Kitten, Kira

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Soft bristles of fur rubbed up against my leg. Milo, my best friends curious black cat, had managed to sneak under my blankets and started to beg for my attention. I stretched my arm down and rubbed his chin as he snuggled up against me.

The midday sun flooded into the room, shaming me out of my duvets embrace. I picked up Milo and somehow rolled myself upright and slipped my feet into the pair of plush slippers I had left by my bed. My eyes caught my reflection in the mirror.

God I’m a mess. A hot mess but still. Wearing nothing but my underwear and an oversized pink hoodie, the twelve hours of sleep I had did nothing to hid the bags under my emerald green eyes. My chestnut brown hair was already long before, but now nearly a year since my last trim it fell in an unruly mass to below my butt.

I flicked the hair out of my face and started to scratch Milo’s stomach. Milo flew out of my hands as a rustling sound, that could only be pet food, echoed from the kitchen of the two bed apartment I was crashing at.

A failed relationship caused me to cross the country, without a job, to move in with my long term boyfreind only for me too be single within the month. Too embraced to go back to my parents my best friend, Anya, and her boyfriend took me in. But, 7 months later I was still, jobless and no closer to getting back on my feet.

I soon headed to the kitchen where Anya was feeding Milo.

“sleep well?” I knew she didn’t mean this as a way of calling me lazy and didn’t see me as a burden on them. But that didn’t stop me feeling like shit.

“yeah, ok” I murmured, reaching into the cupboard for my morning coffee.

While neither where particularly tall, both Anya and her boyfriend where both quite a bit taller then me and I often had to stand on the tips of my feet to reach for stuff they filed away at the back of a high cupboard. As I retrieved a mug I felt two hands run into the crown of my head from behind.

I didn’t know Lucas before moving in but we had grown very close. He would occasionally play with my hair to tease me in a way I surprisingly didn’t mind. Lucas messed up my hair and stroked against my scalp forcing me too supress a purr. Then, without saying a word, he left and headed over to tease Anya.

His hands brushed against Anya’s midnight black curls as she cuddled up against him. Why am I jealous. I wished for a relationship like theirs but why did seeing Lucas holding her like that make me jealous. Why did the thought of his hands running across my scalp send shivers down my spine.

‘Get a grip’ I told myself as I headed back to the guest bedroom I was squatting in. ‘And get your life together’.  I sat, cross-legged, laptop on my lap and perused the various recruitment sites to see if anything had been added in the 12 hours since I last checked. No luck.

A few strands of hair fell into my face. I clumsily brushed them aside only causing more to fall down. In a well practiced almost robotic motion I gathered the nearly three feet of brown locks together. Then a quick flick and a pull had it secured in a ponytail as thick as my arm. I secured it with a bobby pin for good measure. It was still basically down but at least it was out of my face.

A few unpromising emails and a failed cold call later and I began to fidget. My ponytail had slipped down slightly and now fell over my shoulder in a loose mass. I started of just running one hand down it’s length only to pick of strands to twirl around a finger.

It felt good playing with my hair. Something about it was nice, a tingly feeling.

‘Not like Lucas though’.

I jumped in the spot. There was that thought again. Snapping me into or out of reality. ‘Why are you thinking that’. Did I think… what do I think.

I pulled two fingers down the length of my tail. A slight greasy dryness let me know it needed a wash. Accepting I was unlikely to get anything done, I got up and headed for the shower.

My, already heavy, hair would seem to weigh a tonne when wet and clung to my back in thick strands. But before long I was able to tame my unruly mane. I reached across for my shampoo and conditioner. Shamefully, I had to rely on my hosts for much of what I needed. I tried to get the cheapest stuff I could but Anya insisted “I deserve better”, easy to say with a six figure job and a boyfriend who earns even more. And brought me the most luxurious shampoos, conditioners and oils she could find.

Knowing how much the cost made me uncomfortable. Not that they weren’t worth the price, just that I didn’t deserve too have that kind of money spent on me. Today I relented, pouring out a handful of the somehow silky-smooth gloop and massaging it deep into my scalp. I took the time to pamper myself. A deep conditioner rendered my hair as soft as the softest blanket and the oils kept my hair healthy and gave me a natural shine.

I took the time to blow dry out my hair. It felt perfect, it looked perfect, except for a few ends in need of trimming. As it brushed against me I could feel every individual strand fell perfectly in place and felt as silky-smooth as the shampoo. Though I didn’t need any help with volume, gentle waves rolled in the shinning silken sea to the top off my thighs. The deep chestnut also seemed to carry undertones of red lending a warmth to my blanket.

