The hair falling to the floor piling up.

Just as the top was completely shaved the door opened and a bald man appeared. With a horrified face he ask Elizabeth what she had done. Then explained that he had talked the their roommate and she had it all wrong they were cousins and nothing more!

I assumed we was past the stopping g point and continued to make more passes reducing the hair to a stubble. Susan’s sadness turned to rage more and more with each pass. Watching helplessly as her dry hair drifted to the ground like feathers. As I finished she sat a moment rubbing the stubble and half inch she still had on one side then removing the cape herself then stepping out of the chair.

Turning to Elizabeth and saying “your turn”.  Elizabeth started to speak. When Susan  said “ shut up and sit”.

Elizabeth to my amazement climbed into the chair.

Susan not waiting one second stepped forward picked up the clippers and clicked them on plowing though Elizabeth’s hair down the middle. Then up each side saying “over the ear and just shave it”.

Placing the clippers back on the shelf after the four strip hair massacre. Politely said “now you can finish asshole”. I like em bald and shining. Elizabeth didn’t move so I did just that. It was even more enjoyable this time. Pass after pass the brown hair fell and the white shinny scalp appeared.

She whined and squirmed in the chair but it did her no good. I was slowly shaving making sure no hair escaped the clippers.

Susan was picking up the clippered hair and placing it on her lap repeating “it’s all gone bitch”.


The last piece of hair drifted to the floor. Elizabeth acted like she was going to move when Susan said “no, shave it all!” “You mean with cream” I ask?  She replied “Yes all the way to smoooth skin”. “ She said I like them bald when eating my pussy. I shave for them I want them shaved for me.

I was in heaven as I lathered up her head and started scraping the strait razor across the stubble cleaning my work as I went and touching up where I needed to.

When I was finished Elizabeth started climb out of my chair.

  Hair less except for her eyebrows.  Just as the thought crossed my mind I heard Bitch not so fast. The fucking eyebrows are next. Shave them! Susan demanded. Melting with defeat Elizabeth sat back and closed her eyes.

Susan looked at me with anger and said. I said shave her head and I meant all of it!

I placed the small sculpting trimmers between her eyebrows and started to the left watching the short manicured hairs disappear.  I turned to the right side and completed the chore.  Then ask if I needed to lather the brow as well?

No Elizabeth replied and got out of the chair.

They paid up and turned for the door both girls crying and kissing. Rubbing each other’s heads as they left the shop.

I can only imagine the amazing make up sex they had.

Elizabeth comes back every month for a shave. Leave the eyebrows she reminds me.

I ask about Susan on occasion but she just says I take care of that bitch at home. She don’t ever have a  month of stubble.

I hoped being a woman barber I would get invited to join in but haven’t yet. Maybe soon.

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