It somehow didn’t overwhelm me. Although it was definitely my stand out feature, the one that got people to stop and turn on the street. My soft features and glass smooth skin, Anya took the same attitude to my skincare as my haircare, complemented my mane. What most were drawn to was the emerald green off my eyes. They seem hypnotic, and hand been the subject of many past boyfriends obsation.

I had always viewed myself as a bit nerdy growing up, freckles and round framed glasses didn’t help my social standing in school. But, I had definitely matured into a true beauty. A friend had even recommended modeling but I am still to insecure for that.

After a little longer than I care to admit, I finished admiring my body and headed back to my room, passing the main living area of the house. Anya and Lucas were curled up into a ball together under a blanket. Lucas was halfway through French braiding Anya’s dark curls into a half up style. Anya always joked that she was training him to be her personal stylist but I knew he enjoyed it more than he let on.

‘God I’m lonely’

Not even 10mins later I was done with job search. A further 10mins and decided I needed coffee and headed to the kitchen, wanting a change of scenery more than anything. Before I got to the cupboard Anya called me over. Lucas had finished styling hey hair. Two French braids started from her crown met in a cute messy at the top of her nape the rest of her hair was left down in her beautiful natural curls.

“Hey, Kira can we braid your hair?” She asked.

“Sure” I replied not really thinking about it until she motioned me to sit between them on Lucas’ leg.

I sat frozen as I rock, watching the TV but with my mind on what was happening behind me. The two lovers ran there hands down my hair. With every tugging and every time a finger ran into my scalp I forced down the urge to make a noise.

“You haven’t seemed yourself recently Kir, can I ask what wrong?” Lucas’ voice felt as soft as his hand brushing up against my neck.

“I don’t know, I just feel useless. No-one is hiring still, those who are looking at me and as having no real experience and being out of work for nearly a year. And I’m just so sick of being a burden on everyone”

They seem to pause there pampering for a second to process my rant. Then just as Lucas started to section out two parts at the front of my head, Anya’s voice cut through the silence.

“Your not a burden on us”

“I am, I’ve..”

“No, it’s been nice having you here” Lucas cut in, now clearly braiding my hair in what would likely be a massive single braid.

“Yeah, even when you find a job we’d love for you to stay as a roommate”

“Oh… I… Thank you” although I knew Anya at least felt this way hearing them say it rendered me speechless.

“And what about boys” Anya asked after a long pause.

“I’m done with boys” I stated firmly. The two let out a chuckle, we all were friends with a girl who got obsessed with the latest boy she went on a date with only to rant she was ‘done with boys’ and repeat the process by the end of the week.

“I’m serious. At least for now.  I’ve been in relationships pretty much since I was 16 and I need to be single for a while. I might do something casual but no boyfriends”

Lucas’ braid now reached in line with the top of my ears at the back. He appeared to have decided on another half up style and left the hair at my nape out. He carefully started to braid down in an elaborate 5 strand fishtail even I didn’t understand.

“Yeah, I think that might do you some good. I remember how you were with ‘he who shall not be named’ ” she joked.

“Yeah” I agreed remembering how many times I ditched her to help him with his stupid hobbies.

“But you want something casual now”

I murmured in agreement barely noticing them exchange glances. I had slipped back further into the sofa and now sat sandwiched Anya in front of me Lucas behind.

“We have been talking and if you open to it, obviously you don’t have to, we would be open to a threesome” Anya asked shyly as if preparing to backtrack.

‘Yes, Yes’ my heart raced but I couldn’t just say that.

By now Lucas had finished with my hair. His hand reassured my shoulder as his mouth approached my ear letting out a whisper.

“You don’t have to say anything just nod”

I nodded.

“Now close your eyes”

I did as instructed.

“Good girl”

A finger tilted my head up and I felt warm breath envelope my neck.

A pair of lips nibbled again my neck and collar. I gasped for air only for my mouth to be meet by a long soft kiss.

My nose was filled with the honey and almond of Anya’ scented shampoo. I could just make out taste of strawberry lip gloss.

A hand ran into the loose hair at my nape, holding me in place, while three others explored my body. My neck, my chest, my waist, down my leg and the inside of my thigh.

I didn’t open my eyes as they brought me to there bed and stripped me. They explored and worshipped every inch of me.

There combined weight pinned me to there bed. I was given a safe word.

They used bindings, toys, vibrators and there bodies to make me orgasam a dozen different ways until I lay in a heap. Not hiding my purring as they stroked my hair.



The next day Milo woke me again. I looked for him only to find unfamiliar sheets. Rolling over Anya lay next to me wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt, looking down I was the same.

“Sleep well?” She asked, putting away her phone away and starting to pet my mane.


“Had a good night?”

“Yeaa…hhrrr” I couldn’t hold in a purr as she scratched the back of my scalp.

I blushed, she smiled. “Lucas’ making pancakes”

“Mmmm” Lucas made great pancakes.

“One thing Kira, me and Lucas are going to busy this week and it might help if you are able to do some stuff around the house”

“Oh definitely” I jumped at the opportunity to help them. Not only did I feel the need to give back but, I was bored shitless of job hunting.

“Good girl” she joked, fluffing up my hair. “Your ends need a trim”

“I know, I’ve been meaning to go to the salon but well it didn’t seem like the right time” by now I found myself snuggled up against her chest.

“I’d get Lucas too have a look”

“You sure, he’s good with hair but cutting it”

“Yeah, it’s just a trim, he cuts mine”

I looked down Anya’s hair straight it would ‘only’ reach the small of her back but it curled up to just below her breaststroke.

“And are you ok, I mean with me and Lucas and you. It’s not”

“You know I’m bi right. I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. Casually of course”

We shared a smile. “Not jealous though”

“No, Lucas knows better than to do something I don’t approve off. And besides he wouldn’t dare leave” she half joked.

With that we were of to join Lucas for breakfast. He was a little handsy, they both where, but I didn’t mind. In fact I liked it, last night they had learned where I was sensitive and they were using that information well.

I still didn’t know where I fit into their relationship but I’m just glad I did. After we ate Lucas did our hair ready for us to go out. Anya got a half up style with a clawclip and I was given twin Dutch braids.

We started off just shopping for groceries, but soon moved on to other ‘essentials’. Anya decided it was too long since I had brought any clothes and treated me too a few new pieces for the winter. Then I was present for, but not involved in, a conversation at a sex shop about what they would enjoy doing to me.

After a late lunch and an impromptu visit to a book shop we headed home. Burnt out, the three of us crashed back down onto the sofa and cuddled up together.

“We didn’t get around to your hair did we”

“No” I said letting my hair out of the braids.

“What was her hair?” Lucas asked.

“Just the ends need trimming”

“Oh” he picked up my hair and inspected my ends “I can do them if you want”

I felt Anya biting on my ear. “I don’t know maybe later” I said leaning in and kissing his neck. Still unsure about letting him, or anyone, close to my hair with scissors.



I woke the next morning to an empty apartment. Throwing my hair into a messy bun, I went to feed Milo. A note lay on the counter top. These must of been the stuff Anya needed help with.

I did my share of house work, but given I had the most free time I could probably do more. The note contained a list of stuff to do, get some groceries we missed, send a package back, deliver something for work, and maybe arrange tea as they’ll be late back. As well as a few others.

“Looks like we have a busy day” I said, picking Milo up and scratching under his chin.

After a quick piece of toast, I got ready for the day. Deciding on a cute blouse with a jumper and jacket was easy and, despite my nature, I decided it was too cold for a skirt. After failing to secure all my hair with a clawclip, I left half down as well as some framing strands at the front. Just as I was about to leave I decided on a Parisian hat to finish the look.

Most of the tasks were busy work requiring time more than anything. By the time I got back the winter’s sun had dipped below the horizon. Thankfully the others still weren’t be back and I had time to make them dinner. Anya had meant for me too order something but I knew I was a better cook than the local takeaways and used the money for groceries.

I quickly realised the time and set to work. Lucas arrived just as I was taking it out the oven and Anya burst through the door the second I was about to start platting. Perfect timing.

I was right to cook as they both seemed to enjoy it more than any take away I could have picked up. The four of us (Milo included) spent the rest of the night cuddled up on the sofa together before retreating to there bedroom.

The next day began like the last. Getting out of bed to an empty apartment and a list of housework. Only once I pulled my hair into a high ponytail and set to work on the dished, I realised that I hadn’t even checked for new positions yesterday. Looking at the list I had today it was unlikely that I would get any job searching done today either. I was happy to see a note at the bottom asking if possible to make dinner for tonight.

The rest of the week continued with me cooking and doing housework. I hadn’t been able to as much as check my emails all week.


Saturday morning and I awoke to a nibbling on my neck. I tried to roll away but Lucas pulled himself on top of me pinning me to the bed. He brushed my hair out of the way allowing his lips to tickle my nape. I wiggled around underneath him as his hands teased me. Just as he managed to make a purr escape my mouth I was rolled over.

“why do you purr like that, kitten” he whispered.

I tried to think of something to say but as he tilted up my chin all I could do was let out another purr as he stroked me.

“come on, get up we’re going for a run in 10 minutes”

Lucas would jog along the river bank on some days. Today I guess I would be joining him. I quickly put on a sports bra and changed into the closest thing I had to running clothes. My hair was fashioned into a bun that despite being tight was still massive.

We spent the next nearly hour and a half running. He would normally do the route in a sub an hour but having to slow to my pace caused us to take longer. By the time we returned I was exhausted and a sweaty mess. Their apartment only had one shower so I expected to wait, his hand on my waist told me otherwise.

He stripped me down until I had nothing to protect my sensitive skin from his touch and the drumbeat of water. Warm steam surrounded me in a trance like state as Lucas gave me the best pampering of my life. Every luxurious shampoo and conditioner felt ten times better as he pampered me into a state of bliss.

I didn’t know how long I was curled up purring for him. But he turned off the shower and started to wash me dry as I snuggled up against him. Why did I feel like this, nobody had ever made me like this before. Nothing so sensual and sexual, I felt like I had fallen. I lost my old self for a moment and felt like a different person.

Anya was back now. She helped him to blow-dry and brush out my hair. I just stood still as they pampered me looking in the mirror. I felt, and looked, better than I have ever done before.


I left the bathroom, still naked, heading to my room to get some clothes. Lucas interrupted me. He felt some of my ends.

“aren’t you going to let me trim these”

“not now” I replied shyly. I was still nervous to let him, or anyone cut my hair. Ever since a hairstylist cut 6 inches as a trim haircuts were something I would avoid at any cost.

“come on, kitten” he said getting closer.

At this I recoiled away only to fall over myself and for him to get down onto of me. His knees where either side of my chest and pushed together into me pinning me in place. He was trying to find a balance of putting as much weight as possible on me without crushing me. I attempted to wiggle away but he handled me into place.

Anya now joined him in pinning me down. They rolled me onto my bare chest I tried to muscle my way out but nothing worked. I took a second to catch my breath and that’s when they got me. Anya had my hands, Lucas sat on my waist, my legs could kick away to no effect and my head could only move within Lucas’ hands.

“don’t worry kitten. If you wiggle it’ll just make it worse”

“no, please don’t cut my hair” I begged, I continued to plead to blank stares as the paused for a moment. Tears ran down my face, until I realised what they were waiting for.

They wanted to see if I would use my safe word. I was about to when I paused, if he only wanted to take of the ends I guess he could. Three inches anymore I would use my safe word. I indicated for them to continue.

Tears flew again as I was gagged. Any hope of control was gone. I fought anew for freedom but failed. Crying and tired, I breathed heavily through the gag. They left me with no way out.

Lucas put my hair into a low ponytail. He pulled it down to my neck. I felt cold metal on my nape in line with my chin.

He’s cutting it all off. I had never been without my long hair, the shortest it had ever been was too my bra strap. But he was taking it off my neck.


Horrible sawing seamed to last forever. Suddenly I was left light headed, a butt length ponytail had been sheared off me.

Once the big cut was done they let me move. I was in hysterics but they calmed me and sat me up.

“Why I thought you liked my hair” I chocked out through the tears.

“I did but I knew I’d like it short too. Now I have the two of you I think I’ll keep one long and one short.” Lucas was now fixing up the uneven cut into a chin length bob.

“Maybe when this grows out, Anya will be ready for for a big cut. Or maybe I might just keep you short.” He continued.

I could think what else to say, so just sat still. Not in bliss like earlier, but in submission. He combed up few strands upwards by my face. As soon as I realised what he was doing, perfect curtain bangs dropped onto my forehead.

“All done” he exclaimed ruffling my bob.

Just as I stood Anya intupted me. “One last thing” I  felt Anya’s hands on my newly exposed neck. She put something on it. It was heavy and felt almost like leather, a metal tag hung from it. Had she given me a collar.


That night the sex was different. They were still passionate but felt more selfish with me. They tied me up against the bed and stuck two vibrators in me. Most the night I spent being passed between my new ‘owners’.

It took a few more days for me to realise what happened. I was dusting the apartment talking to Milo, when he would listen. Both of us in our collars.

I had always been to proud to work a simple job. Too ambitious to be a housewife. But now I was a muse too my old friends. My pride taken from me. My ambition turned to submission.

This would be my life until they decided otherwise.



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